ATEEZ TREASURE FILM 모닝콜 읽어주는 남자 에이티즈의 스윗 모닝콜 하이라이트 Ep1 ENG SUB

(ATEEZ's new reality in Sydney) (What's happening to them in Sydney?) (Congratulations! Treasure Film Production Grand Opening) (Special mission for ATEEZ) (8 individual videos+8 group videos, make 16 videos about their challenges) (We're going to show you a part of their group videos, 'wake up call') (The moon set and the sun rose) (A new day has started) (But are you still struggling with waking up?) (ATEEZ will wake you up!) It was difficult to draw the line between being playful and going overboard Because I'm not familiar with it (Embarrassed) (Being playful ver.) Are you still in bed? You haven't gotten up yet? Wake up, wake up! (Cute ver.) If you don't get up now, I'll be angry (Q. What's your favourite ver.?) I think I did sexy ver.the best Sexy ver. (Sexy ver.) (What is he doing?) Why are you laughing? (Aegyo ver.) ATINY Wake up! I thought, 'Is this right way to do?' Wake up Take Yunho's heart Am I doing right? I play the charismatic role in our team ATINY, because I want to see you as early as possible, wake up quickly! I think I did it well If you don't wake up now, I'll give you kisses till you wake up I don't remember what I did, sorry (Powerful ver.) (Hitting the wall first) Wake up This is why I'm so popular The funniest, best wake up call is voice impression ver. If you want to go to the top, you should wake up now To the top I'm so satisfied I felt terrible about myself doing this mission (Overflowing Aegyo ver.) (Failed) (Seonghwa is rebooting himself) (Playful ver.) (A little bird, Seonghwa) (Go back to your room!) (Hip hop) Wake up, up, up Wake up, up, up Wake up Wake up, right now Wake up, right now Get yourself ready How many times have I told you? I miss you I love you (Do you want to see their more videos? They're even 192!) Oh, it was not bad, don't you think? (Sep 25th, 7pm premiere on Mnet) (8pm, premiere on Youtube M2 )