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good morning happy Mother's town mm-hmm forget did you forget today was Mother's Day mm-hmm what's her mind you can call your mom no what gets her soul sleep hmm I was gonna make him up early to make you breakfast in bed but I figured you appreciate a morning where you just lay into nothing and you just cuddle and snuggle I'm just mmm enjoy the morning sans kids they have plenty in store for you today don't you are mm-hmm that's probably why there's glitter all over the car phone they're making you a card I think each other we're making your card there's a lot of glitter including pieces of construction paper together and I think each of them we're trying to outdo the other so don't be surprised if there's a car at the measures up until like my high heat mm-hmm I don't know if we can put it on the mantel and we could won't it be problematic for many reasons mmm-hmm I think you're the reason why you're such great kids just this last bit here no you've been my rock baby really happen there's a sort of times I think oh my god how am I gonna do this but you know you're there you're you got my back then we do it together and we'd always overcome whatever it is the strongest woman I've ever met and also the sexiest and Swedish and smarter and all thanks I'm so lucky I'm very very lucky because you buried me but also because you made the poorly advised decision to also have kids with me mmm I appreciate it mmm after the first one you decided you know what let's take another swing about two more dogs and here you are 11 years later with no regrets mmm maybe just one he's laying right next to you is how do you recruit got huh with no regrets mmm happy Mother's Day baby every day so your mother's death I mean you're sweet to say that no I'm gonna make sure every day the kids raid your arts and crafts closet and mm-hmm design gaudy cards and do ridiculous things oh no no this year I'm not gonna supervise breakfast this is going to be a creation of their own design yeah tomorrow we may be incurring some food poisoning but you know it's worth it they gotta learn something no no no no look I'll make sure they don't kill us mmm I don't know it's probably the same thing we get every year isn't it ones like french toast vide runny eggs oh no no no I'm not letting them do that again maybe they're wasted like 13 oranges and we got like half a cup of orange juice oh and it was such a sticky mess it turned out to be more work for us - yeah thought I was the case mm-hmm you they actually cook us breakfast properly I'd be like oh my god they're growing up [Laughter] father you both are really happy and really sad day everything was I'm so bittersweet you know no I know you miss when they were babies hmm there's a lot more back talk now that's entirely true today it worse you know next next four years yeah she's almost a teenager mm yeah we don't need to think about that I mean you don't need to think about her attitude to you and I don't need to think about boys coming to the house good lord I am NOT ready for that at all no not even a little bit yeah I mean I'm finishing something I could or you know we could enjoy them nob you know wait for a little bit longer yeah I figured that'd be the answer come here you you you