ASMR Boyfriend Waking Up Before The Kids


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did i wake you up i'm sorry baby i didn't mean to i shouldn't fall back to sleep not really doing much it was raining this morning i think you can kind of still hear the bitter powder outside it was just nice i was looking out the window and i heard you snoring so i started looking at you then now here we are full circle look really cute this morning you do look incredibly adorable i mean the i think you look so pretty in the morning all half asleep um i think the cutest things are when you wake up and we have a conversation and then you go back to sleep and then you wake up for good you never remember talking to me you're just like i don't remember that no we didn't talk this morning like all full conversations and you're so out of it never you remember but only when you go back to sleep if you stay awake you remember but if you go out to sleep you totally forget i probably do it too oh yeah then you sleepy conversations with me or you talk to me for a bit and then i went back to sleep now that he can remember it's fine i'm probably gonna go back to sleep too now you're like slightly awake i'm starting to get sleepy come here come here i don't really have much to do today i mean i got to do some stuff today but i don't have to do a whole lot take out the trash because trash comes tomorrow and you wanted me to mow the lawn and clean the gutters which sounds like a euphemism i want to get my car washed if i can because it's been forever in a day since i've washed my car so it needs to like happen at some point um groceries would be super nice to get today oh my god yes when i could do it baby you know are you sure if you want to go you can go otherwise again i'm just gonna do it online [Music] now the kids are still home i think they have to do their home school and stuff today well it's not really homeschooling it's like tele tele school or something i don't know to help her log in no i think he knows what's going on but she says she wanted some help i can do that though if you go to the grocery i'll do that otherwise if you do it online you can help her while clean the cars i feel like we don't need them on the lawn i know it's getting long but hear me out you know there's those things like natural lawns or it's like a jungle or also bamboo let's just put bamboo in our front yard and like don't don't like don't do anything to it just let it do whatever it wants to do see you beat me to it i was saying bamboo panda i feel like a pet pandas definitely and i guess you're right if we didn't have kids we could think about it a panda is a big responsibility you got to be really sure before you get a panda doesn't matter how much bamboo you have i mean you definitely need a lot of bamboo i ate so much bamboo i don't know i was watching something on pandas before i went to sleep last night it was like a rabbit hole i was watching cute panda videos where they're like babies and they're rolling down slides and like one thing that's another they really don't feel like bears you know no i don't know i think i'm just too used to like grizzly bears on blackberries i can't conceptualize a panda bear acting that way although to be fair like all the bears are really cute [Music] especially when they steal your picnic basket yeah we can go to sleep i'm all for it the kids wake us up the kids wake us up if it's 11 o'clock and it's way too quiet then it can be suspicious but still eight o'clock is earlier hmm yeah i know mm-hmm you're right i know your two favorite words in english language you're right when you're right you're right i'm not gonna argue with you yeah so i promise i won't procrastinate anymore if you just bought that's like sit down llama or be somewhere about it though i don't know because it's so much more fun than a push was like i promise i'll do like the most straight lines that is both it is and isn't a great christmas present it that's like you've achieved fatherhood when you when your kids and your wife start giving you like tools and lawn mowers and leaf blowers and other like [Laughter] things that are basically chores and be like here you can do your chores but so much easier now that is the pinnacle fatherhood that's when i know i'm like made maximum dad mode [Music] i'm glad i'm still getting cool fun dad gifts like switches and other cool things the moment you buy me a tool belt and socks i'll be like there's no going back anymore no i'm not no this is not meant to give you ideas besides you're gonna go to sleep and forget all about this conversation that's what happens in new york okay [Music] go to sleep i love you very very much um you