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oh i'm so sorry baby cried to sleep oh i didn't mean to wake you i just got home from work everything's fine i'm sorry to stand so late you fall asleep on the couch i'm trying not to wake you i figured you'd be asleep i was at least i was hoping you'd be asleep because it's so late yeah oh baby what are you watching tv asleep also you remember this gumball being on well you bestie for a while because it's adult swim now so mm-hmm you have family guy family guy american dad american dad to look forward to but then joe parrish shows up so then you can go right back to sleep hmm we've been up this late in a while i'll be have to say to watch all the way to jopara put your head in my lap so tell me how's your day today regale me with everything that happened i'm sorry it's such a long day baby um i mean that no it's fine we can both have long days together it's not a competition about who had the worst or the longest day we can both equally have very long days that's all your day was reporting tonight's friday which means tomorrow is saturday so we can sleep in and just be with each other and enjoy each other's company not to do anything damn we can sleep in as late as 1 p.m i don't care i truly don't i have nothing to do tomorrow which is very exciting i've been looking for a day where i want to do a single thing for so long the fact that we both get together it's so nice which probably means we're gonna lay in bed all day tomorrow and do nothing and just watch tv which is what we always do when both of days off we're so adventurous yeah to be fair there's nowhere to go we should like spice it up with like some twister or uh yeah two player monopoly that sounds like a blast actually i think that'll be pretty fun i think two-player novelty would work pretty good i don't know we think we might have monopoly i'd have to look part of me thinks we have the dinosaur monopoly and it's like for kids it's where there's no like upgrading there should be some upgrading that like upgrade the site or upgrade the dick or whatever but no there really isn't it's just like collecting properties or dinosaurs i guess i don't know why i have it it's from a long time ago i think it's from a time before i knew how to play proper monopoly no i i'm not saying that we can't have house rules i'm just saying that the basic rules of monopoly are there for a reason when you have house rules that's how things get like crazy and long because it wasn't designed for that it's true i'm glad i brought you around though because you initially hated monopoly you thought it was the worst i mean okay it's not the best board game but it's definitely a ton of fun i'm glad i got you into card games good card games are like a blast mm-hmm they're just easy you can just set them up every anywhere until i play and for all the times we've lost power it's been nice to be able to like not have to worry about having like a phone or a tv or like a laptop or you could just like play something buy candlelight mm-hmm right there lowers at you there you go i got a whole lot to sleep on me you're more than welcome to go if you do i'll just pick you up and take you to bed okay no no that was an invitation to go to sleep right now all right come here we're going to bed right now because i keep you out here for any longer you're going to just go to sleep and i'll have to do this at some point some might as well do it while you're awake there you go oh let me crawl in next year i'm sorry i woke you up it's gonna just pick you up in like 20 minutes and take you to bed well the good news is i want to work like this for a while i should have normal chests like for the rest of this week uh i think starting like monday or tuesday i want to check my calendar i've been locked i saw two days off and i was like oh tell me when i have to start and i think every one day i don't know how to lock i'm not looking right now though you have my complete undivided attention until sleep has my complete undivided attention or until you give sleepy complete undivided attention mm-hmm seriously baby i love you so much promise i won't wake you up and i'm the worst about it i promise promise i'll wake you up early i'll let you sleep in okay 100 i got some sleep you