ASMR personal financial manager gives you a consultation ๐Ÿ’ต

hi there welcome how are you today good and well thank you thank you for booking an appointment with me today I hear that you may be interested in our personal financial management services great that's wonderful now today will be just a short consultation like appointment for us to kind of get to know each other a little bit and to go over your financial situation and just a great plan this will most likely just be a very beginning of your financial plan and I will be encouraging you to book another appointment with me and it's also best if you continue to work towards your goals and work with this plan on your own at home on an ongoing basis as well so my name is Anna and I am the financial services manager here so your appointment is with me as I said and what I'd like to do is just kind of go through a bit of your personal information and really start to make a personalized Hualien for you that involves all of your Pickers so just a little bit of a disclaimer before we do get started in order to best help advise you and your financial situation I will be asking you some personal questions regarding your finances okay okay great all right so first we'll start off with their little questionnaire just to get to know you a little bit so that we can really tell her that's experienced to you okay okay perfect so first and I just get your first and last name please okay thank you and what about an email address okay Mel okay perfect thank you and phone number but your cell number whatever is best to read you at okay perfect thank you and what is your age okay so you stop and eat up time to sort out your finances I'm really really proud of you actually or coming in today it shows a lot of ambition and you're young and then you would be interested and getting your finances on track and this is the best time to do it because if you start to be smart with their money now it will really be able to grow by the time you're ready to say retire great okay so what is your marital status okay it's a year common-law relationship with your partner okay then the reason why I asked this is to know do you have someone to share bills with things like that and also do you have someone that you are also financially responsible or other than yourself so when you're in a relationship with someone as we know you take them a better or worse and a lot of us tend to have a worse side when it comes to money so that's good to know and we'll be discussing all of that financial aspects of your relationship as well okay and do you have any children and the reason why I ask that is because children can take a look at money for at least some okay do you plan on having any children in the future as part of your financial plan - maybe budget for having children or for helping send your children to school [Music] okay maybe someday we don't want to rule it out perfect and what are your hobbies okay great okay so the reason why I ask is some of us tend to have hobbies that can be more expensive and lifestyle that involves those hobbies may require some significant budgeting for those things so you mentioned one of your hobbies is travel so do you like to travel locally or overseas what are your travel goals okay okay near and far great we can work with that it's always great when you're open to the possibilities of different things there are a lot of things that you can do on a budget do them in a more affordable way yeah okay great okay and what is your occupation okay okay that's great and what sort of education do you have does the job require any specific qualifications okay and the reason why I ask this is to see what kind of a main job that you can get with that education if what you're doing isn't really working out where you currently so is your current occupation where you want to be five ten years from now what kind of are your career calls okay mmm-hmm open to trying something new we like that great and going along with that when do you plan or when do you hope to retire okay great yeah we still have plenty of time for that okay and going along with your education do you have any student loan all right many many people do um it is possible to get through school without a student loan on your own um but it requires a lot of a lot of hard work that most people aren't really ready for at that age so I totally understand yeah it's a lot to juggle first time probably being on your own just giving these two things yeah I totally get it okay now where do you live what what cocaine so the reason why I ask is because depending where you live obviously cost of living is different so if you're living in the city things may be more expensive there may be higher rent our prices of homes may be higher but you also may have free or very inexpensive transportation and if you are living far away from your job maybe in a more rural area then your transportation may be more expensive but your price of your home or your rent may be much lower right okay so how open are you to relocating to maybe a more rural area if it was less expensive okay he seemed to be quite open to different possibilities what is really really great we love that is that just your personality or is it specifically to try and save money okay yeah that's great yeah being aggressive is really the best way um I think it's you get out of debt it really helps keep you motivated and not to mention you have your debt paid off much faster and you know save yourself interest cost alright so the next question we're getting to the end here of this questionnaire and we'll begin the financial planner for you okay so do you rent or bond okay but you have a mortgage paying this very common aunt do you have a vehicle okay and does your partner have a vehicle as well that's very common as well two vehicles makes things a lot less complicated okay all right so now we'll get into the financial questions here more personal ones what is your current annual income and if you don't know your annual income that's fine your monthly income or each paycheck is great as well okay okay and what about your partners okay perfect okay so you guys are in a good situation um you are in any financial trouble it should be a lot easier to get out of what you have that source of income you can get yourself out of methods a lot faster however a lot of times with higher incomes I can just unable to get into even bigger messes so we'll see what your personal situation is and we'll make a recommendation and we'll work together to make it right okay okay good all right so I know very many gritty question how much debt do you currently have if you know the amount so consider things like your mortgage your car and your partner's car yep car payments you're a student loans line of credit credit cards things like that mm-hmm okay so if you want you can list them out Oh can't say it yeah yeah car how much longer do you have on your car payment pay fears and your partner's car okay it's dead alone okay that's not so bad your partner student loan okay I can work with it Andy huh penny let him credit or credit card debt okay yeah that's fine that's very very very common so is this combined with you and your partner and just you okay just you and what about your partner okay and do you have any that's to family or friends okay yeah that's also very common family all right said that's fine okay so with this information that you just provided me we are going to be able to start off with your first little calculation that will really show you your financial situation at least the start of it okay so did you realize how much data you had okay yeah what's beautiful don't so how does that beyond what I opening isn't it and probably overwhelming but I just want you to know don't feel that way um getting it all down on paper and starting to make a plan I can feel really really overwhelming and it can make you feel maybe at first more stressed and worse and you may say that you prefer to do not know but um to be honest you're in the same situation whether you know about it or not and once you know about it at least you're in a position we can start to do something about it is if you don't even know about it there's no way you're gonna be able to change it right so even now just listing it out we're better off than ten minutes ago okay so the calculation that we're going to do here today is a net worth the calculation and you've probably heard [Music] the net worth before and basically and all it is is the things that you own - the things that you owe so take the example for your house do one hundred and fifty thousand dollars for your home um but it's worth two hundred and fifty thousand dollars and you have to know where up there of $100,000 so we'll do that for you we have you and your partners cars and your home mm-hmm so we'll see wait loan and also obviously the cash that you have any savings that you have mm-hmm okay so how many how much seems to have whether it be retirement whatever you can't touch in this is included okay okay green okay so we think that with how much your home is worth yep okay perfect let me have your mortgage horn and how much are your cars worth would you say okay well that's what you wanted okay so between you and your partner looks link you're no word this about $80,000 so that's good it means you have good equity in your home and if you pay off your cars and you'll have bling on two cars with no payments but I'm just speaking of payments for a moment let that be motivation for you to get out of debt it's that wouldn't you get paid all of your money goes towards what you want to do because it does not to go to payments anymore it's like you work and you finally get paid and your money just goes to all these payments and you don't even get to see any of it you're just not in control so let's we're working here today to get you in control of your money you'll feel better you'll live better okay so basically I'm assuming after we I've showed how much oh I'm a Jew gonna say your net worth and how much Tarun does it make you feel like you want to do something different yeah okay perfect so one thing that I can say ah to make a change for the better financially it's a simple rule really and that is to spend less than you make and it sounds very very simple very silly almost but many many people find it extremely difficult so we are going to work towards a budget for you that will start a little taste stop in today's session I will mainly have the map out in our next section but we'll really have to plan it out in our next section though won't really have to iron out all the details in our next session together your budget so this will help so much to bring you peace of mind to help you stay motivated and to help you reach your financial goals much faster okay so when I say peace of mind I mean knowing how much money you have at the end of the month to pay your bills and not having to wonder whether it what's in your account we'll cover it if you'll have enough by that or not that will be so peaceful to you mentally the sad reality is that so many people just lay awake at night worrying about money and I do not want that to be you okay I wanted to be your number one priority but also something you never have to stress out about okay so one way that you can so for the little bit of remainder of our session I just want to talk a little bit about how we can make a change here with your finances so basically if you want to spend less than you make and you're not currently doing that and you need to either a increase your income or be decrease your expenses so um you said you were open to changing jobs but for right now we'll assume that your current job it's going to stay the same and we'll discuss some ways that you can decrease your expenses so I can then go fun right off the top of my head and that is to have one car between you and your partner and this may be slightly inconvenient but if it's possible it's something to definitely consider looking into if you're looking to see if we can learn to carpool with your partner um then you'll not only save on gas but you'll save on car payments insurance repairs as well so it's something to consider for sure it is a huge huge sacrifice I know so people maybe don't usually want to go for that first but another really easy thing that I can recommend that will barely be any work whatsoever for you but will save you money has to work on paying off your highest interest debts first so basically you don't have to do anything different you just continue paying off your debts as you normally would but instead of spreading them out you would pay minimum payments on the lower interest debts and pay as much as you can on your higher interest debts so this will save you interest costs and basically by spending the same amount of money more of your money is actually going towards the principal and lowering the balance of your debt and that will get you out of debt that will get that debt paid off faster and then you can move on to the next lowest or the next dice and then you can move on to the next highest and just that so for example um [Music] if you have like you said your partner and you bought a credit card debt so these interest rates on credit card that are typically astronomically high and so those are probably the dads that you want to focus on pain first so if you're paying more than you need to be on your mortgage and we're paying more than you need to be on your cars on your student loan payments then that money can be used instead to pay off your high interest credit cards and this will save you again money on interest which will really help you in the long run and again if you do owe money like you said to family then what you want to do is talk to them about your financial situation and be honest that you have high interest debt and you're trying to pay it off and see where they're at see if they require that you pay them right away or if they're willing to be flexible if if they do really need to be repaid that should be your priority but if they're willing to be flexible then somebody that you would have been paying them can also go towards paying off your high interest loans so I think I have probably overwhelmed you with all this information today so we've done absolutely incredible and I think that you have probably a much clearer picture of your situation I won't really get to work on your budgets in our next session but I don't think that this is a logical place for us to break today just because um you're already in a better position just by knowing where you are I'm sure that you're likely a little bit more motivated to do something about it than you were but you didn't actually know where you stood and it is a lot to process it's a lot to think yeah and if you don't love numbers and love thinking about money and budgeting then it's a lot and you need some time to process it take it all in and I want to definitely give you that time because it's a journey none of this was gonna happen overnight so you're already better off than you were before and this will give you some hopefully sometimes you process everything and to think about what your goals are financially and next time when we get together hopefully you'll have thought of maybe some ways that you can cut your expenses or even increase your income if that is something that interests you so again I would like to thank you so much for coming in today it was so nice to meet you learn more about you I hope that you can feel comfortable in this space sharing with me your most personal details of course everything here is completely confidential yes okay great so thank you again so much this was wonderful and can we book another appointment for you alright should we do the same time next week does that work for you okay we're banging this down okay great thank you that was so wonderful and I'm so so proud of you thank you all right we'll see you next week okay have a good day all right