American language course placement test form 68 part 1 listening directions for items 1 through 56 you will hear statements or questions select the best answer and mark your answer sheet a B C or D do not write on the test booklet 1 Ken likes to participate in sports what does he like to do - where did he buy the pencil three the driver used her brakes why did she do this for what did the dinner consist of five the weather report is received daily when do we get the report six mr. Smith finished the job on time seven the mess hall is in the central part of the base eight Dan and Henry are the same size 9 the movie will begin at 3 o'clock ten I want you to hurry 11 the woman looked at the calendar 12 the bellboy took my suitcase what did he take 13 there were many customers in the store what was in the store 14 Sandra made a long-distance call what kind of call was it fifteen it's cold outside what can we do to get warm sixteen he got a letter from a relative who wrote to him 17 what kind of metal is this box made of 18 John will coordinate the controls what will he do to the controls 19 why do you need a water pump 20 many people who live in this area are engaged in farming what do they do 21 what time did you turn in last night 22 there are many facilities for recreation on this base 23 Spencer has the best assignment in the project twenty-four black birds are very common to this area 25 my socks have disappeared 26 the president declared that the war had ended 27 the tank leaks twenty-eight Mike did his work with care twenty-nine why would you turn a knob thirty mr. hopper said the humidity was very high yesterday what was he referring to 31 Peter must swallow a pill before breakfast what must he do before breakfast 32 do you know why he is wearing a crash helmet 33 Tom picked out a head what did he do 34 why did that jet get to its destination so rapidly thirty-five elaine was on time for work what happened thirty-six are you getting used to the weather 37 after he had gone I finished my lesson 38 the top of the table was rough thirty nine Tom bargained way the mr. Jones when he got his car for tea mrs. Barnett caught the bus 41 mrs. Sanders couldn't bear the pain of her broken leg 42 he needed the data forty-three some of the workers were misinformed about the reporting time forty-four he couldn't make many friends 45 miss Klein wants to see the new art exhibit 46 David didn't bother Michael what did David do forty-seven did Anna complain about her trip forty-eight the man said you can count on me what did he mean 49 Jack carried out the order what did he do 50 david forgot his lunch so i gave him half of mine 51 he wasted his time as a student fifty-two when he jumped from the fence Peter tore his trousers 53 the farmer needs a shovel fifty-four in this coded message each number represents a letter of the alphabet fifty-five that company has a reputation for being aboveboard