Adobe Photoshop CS6 Tutorial for Beginners Part 1




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what is going on guys it's become fun fan 97 and now I'll be showing you guys how to use Adobe Photoshop cs6 and I hope you guys enjoy this tutorial and before we start you now go ahead and leave a lovely like in the description which helps me grow out my channel and make you guys more videos so before we start I didn't do my giveaway yet I'm still thinking of one I know it's been a little late but I will for sure a good one so just stay tuned for that you never know what's gonna come I'm pretty sure it might come by this Friday so this Friday for sure 100% there will be a giveaway so I'll give away video so that's gonna be the actual 100% video so let's go in start in our dopey Photoshop so you me you guys may be beginners this is only for a beginner's guide so if you're advanced or you're professional then um you can take these tips but they're not gonna be as helpful because you probably know all of these so so we're going to import a photo so the first you want to go do is go into file and click open as you can tell I am my name Mac that's okay you may be on a Windows Adobe Photoshop is basically the it's just a program so it works exactly the same except you may have different shortcuts and different like places to find stuff so I'm gonna go to file and open it can be command oh you know everything's different on a Mac of course than the windows would so you just find your way you know get there and you should do the same so I'm gonna go into pictures and I'm gonna go ahead select one so I'm go with a just a simple wallpaper we're gonna do a you know some I'm gonna just show you these four tools right here and then I'm gonna go next like the next tutorial all these tools and then the next day and then next day and then I keep on making more tutorials although it's gonna be a little uh it's gonna be a little organized so that's gonna be good so I'm going to select let's see I'm gonna go with this one we'll go with this one just because of like this really nice beautiful wall wallpaper so it's really really Photoshop is really simple to use in a way but if you're a beginner it might be like well just open it I do like this looks very different like what what do I do so you know it's not that hard really so right here if you click on this it gives you a like a little notification that says move tool and then it gives you the shortcut key which is V so if you were working with this and you click V on your keyboard then it just switches back to move key or to the move tool and move basically allows you to move it let's see I know you guys are like well what did he just do but what this does it basically allows you to move a picture if you click and drag normal just normally click and drag is allows you to move the canvas which is the image right here and to accept it or to place it there you can't just leave it there because then it's you know you just you can't so you're gonna have to click this check mark right there or just on your computer if you're on a Mac press command enter or if you're no windows press ctrl enter and that will do the same if you want to edit or transform the picture you'll go to command T for the shortcut again these are shortcuts I'm gonna be doing more shortcuts but to keep it easy for you guys I'm going to edit and then you want to make sure you have your layer selected you know I'm gonna be doing different tutorials so just you know keep it you know simple don't go all crazy so to transform this you want to go into edit and then you want to go to free transform if you go to transform this basically gives you more options that you would transform free transform basically allows you to transform it to however you'd like and not having get a specific dimension so if you were to scale it you can actually just scale it like this but if you notice it's gonna moves the whole entire image so what you do is you hold down shift and then you click and drag one on any of these four corners you could do it like this but it just moves the top and the bottom so that doesn't work so just make sure it's on the corner shift click and drag and that will just stay in proportion so that is nice to know so we go back to edit and free transform that just free transform is everything in here rotate you know you can rotate the image like the and whatnot you can go you can also just right-click on this and do have the same options as you would with edit so you can go to rotate and I already told you that you can go to screw screw no one really uses screw as much so we don't I'm not gonna really talk about it so just move on to that so you can go into perspective now perspective let me let me just check that so command T to go into transform and if you go into perspective you can change the see if you click and drag you can also shift but if you shift it kind of gives you that really cool proportion and as you move up your mouse then it kind of gives you it nor narrows it down so you know if you were to look from far away you're just lining it from you're holding down shift and you click on one of these corners so shift click so shift hold down shift and then you click and drag it left and right to make it like this and that's pretty cool you can also do it right here there's also another one if you click hold down shift and click this will allow you to do it like this like a parallelogram if I said that correctly you can you know do it like this from the bottom from the side if you move it up it's gonna go like this so you know it has all its you know unique features and then we have warp which basically warps it this is better for like if we were to you know warp something like a face or something you know have it in a good in a good position then you could do that so of course that's not gonna be the best for this picture so that's everything in the transform but that is what move does so yeah this is the the it's like rectangular marquee tools their marquee tools and a marquee tool let me delete well I couldn't have to do this command J command J basically copies the layer from the bottom again I'm gonna do that layers in a different tutorial so um the rectangular marquee tool if you click and drag just click and drag this will select or give you a marching ants in other words Photoshop speaking marching ants which basically anything in here will be in fact affected its fury to paint something let me go ahead and select my brush make it bigger hardness so if you were to color something only in this selected mark marquee tool or margin will be affected but nothing else on the outside so if I were to paint on the outside nothing will be affected but if you paint inside the margin then it will be affected so that's really really really cool feature that Photoshop has now I didn't tell you this but this will the features in Photoshop cs6 probably has it in cs5 and cs4 I don't know beyond that like cs3 and CST so I would just stay up update updated if you can so yeah that basically you know does that and whatnot so I'm just gonna command D to unselect that if you were to go to edit and go down to image there should be this there we go there deselect so it should be clear clear basically it clears everything that's inside the margin which is a really cool unique feature so yeah let's go ahead and take that off for right now so these are basically just tools different kinds of tools this is the lasso tool which it's kind of like a lasso tool if that makes any sense but if you really selected say you wanted to select the rims of this car you can just click and draw around it just click and drag around this I did a really terrible job and this basically creates a margin like I showed you last time or previously it's like a marquee tool and you can do anything you want in here you can affect anything that's inside of this so if you were to like you can do layer via copy this will copy whoops this will copy a just this right here we'll just copy the rims so that is a really cool cool feature so you can see right here if you switch back to the move tool which is B you can click and drag and there you go so that's pretty cool I'm gonna delete that by pressing delete delete oh goodness I like to leave let's forgot it let's see do we delete layer two I don't know why my delete key wasn't working but yeah you can go to click on it and click delete right here but yeah that's how it works that's just a lasso tool it's just a free tool polygonal lasso tool let me zoom into this picture polygonal tool if you were to click on this you can see if once you click and I'm not holding down anything I'm just moving my mouse it kind of its like point-to-point kind of like connect the dots in a way so like if you wanted to select this it works better for straight lines so if we were to select this elevator little place you can just click all you're doing is left clicking and you would just go like this you know like that you're just clicking until you get to the very end to the start point and once you move your mouse over it will give you a little circle right there and you click that again and again it created a margin or marching ants and whatever you do inside here will be affected you can also just right click layer be a copy to copy whatever is in here you can create a new layer from that you can also deselect that's how you go that's how you do select you right-click on it and you click deselect no matter what you're doing if it's a margin or marching ants you could right-click inside of it and click deselect or the easy shortcut command D or ctrl D so yeah that's really really cool and that's basically it now the magnetic lasso tool is an interesting one because if you were to select something that's more tightly tight so like say the top it won't work very good if there's a lot of like a lot of contrast like it's really dark and some some places like right here you can't even see where it's it's so this won't be a good good selection so I'm gonna start with the windows see if you all I gotta do is just like the polygonal tool you just click and you drag and it's gonna magnetize in a way whatever you're dragging to so if you mess up you're basically screwed so you have to go let's see what is it I know this one it's shift whoops what is it oh crap okay redo that so you click and you just move your mouse along whatever you're gonna be selecting and this just selects it freely and you click again and you click again to move it like point to point and you can just select this mirror right there so let me do this really quickly I don't want to spend too much time so once you've you know all around it and you click it's gonna show a little circle you click on that and again it brings up the emergents so that's basically it now this is the quick selection tool the quick selection tool if you right-click or if you click and drag it will highlight whatever is in it but let me zoom out you can tell that this isn't the very best one I don't really use this because it kind of sucks but you can select like a high contrast but that it doesn't really work with good with dark colors so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go with a new picture so file open and I'm gonna go with I don't know with this one right here as you can tell like BMWs so let's not save that so say I wanted to select these right here you would just click and drag and you can see it selectively just by clicking you can click and drag to make even bigger as you can see it creates margins again like marching ants that's what it's called marching ants so whatever you do you know insightly's gonna be affected you can also copy it to whatever paint text whatever is gonna be in here but you know you can affect everything like if you were to go to image adjustments contrast you can change the brightness in here if you wanted to and that really works really well so um yeah this is a very good feature like it if you just want to select this it works sometimes it looks good and sometimes it doesn't so yeah but that's pretty much it the magic the magic wand tool basically this is not the good one as well these two are not the best but if you click it selects a lot of the high contrast high contrasted colors which is the bright colors and that's not good because if you just still select all I just wanna select this window well you can but you can see that it's like all messed up and it's only selecting the high colors or the contrast so I wouldn't do this so yeah then we have finally our crop tool so I'm gonna zoom out when you um let's see right there I can't really well whatever the crop tool when you click on it you can click and drag you can see it gives you these corners and whatnot but they're not marching ants you can just click and drag up or down and whatever is in here as you can see just grayed out that's that means it's not going to be part of the image once you crop it out that means this is gonna be cropped out and this is what's gonna be cropped in the ferrata to click and drag like this you know move it however you like you can also move it the entire image you're not moving you're not moving the actual cut the crop margin whatever you're gonna call it it doesn't move that only you can only move the pickup image to however you want it say only wanted like the car you can just click and drag like that and then drag down and then you click check or command enter control enter and that will crop it down to this now if you don't like the little selected area you right click and well you press command D oh no you can't print duh you can deselect on crop because you're cropping an image you can't just deselect it so yeah if you just want to do select it will hit my microphone you would just press B for the shortcut because it's the move tool and that will take it off but yeah so if you right-click you can reset the crop and this basically just reset resets it to back to its normal form just like this so if you mess something up you can just right-click and click reset crop so I'll be you know get more into detail so you know and last but not least is the eyedropper tool and the eyedropper tool if you go into anywhere here see like you wanted to sample this color you just um you have your color panel right here and if you don't have it you go into a window you go into color and since it's checked that means I do have it on my right side you could color or f6 to bring it up and if you don't have if you messed up like with the stuff here you can go to window workspace and reset essentials end channels essentials and that way we set Photoshop to its normal original format so yeah if you wanted a sample a color you can just click and drag and this is a new feature in cs6 that cs5 does not have where it has this little color wheel and it gives you like a sample or a preview of the color that you sampling from so like say I wanted this color right here you got the colors and the place numbers you got your reds greens and blues you got your swatches where you can change colors and yeah this samples the whole entire color for you to click it normal click as in left click you get the actual I don't know what this is called but you get this code right here which brings up the color which is really nice if you're gonna be doing lots of paintings and stuff so my next tour I'll be doing these I'll do these four and then these next four on the next tutorial so I don't make it all long so if this actually helped you in any way then you know don't forget to leave a like and I will see you guys in my next video peace