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good afternoon everyone do you think there'd be an energetic change in our solar system as we rise above the ecliptic that's centreline dividing the north and south of our galaxy because everywhere you look it seems to be end of the world headlines pandemic will cause famine of biblical proportions a hunger pandemic oh wait that wasn't good enough multiple famines two for the price of one biblical proportions we got the locust nibbling across India all the way into the Middle East and Africa Yemen three and a half years worth of rain in a day and after we saw the two dam breaks in Michigan now one in Kazakhstan what are the possibilities of so many dams breaking five pound hailstones smashing through roofs this was expected maunder minimum they had 10 to 20 pound hailstones we're gonna look at something four times larger than this we got droughts pestilence add in a broken Jetstream for good measure global debt 1999 to 2018 up 3x how that's nothing it's already up another doubling from that US commercial bank loan delinquency and we could call this the quiddity supernova you can see why global governments are driving all the economies into the ground why prepare for tomorrow when the resets here naturally seems like the global populace is the only one left who doesn't know with the majority of the world's workforce now working from home cyber spying and cybercrime is at an all-time high and a useful tool you can use to protect yourself is a virtual private network a VPN to scramble your computer's identity and keep what you're surfing on the web completely private from prying eyes because the information you're searching for your preps should be nobody else's business can head over to virtual shield dot-com and in the download tab I'm gonna choose Firefox and click install now to add the virtual shield add-on it's just that easy and get started with your free 30-day trial install it click connect you'll see the shield of turn from red to green and you'll see how from my initial service provider I was able to even change my IP virtual shield network protected and during the month of May virtual shield wants to offer 50% off all VPN plans because more of us than ever are working from our homes the links in the description box below and a few years ago it was popular talk about the ecliptic above the ecliptic below the ecliptic electromagnetic changes as we transit above and below as the diagram would show here we are at that pivot pointer of just transited into the northern hemisphere of our galaxy let's take a look at our galactic spiral arm here yellow dot is where we are the Sun this is a morphing moving massive stars all interconnected through electromagnetism and frequency berkland currents and as we transition through that electromagnetic soup of course there's gonna be effects on our planet some call it the Galactic cross there's other names for it throughout history but it seems that maybe there is some validity to it it can be more explained through science than mythology or maybe the mythology is explaining the science because they've been through these cycles four times before and we're coming into the fifth time so if you're a government around the world you would be massively printing to push dollars out to get goods to get ready for these changes build an enormous amount of infrastructure underground above-ground whatever it would take because the amount of global debt from 1999 2018 was astoundingly up 3x you know for this level to finally a REIT or did in this run away and then from 2018 to now is absolutely unbelievably while you're seeing it manifest full-speed ahead right in front of your eyes here now the repercussions are something like this US commercial bank loan delinquency rate correlated with the unemployment rate both skyrocketing so how many underwater mortgages are going to be put on the bank books and this time how much more bailout money are they going to need Oh let me see February 2020 what does that a four trillion and then May six point eight trillion so in three months they added three trillion so if we just go out for another twelve Wow we're gonna get is some really high numbers I hope I can count that high because remember just even back in 2019 everybody was screaming oh the national deaths gonna go over 19 trillion we're already at 25 and just looking no we're back I bet it's 50 before the end of this debacle and everything hyper inflates maybe it could be 45 so how many more months will that take and then should there be an exponential curve going out when there has to be massively more money printing especially when the Fed the Treasury need to buy everything back that's in default this is where we get into this unbelievable runaway spending and the US government becomes the largest landholder equities and everything for sale basically across the United States and parts of the world we could call this the liquidity supernova a couple that with moving into and above the ecliptic of our galaxy it makes sense why there's so many biblical headlines end of the world kind of stuff all out there when you look around the mainstream media and news publications Guardian here famine of biblical proportions are talking about breakdowns of supply chains based on labor shortages because people aren't going to work they're afraid of they're sick World Food Program saying hey we need help and then if you put any type of headline in a search engine you're gonna get barrage dwith world on brink of hunger world could face multiple famines no wait it was just one see and then everything needs to get more grandiose and larger bigger the distraction more Hollywood asked to keep you distracted from what's happening right now these galactic changes our Sun changing our stars a Sun so we have the locus maps that are showing us here the outbreaks has swarms the plagues whatever would be is that this desert locust to the other previous locust remember it's two for one there could be two multiples of these types of biblical proportions we got the food shortages inbound obvious the mega droughts everywhere obvious this massive shift in cold to hot hot to cold plants don't like this especially after they're above ground and have been growing for weeks if not a month brutal freeze plants go bye-bye this is in Turkey really far south so we do you think places like Greece Croatia Italy Spain happens when they get frozen out this late in the season gonna toss in a vertical jet stream for good measure here just because it's broken shows the atmospheres shifted cold inbound into the Middle East more rain imagine that weather shift there that's one a four thousand year cycle by the way West African monsoon is what you want to look at to understand that whole shift going on there used to have catfish in the Algerian Desert but then if it is gonna shift on a four thousand year reign psycho there'd be massive massive floods happening all across the area do we see this yeah for sure let's pick out some of the bigger ones so these are the super outliers three and a half years worth of rain in a day and Yemen this is all the watchers I thought that was quite astounding three weeks later severe flooding yet again in one of the driest places on the planet and the top headline there the dam failures in Michigan not one but two again multiples and it couldn't just be a dam failure it had to be a hollywood-esque dam failure oh no chemical plant threatened are you getting the narrative here and he had another dam break earlier in the month Kazakhstan who woulda guessed didn't hear about this one flooded farm fields and now we start to get the really large sized hail now no joke this was predicted during the grand solar minimum that the hailstones would approach twenty pounds in some extreme cases but during the monitor minimum there were more than a handful accounts of ten pounds or larger hailstones absolutely pummeling wooden villages into the ground so deeply that when the storm passed the wood shards were buried so deeply in the mud that they didn't know there were structures there before and here it comes right on time again this is San Luis Potosi down in Mexico one of the larger ones came through and starts smashing through the roofs now we're gonna see more and more of this is just the beginning so hang loose for this as it intensifies to 2024 even all the way up to the border of Texas this will massive storm because there are so many different pictures of this hail you can't tell me it's all the same person in the same neighborhood picking this up oh no the images speak for themselves when you see hail this large and you know what's gonna get larger and then we need to add in the perfect timing to grab control the world's food supply enter Doug now see that wouldn't be enough either now we've got rumors of conflict Hong Kong's gonna lose it special trade status due to the new national security law passed me the CCP sessions last week new magically Baidu says we want to leave the US market but we want to boost our valuation back in Asia real reason is they don't want to get their assets confiscated when a conflict starts it's going from more grandiose distraction to more grandiose distraction in a hollywood-esque fashion to get you to stop thinking about how the wealth transfers going on ongoing right in front of your eyes you're not you're being fleeced but you're you're too busy being distracted to see it and it's the food shortages are inbound you're gonna have to be distracted more and more so you don't see that either and both of those are gonna just sneak up on you middle of the night and one of the best quotes I've seen that kind of sums up the entire situation here was an economist after looking at the Airbnb defaults and the super host leveraging themselves out to get an enormous amount of properties quipped why buy a house when you can rent one for half the month the cost buy it later after prices crater for 70% less actually it might be 90 percent less I go into more topics like this and my patreon channel at adapt 2030 things I can't really talk about on this venue but deeper discussions because we are in uncanny changing times the distractions are all around us that's the point the distractions are there to distract you so you don't really see what's going on but I try to wrap it up in useful bite-size nuggets that everybody can digest along with written and all the graphs included in videos like this on oil sea crops or each individual video is a post on the website and you can also sign up for the newsletter if you're looking for more information I try to get those out about bi-weekly or so which are some interesting stories that help put a frame around the moving catastrophe that we're moving into thanks for watching and I'll see you next video