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hi how you know it so pleasure to meet you what is your name okay my name is dawn I'm the financial planner here at the bank how long have you been waiting golf for about a half hour sorry about that we have a lot of people here at the branch and I've been really busy this morning surprised nobody I got with you during that time what on what did you need help with you having problems with your finances now do you have an account with us you have to come over okay so do me I look like your budget okay this explain to you what what is your daily budget Oh your weekly budget if you have that okay I must you spin on groceries it's been about a hundred dollars a week on groceries oh you have any children okay I mean children yeah - you spend $100 on groceries just you and your children there you're single yeah so wolfing is spending about $400 per month so one of the other expenses and how much per month you spend on your gas for your car okay wow that's about $240 a month okay so well about $60 per week so right now we're looking about about six hundred forty dollars per month so you got your groceries in the gas for your car little expensive do you have at the house okay got you your rent I'm sure it per month seven hundred and that'll two bedroom three and it's not bad for three bedrooms seven hundred dollars is at a household barment allows yes there's not bad in your area so now we're looking at you looking at thirteen forty-four the month so far malice any of your utilities included in your your rent payment you know you pay that separate you need to leave okay can you give me a brief rundown of your utilities how much do you pay per month for that OK ROCK $200 for your utilities and what's included in that $200 and can you water electricity give me a second I'm putting together a financial budget packet so you can take on to go over after after this meeting ok so your water in electric is included in your utility payment what else is included in their sewage garbage so that's pretty much offer utilities you pay about okay so right now we're looking at 1540 per month you have your rent you have your utilities you have your groceries you have your gas for your car if this is a good starting point for us so we can just basically analyze all of your expenses and see where you're coming up short now looking into that to your employment now what are your other expenses your cell phone and how much is just so fun bill about $70 that's what's tax and everything okay so cell phone bill so right now we're looking at around $1,600 for the month for your expenses total so far 16:10 sounds like there any other expenses at the house you have cable and how much do you pay for cable okay Oh hundred dollars a month yumeji at children do they watch cable at all sometimes not a lot okay you see playing outside okay so that brings us to what solo $1,700 roughly just round it to $1,700 if there any other expenses any anything else you want to mention you have an internet bill and how much do you pay for for your internet about $50 per month so that brings us now to about 1750 1760 Sulekha okay is there anything anything else you want to put on this budget Liz here okay close and how much do you spend on your clothes per month but $150 per month okay that brings us to about $1,900 okay there anything else like household items stuff like that and approximately almost that you pays for that for like household items about $100 okay so that brings us to about $2,000 for the left give me one moment Thanks and we have some pamphlets I'm not putting your baggage too in this glanced over if you want to start a business checking account with us if you look in the start of business now as far as your employment situation for Oh how much do you make per month at your job or do you own a business okay you work a regular job how much do you make it your job were you working now how much per week five hundred dollars per week and this is before after taxes you five hundred dollars a week this is after taxes take it out right now if you're making five hundred dollars per week that brings you to two thousand dollars a month and your expenses already at two thousand so you're not able to save any money is that right I can tell just by looking over your budget do you work any overtime at your job on vacation okay I don't want to factor in the overtime and your budget because that can be gone so all I'm gonna do for now is just stick with your regular forty hours working forty hours right yeah I'm just going to stick with that so you're making two thousand per month and your budget is 2000 so you're breaking even do you like your job at all I'm looking for another job you playing on staying there you planning on staying there you enjoy your work okay that's good well if you want to stay there you want to get ahead your budget what I suggest is that you target on your cable expense give me one second you want to target on your cable expense which is a hundred dollars per month you pain and you're calling in spending which is 150 which brings you to a total of 250 hours now the clothes that you're buying are then necessary then unnecessary and want to watch a cable bill you're not really watching that and you also mention their two children is not watching cable at all so that's $250 or what you can save per month you can also look at your grocery bill some of the food that you're eating you might want to look at you might not need you see you might not need some of the stuff that you're buying it's grocery store so you can eliminate some of the stuff that you're not really far eating for that you can do without you might want to look at that if you can possibly knock off $100 from your grocery bill alone that'll put us $350 that you can save put aside do you have any money saved at all $500 that's it and that's in your savings account if you want to open up a checking account you can do that you want to do that today get your checking account open up and it'll be a minimum $100 deposit to get that started okay it's been transfer the money in your savings account to your checking can be two that comes with a debit card I'll process your checking account right after our meeting here so that's what you want to start on as soon as possible you have a picture clothing bill she can eliminate that that'll be great she can eliminate your cable bill that'll be great too as well as listen to your groceries a lot of groceries you're not eating eliminate that too so that way you can save about $350 maybe 400 so then I get you started seems like you're working paycheck to paycheck I know hopefully we can you just started doing this first and then you can run some money in the bank again and you can build some sort of emergency fund dislocates anything happens you never know and I think within a few months you should have at least a thousand dollars or more saved up and you check a girl yes I have your budget and all few expenses and everything written down in here I put it up and put everything in here for you all the information for your checking account is in here and I'll process that later on now I'm going to give you a call a month from now just to check on you see I everything is gone with your budget and your expenses and everything it's gonna be about what a month from now let me give you all but I gave you my business card just in case you have any questions with your grout and sorry you have to wait this morning we've been really busy you've been really busy this morning so you have a good one and I'll give you calling them off okay have a great day