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YOU LAUGH YOU LOSE IF YOU LAUGH YOU'RE FUCKING OUT (In Swedish) UGHHHHHHHHHHHH Oh but PewDiePie you've done like a billion of these already ;p *clap* WELL THAN STOP CLICKING ON THEM "Try Not To Laugh Challenge" , more like "Try Not To Get This Video Age-Restricted, Copyright Flagged, Try For The Love of God to Get Ads on This Video Challenge" :( LET'S GO! *Try to get this video 10 minutes long challenge* I'm gonna hit you guys off with one of my favorites. It's a classic, obviously I've seen it Does Samuel L. Jackson like anime? Yes I do Hentai too ;) HAHA HA HAHA *snickering* It's so fucking good. There's one. There's another version. Let me find it. Does Samuel L. Jackson like anime? Yes I do Hentai too ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) *shroom simulator* HAHAHAHAHA *snicker* Why is Samuel L. Jackson me? A true American hero. 2 lazy to copy captions - kakusei Is this Jojo? "The world may have power, but God has given me a power even stronger than the world! " (╬ ಠ益ಠ)" *cringe mode processing* *sound of roblox master strength* "nnrghh" WHOAA WHOA!! DAMN THAT STRENGTH :O DAMN THAT STRENGTH :O OH OH! *animu badassery* Nah.. it was-it was alright *violence* Oh wow, this is gonna be weird. (rip) *wat..?* *violence...?* *cat sneeze* *haaa chu* "Spices" *cat shits out flavor powder* "Taste" "The best taste!" "I'm a pussy noodle! (?!?)" "Oh 0-0" *aroused man dressed as penis* "You do not have to share" "POOSY NOODLE!" "WITH-A SELFU STEAM" POOSEY NOODERUUUUUUUUUUU What just happened? ಠ_ಠ Why did he stab himself?? Why was there an American woman trying to read Japanese?? *EDGAR-SAMA* WATASHI-WA~ PUSSY NOODLES STEAM~ ;D :3 So far I haven't even flinched Have you laughed yet? You best not because then you- YOU LOSE! YOU DON'T WANNA LOSE DO YOU! (hell nah!) That's right! moving on. I think I've seen this one. Yes I have, but it's funny *Poods lost* *laugh* fucking bregnant Bregant fucking bregant Jesus. How long does it go on? FUCKING BRÉGÀNT! Jesus, how long does it go on? PREGANANANT?!?! Ahh~ Congratulations everyone! We-WE'RE PREGANANANT!! :D everyone You're RETARdadaRAART! You're RETARdadaRAART! These people need to not pass on their genes. They need to.. get sterilized. I'm all for sterilization! Based on... grammatical errors *snicker* Fuck I've seen this one as well. It's goddamn beautiful. Goddamn love this one. - "DON'T KILL ME!" *violence* "WHY ARE YOU KILLING ME? D': " "Stop... killing me )': " "stop killing MEEE! D: *short, high pitched scream* *shriek* "we get here to kill each other" "sTooop" "STOP!" The best part about this one is his mom... his mom tells him to stop. *high voice* "MOTHE' FUCKEN BETCH I FUCKEN HATE U!!" "muh-fucking bitch" "i fuckin hate youu" *inaudible* Okay c'mon guys stop. Don't make me kid cry. Stop it *hearty laugh* *(evil) laugh* *imitating* All right guys! Alright guys stop.. stop making my kid cry in this video game~ Jesus! *my ears plz stop* *shrieking and crying* "Hey, man, it's probably just a glitch dude, I wouldn't worry about it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ " F-FUCK YOU SON OF A BIT- "FAHK YOU!!" F-FUCK YOU SON OF A BIT- *insanity* *Pewds laughing* *sobbing* *sniffles* Ameeeericaaaaa *more insanity* SHUT UP! YOU ASSHOLE "It's just a glitch man~ Relax." *no chill* "It was a communist mount, it was-" *LAUGH* *Poods loosing He pulled the communist card. God bless "President Obama will go down as perhaps the worst president in the history of the United States.. exclamation point." exclamation point at Real Donald trump "@realOrangeFace" *audience laughter* *laughter in the audience* "Well... @realDonaldTrump.." At real Donald trump at least I will go down as A PRESIDENT " at least I will go down as a President" (oh no..) *audience woos* "When you open your heart to patriotism" "We will open your heart to patriotism" "There is-" *stuttering* That music is going to copyright me. It's goddamn beautiful why curb That music is gonna copyright me. It's goddamn beautiful Why Curb?.. Why? That's goddamn beautiful. That's an excellent meme *phone beeping* "Can I help you?" "Yes, uh... butt plugs?" "Who?" "Butt plugs." *inaudible* *phone beeping* "Hi there, how can I help you?" - Pewds: What?? "uhhh, butt plugs?" "What is it?" "butt plugs" "um, what plugs?" "uh, butt plugs." "A BUTT plug?" "Butt plugs" "Um, I'm not following what you're saying." "Butt plugs." "I have a bad connection, I-I don't understand - what is it??" "Uh, butt plugs!" "Butt.. Butt plugs??" "Mhm" "Is it like a receptacle you're saying-" "Butt plug! Butt plug!" "Butt plug! Butt!.. Plug!" "Yeah.. Butt what?" "BUTT! PLUG!" *Pewds snickering* "I know but ("Butt Plug!!") like what do you use it on?"" "What do you use it in? I'm tryin-" "BUTT PLUG!!!" "BUTT!.. PLUG!" "That? Okay, i'll get you a (spark?) plug." "There's all kind of spark plugs." "BUTT!!.. PLUG!!" "BUTTT!!.. PLUGG!" "BUTT!!.. PLUGG!!" "Wat?" "BUTT!... PLUGG!!" "Oh :o " God bless that man. So innocent. Bless his heart whoa! Oh! What? *Pewdielaugh* Seems pretty realistic to me. that looked legit! If only I was alive at the.. the time of real battles.. (could've conquered Norway) "You sit at the restaurant with your young son. He says he is hungry." "You agree to get him dinner." "You open up to the kids' menu." This has just become try not to racism challenge. "The child is far too young for adult food" "Chicken Nugger... stares at you from the page" "You don't understand.." "Your palms get sweaty and your son complains.." "He says he's hungry" "Your mind strains searching for an answer" "In a world of Sweer Potato and French Fried." "You try to order the chicken nugger but you cannot." "The words could not escape your lips." "Your son is hungry. He complains." *Poodielaugh* "The waitress stares at you, her head spinning Chicken Nugger." "Her arms swinging French Fried." "Your son cries the tears of a chicken nuggerless child." "In your mind, you scream." "It is raining Sweer Potato now." "You have French Fried engraved on your left temple" "and you do not understand.." "Your son weeps in the corner." "He is starving.." "Starving... for the Chicken Nugger.." No one noticed it said "sweer" potato as well? Jesus. *sigh* I love Chicken Nugger. It's my favourite dish. There's not shame in ordering it, even though you're an adult There's not shame in ordering it, even though you're an adult and it's on the kids' menu. "Oh nooo~!" Oh my stomach hurts after that one. "ohh nooo" Ohh my stomach hurts after that one "it's meltiiing" "my precious power ring," The hell is this? The hell is this? "Gooone~ foreva~" *screeching* ಠ__ಠ *screeching* ಠ__ಠ *laugh* Voice acting 101! That's ama- what an incredible shriek of terror! I-I truly sympathize with this woman. OMG Yes! I've seen this one! (of course) Ugh I don't even know if we can show this. *violence* *Laugh* "AH~ Oh it hurts! >. *panting* "It's bad.. (help me..?)" *pain* *Pewdielaugh* *grunting* *panting* You can do it man! For your brothers! *cry of pain* *more pain* *extra pain* :'( *panting* *choking* *sobbing* *animu girl blabbering* "Mama help me D':> " "I don't wanna die out here.." "Not yet.." We never heard of PantyShotLover64.. after that moment. :'( Rest in Peace This has been Try not to laugh challenge This has been Try not to laugh challenge Did you laugh or did you lose? Did this get copyright striked? Most likely. Thank you for watching! Leave a thumbs up! And as always sister-fister my sisters