American language course placement test form 62 part one listening directions for items one through 56 you will hear statements or questions on the tape select the best answer and mark your answer sheet a b c or d do not write on the test booklet one jerry went to a technical school for six months how long did he attend school - what do you find in the sports section of a newspaper three the student wanted to ask a question in class what did he do you for the two objects were made from the same mold how did they look five Bob wants to take a shower what does he want to do six Arthur received a telegram seven the mess hall is in the central part of the base eight Casey had to take three different drugs 9 Edmund made a mistake 10 the accident was caused by a speeding car eleven the little girl had a problem when she tried to tie her shoes twelve what's found in books 13 Joe asked the clerk if he could cash a check the clerk said what's the amount what did the clerk want to know 14 the admin decided to have their party at the club where they would have more space for dancing where would they have more space fifteen tom said these apples are spoiled what did he say about the apples sixteen we took care of the surface of the table what part did we take care of 17 Paul had to buy a new switch what did he use it for 18 Mary's husband went out to buy more fuel for the heater what is he going to bring home 19 I hear that your sister is living in England do you correspond with her 20 Margaret asked John to keep an eye on the children what did she ask him to do twenty-one and the likes to dress up what does she like to do 22 make sure the equipment functions properly before you try to use it 23 this land is for commercial use only 24 John told me that the bookstore was right around the corner 25 I go to school because it is compulsory 26 the situation required prompt action 27 my watch says a quarter past 8:00 twenty-eight Burt has never been absent from class twenty-nine Sam like the cake so much that he got a second piece how many pieces of cake did Sam have thirty Susan came at the time we were leaving when did Susan come 31 when was the mouse killed thirty-two George enjoyed his journey very much what did he enjoy 33 why are those black shoes comfortable 34 why our sleeves needed 35 the football player was hurt on impact how did he get hurt thirty-six what is the content of that newspaper story 37 they compressed the material what happened to the material thirty-eight mr. Brown's car is not reliable why doesn't he want to take a trip in it 39 the instructor thought that it would be a good idea to go over the lessons again during the period forty Harry got in touch with me what did he do 41 when the electrical system was checked it was found to be working properly forty-two she slipped on the sidewalk forty-three Susan's wish actually came true forty-four Darlene made a decision 45 there are no exceptions to the rule 46 Ted said he would have a bit more how much did he want forty-seven yesterday the wind came from the south and it was warm today the wind is from the north and it is cold why is it cold today forty-eight Joe heard a rumor that the airbase was going to close what did he hear 49 the stereo equipment cannot be sold separately how will it be sold 50 when he jumped from the fence Peter tore his trousers 51 the mechanic detected a small crack in the blade fifty-two I want you to disregard that letter 53 in this coded message each number represents a letter of the alphabet fifty-four what are you going to use that trailer for fifty-five David's car is ready to fall apart 56 the new movie has angered a lot of people directions for items 57 through 66 you will hear conversations or persons giving information select the best answer and mark your answer sheet a B C or D 57 I hope you don't fall so do I I can't swim where are the man and woman 58 this shoe store doesn't have my size well let's try the new store across the street where is the new store 59 here's a nice chair for you oh no it's much too big what did the woman say about the chair 60 will you go if you will what does the man suggest sixty-one what do you want to know about this truck its capacity what does the woman mean sixty-two have you talked to the chaplain yet no I will see him after the service where are the man and woman 63 what are your duties lieutenant Parks my field is telegraphy what does lieutenant Parks do sixty-four I didn't know you were in this hotel well I'm going to check out now what is the man going to do sixty-five do you like that song yes but not the singers version of it what does he object to 66 what did you think of the book the ending was very abrupt what did the woman think this is the end of the listening part of the test