Abingdon Air Country Show 2019 Airshow Dispatches S02E01

[Music] you [Music] [Music] [Music] hello and welcome to the Abingdon air and country show the opening event for the 2019 European airshow season on Sunday the 5th of May Dalton barracks hosted almost 10,000 people for the 20th edition of the Abington air and country show and the final iteration of the event in its current format and there can be little doubt with a flying display element went out with a bang with a varied lineup of aircraft many of which are rarely seen on the air show circuit so let's take a look now at the running order our review begins with rich Goodwin's Pitts s2s then 8 minutes in we've got Chris Birkett and the little and large/extra duo the first civilian operated for ship display from the historic army aircraft flight the first Takano display in several years and a fantastic performance by the p-47 in a quarter of an hour is also among the highlights of the program as I mentioned that 2019 Abingdon air and country show marks the end of an era as rising costs increasing regulation and new insurance rules force the organisers to drop the flying display Aviation will still feature in future events though where the fly in pleasure flights and fly past the flying display begins with an abandon favourite Richard Goodwin [Music] the display starts with a throwback to last year's show when Rich performed a very popular display with a car and the act returns once again starting with a formation passed down the runway [Music] the aircraft will be occupying the runway with the [Music] this aircraft has been highly modified fitted with a very powerful eight point five liter 300 horsepower engine and larger control surfaces which make it extremely maneuverable it can pull up to plus six or minus five G and has a top speed of 200 miles per hour and there he is using that enormous power and state-of-the-art propeller to hang the aircraft on it's prop [Music] rich had two pits at the show his second aircraft was on static display having just been cleared for flight it will in time be fitted with a pair of jet engines but for the time being it hasn't had those fitted yet as the aircraft undergoes its initial flight testing [Music] the jet pits will have redesigned wings and control surfaces a 300 horsepower lycoming io 540 piston engine and two links jet engines which will combined give the aircraft a power-to-weight ratio of greater than one to one [Music] beside from being a prolific airshow pilot rich flew the tornado gr1 with the Royal Air Force including on operations in the first Gulf War before becoming an airline pilot in 1993 next up is a to ship display by the Gazelle Squadron one of the foremost operators of Westland gazelles in the UK [Applause] in the lead is a ghazal ht3 called ginger which served with the Royal Air Force before being purchased by a civilian company in 2002 ginger changed hands a few more times in the following decade and is now one of the squadrons primary display aircraft wearing the color scheme of number-two flight training school the second aircraft is gazelle HT to Gordon which served with 705 Naval Air Squadron as you can see from his markings this particular aircraft has airshow pedigree that would actually participated in the 1978 world helicopter championships in the Soviet Union as part of the UK's tri-service helicopter team [Music] [Applause] [Music] today the Army Air Corps is the only branch of the UK Armed Forces still flying the gazelle making it the oldest helicopter in British military service [Applause] now here comes something rather novel as Mike Williams carries his 40% scale extra 300 out towards the runway and now rolling for takeoff is Chris Birkett in his full size extra together forming the little and large extra duo pulling up straight into a stall turn to begin this remarkable and highly original display quite probably the first and only air show act in the UK to combine a model and a real aeroplane [Music] [Music] in this display the pilots are really using perspective to make the airplanes look much closer together than they really are the full-size extra is about three times further away from the crowd than the model [Music] Chris Burke it entered the air show world through captain Neville's flying circus before progressing to the Pitts special and taking up competition aerobatics in 2006 he then transitioned to the extra 300s which he flies both in the little and large/extra duo and the global stars aerobatic team with whom he's performed as far afield as China and Bahrain [Music] [Music] [Applause] the fairchild argus next a rare airshow performer which first flew in 1932 [Music] [Applause] [Music] this aircraft is remarkably successful for a child of the Great Depression and became quite popular as a personal transport aircraft with over 2,000 examples being built the aircraft was also used by the British and American armed forces among several others and in the hands of the Civil Air Patrol the type even engaged in successful anti-submarine warfare at the start of the Second World War [Music] and now the flying display debut of this Duxford based na 64 Yale [Music] and if you think this aeroplane looks familiar you might be right as the NA 64 is the predecessor of the t6 Texan the Harvard and SNJ family [Music] that the 30 or so Yale's that have survived a present-day virtually all owe their existence to a single farmer who purchased the aircraft in bulk when they were retired from the Royal Canadian Air Force in 1946 for aircraft now take to the runway ahead of the first ever for ship civilian operated display from the historic army aircraft right the team was formed in 1980 and has been partially supported by the Ministry of Defense until funding was cut in 2013 to save the fleet four aircraft were transferred to the civil register and the team is now entirely self-funded relying on public support to sponsors and donations here the hasta AOP mark 9 demonstrates its excellent turn radius which made it so well suited to its observation role [Music] and here is the Westland Scout one of the few all British designed helicopters to see significant export success with more than 150 airframes built and serviced with five nations leading the formation here you see a de Havilland beaver al mark one used by the Army Air Corps on reconnaissance missions [Music] and the final aircraft in the display second from the back is the agusta-bell sue aah mark one a general-purpose and observation platform of which more than 2,000 were built serving with some 35 nations as diverse and upwe Indonesia Japan and Australia [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] taking off now the display debut of the resurrected royal air force short to Carnot t1 solo display of 72 squadron at Linton our news [Music] [Music] this display team hasn't performed since 2014 and was reformed for this year's season ahead of the Tucanos retirement at the end of the year a nodding stall turn they're flown by 24 year old display pilot Flight Lieutenant Liam Matthews a Royal Air Force flight instructor who himself only completed training two years ago the short econo is the UK licence-built version of the Embraer three one two two karo and it serves with the Royal Air Force as well as the air arms of Kenya and Kuwait 160 airframes have been built between 1986 and 1995 and now a hanging stall turn followed next by a topside pass to end the display [Music] [Music] we turn next to one of the finest displays of the day richard grace flying p-47 t thunderbolt nelly richard grace grew up around vintage aircraft his family owning a spitfire when he was a child and he has been flying warbirds for many years he also displayed as part of the trig team until the team was disbanded last year to allow richard to focus more on his warbird flying [Music] this year Richard and the p-47 will be part of an all new formation team ultimate fighters which will perform for ship aerobatic displays with the Thunderbolt Mustang Spitfire and a Jean and a final world war ii fighter in our program is p-51d mustang miss Helen [Applause] [Music] with some truly excellent displays and a varied flying line up the Abingdon air and Country Show certainly ended its airshow days on a high we'll conclude our program now with the arrow superb attic swing Walker's displaying in the darkening afternoon stein next time we're at the Barksdale depended of Liberty Air Show in the USA but until then from me Adam land out it's goodbye for now [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]