ASUS ROG Zephyrus G GA502DU REVIEW and UNBOXING w GamePlay Benchmarks




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[Music] folks this is Alejandro from is white rice not coming today we are going to talk about the asus rog g502 you [Music] so guys let's first start with the unboxing for the GA 5-0 to you inside you get the laptop itself and the first thing that you'll notice is that it's quite sturdy and is built like the other ROG so Faris models inside you also get the charging module for this one which I had already removed you also get the documentation on the inside along with the Quick Start Guide so guys let's talk about the build and design for this laptop it features the classic ROG self iris look has a very nice brushed metal finish on the top with the ROG logo and weighs around 2.2 kilograms on the left hand side comes with the rj45 LAN port HDMI port the USB port USB type-c port even phantom Jack along with the DC in port it's around 2 centimeters in height and it's one of the most defined rog designs that i have seen till now at the back there are the cooling vents for this laptop which to a particularly great job in cooling this one and i found that the overall cooling mechanism is pretty good also comes with dust resistant fans and if you look at the right hand side there is the Kensington lock slot along with two USB ports and the heat sink when I found the world cooling mechanism to be pretty great and it's also dust resistant and if I talk about few other things for this lap up I found the build and design to be really different it comes with a backlit chiclet keyboard and has n key rollover support I found the typing experience also to be pretty satisfactory considering the fact that I use a butterfly keyboard on the MacBook Pro compared to that the keyboard felt really good it also comes with dedicated keys for volume up volume down and a lot of other things and apart from that I found that the trackpad experience was pretty good though it's not comparable to the force touch trackpad on the MacBook Pros the display on this one is a 15.6 inch non-player Full HD IPS panel with 120 Hertz refresh rate and the color reproduction was pretty good on point it even persons came to body ratio and compared to a lot of other traditional laptop so I found the display experience to be different because it has a very small footprint if we talk about what's on the inside it comes with an AMD Rison seven three seven five zero H processor nvidia geforce gtx 1660 TI graphics card 6g p duty dr6 and 16gb ddr4 ram it also has internal rx figured in graphics for your battery saving tasks this is an m2 in via me PCI Express 512 gigabyte SSD on the inside which is really fast and if I talk about the processor performance it's quite good compared to a lot of other I 5 HN plus I found it to be comparable and if you're somebody who's going to game a lot or if you're somebody who is going to do a lot of hardcore stuff you will find that this laptop is back in enough punch for a lot of those things the 16 60 TI GPU on this one is the one with max q design which means that it's a power saving model and not exactly the higher powered model the battery life on this one was around 6 to 7 ask for your normal day-to-day tasks and if you are somebody who is going to game I would recommend you to give me the power adapter connected and now let's talk about the game play an FPS on a game like Counter Strike global Offensive I was easily getting around hundred to one 30 FPS with everything turned to the maximum possible limit if piece can be higher with the settings turned down and if I talk about something like Assassin's Creed or DC I was easily getting around 40 to 55 FPS on that game with everything pushed to the absolute maximum possible limit and I found that the 16 60 TI with max Q is good enough for your normal 1080p gaming the 120 Hertz panel on this laptop also provides a nice touch gaben on 40 to 50 FPS on Grand Theft Auto 5 with everything pushed to the absolute maximum possible limit and if I talk about shadow of the Tomb Raider on that game also the gameplay was pretty nice with 60 FPS consistent experience throughout the board playing faster and you don't with maximum possible settings are found that the FPS was not bad code and it was hovering around 20 to 28 FPS mark if you're somebody who wants to have an enjoyable experience on this particular game I would ask you to turn down the settings on something like pub G I easily got around 50 to 75 FPS and now let's talk about the sound experience on this laptop if you want better FPS on pop G please lower down the settings the two one watt speakers are good enough for a normal day-to-day experience though they don't pack really loud sound but still good enough for your normal multimedia experience it comes with the ROG our MIDI create which allows you to customize a lot of things about this laptop the g502 D U is priced around ninety nine thousand nine hundred ninety two peas in and here and for such a price it does offer a lot of stuff which is in the sibling has but it does make a lot of compromises as well so at the end of the day it's your choice what kind of performance etc you born for the buildin design and the overall looks it's one of the best out there so guys this was it for this video in case you like this one don't forget to smash the thumbs up button and do subscribe to inspire toys for more awesome tech videos like this one and guys no matter what you do stay inspired to rise [Music]