ASMR Boyfriend Morning Sickness Snuggles

baby baby baby where are you oh baby are you okay oh it's another bad of morning sickness i told you to wake me up and that happens only listen i know i don't care it's not gross i want to take care of you both of you so you have to let me help love that's okay just let it out here let me hold your hair back that's the least i can do i'm sorry love i know this sucks i can't even imagine seems like the worst hangover times a million it's gonna be okay though is it almost done no no it's okay i'll stay here as long as it takes yeah baby it's fine of course yeah if you want we can go right back to bed after this let me try to get more sleep i can't believe in here for so long next time you just tell me please promise pinky promise thank you i just want to help baby it's all done okay i got it all right here let me carry you come here back to bed come on right to bed princess there you go [Music] okay you want some water or anything an ice pack heating pad anything do you want me just to ramble uh i can try um ah it's gonna be hard because i don't really know what to talk about you have to give me a topic or something um i could do that i don't know how interested you'd be in it though um okay uh what have i been playing recently playing valerian a lot uh it's kind of like a counter-strike uh mixed with overwatch don't worry i didn't pay for it it's free that's been fun although even though they say there's no like cheating or uh you know they have like really good anti-g protections there's sometimes where you feel like people have aimbots i don't know you just round a corner and your head gets blown off and you're just like i don't know if that guy could have reacted as fast as it seems he did that's my only complaint about so far um i don't know i've been thinking about getting back into world of warcraft but there'll be no way i'll have the time for it now i don't know it takes so much time baby they like they consume you mm-hmm then you play something like a little bit more casually look on steems he has anything like light it's not like stardew valley or something you know something i could hop and hop out of now because if i'm like well no i would i would obviously drop everything if like let's say i was in a raid and you needed me i'd just drop everything and go deal with it same if i was like no i know i have i put down games so many times i go check on you and make sure you're okay that hardcore subnautica run that i was doing that's the reason i died i'm not blaming you i'm just saying obviously the real world comes first when you're feeling better we should probably play some more hearthstone at some point i know you no you don't suck at it i don't know why you say that you just need to read the cards more yeah yeah no i know i wish we could find like a shooter we could play together i really want to get you into starcraft too but that seems like it seems like a lost cause because you hate those kind of games you hate them grand strategy and strategy games are just not for you mm-hmm no i listen the sims are great as long as it's sims 3 not sims 4 or even sims 2 is fine you know how i feel about sims 4. i just think that the in sims 3 i can access the overworld at any time but in sims 4 i have to go through a load screen a load screen for literally everything that's crazy it is crazy i don't think the graphics are that much of an upgrade honestly i don't and also enough to re-buy all the dlc and the maps are smaller and it's just i don't know no i'm not complaining just to complain it's true it is true i guess i'll be waiting for sims 5. it's ea's fault they're terrible they so are i don't even get started on battle of the new battlefield made me so sad oh because i love battlefield i loved battlefield 3 4 bad company oh sure games are so great there's been a good battlefield in forever i mean it's similar it's just i don't know i don't know i feel like they're focusing on all the wrong things the baffle that i really want to come back is uh was it 24 42 or whatever the one that was in the deep future oh that one was awesome there was a game mode called titan so there was titans and there were like these big airships like these massive massive airships and so it's like the first part of the level is like you both have your airships and you have to capture like points on the map that have these giant guns and if you capture the point the giant guns shoot at the other team's airship to knock out their shields and then once you've knocked out their shields um you can continue to like hold the guns and then keep firing at their hull or you can just totally ignore the ground game and then try to board their craft and like get on the craft and then like get to the um the like fusion core in the center of the of the ship and blow it up to bring it down it was awesome it was the coolest game mode because i had so i i must have put so many hours into that game because all the cr like all the vehicles were really cool one there was like this tank thing this apc that um if you were a passenger on it at any moment you could hit an eject button and just shoot up into the sky that's how you like board the titan you could you drive these abc's underneath it and then just shoot up and try to land on top of the titan and then if you're on the titan you could be the captain or like if you're the commander of the army you can decide where the titan goes so you can move the titan above certain spawns and stuff so you can because there's guns on and you can shoot down there's a bunch of guns and the classes were so cool it was it was great and whenever you would end up having like titan attacks and titan defenses they were always just complete chaos you'd spend so much time defending like corridors and then like right when you're making like the last stand of the shield generator everything's just chaos like everyone's just like trying to hold the line people are getting rezzed it was just madness and it was always like a race against the clock like if they were in your titan that means that you could totally capture the points below and shoot at them so you can like if you just hold indefinitely and you had all the points below you weren't taking damage it was great oh i loved it i loved it so much and look at that i'm putting you right to sleep i guess it does work every time i love you baby sleep tight okay