Adults Try Making Slime

- Why are you asking me what slime is? I don't know what it is! I don't understand you! (pop synth music) We're going to make slime, but we don't know how to. - So there was this Buzzfeed article about slime. (laughter) I'm going to read it like it's on the 9 o'clock news. Teens are making and selling slime, and it's too pure. - In schools across the country, teens and middle schoolers are making their own homemade slime and selling it to their classmates. - There are over a million posts for #slime on Instagram alone! - A 12 year old from California told Buzzfeed News that the market at her school is flooded. - These are the Heisenbergs of the world now, making slime. - Alright so we put glue in our bowl. - This is already very soothing. - You wanna see a squirt? (grunt) (laughter) (laughter) - We're adults. - Yeah. - I'm starting to see what kind of kid you were back in the day. - So next we're going to add foaming hand soap. - For a fluffy consistency. - What are you ... I thought you lost your mind, you were just-- - I was pumping. - This part is also very satisfying. - All of it is satisfying. - I think I get it now. - Oh mine's going to be such a good slime! - Look at this. - So you add this chemical borax to the slime and then you also add water and apparently it activates it. - So apparently borax makes your slime fluffy. - Good to know. - Whoa this changed consistency immediately! - I think I f***ed up. - So now we're going to put in some saline solution apparently. What are kids doing? - This just looks like bubble gum. I'm sad. - Oh boy, Ryan, you've gotta get in on this! - Kristin just added green food coloring-- - Oh this is going to look dope. - Okay. - No it looks bad. - You touch it. (laughter) - Yours is really cool. - Yours is cool. - Thank you. (laughter) We're validating each other's slime. - It's so gross. - I love it. I knew it, I'm a slime guy. (laughter) - Jenna's having so much fun. Alright let's go sell our slime. - It was good at first, but now it's ... - Now it's sh**. Looks like Shane got bested by the Ry-guy. You owe me-- (laughter) - I get it. I didn't get it before, but I totally understand it. - I think I would make slime if I was in high school right now. Actually no I would still be a loser. - If you're not even going to fire at me, I kind of want to perfect my slime recipe. - Looks like somebody ignited a fire in your slime. - Alright. - I think slime is here to stay. And I don't think I'm ever going to forget this, ever. - This just explodes. (laughter) Holy shit. - Lovely.