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vienna 1910 adolf hitler has no fixed abode he's 21 years old and manages to secure a place in this men's hostel to earn some money he sells paintings of postcards to tourists adolf hitler is of no importance a nobody and yet 30 years later he'd be the most powerful man in germany a man prepared to go to any lengths to achieve his goals who would plunge the German people and the entire world into the 20th century's most murderous conflict the Second World War six years of war and 65 million dead including six million Jews exterminated in death camps a wound seared forever into the collective consciousness played off Hitler is the most blood-stained figure in human history Bachmann to finish the extermination of the Jews went on hour after hour without a pause day and night sometimes as many as 10,000 people a day Hitler is conscious of what he's doing and he's conscious of the potential consequences of his actions how after living that early bohemian life did Adolf Hitler become the architect of the final solution what path did this son of a customs officer take to become the head of state one man a passionate historian has traveled the world to establish the most exhaustive chronology yet of this journey harold centner has spent over 20 years picking apart Adolf Hitler's life hour-by-hour where was he during these early years and as he waged war where did he make his most momentous decisions not wherever Hitler was that's where the power was he was the very embodiment of an absolute dictator he took to will more than 70 years after Hitler's death Harold santur has even uncovered numerous inaccuracies in the most serious biographies there are something like 80 biographies of Hitler but there are always mistakes in some of the information not before Fela in darden we went to some of these places where Hitler once lived their present owners exceptionally allowing us access some even agreed to speak for the first time from France to Austria via Germany and Belgium we went searching for the final traces left by the dictator to understand the ascent of a monster this is the itinerary of Adolf Hitler [Music] October 1918 the first world war is coming to an end Adolf Hitler has been in the German army for the last four years but the young soldier has to leave the frontline having been partially blinded by a gas attack he learns of Germany's defeat from his hospital bed Adolf Hitler is devastated mother of the defeat of 1918 was an absolute tragedy for him particularly traumatizing because he hadn't expected it nobody in the government or the army had said there's gonna be a defeat everyone thought they would win Hitler like many Germans believed that the defeat has been caused by enemies on the inside politicians but not only them the Jews were a perfect scapegoat for the loss of World War one he perceives the Jews as the secret guiding hand behind all of the other political movements pushed for the signing of the punitive peace at Versailles the Year 1919 marked the beginning of his anti-semitic tirades but why did Adolf Hitler bear such hatred for the Jews and how did he go from hatred to mass murder a look back at the life of the man behind the world's worst ever crime against humanity Adolf Hitler was born in Brenau I'm in a small town in Upper Austria near the Bavarian border it was on the second floor of this former Inn that his mother Klara Hitler gave birth to him on the 20th of April 1889 at 6:30 in the evening his father a civil servant in Customs and Excise was named Elias Hitler we accompanied Harald sander to Hitler's place of birth where it all began where the monster was born is this nice foster ba it's hard to imagine how this little baby grew up to be a mass murderer a baby is by nature innocent no one could have imagined how Adolf Hitler would turn out let's settle in vigilant this will quite probably be the last ever film of Hitler's birthplace the Austrian government plans to demolish the building to obliterate all trace of the dictator shortly after his birth the Hitler family moved into this building just a short distance up the road Hitler was only a few weeks old on the 2nd of May 1895 his father was promoted to the post of inspector of customs in lence so at the age of six Adolf Hitler started going to this small school in fishel ham to the southwest of Lintz the dictator would return here in triumph on the 12th of June 1939 this color film was shot by Eva Braun later to become his wife no son back in his old school he was quite moved he let these feelings from his childhood well up because his primary schooling had been rather good unlike his later schooling which was somewhat less satisfactory dignity through these images Adolf Hitler presented himself to the Germans as a model pupil destined to have a brilliant political career pure propaganda because the reality had been very different hitlist i combined on the whole Hitler had been a poor students only doing well in certain subjects that he liked in the end he left school without any qualifications a hostage ruler he hated school he hated his teachers he and his teachers described him as lazy while Adolf Hitler showed little interest in school he enjoyed playing in the fields especially at war in which he took the lead role he was a born leader who liked to be in charge and boss his little friends around but what he liked most of all was drawing others he loved drawing and his family was very admiring of his efforts so at the age of 13 or 14 he decided that he was going to be an artist a painter but his chosen vocation as an artist was not at all to his father's liking alloy as Hitler wanted his son to follow in his footsteps and become a civil servant like him I said father always but when his father a lawyers found out that his son preferred drawing he became aggressive and violent bruiser and regularly beating his son it's one bigger message the clearest testimony is that of his sister Paola who said he often got a beating but forced himself to remain stoic as he took the blows neither crying nor begging most beautiful in 1903 a tragic event gave him the chance to try to realize his dream his father died Hitler was 13 years old henceforth nothing and no one could stand in his way [Music] in September 1907 just after turning 18 Hitler decided to leave the province of Linz to go to the capital Vienna once there Hitler presented himself for the entrance exam for the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts the selection was very strict the selection of the at the academy has always been strict and remained strict to this day of the 113 applicants only 28 were accepted Adolf Hitler had no qualifications but this did not put him off he classic Hitler entered the exam fully expecting to be selected if there's one thing that characterized him throughout his life it's that he never doubted his own talent he was always sure that his talent would be recognized here are some of his drawings from that time [Music] but Hitler was rejected his lack of originality was held against him but not only that Hitler didn't do any preparation work thinking that his inspiration alone would be enough to win over the examiners we now know that he failed the entrance for the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts twice Adolf Hitler found this rejection heart to stomach in his book Mein Kampf written years later he described this day as the worst moment of his life it was a trauma he spoke about to no one he was ashamed and humiliated at his failure and simply did not want to have to talk about it from November 1907 Hitler went back regularly to Linz only two months after his rejection by the Academy of Fine Arts the young man found out that his mother was dying Clara Hitler had breast cancer she was being treated by a doctor block who was Jewish healer colossi he was distraught as much as he hated his father he absolutely adored his mother he call his mother succumbing to this disease marked him for life it was in this building in the center of Lintz that Hitler spent days on end at his mother's bedside Harold santur only managed to locate it after years of research this is the first time its owner has allowed members of the foreign media inside and so the athenians yeah it's dim here we are in Klara Hitler's bedroom lava claw her bed was somewhere around here what we now know is that once his mother was bedridden Hitler placed his own bed next to hers so he could be there all night to tend to her in case she needed anything Klara Hitler passed away in this room on the 21st of December 1907 at 2 o'clock in the morning Adolf Hitler drew her one last time on her deathbed his mother was all the world to him when Conn saw us you could say that his mother was the only woman he ever loved with a deep genuine love Stephen Hudson right up to his death he carried a photo of her in his wallet in photophobia in Tenerife not a good father on the day of the funeral the young Hitler warmly thank dr. block for his Karen promised him his eternal gratitude and even though his anti-semitic policies caused the death of millions of Jews years later he kept his word as Fuhrer Hitler spared the doctor's life letting him escape to the United States he now put eunuchs he used an expression for block that he never used for anyone else a de Loup de or noble Jew excluding him from the category in which he placed all other Jews Adolf Hitler was crushed by the loss of his mother back in Vienna he lived in this building at Stremme PAGASA 31 a location rediscovered by harold centner many documentaries erroneously claimed that he lived in the yellow building next door false information persistently peddled by the Third Reich and taken unchecked at face value by the media ever since from when I suppose that at the time they wanted to show a more attractive building like the one next door because they didn't want people to know that I'm shaving fact while Hitler had lived in a bit of a dump the young Hitler was living off the money left him by his mother and was sinking gradually into depression lady was living a bohemian life he wasn't working wasn't training for anything wasn't studying he was a young man who rarely got up before noon and he was still like that even after he became Chancellor Hitler lived off this money until the summer of 1909 when he could no longer pay his rent and found himself out on the street some nights he slept on public benches until the winter came when he took refuge in homeless shelters [Music] by day he'd queue up at this convent where the nuns ran a soup kitchen at the age of 20 Adolf Hitler was homeless he had nothing he was a nobody he had no future in 1910 he moved into this men's hostel which is now a very modern retirement home [Music] he scraped a living by selling paintings he did of postcards to tourists this marginal life went on for several years but in Hitler's mind none of this was his fault he simmered with rage against the elite they alone were responsible for the situation he found himself in physique and the elite was short-sighted of course because they couldn't see the genius of the young Adolf this is something we notice here and it's a definite character trait he never questioned himself and his enemies among the Austrian elite were clearly identified by Hitler the Jews at the time they held important positions in the economic and cultural life of Vienna in 1913 Vienna was one of the most virulent ly anti-semitic cities in Europe Hitler has good reason to place the development of his anti-semitism in Vienna Vienna had a large Jewish population nearly 10% of the city's population was Jewish Hitler claimed in mine Kampf that it was at this time that his anti-semitism developed but historians today are doubtful about some of his autobiographical claims not early lied of course about his life up to that point lied about having no qualifications he lied about having never really had a job then no one knew that's why so China main comp nine Kampf is a piece of propaganda it's a fictional autobiography the purpose of which was to create the Adolf Hitler myth on August 1st 1914 Germany declared war on Russia this was the beginning of the First World War [Music] Hitler was an Austrian national but he volunteered to enlist in the German army Hitler Zizi Hitler considered himself an Austrian and a German does is he thought they should form one nation and that all the Germanic people should live under the same roof he saw this conflict as an opportunity to change his miserable fate at a large patriotic gathering at audience plants an historic square in Munich Hitler was bursting with enthusiasm as this photograph shows she'll set foot on this photo he's brimming over with enthusiasm almost in a trance said this war was his chance to forge an identity for himself I saw DDT from the 17th of March 1915 his regiment fought in the trenches near framel a small village in northern France for a year now Adolf Hitler had been a courier in the sixteenth Regiment of the Bavarian infantry this is the very bunker from which he'd ensure communications between the battalions on the front and the staff headquarters delivering messages this is an unprecedented find revealed by our research Adolf Hitler's role was not particularly glorious but was all the same essential and decidedly dangerous at least effective cuisine and objectively speaking Hitler was a very good soldier he conscientiously obeyed orders his superiors knew they could always count on him for lawson-cohen [Music] the rest of the time Hitler would sometimes stay in this house inform on web a village of a few kilometers from the front in all he would remain on French soil for about a year and a half so talk to now cool all of a sudden Hitler was enlisted institutionalized and taken care of he had no worries about money or getting enough to eat he found a place for himself in the army and he was happy there there was meaning to his life a sauce here he is with his comrades his face is thinner with a long mustache he's unrecognizable as the Hitler eno-san nekoma ha his army companions were his new family there was no longer anyone close to him and he got on well enough with his new comrades [Music] they described him as a solitary and not very sociable young man but they all acknowledge his courage and determination in December 1914 he was made a corporal and was decorated with an Iron Cross of class two his first-ever accolade and something he'd wear for the rest of his life sequoias iron cross in 1914 was quite simply the first social distinction he'd ever had so it was very important to a young man of 25 who'd hitherto never achieved anything more from da ha Hitler was incredibly proud of it was when Germany lost the first world war the young soldiers life fell apart he did all he could to stay in the army having no wish to leave it he decided to stay on in the army because he had no home to go to and he needed an income so it in February 1919 Munich was in the hands of the revolutionary far left the army top brass was afraid that Bolshevik movements like this would end up contaminating the troops it was in this context that Karl Mayr the head of the intelligence service urgently recruited propaganda agents whose job it was to spread the right ideology among the troops Hitler was a perfect candidate examiner had been known during the war for holding forth at great length to his comrades he was incapable of engaging in a two-way discussion but he could talk and talk and talk it was thus thought that he could uphold the political morale of the troops and lead them along the right paths of nationalism [Music] Adolf Hitler was sent on the first series of training courses for anti-bolshevik instructors held at the University of Munich the lectures in Economy delivered by a certain Godfried fitter particularly held his interest they were based on virulent anti-semitism and had a powerful influence on Hitler who saw all of this helped Hitler piece together his own doctrine which was a lot more radical and unequivocal than Fedders by August 1919 his hatred of the Jews had become an obsession and he expressed it in a letter of four typed pages sent to a soldier this is a very letter which we were able to track down in the United States it's the first anti-semitic text by Hitler containing almost the entire future Nazi doctrine expressing as it does his opinion on the Jewish Question they're parasites sucking the lifeblood of all the peoples on earth being incapable of founding their own state or living off their own work and labor like everyone else they're a parasite with a capital P at the end of the letter he couldn't be any more explicit the final objective the goal to aim for must be the removal of the Jews sail upon this was the first time Hitler revealed what would later be the driving force of his anti-semitic actions the idea that the state must organize the anti-semitism then rid the German territory the German society to Alamo once and for all of all citizens of Jewish ancestry his anti-semitism had become the central pillar of his thinking Adolf Hitler was at the time just a lowly army NCO but the Year 1919 would be a turning point in his ascent in September 1919 in a Munich Beer Hall Adolf Hitler met Anton Drexler leader of the D ap the German Workers Party a small Bavarian far-right group both ultra nationalist and anti-semitic [Music] the program called for the unification of all Germans in a single state it called for the D naturalization of Jewish citizens of Germany it was a decisive encounter a few days later Hitler decided to join the party Karl Mayr his benefactor in the Army encouraged him to become a card-carrying member to this end he allocated Hitler's secret funds making him henceforth a full-time propagandist Adolf Hitler's political career was launched on October 16th 1919 he gave his first speech to the members of the German Workers Party in this beer hall in the center of Munich the health brow killer that evening he spoke in front of a hundred or so people fascinating them with his powers of oratory his performance was cheered and saying they were fascinated it isn't just a figure of speech it really was a sort of enchantment he was getting some recognition you know that was a very positive thing for him to say and it increased his confidence sight to tundish this speech marked the beginning of a long successful period the beginning of his political ascent very soon Adolf Hitler became the star Speaker of the da P which was later renamed the NSDAP the nationalist Socialist German Workers Party faced with such popularity Hitler started working on his speeches like a professional actor preparing them down to the smallest detail the strength is above all as a speaker as a powerful speaker very energetic unlike modern politicians his own speeches that he worked on the intonation z' of his voice on his gestures on the rhythm of his speeches two years later one evening in February 1921 the circus Crona one of the biggest venues in Munich was full to bursting almost 6,000 people had come to listen to Adolf Hitler and cheer his speeches were certainly radical but the militants relating to his words were all won over he was expressing what many didn't dare say that they had to tear up the Treaty of Versailles the democracy was not a political regime suited to Germany and that the Jews were responsible for all that people liked hearing this at the time because economically Germany was in a really bad way these speeches helped the party to constantly attract new members from 200 at the end of 1919 to 3300 in August 1921 finally reaching 55,000 people by the end of 1923 this popularity was a consecration for Hitler in 1921 the former homeless layabout became the leader of the Nazi Party his ambition was now huge he wanted to become the leader of an entire nation [Music] in the 1920s Adolf Hitler lived in this apartment on the tersh Lhasa in Munich a harmless looking location but in reality a place symbolic of his political rise to power we tracked down this apartment in the center of Munich its present-day owner agreed to let us in and for the first time she agreed to speak - hamat aricema I heard that the neighbors were frightened every time they opened the front door they didn't want to go past his apartment because they thought they might be there when there was an attempt on his life by some tragic or ironic coincidence the owner of the building was Jewish his name was Hugo err Langer aha Jim Edgar Joseph he owned a men's clothing shop on the ground floor as sock doused us he said that when he passed Hitler on the stairs he was perfectly pleasant to him safe for each team to be invisible the two men would cross paths regularly err Langer would have no inkling that he would be one of the numerous victims of Hitler's anti-semitic policies thirteen years later one month after Hitler became Chancellor air lingers building was forcibly sold in 1938 hugo air Langer was sent to Dachau concentration camp but an exception to the general rule he left safe and sound only after a month detention he survived World War two and had some difficulty getting back his apartment house he finally did in 1949 [Music] in 1922 Hitler enjoyed a meteoric political rise he increased the meetings in beer halls gatherings which were not without risk the party decided to recruit 300 muscle men to secure its protection against attack one of the leaders was Ernst I wrote [Music] this paramilitary organization was named the si4 Sturmabteilung or assault division and mainly consisted of former soldiers spiderhunt is on a deletion out no later on the essay would take on political opponents fighting them in the street into chemical effects even in the legal they were basically just a bunch of thugs among us was Hagen these were the men who had helped him grab power several years later not a week went by without the press printing something about the Nazi Party newspapers were full of their excesses so Hitler decided to haul himself to the top through violence he would carry out a push because he was very inspired by Mussolini's march on Rome and with the prevailing widespread poverty and hyperinflation he judged the moment right to seize power in Munich on November 8th 1923 the Nazi leader took hostage certain members of the Bavarian government who were having a meeting in a beer hall in Munich he was confident that with the support of his 2000's amen he could seize power Hitler strode inside and after firing his pistol at the ceiling to silence the crowd said the German revolution has begun there then ensued negotiations between Hitler and the triumvirate governing Bavaria and an agreement was reached that they should march on Berlin well Smith at Google Marshall on the pitch had apparently got off to a good start but during the night the Bavarian authorities dropped their support for its initiators Hitler and general Ludendorff so the next morning the two men organized a protest march on the Bavarian defense ministry but popular support failed to materialize and Hitler had underestimated the forces of law and order bajas they clashed with the police and there was gunfire in the end the police sprayed the leaders of the demonstration with bullets killing many he plus life vishna Hitler's bodyguard jumped in front of him was hit by 11 bullets as Hitler would certainly have been killed if not for his intervention he escaped with a minor wounds to his left shoulder Adolf Hitler was miraculously lucky throughout his life the dictator escaped nearly eleven attempts on his life the last of these took place during the war on the 20th of July 1944 in his headquarters in Poland but once again Hitler emerged unscathed and he was sure he knew why Ezra Bert soit he was convinced that he was protected by God and each attempt he survived merely reinforces his conviction he's a Jew but so eagle Bush kept after the failed Putsch attempt Hitler fled he was taken by car to the town of Effingham staefel see an hour's drive from Munich once there they hid the car in the forest and continued on foot he arrived about 7:00 in the evening taking refuge in a house owned by the hunter dangled a couple this was one of Harold Santa's most important discoveries Hitler believed he was safe here because the Austrian border was not far away but he was wrong he was found two days later by the police you put its higher the police showed up in front of the building on November 11th 1923 bias is Hitler new was all over he said this is it Ryden father I'd rather die they get arrested by those pigs icon picked up his revolver and held it to his head Halina Humphrey Anglet Helen Hirsch tangled took it out of his hand by saving his life on his head wearing pajamas and a blue dressing-gown he was arrested on the 11th of November 1923 Hitler believed this was the end of the Nazi Party and his leadership [Music] in 1924 he earnest Terim and general ludendorf went on trial in munich for treason [Music] the head of the Nazi Party used the trial as a platform for presenting his defeat as a victory and himself as the savior of the fatherland he can Hitler always rose to the occasion before an audience at all vampiros and he realized that some of the judges were sympathetic to his cause some pissant uppity kakaako's and all of them were serving the republic reluctantly okay with the press reporting his speeches during the trial Hitler used it as a medium of propaganda it was a plan that worked to perfection very soon he became the star of the trial [Applause] in the end Hitler was sentenced to five years in Landsberg prison but his performances had made him famous throughout the whole of Germany [Music] this was where Hitler began his period of incarceration in all together quite pleasant conditions Citroen please Ellensburg was a five-star prison on bail the leader of the Nazi Party received gift packages from all over Germany he was known as the prisoner of Honor was shown respect and could have visitors whenever he wished at the time Bavaria was very right-wing the government was very indulgent with its prisoner the a communist prisoner wouldn't have enjoyed the same conditions things would have been a lot tougher once in prison Hitler had time on his hands he decided to put this to good use synthesizing his ideas into a political program with the help of fellow prisoner Rudolf Hess the future deputy Fuhrer he wrote Mein Kampf my struggle a mostly romanticized autobiography in which he was presented as a hero it was his only way of continuing to express himself freely from his cell [Music] in his book Hitler developed his ultra nationalistic arguments insisting on the superiority of the Germanic race in his opinion Jews were subhumans who had to be eliminated domain comp in mine Kampf the Jews are parasites germs vermin you see they're totally useless on this earth and are in fact positively harmful there was nothing new about anti-semitism in Germany and Austria but it reached its peak with Hitler out of Hitler blood still mine in mine Kampf Hitler uses the word eradicate to evoke this sort of fate he envisages for the Jews oh this is quite clearly expressed in German it's a synonym for destroy and kill us too his theory of the primacy of the Aryan race would determine his foreign policy Germany would first have to reunite all those countries with a Germanic population then it would expand into Russia after having destroyed the French army in just those few lines he seemed to have predicted the Second World War book is a warning that if Germans don't take these steps the German nation will become extinct henceforth Hitler was a changed man with a new attitude once out of prison he was convinced that he was the savior of the nation [Music] on December 20th 1924 Adolf Hitler was released from prison after completing only 13 months of his sentence fired up anew he decided to set about conquering Germany again but this time he was going to do so using the democratic process as Istanbul it appeared obvious to him that he could use democracy as a means to achieve his ends let's then get rid of it absolution on October 5th 1929 Hitler left his lodgings on tier Strasser and moved into this luxurious apartment on Munich's Prince Regent subplots [Music] having lived in a flat measuring 12 square meters and then one of 50 square meters he was now living in a 400 square meter 9 room apartment [Music] today it's a police station he'd never have come up so far in the world without the support of some major German fortunes [Music] Hitler concert you know Hitler was able to afford the apartment thanks to increasingly large donations from his partisans and certain well-off figures Sonia wound ow he was also of course receiving royalties from his book Mein Kampf and human our steam fuck house a loose honest pujas man Kampf thanks to his financial backers he now had at his disposal considerable funds with which to organize a massive electoral campaign this was a first in Germany the leader of the Nazi Party travelled only by plane enabling him to hold up to four rallies per day if there became a major political player followed everywhere by the German media at least and politically as Hitler was the first politician really to use the media in a deliberate way of plot in prison he recorded his speeches on records and sold them as Afghan super Utica Jeffrey's I was also the first politician to charge an entrance fee for coming and listening to him speak wouldn't only used the proceeds to finance his party he pitaya in his speeches Adolf Hitler heaped promise after promise on his potential electors with grand eloquent slogans we're going to make Germany great again we're going to get Germany back to work when there's thirty seven percent unemployed we're going to revise the Treaty of Versailles he made it quite clear that they would ban the other 32 political parties in Germany but even this didn't seem to shock the German public much while the nazi party was only pulling 3% of the vote in the late 1920s this rose to 20% in 1930 and then on the 31st of July 1932 the Nazis became the largest party in Parliament but none of this would have happened if not for the Great Depression of 1929 nearly seven million Germans were unemployed while the country was heavily in debt struggling to pay its reparation for the First World War it was all too easy to stir up the German people's bitterness about that defeat my father thought my father told me that he voted for Hitler because the poverty was too much to bear along came this party which promised bread and work so he joined them on January 30th 1933 Adolf Hitler achieved his goal he was made Chancellor the little troublemaker from Bavaria had become the most powerful man in Germany his one remaining obstacle was the President of the Reich paul von hindenburg [Music] once in power Hitler lost no time establishing a dictatorship it all began on February 28th 1933 with an arson attack on the Reichstag the German parliament exactly how it started is still a matter of conjecture duh sick what we do know for sure is that Hitler and the Nazis immediately used it to their ends claiming that it was a communist plot they used it as a pretext for eliminating communists not only did they start arresting communists after the Reichstag fire but they forced Hindenburg to sign a decree suspending key civil liberties saying that it was only temporary in fact the decree remained in force in one form or another until May 8th 1945 and Hitler didn't stop there he dismantled the institutions of the Republic the press was censored and on the 24th of March 1933 he had the Enabling Act passed whereby the cabinet in effect Hitler could enact laws for four years without involving parliament [Music] bhakta from that point on it was a totalitarian regime in the following months when all other parties were either dissolved were forced to commit harakiri like uni except for the Nazi Party at the same time the first concentration camp opened its gates at Dachau taking in political opponents of the regime [Music] one securely in power Hitler had just one idea in mind making Germany the greatest nation of all time [Music] he turned the country into one huge work site building railways and highways he says you double the initial need was to get the economy back on its feet providing the unemployed with jobs and then showing that Nazism wasn't some medieval regime for that it was the very embodiment of modernity and German technological genius the public works were basically being carried out for military ends the highways would make it easier for the army and its tanks to move swiftly around the country because the dictators ultimate goal was none other than to wage war when he comes to power he immediately plans for a war he tells the army generals to get their support that he's gonna have a new European war but first he had to get rid of the SA the assault divisions which formed a sort of state within the state advocating permanent revolution don't be soon the essays ambition was ultimately to form the top brass of the new German army they wanted to infiltrate the military but obviously the traditional officers were not well disposed to making room for these lower-class upstarts the Fuhrer decided therefore to sacrifice the SA because without the army support he could see his project for war coming to nothing this is the town of bat VZ on the 30th of June 1934 Hitler summoned a hundred or so SI leaders to this hotel they all thought they were coming to attend a conference and have a few days holiday far from it Hitler had hatched a Machiavellian plan it Nadia for Hitler had set up a trap for the SD Chiefs and they were all caught in it Oh Hank adopted Hitler wanted to get rid of all of them over the coming days in place he decided to deal personally with Ernst Roehm the head of the SA one of very few people on close personal terms with him [Music] although if you'd like eadamson it was 6:45 in the morning when Hitler came up these steps pistol and hand in de Haan and went toward Ernst Holmes room he opened the door pointed his gun at him and said and you're under arrest after Rome was hauled away there and then by Hitler's personal bodyguard along with all the other SI leaders on the same floor of the hotel the arrests were heavy-handed and Hitler had taken every precaution in case things got violent husband father met co-taught I remember my father telling me that the village carpenter was brought in to screw all the tables and benches to the floors that offish said they couldn't be thrown around Bethan they really thought there'd be a big fight with a massage slot in the following days all the SI Chiefs were murdered in cold blood in Munich and Berlin ernst röhm himself was executed in his cell on the 2nd of july 1934 this will quite probably be the last ever film of hotel Hansel Bower it's due to be demolished in the next few months taking with it the bloody history of the night of the Long Knives having rid himself of the essay The Dictator had a completely free hand to rule the country when just a month later Paul von Hindenburg died the President of the Reich alone had had the power to dismiss him Hitler took on all the functions of the president meaning that he now possessed ultimate power and was head of the Armed Forces henceforth his main goal was to rearm Germany in preparation for a new war the dictator had been dreaming of a revenge since the defeat of 1918 oops Hitler was obsessed with war food malt was the basis of his political programs but it was also a value all by itself as far as he was concerned Germany could only know happiness through military success but he hid his war mongering intentions from the whole world the German Navy museum claimed that the dictator was visiting a u-boat there on the 28th of September 1935 we now know however that the photo had been taken a month earlier in fact on the 28th of September he was at the Krupp AG in the Ruhr region the industrial group was a producer of steel but above all of weapons Hitler visited several times in total secrecy because the Treaty of Versailles specifically banned any rearming of the country just one example among many of the Firoz intentions to keep what he was planning hidden a year later he decided it was time to begin hostilities the first decisive step was on the 7th of March 1936 when he sent military forces into the Rhineland a demilitarized German region since the defeat of 1918 in doing so he was taking a considerable risk not by doing this he was violating the Treaty of Versailles thereby putting himself in danger of a military intervention by the treaties signatories but neither France nor Great Britain reacted a first victory for the Fuhrer who nothing appeared to divert from his goals that is greeted with absolute hysteria by Hitler's supporters he's got back control of the country he's got control of its borders again in a military sense the consecration came for Hitler on the 12th of March 1938 with the unsure loose Germany's annexation of Austria his dream of uniting the german-speaking nations had become a reality in 1938 in his Eagles Nest hideaway in Bavaria The Dictator was already drawing up plans for future conquests after Austria his heart was set next on Czechoslovakia I don't Hitler dreamt of war because it echoed the battle raging inside him mostly on the title of his book meine Kampf my struggle or my fight shows how combat was something inherent in his personality it Laden he was always in Hitler's plans to kill hundreds of thousands even millions of people yet even the deaths of Germans don't really touch Hitler they are a part of his view of the history of human struggle on September 1st 1939 he invaded Poland thereby plunging the world into the greatest armed conflict of history humanity's darkest period you [Music]