Abyss Sonjay Dutt To Sign For WWE

[Applause] hello there you big sexy lizard fish Andy here for walk culture wrestling flying solo on a first-day morning because I've got a pretty big news story for you and surprise surprise it's about WWE signing people who would have seen that coming so today it looks very much like Impact Wrestling stalwart Sanjay Dutt and abyss are on their way to the world's biggest promotion this is according to PW Insider who notes that both men are very much done with impact and are likely to be on their way to WWE very very soon now what's interesting about this is that both guys are pretty much TNA or Impact lifers abyss has been there from day one in 2002 and hasn't had any major breaks dark meanwhile has been in and out of the company since 2003 but he's very much a stalwart and was a staple of the X Division for a long long time at best these guys are pretty much part-time wrestlers these days but both have been working on impacts creative team where they're expected to be replaced by Conan and Tommy Dreamer with regards to what they might do in WWE well I mean abyss is 45 years old and while Dutt is 9 years younger he hasn't wrestled since the end of 2017 I think is pretty safe to say that they're not gonna be full-time roster members now they might wrestle there's absolutely nothing to say that that is off the cards at the moment but I think given the respective career trajectories a bad stage role probably makes a bit more sense perhaps as producers creative team members agents or even trainers and besides all let's be honest about abyss he has always been kind of a Cain ripoff so ya can't exactly put that on TV on the flip side of all this it's a real shame for impact really because that's two pretty big pieces of their history just gone and the company has been very very solid under Scott d'amour and Don calles over the past year or so they've just lost two very valuable lieutenants so it'd be really interesting to see how that particular company proceeds particularly in this new era of increased competition this story if anything just goes to show that absolutely nobody is off the table in this new wrestling war and the ongoing tug of war for talent the only who are WWE can assign next hardcore holly Sabu Gangrel I guess we'll find out but anyway guys that's all from me today be sure to let us know what you think of this situation down in the comment section below what you think abyss and Sanjay Dutt departing means for impact where do you think they'll fit in in WWE let us know down in the comments don't forget to Like share and subscribe and as always don't forget to take yourselves over to what culture comm forward slash WWE and check out all manner of great articles from the likes of Jamie Kennedy Benjamin Richardson Michael Hanna and Sanjay Dutt Sanjay Dutt he's signing for WWE Michael Sidgwick that's the one he's great he's my dad he's my mentor and you really appreciate me messing his name up bye