ATMOBLUE Portable Air Purifier REVIEW This Changes Everything The Tesla of Masks


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the atmo blue portable air purifier is finally out for early backers it features a sleek design with two built-in fans industrial quality air filters a modular design and unique neck and head strap system this mask is no doubt in a league of its own when compared to traditional masks but how does it hold up realistically with the events of the world today we're gonna take a look at the build function and practicality of it this is the atmo blue review [Music] I've been using this mask almost a week now and through my time one word keeps coming to my mind when using this mask confidence I'm confident that no matter where I am or what's happening in the environment around me I'm always in the best possible solution for my safety and others around me more on that later but the atmo blue portable air purifier is a sleek and beautiful piece of tech originally designed and made for heavy air pollution atmo blue was made in mind for those who want to live or a free of the pollutants in the air and still breathe freely unlike the air constricting design of other masks when taking a closer look in the mask it's made of several materials you have the main plastic that houses everything it's a hard plastic that's meant to keep your mask durable through the wear and tear of the everyday you also have your detachable filters now these aren't regular filters these filters keep out 99.97% of particulates that could harm you for perspectives sake 99.99 percent would be a wall the doctors masks cloth masks and even the n95 masks don't do that the filters can be pulled out and replaced each filter has about 150 hours or six to eight weeks of use time which is a lot but your time could vary depending on use inside the mask we can see our fans which pulls in the air from the outside you can see the magnetic system for the filter holders as well which has a very satisfying pool and hold it does require a little force to remove but know that it will hold through non-contact activities we have our power slash charging light it's white when you have full power and red when charging turn it around and we have our silicone mold that sits on the bridge of our nose and the bottom of our chip inside you can see the two air vents that bring the air into the mask and the exhaust vent here at the bottom so that the air gets out when you exhale we have our adjustable strap system that can fit a variety of sizes for secure wearing I'll leave a link at the top to show you how to properly put your mask on but just keep in mind one strap on the neck and the other on the back arc of your head gives you the best support now this is where the mask makes itself special the mask is modular from the filters step faceplate to the neck strap it's all interchangeable offers a variety of skins and are even reaching out to designers to create custom stylized face plates for you so you can be safe and stylish too also you can use a different type of rope if you like or wash it when it gets dirty after multiple uses at the bottom you have your USB C charging port and the power button hold to turn on and tap to change different speeds from low medium and high we can see the atmo blue truly is a premium piece of tech that offers style durability and customized ability so how does it function as a mask let's start with this there is a bit of a breaking-in period for the mask with the silicon mold it becomes malleable after several uses so expect a red mark on the bridge of your nose for the first couple of uses until it gets softer not a big deal if you wear glasses or shades you know what I'm talking about but it does go away now during this review process I came across several people who had issues with the mask from it to sliding to touching their lips or even pulling forward and I'll tell you this yes I've experienced all of that but and that's the big butt 95% of those quirks that you may be experiencing comes from not properly putting the mask on correctly the moment I found my sweet spot It was as if the mask wasn't even on my face so keep that in mind if you're looking to get one or you already have one and currently struggling remember neck and then the arc of the back of your head and you'll find your position from there you'll soon forget that this was even a thing now once you're all set let's turn it on immediately you'll figure out why this is so different compared to other masks this mask is bringing air in let me see that again in in in no other mask is doing that they just block your nose and mouth and you go about your day trying your best little do you know that you're slowly taking in your own co2 which is not good the atmo blue modeling protects you with the filters but it brings the air in plus it as an exhale valve at the bottom the quality of the experience is completely different and with your three speeds you're in control of how much air you want coming through any questions let me know in the comments down below okay let's get to the fun stuff I this mask through its paces I did everything from working out to running to even go into the store how did it fare with working out obviously make sure it's secure this is where I did most of my figuring out for my sweet spot but it held up well for obvious reasons I had to turn a fan up to max because of the need for additional air and it felt great and refreshing but keep this in mind if you are going to work out there is going to be a point where the mask isn't bringing enough air because of the nature of it being a mask and you need to breathe I want to point out this mask is not designed for high intensity training you can't be active with it but it's more like a leisurely active which brings me to running you can absolutely run with this set it to max setting and go keep in mind we aren't sprinting here just going for a morning run getting our heart rate up and burning calories the mass kept me comfortable at all times this is where I have to bring up the confidence part again other people are running some with a cloth mask some with no mask I felt confident and relaxed about my entire time no holding my breath went in proximity of people just ran on by now we are running which means we are sweating so a sweat builds up on the face this silicone would start to slide down a little on the bridge of my nose which had me readjusting every now and then it really isn't a big deal remember we are wearing a mask and it's like any other thing on your head while running like glasses or even a hat you're going to have to adjust it from time to time overall I enjoyed my experience with yet my blue mask while running again confidence let's talk about going out I went to Home Depot and Costco to do some shopping and it worked just fine left it in the lowest setting and went about my day no issues comfortable feeling confident and breathing in fresh air to give you a sense of the battery life with the full charge I was able to get two days worth of working out running and doing errands going back and forth on his speed depending on what I was doing but treat the mask like your phone when you're not using it charge it it's that simple you know before the mask came out I liked you was doing everything with a cloth mask this got old smelly dirty very quick remember this is holding your breath particles are lunch aroma and it's marinating overnight and I can't clear it with the atmo blue mask finish using it and wipe done even spritz it if you want but give the mask time and again learn your sweet spot you'll be zipping in and out in no time with confidence let me know what you think in the comments down below alright so what are some drawbacks of the mask well I would say the drawbacks aren't actually anything that mask is doing I think it's just virtue of it being a mask so now you're dealing with all the things that come with when using a mask one it muffles your speech to be expected I tried having a conversation not intentionally and I would just forget I had the mask on you know I'd be like no oh yeah that's right the cord for the neck strap does absorb sweat after your run or workout so thank goodness you can wash it it's up to you wash the cord get an extra cord or get an extra mask one for working out and one for doing errands you know like shoes you know you have one set for running shoes and the other for walking around shoes oh and if your nose itches yeah you know it's blocked but just pull it down and just it renews it's just again the nature of wearing a mask you know come to think about it I don't know how astronauts do it how do they scratch their nose but now I'm just nitpicking just trying to give you a list the fans well not loud overall if you are in a quiet environment you're going to hear them but if you're walking in a store or even working in an active environment not noticeable at all so that's it overall the atma blue portable air purifier is in a league of its own this mask represents a revolution more than anything and it's exciting to see what the designers of the mask will do from here we all have ideas how we would like to see future iterations improve upon on the mask but hey the future is here now and it looks and feels great there's so much more I can go into about this mask so I invite you to reach out to me in the comments below and I'll get back to you remember hit that like and subscribe button and most importantly learn do you share I'll see in the next [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause]