Adopted Aerialist Without Legs Is Olympian’s Little Sister

[Music] it's a beautiful wedding a new milestone and the remarkable life of this brave bride surprise you may kiss your goood jennifer Brooker is an aerialist who was born without legs her parents abandoned her at the hospital she was given up for adoption I was adopted by the parents that were supposed to have me that raised me with a mindset to do anything and to never say can't from the time she was a toddler Jennifer didn't let her disability stop her she loves gymnastics her idol the great Olympic gold medal winner Dominique Moceanu Jennifer and Dominique had a lot in common they were both of Romanian descent they had a natural flair for gymnastics they even looked alike she looks like me and she's Romanian and I loved her mastics and she's a gymnast so it was just all of those things on a kid level that drew me to her but nothing prepared Jennifer for this stunning disclosure which happened when she asked her adoptive mom what she knew of her biological family she tells me my biological last name was mochi ah no and immediately obviously I knew what that meant and I was flabbergasted Jennifer was Dominique mochi honest little sister the most important thing is that we're in each other's lives now and there was Dominique taking photos on her sisters it was just perfect and beautiful [Music] you [Music]