About Kamaru Usman and friends confronting Colby Covington


Chael Sonnen


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Koby covington ends up getting in some kind of a dust-up I feel as though he was attacked but maybe it's one of these cases where I mean there's more footage out there and there's another side to it from what I could see he was standing there minding his own business and kamar and his team come up and I don't know that Kumar actually did anything wrong but it seemed as though Kobe was greatly outnumbered and put in a pretty vulnerable situation I think that ooze men in his defense from what I saw really was just doing what he may do in a normal situation which is to verbally say something to Kobe and leave it at that whenever these things turn physical as compelling as they can be to watch even a video on an iPhone two fighters getting into something outside of the ring is compelling but it makes my stomach drop in some of it makes me very nervous too it's not appropriate but these guys are trained killers in an atmosphere that lacks jurisdiction it lacks a referee you guys ever thought about in those perspective those fighters our warriors they're killers they're dangerous guys but no matter what when the referee says to do some they do it no matter what rules get broken over the history of this sport that one never does I mean it's like an over riding force and law that we are going to adhere to whatever that guy says even if he's wrong whether he wants to break us up separate us apart tell us to get busy whatever it is that he does or says we're going to do and we don't have to if we could we just went on a trip with to hell with the rules it's not as though he's going to be able to stop you I mean look at the boxing world they got some of their best referees these guys were pushing 80 years old I mean right I'm making a very fair point here that guy is not going to be able to stop you but there is a level of respect not always to your opponent and maybe not even to that referee there is a level of respect to the sport that you always have a referee and you always do what he says so there is something that is very uneasy about those guys that you do want to see fight you do want to see compete you do want to see bring that energy in that animosity we'll see all of those things but when it's lacking the referee there's something very uncomfortable about it because it could go to a place then nobody wants it to go so when I see this and I see that Colby's outnumbered and I see these kinds of things going on just what the heck's going on here got to be careful in those spots the words are okay she can't be touching each other and you can't be coming up with a mob mentality there can't be three on one and I guys quite frankly in fairness if you go watch the video perhaps that isn't even what happened perhaps Kobe had guys with him but that's not what I saw when he talked about it after the fact he said man I was in line to get something to eat been a long day so be careful enjoying that stuff as fans because we really don't want to make the sport go in that direction and it can't quickly quickly can't if guys think these spoofs and things like this and a time and a place and they they kind of miss it and self promote you start to hear some of this stuff and can be a slippery slope