ANALYSIS Three Piece with a Soda


Chael Sonnen


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Maz vidal's backstage he's doing an interview and as he's doing his interview live it's live on ESPN as he's doing his interview somebody walks past him and says something all you can see in here is Maz Vidal but Maz vidal's reaction isn't really worked up in the least Maz Vidale responds in a polite way no profanity he realizes he's live on TV finishes his interview Maz vidal's exactly what you would think a guy would be that just came off of this huge win where he was the underdog and a division that he's trying to make a splash in just got a little show money just got a little wind boat I mean he's high on life he's being great he's thanking some people brings his family in to be great when the guy walks past him guy I have to calm a guy cuz it's not been revealed to the audience yet who this is Maz Vidal says something to the ESPN cameras along the lines of thank you and I'm going to leave now and the camera somewhere got the sense that God gave geese that something's about to happen and they followed him sure enough something was about to happen because Maz Vidale walks up to Leon Edwards I couldn't quite hear what was said but I did see what Maz Vidale called a three-piece in a soda I will simply tell you guys a four-punch combination all of which were blocked by Leon Edwards his face now that's not great news that's an assault Leon didn't understand it did not deserve that and I also must arm you that I don't know what with what Leon said but I do know what Maas Vidale said Leon said and it was something along the lines of hey you're next I'll see you in the summer it would there was no profanity there wasn't anything great there what that happened okay I'll personalize this if that had happened to me I would then be fighting Leon I would go to the medium I would go to the promoter we will set up a ring and we will go take care of whatever it was that you said to me that has now offended me that was my code those were the rules that I live by and there's a lot of bravado for that there wasn't a lot of guys like me anybody anywhere anytime anyway class any set of rules but that was still the code mozz models playing a different game Maz vidal's code is prison rule with the guy makes eye contact with you you make him answer for I'm you guys decide whether that's a cool thing or not I'm just letting you know I have known Jorge Masvidal since 2008 and I could have tipped Leon Edwards off then unless you're looking for a fight right now tonight just walk past him when he's doing his interview keep your eyes that you go enjoy your night with your team you let him go enjoy his night with his team now where this got a little bit more interesting and I realized that is not great Maz dog punched him this whole thing and it happened it backs it by no means am I the guy that it's finding bravado in this I I don't know the least but I'm telling you the stories the way it happened two sides to every story though isn't there so what I saw with my own eyes not good for Maz of it all mozgov all dick move you owe him an apology that's what my eyes told me Maz Vidale had a different side I'm not the jury on this but I will present his side and let you guys just said Maas but all said no no no not so fast don't don't give me this I I hit him four times and he hit me none okay we're fighters and that's the name of the game first off there was gonna be no he hits me or he throws the first punch we were squared up I'm gonna go where he's gonna go and it turned out that I went first fine store that away Maz model also said I was surrounded by hooligans now that was very interesting to me because right out of the gate Maz Vidale has now made them the bad guy whether they are not he called them hooligans and then he said I was surrounded by them there was about ten of them and I was all by myself I was scared Maz Vidale said and while you saw me walking up to him before you decide to judge that don't forget the earlier part of the tape where he walked up to me and he engaged me first so I walked over to him to let him know sure we can do that fight and before I knew it he came at me and began to raise his hands fortunately even though outnumbered by hooligans fortunately I was able to protect myself well do I think that's a spin yeah yeah sure I do sure I think that's a spin do I think that's a really really good spin yeah yeah I do yeah I do Jorge Maz Vidale verbally convinced me to interpret something differently than what my eyes had just shown me I gotta give it to George on this one I mean if you're looking to get yourself out of a jam backstage he had a three prong approach first off called them who gets made them the bad guy secondly said he was outnumbered which is factually correct he was outnumbered okay and then third said Leon came at me for fortunately he said this fortunately I was able to get my hands up and protect myself but I was scared you were getting a street altercation make sure you tell the authorities when they showed up you were scared if you were ever gonna plead self-defense make sure you include the word I was scared