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previously on Hitler the itinerary is this nice fortune about us it's hard to imagine how this little baby grew up to be a mass murderer objectively speaking Hitler was a very good soldier his superiors knew they could always count on him my strength is above all as a speaker as a powerful speaker very energetic unlike many speeches Berlin January 30th 1933 Adolf Hitler has become the most powerful man in Germany a dictator who would plunge the German people and the entire world into the 20th century's most murderous conflict the Second World War knew Hitler piled on victory after victory after seizing power which in itself was a victory over the German people and the planet if it was only Hitler really who wanted war neither Goering nor gurbles nor the generals wanted war Adolf Hitler kappa hitler was convinced that he was a military genius Norma but how did this man with no military training manage to conquer the whole of Europe why was he considered the greatest war leader of all time how did this former homeless layabout become the architect of the final solution one man a passionate historian has traveled the world to establish the most exhaustive chronology yet of this journey harold centner has spent over 20 years picking apart Adolf Hitler's life hour-by-hour where was he during these early years and as he waged war where did he make his most momentous decisions but when wherever Hitler was that's where the power was he was the very embodiment of an absolute dictator more than 70 years after Hitler's death harold centner has uncovered numerous inaccuracies even in the most serious published works befell us there are something like 80 biographies of Hitler but there are always mistakes in some of the information FEMA in talking from France to Austria via Germany and Belgium we went searching for the final traces left by the dictator to understand the journey of a war leader [Applause] this is the itinerary of Adolf Hitler [Music] Berlin April 30th 1945 Adolf Hitler decides to commit suicide he has just learned that the Russians are fast approaching the reich chancellery his troops can only hold them off for another 24 hours if their knows that he's lost the war both Gaddafi life had no meaning for him once he lost the war he did not want to stand trial he didn't want to be humiliated at about midday the dictator bade farewell to his closest collaborators and retired to this room his office in the Fuehrer bunker with his wife Eva Hitler the couple committed suicide at 3:30 p.m. Aoife named Ava took poison while Hitler made doubly sure by biting into a capsule of poison beef as well as shooting himself his doctor had advised him to do this to be sure of killing himself duped the dictators death almost immediately brought an end to the hostilities Germany surrendered on May 8th 1945 the week after the suicide of the man who had dragged Europe and the world into an unprecedented Cataclysm it was a great relief Nazism died with him just as it had been born with him Hitler's suicide meant for Jews who were still in German captivity an end to their persecution and suffering but how could such atrocities have been allowed to go on for so many years could the Second World War have been avoided to understand its origins we must go back to a time when Hitler still pretended he wanted peace on September 29th 1938 it was in this building in the center of Munich that the German dictator Adolf Hitler received several heads of state the Italian leader Benito Mussolini French Prime Minister Edouard Daladier and British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain it was a decisive encounter for international relations after annex in Austria to the German Reich in 1938 Hitler now wanted Sudetenland the northwestern part of Czechoslovakia and he was determined to get it whatever the opposition that Hitler wanted to take back all territories with german-speaking people he thought that wherever German was spoken was German territory it was on the first floor of this building that negotiations took place through the night of the 29th of the 30th of September 1938 we returned to this historical setting with this historian Harold centner it was 150 in the morning when the dictator got what he wanted we prepare we are in Hitler's personal office of the Fuhrer Mao in Munich this is the exact spot where the table stood under which the so-called munich agreement was signed the treaty in effect sacrificed part of Czechoslovakia in exchange The Dictator committed himself to not invading the rest of that country in the days that followed around three and a half million checks found themselves subject of the German state in Czechoslovakia wasn't consulted and didn't have any representatives by abandoning Sudetenland France and Great Britain thought they'd avoided the worst both were firmly opposed to the prospect of another war Chamberlain Chamberlain went back to London waving his slip of paper at the airport soon goomers he reported that he'd negotiated with Hitler and that now there would be peace they genuinely believed he'd secured peace for the coming years yahoooo God seemed to estimate even little did he suspect the fears true intentions for while his generals thought that pulling off such a victory without bloodshed was a stroke of genius Hitler had far greater ambitions [Music] Adolphus lair or Hitler himself would have said that the British and French had deprived him of the war he wanted to start in September 1938 Tom humming of subtle treats he was determined to have this war befell again two days later German troops marched into Sudetenland without encountering any resistance the annexation becoming known as the flower war [Music] another success for the Fuhrer whose popularity was at its peak you spent so far he'd not put a foot wrong and was doing exactly what he wanted ruling foreign rulers while he waited to conquer France in the rest of Eastern Europe Hitler sowed terror in his own country this was a different kind of war the progressive exclusion of German Jews during Kristallnacht the night of broken glass the 9th to 10th November 1938 thousands of synagogues and Jewish shops were sacked and destroyed Hitler wanted to force the Jews to emigrate many were rounded up and murdered [Music] thirty thousand Jewish men are arrested and put in concentration camps and only released when they promise to emigrate Hitler thought the Jews as a subversive elements that night Nazi Germany crossed a line in its implementation of anti-semitic policies in a speech given before the Reichstag on the 30th of January 1939 Adolf Hitler predicted the extermination of the Jews of Europe in the event of a new world war a sort of morbid prophecy which provoked no reaction from the German people even if with indulgence one could interpret it as nearly an expulsion plans it's clear he was talking about a plan genocide with this speech the foundations of the Holocaust had been laid the face of Germany changed Hitler made his most important decisions at Obersalzberg the retreat in the Bavarian Alps the Birkhoff became the dictator's secondary residence it was up here in the mountains that Hitler prepared his war Hitler Hitler spent about a quarter of his reign in Obersalzberg Hitler claimed to have been renting this house from 1928 in fact it was a year earlier so the reasons for the lie were purely fiscal even much later he supplied false information he said he'd spent very little time in over Salzburg but that was not the case the Berghof was his favorite residence once in power he made it a second Chancellery after Berlin evading whom he chose over Salzburg as a seat of government because it had a strategic significance in establishing his power he could retire there to be alone yes but he could also receive whomever he wanted there including important visitors using the setting to stage manage his foreign policy the Nazi Party were masters of spin every day thousands of visitors gathered to get a glimpse of the dictator and he would devote hours of his time to this always appearing relaxed and smiling it was a major propaganda operation the message put across by these images in Obersalzberg is that of Hitler's closeness to the people he was a chancellor of the people that's what they called him and who could be a Chancellor of the people without the people and yet for six years Hitler had been keeping a secret from the German people his 25 year old mistress her name was Eva Braun and only those closest to Hitler knew of her existence Nasser to do he had this idea that his political mission wouldn't allow him to be married he presented himself as a sort of soldier monk a prophet committed to his mission that wouldn't fit with being married with a camera given to her by the dictator she shot color film of their private life on film Eva Braun appears happy and fulfilled but in reality the young woman was suffering she twice tried to take her own life as if smartphones wasn't fully suicide attempts have to be seen as cries for help they would also explain her frequent absences although it's hard to tell at this distance zips then even when Hitler was with her there was a relatively big distance between naina T of course key business in the mountains of Obersalzberg Hitler was distant because he had other things on his mind such as getting ready for war after breaking the munich agreement by invading the rest of Czechoslovakia he signed a non-aggression pact with Stalin in case he were to invade Poland [Music] it was now August 1939 this was the last peaceful summer that Europe and the world would know for many years on September 1st 1939 Hitler launched the invasion of Poland 2500 tanks and 1300 planes provided support for a million-and-a-half ground troops the dictator was determined even though many of his entourage opposed this move I could be in fact it was only Hitler really who wanted war Munich neither Goering nor gurbles know the generals wanted war now there's mistake here was in thinking that even if he invaded Poland the British and French still would not react but on September 3rd 1939 Paris and London declared war on Germany it was now a world war immediately after this the dictator took his personal train to the front line he followed the operations from the training camp at Graz born in Poland he was fascinated by the armed combat going on right before his eyes Hitler felt a need to be right where the action was he fell nice ball Placid there never stayed in the same place he liked to get out and meet people he didn't like to sleep in the same place two nights in a row to him on the wall yet he was always going to the front line and putting his life in danger he didn't care yes he was sure that God would protect him call it nothing you could happen to him only six weeks after hostilities began Warsaw was surrounded Poland had been crushed in Hitler's blitzkrieg or lightning war the day of the capitulation Hitler divided up the territory between himself and Stalin his ideological enemy to celebrate its victory the German army paraded through the streets of Warsaw oddly Hitler was convinced after the swift and easy victory in Poland that he was a military genius gifted with intuition he was always right so if anyone disagreed they were necessarily wrong this time Hitler had let his generals run the campaign but from now on he'd take charge of operations himself around three million Jews were now in nazi hands in defeated poland they were rounded up and crammed into enormous ghettos the more territory the Nazis took in Eastern Europe the more they were confronted with Jewish populations this only confirmed their conviction that a systematic deportation and then extermination of these Jews was necessary the everyday living conditions were inhuman controlled brutalized starved and killed so the way in which Hitler treats the Jewish population of Poland hunger and epidemics killed off thousands of them by 1940 1941 and the big ghettos as many as a thousand people were dying each month [Music] at the same time Hitler was extending his rule westward in April 1940 he invaded Norway and then Denmark he also set out the attack strategy for France even though he had no military experience things didn't go as planned however he postponed the invasion of France 29 times the flu bloom the reason France wasn't invaded earlier is very simple the weather this video is for you the weather was an important factor for Hitler because air support was used in a massive way for the first time in this new lightning war but tanks would also play an important role building them and training the crews held up the beginning of the offensive in the end Hitler decided to launch the attack on France on May 10th 1940 as with Poland this offensive began with a massive air engagement and then the Verma to crush the French troops in just a few days la hermana para come Ave the German army was like an unstoppable steamroller with modern weapons that DQ with mole tactics the combat and X with extremely willing troops but the Fuhrer wanted to be once more on the front line to witness France being brought to its knees so on May 19 1940 Hitler's security detail was tasked with quickly finding him a location for his headquarters time was of the essence France might counter-attack at any moment on May 22nd 1940 the side it on the isolated village of rouille de peche in Belgium here is the headquarters today it has hardly changed at the time it was a highly strategic site is Lisa Cooney was very well located in the forest who easy to camouflage this leaked it was at the French Belgian border and just a few kilometers from the airport Hitler's entourage quickly had three chalets built as lodgings and canteen for the dictators men as surprising as it may seem they even dug a small pool in case of a heat wave but for those in charge of Hitler security the most urgent consideration was a bomb shelter very close to Hitler's own Chalet there was a bunker ha it was a reinforced concrete cube measuring 7 meters by 7 meters where he could take refuge if he came under air attack and to guarantee maximum security all 28 neighboring villages were evacuated at the end of May [Music] Mary mittens was 10 years old at the time she still remembers that very unusual day dalla primitivo that's her about 4 o'clock in the afternoon two men came they weren't very nice at all I remember that very well they told us we had to leave in two hours back they we were evacuated without knowing where we were going frother we were told not to come back we were told y-yeah dalla populace no they took a few of the local people hostage whom I got call about 80 or so 610 person and said that they would pay with their lives if any of the evacuees try to return it was a threat an extra bit of pressure put on the local people On June 6 1944 finally arrived in brouilly de peche the site now being completely secure it was in this school that Hitler directed military operations long tables were covered with maps this is where the fate of France was decided after only two weeks of fighting the dictators efforts were rewarded On June 17 1940 marshal Pippo requested a cessation of hostilities France was beaten the Fuhrer was jubilant Hitler was completely euphoric in six weeks he'd achieved what Germany had failed to do in four years during the first world war after defeat France the Nazi leader ordered his services to drop the conditions for the Armistice immediately it was done during the night of the 20th to the 21st of June 1940 in this church historian excel Texan is an expert on brouilly de peche rompió siddhappa be atmosphere was a bit odd because they were riding it by candlelight in forceful since they had to be wary of possible air raids little this became the text that Hitler would impose on the French in companion play Hitler summoned the representatives of France to companion to the same railway wagon in which the Germans had had to acknowledge their defeat in 1918 this victory was the dictators revenge for the first world war a dream come true [Music] right after this Hitler visited Paris it was another dream of his to enter the French capital he went there on the 23rd of June 1940 the history books however give us two different dates for Hitler's visit to Paris making some writers conclude that he may have made two visits [Music] I said that isn't true if Hitler only visited Paris once on the 23rd of June from 405 to 9:00 in the morning the dictator hurried to the Opera Gagne before stopping off for a photo opposite the Eiffel Tower a very symbolic image which was seen around the world from that moment on the media started talking of Hitler as the greatest war leader of all time you [Music] but during the Battle of Britain the German Navy and Air Force were held in check I thought if you click sex Hitler or would have much preferred a treaty with Great Britain thing rather than crushing it in a military victory Swamy as he had done to France said come falafels but the British were not about to cooperate they responded to Germany's attacks with fierce resistance this was his first setback of the Second World War right up until the beginning of July Hitler was hoping that the UK would fall like a ripe piece of fruit and is the first British bomb started falling on German soil Hitler was anxious to make sure his most precious possession was made safe this as unlikely as it might seem was its art collection for several years the dictator had been having a gigantic art museum built in Lintz the town in which he'd spent most of his youth he planned to exhibit the most famous works of Europe there and it was here in the bowels of the Faribault that he stored his treasure while he waited for his museum to be built we went back to visit this rather unusual Depot with harold centner who's the works of art were stored here for Hitler works of art were always more important than people's lives Huck during the war he always regretted the destruction of museums and theaters but he couldn't care less about people's lives around 700 works of art were stocked in these corridors and permanently guarded by SS men throughout the war most were paintings that had been confiscated or sold by force many had been pillaged by the German army in the occupied countries ah Hitler was the world's greatest heart David the dictators purloined works of art would stay hidden here until 1945 back in 1941 Hitler was busy waging his war the time had finally come for him to realize another dream that of Antle aiding Bolshevism the mortal enemy of National Socialism [Music] On June 22nd 1941 Hitler launched his offensive against the URS s one of the greatest invasions in military history four million soldiers 600,000 vehicles and as many horses Hitler was weary of fighting on two fronts but he ended up giving the order infocom Paul you have to realize that he was convinced of his own strategic genius and was sure he could defeat the Soviet Union with the same ease which with he had overrun France meaning in just a few weeks cement at this point hitler's idea was to deport the Jews into the conquered Soviet Union this was the original plan of the final solution but for three years now the dictator had also been using the Einsatzgruppen these were special units which followed the army eliminating Jews and political opponents like the Soviet apparatchiks these death squads now started carrying out mass executions rhizoma dude it told them at first it was just the men who were systematically killed but then the women and children were increasingly included in these atrocities the family resumed for about 40% of the Jews who would die in the Holocaust were killed in shooting operations at the front The Dictator was winning victory after victory he conquered Minsk and then Leningrad in August 1941 he visited soldiers on the Eastern Front in Ukraine entire swathes of territory were coming under Nazi control Hitler was sure that Russia would fall before the winter there was real enthusiasm during the summer and early autumn of 1941 as the German troops advanced at incredible speed through Russia but now The Dictator made a strategic decision which would cost him dearly he decided to seize the agricultural industrial and oil resources of southern Russia designer hefty goes what's more he had a furious showdown with some of his generals who wanted to head straight on an attack Moscow Russia went is a hefty no Sunanda that some fuel and in Judy's discussion seriously slowed down a blitzkrieg the Lightning war launched against the Soviet Union in July 1941 Nissan and Acuto and by the time the attack on Moscow began in October 1941 it was too late the veer mark was overtaken by the winter temperatures dropped as low as minus 30 degrees the German soldiers were exhausted and a Soviet counter-offensive drove them back hundreds of kilometers but Rudy is a major setback this whole Union is not collapsed it's fighting back it seemed to have limitless resources and far more men and equipment if anyone has suspected Hitler held his generals responsible for this debacle since the beginning of the war he'd been highly suspicious of his military top brass the battle for Moscow marked a turning point in his relations with them Hitler had never really trusted his generals he despised them because they had advised against the French campaign and now he blamed them for the failure of the great offensive of the summer of 1941 Hitler always had this tendency to blame others for his own failures to cover up for his own mistakes the dictator dismissed the 30 of his generals including walter von braun shoots the commander-in-chief of the german land army if they're now assumed this function along with that of supreme commander of all the Armed Forces from June 1941 The Dictator was hunkered down in his polish headquarters located six kilometers from rustenberg it was from this vast complex of bunkers and tunnels that he directed the war in Russia the place had the codename war chance' or wolf's lair the fear would remain based at this headquarters for over two years said this was the opposite of what Hitler had done up until this point he'd never stayed in the same place but this became his second world war trench this hunkering down showed that he was losing control no longer able to wage his mobile war being so close to the fighting meant that more elaborate surveillance was necessary located deep in the forest the site security was extreme notice it was very well protected all around there was a minefield with 50,000 mines if there were the natural obstacles of lakes and swamps and the entire site was fenced in Island Sound biggest hunter unlocking watchtowers were set up and trenches were dug to dissuade approaching enemies the 50 or so buildings and bunkers were protected by machine-gun posts and searchlights camouflaged by the surrounding vegetation everything was thought out to the last detail from Santa Monica why Hitler was always wary of a threat from the inside it was easy to imagine a commando operation against this lair so there was a succession of security checkpoints to get past X come it was extremely difficult to reach Hitler's a change there around 6,000 lived at this site on a permanent basis while thousands of soldiers were dying on the frontline Hitler's entourage here enjoyed various facilities for their relaxation a cinema for example but that wasn't all he had a sauna because some of the troops and so on like the sound of Hitler would never go into a sound and of course as a general rule The Dictator rarely got up before noon he would then get to work making his military decisions finally at about 2:00 in the morning he would indulge in the ritual of taking tea with his favorite secretaries while talking about himself heatless malulu gamers monologues became increasingly unbearable for his entourage it was always the same thing even the secretaries took turns listening to him she had no choice of course it was Hitler's way of switching off from the war for a while by this stage Hitler had understood that the invasion of the USSR would be harder than he had first thought he gave up on his plan of deporting the Jews to the occupied Soviet Union and it was in Poland in the autumn of 1941 that he hatched his definitive plan for the final solution the fate of millions of Jews was sealed once and for all On January 20th 1942 advanced II conference at the end of this meeting organized by Reinhard Heydrich Himmler's right-hand man and boss of the Einsatzgruppen a report was drawn up of the number of Jews to be exterminated 11 million a botanical fills divan zoo following the vance a conference the jews in europe were methodically rounded up do a movie and then channeled towards murder factories these were extermination centers designed to eliminate Jews within hours of their arrival Hitler believed in the virtues of a Jewish genocide they were sure that if he carried out a mass extermination of the Jews he could regain the geopolitical advantage since the Jews were helping all of Germany's enemies Durand mine in the spring of 1942 the selections for Auschwitz began with the streamlining of the extermination process [Music] the weakest were sent directly on arrival to the gas chambers Hitler himself never set foot in a concentration camp Hitler never directly witnessed the consequences of what he set in motion confirmed he never once visited a concentration camp like Himmler in the summer of 1942 Hitler moved his headquarters to Venezia in Ukraine it was from this camp of log cabins that he gave the order to his troops to take Stalingrad the fighting was intense and from November onwards the situation rapidly deteriorated within a few months the German 6th army was surrounded by 90 Soviet divisions they were hemmed in right to the end elefante were starving they had no food no ammunition nothing from this point on the great weaknesses in Hitler's strategic planning became apparent the failure of the invasion of the Soviet Union revealed his flaws showing that he was just a mediocre war leader are not the military genius he thought he was an athlete a master son what we have here is an individual hunkering down in the bunker of his HQ increasingly cut off from the realities of the war on the ground but whose nevertheless delegating less and less on February 2nd 1943 the 330,000 German soldiers finally surrendered it was the first capitulation by the German army the defeat at Stalingrad was a turning point and the beginning of the end for the great war leader not long after the defeat Hitler left his headquarters and went to San Florian Abbey in Austria here he took part in a religious ceremony with his closest collaborators Harold Sandler has discovered this previously unseen photograph taken of the dictator during this event [Music] he wanted to show us the exact spot now loaded with symbolism Aundre fitness it's thump Adolf Hitler set right here on the 4th of April 1943 they had set out two rows of chairs for him and his entourage the body language of the Fuhrer speaks volumes about his State of Mind the battle for Stalingrad seems to have affected him deeply at psyche Taft even food in this photo he's letting his inner feelings show something he never did as fewer of us all he is pensive and withdrawn food receive money I'm sure that at this point in city care he knew the war was lost device that's a big for loyalists once the ceremony was over Hitler went to Lintz the town where he had spent most of his youth he didn't know it but this was the last time he would ever go there [Music] Germany was now under heavy attack by the Allies Hitler was back in his polish headquarters and the bad news poured in from everywhere Germany was being bombed entire cities were being destroyed and the civilian casualties were considerable that didn't bother him they were only buildings and people they were of no importance what did bother him however was the Allied landings in Normandy on June 6 1944 130,000 men came across the channel from England within 24 hours they'd broken through the German lines and outflanked the defending forces this is success Hitler again is furious he's always furious about his generals and then almost ran off they don't tough enough he continues however to believe in this fantasy world in which things will turn around at the time Hitler was developing technologically advanced weapons for years German scientists had been working on long-range missiles which would be a booster for German morale and maybe even break the enemy's resistance the first such rocket was fired at London on September 8th and the dictator had every intention of going even further they were working on the atom bomb so there's a huge number of very advanced military technologies people believed in these Vandiver from these miracle weapons the German Reich was gradually being surrounded by the Soviet and Allied forces so Hitler launched one last offensive in the West the Battle of the Bulge this was a counter-attack on the French Belgian border aimed at showing that Germany was still standing and still determined second thought Eve it was a totally desperate move and had no support from the German generals because the army had no resources left either human or logistical with which to fight the Allies especially in the sky fool applaud which was totally controlled by the Allies made easy by lasagna the chances were slim or non-existent of their turning the tide in the West the whole Vasilisa just one was as The Dictator went from setback to setback his health was in serious decline he suffered from cardiac problems and was showing the first symptoms of Parkinson's Theodore Morrell who had been his personal physician since 1935 was never far away he was taking up 228 medicines a day or the equivalent in injections home didn't he'd have shots to pick him up and others to calm him down he was afraid of dying before he achieved his goal to lose Deut at the beginning of 1945 he left his headquarters in Poland to return to the capital Berlin he still thought he could win the war he was hoping that the coalition between the Allies and the Russians would break down it was now March 1945 the bombing of the German capital intensified the dictator buried himself eight metres underground in his Fira bunker a complex of 20 underground rooms built to withstand arrays the outer walls were nearly four meters thick and the ceiling was concrete reinforced with metal beams it was all but indestructible that's a this is a model of the Fuehrer's bunker in the garden of the Berlin vyq Chancellery Hitler Hitler and Eva Braun lived in six rooms each with their own bedroom one for Ava and one for Hitler I just love to Murphy Hitler mystique is an important room was the command center where a daily briefing was held spotfin hitler directed the end of the war from here across from the rooms reserved for the dictator the six other rooms were taken up by his closest collaborators his personal physician Theodore Morel and Goebbels his minister of propaganda but also the maintenance staff ten or so other people lived with him [Music] legend has it that there were many tunnels leading out of the bunker [Music] none of this was true according to the historians allegory to make all the rumors about secret tunnels linking it to the metro or Tempelhof Airport are just that and bloomers gusto The Fool Ibuka hot kine and the bunker had no other exits than the main one and the emergency exit into the garden some gone but The Dictator rarely left the bunker the Red Army was carving a path straight to Berlin nowhere was safe on April 11th 1945 the Americans liberated Buchenwald concentration camp discovering its unspeakable horror they decided to march the local villagers through the camp to see what atrocities the Nazi regime had been committing right next door they were deeply shocked and of course distress pitous but in fact they knew of course that there was a camp they knew about the extermination because I the spring of 1942 if you wanted to find out about the extermination of the Jews you could do it almost 56,000 died in the camp the Russians were pushing into Berlin in their thousands Hitler raged when he heard the news I can't ask that a briefing on the afternoon of April 22nd Hitler learned that no troops would be coming to his rescue coming for the first time he had to acknowledge that the war was over estimates who heard us think he announced that if such were the case he would shoot himself English a new Google to have ceased even today many documentaries claim that this is the last photograph ever taken of Adolf Hitler this is not so this is 25 that's not true of course for the actual last photo of Hitler was taken on April 20th his birthday in the ruins of the Reich's Chancellery vice-consul I of cumin the historians are unanimous this is definitely the last photograph of the dictator he is seen in the company of his chief aide and adjutant Julie sharp who has ordered the following day to go to Berghof to destroy all of Hitler's personal papers [Music] April 1945 Berlin was completely surrounded Hitler heard that his most loyal collaborator Heinrich Himmler was negotiating with the enemy this provoked a fit of rage and made up his mind for him in the gloom of the bunker he married his long-standing companion Eva Braun in the strictest privacy the hot side fender in danda ceremony took place during the night of April 28th to 29th in the bunker wine wall CT said you have to imagine the scene it was dark he the lights were flickering and often going out because of the air raids if everyone was tense it was damp and moldy it stank it wasn't glamorous at all ceremony shortly after the ceremony Hitler drew up his political will and testament this is a copy this breeder tested Hitler's political will and testament of April 29th is one of the most terrifying documents in the history of humanity and even those few pages some of the entire Nazi ideology and madness which brought about the deaths of 50 to 60 million people long ago fast but there was no mention of the number of victims once again the dictator lambasted the officers of the German army for letting him down but also the German people who in his eyes hadn't shown enough fight they were all responsible for the defeat the Jews most of all Yuri Yudin Zakia das asanas on a boost nice tone sigh he explains that it was one of his greatest achievements to have exterminated such a large number of Jews and he asks his successors to continue this policy of mass murder must Morris for losers miss Kazue aho it's impossible to claim that Hitler didn't want the Holocaust and knew nothing about it he knew everything and openly admitted it hop this flag at Subic cunt in all six million Jews were exterminated in the Nazi concentration and death camps on April 30th 1945 Hitler killed himself in his office in the Fuehrer bunker Eva Hitler died at his side but the dictators itinerary doesn't end there only 30 minutes after he died his body was taken outside and burned in the garden of the Reich's Chancellery by his valet Heinz Linga as per his master's last request you've leveled a few tinfoil Hitler didn't want his body to suffer the same fate as that of Mussolini which was mutilated and hung upside down at a gas station in Milan his body was doused in gasoline and ignited but since all of those involved got out of there in a hurry they did make sure that he was reduced to ashes and his remains were found by Soviet soldiers but no one was able to identify the burnt corpse as being that of the dictator to be quite sure Stalin ordered a thorough analysis of the remains here in the northern quarter of Berlin one after the autopsy they were able to identify the body as being Hitler's thanks to a close examination of his teeth it was vital information which Stalin and his secret services hid from the world for years historians have several hypotheses as to why I think is because he wanted to sow doubt and confusion among the Western allies and he wanted justification for a tough policy towards post-war Germany built on the fear that Hitler would come back like Napoleon had done and started all over again Iraq though Stalin said nothing about it at the Potsdam Conference which took place from July 31st to August 2nd 1945 in fact he blatantly lied fire on garden you have to remember that the Cold War had already begun at this point and his successors Khrushchev and Brezhnev remain trapped in a lie until 1968 when Brezhnev finally released the autopsy report while the Allies searched all over Europe for Hitler his remains were taken on a veritable Odyssey being buried and dug up again nine times before ending up here at a Russian barracks in northern germany bt rates by Magdeburg april 4th 1970 his remains were incinerated and then thrown off this bridge harold santur took these photos of this little-known spot because i think it was funicular all that remains of hitler today are his teeth signed in Moscow that's buffoon dirty not before in Moscow 25 years after the end of the Second World War this is where the itinerary of Adolf Hitler finally ended [Music] Hitler's 12 years in power it's one of the most destructive and negative periods in the whole of history if not the most destructive addendum tens of millions dead in the whole of humanity shaken by what it was capable of the extermination of an entire part of itself Auto fitness teen Hitler was the personification of evil while no one has been responsible for more deaths than him [Music] Adolf Hitler one of the greatest criminals of human history [Music] you