Advanced Tutorial Painting a Cat

hey how are you doing it's time to get started on our cat painting this photo got the most votes in to pull the the dog the black dog also got a lot of votes so I definitely want to paint that one too maybe next month or the month after that but I definitely want to do that short black fur as well but for now we are going to paint this cute kitty cat with its beautiful fur and eyes yeah just let's just get started I have a canvas that is 4,000 by 3,000 pixels and if you want to have your reference photo in a separate screen all you have to do is swipe up from the bottom of your screen and drag the app you want to use to the side of your screen and to create this painting we'll start with a sketch of course I will use the sketchy brush which is part of the illustration brush set so if you're a master student you will already have this one if you're not then you can also just use the HB pencil or appropriate pencil which are standard in the app I'll use a dark color I'll be making a color palette for you if you want to use the same colors if you're unsure about your own color usage you can just use my color palette as a guide for our sketch I'll just start out with those all those outlines ears this looks really silly I'm just trying to figure out how much space our cat is taking up taking taking up or taking on our canvas I guess something like this well you can see that I don't like that skull shape you have like an oval for that head you have that snout this looks really it really looks kind of silly it has a little pea and good that looks crazy okay I shouldn't be doing that okay yeah we have that head I have that cheek there I'm not a furry body and we can adjust that sketch later I'm just roughly laying it down you can see that that left air is slightly higher than the one on the right and we have one eye here and we have one just about there we have that nose which is quite close to that I trying to find some reverent reference points here you can see that that right side of the nose if you drag a line up it will go to someone around here in that ear just making a triangular shape and we have these little small Hornet cheeks here that's now just a constant search for reference points so I can compare sizes I can check for example this left eye you have that left corner of the eye if we drag that up we make a line up just check where that would end we'll also look at this right eye if I look at the right side of that eyeball how is that place compared compared to that ear and I'm also trying to think a little bit about the 3d shape of that skull think about these all these hairs that are going up trying to follow them they can see that 3d shape of that cat skull it's actually something I started out with when when I got started with digital painting back down it was in Photoshop I used to do a lot of pet portraits just for friends nothing professional and I did some long-haired cats always long-haired or a long furred made some of those portraits also dog portraits let's put in eight people just roughly all right looks like grumpy cat right now but just don't let that get you down when you have a sketch and you feel like it's looking like grumpy cat or doofy cat derpy cat then she's continued you can keep tweaking your painting doesn't have to look good in the first five minutes or even in the first hour or a couple of hours just slowly build it up I also have these stages where I feel like my drawing or painting looks really silly like with this one but I know that if I keep working it keep tweaking I'll get there and when you have that base even if it looks like a grumpy cat it'll be easier to find those reference points and to measure everything and to find those places where you need to make adjustments it's just giving you something to build from let me look at that little snout when I look at it yet its side if you make a line upward it'll come to end up well lining up with that right side of the eye you know my cat really looks a bit grumpy I think we should make a second sketch one on the second sketch we are going to sketch on top of this sketch so I'll just lower the opacity of the layer and I'll build on top of this sketch on a new layer so you can use your first sketch as a base you can do it this as often as you like once you have that second sketch you can turn down the opacity of that sketch and you work on a third layer now let me get started with the eyes this time I'm gonna make the brush a bit smaller let's say 25% now I'm gonna try to get that shape of that i right I'm trying to look at how big that pupil is we have a very dark shadow there so sketch my look a bit silly but it'll work out in the end you have to add reflection I can see that it's a reflection of a softbox in a photo photo studio let's make that little nose and you can measure that that nose is well I'm guessing it's just as broad as the eye I actually I don't have any pets I used to have cats when I was younger I used to have a lot of pets actually also had dogs I'm Birds African Grey and a parakeet and two two cats but I'm actually allergic to cats it's something that I guess it build up over the years and some years it's worse than others but I remember having to go to the vet with one of my pets and well my whole face just swole up because of all the animals in a waiting room so yeah with the years it's gotten worse so I don't have any pets at the moment I do take care of my mother's parakeet every once in a while when she well when she's going on a short haul date and I take in the parakeet when she's going along holiday she usually takes the parakeet Whizzer but when she's going out for a weekend than ayah I take care of it it's a cute cute bird but she probably has some brain damage we think one she has some tough one-sided paralysis in her body she can't fly anymore and it's probably due to all the accident she has laid well she never she has never been with a man but she did lay eggs like some kind of chicken she kept laying eggs and one of the acts was probably too big and yeah I guess she had to push so hard that something snapped in her tiny little brain it's really sad so now um yeah she has a physical handicap I guess but she still seems happy she just she's not who she used to be she used to be way more active she she used to play basketball for parakeets actually she has a little basketball hoop in her cage and she used to come out a lot fly around but she she doesn't even dare to come out right now so I'm still slowly building up that sketch adding in little details yeah it does look a bit silly this way because we're not using values here I'm just making a little line for where that shadow is well we could actually darken it up a little bit darken those pupils up a little bit as well and I'll continue downwards to that mouth [Music] now let me take a look at that top of the head you often with fur like this you can't really see a clear line a clear definition of that skull so that makes it extra challenging you a lot of stuff we just need to do and painting phase we just want to get some pointers on where dark areas are for example but I wouldn't be laying all the details for a painting like this but of course that's a personal preference if you like to make a very detailed sketch and just go ahead first we have grumpy cat and now we have I guess droopy cat it looks a bit droopy but that'll improve once we get started painting alright now let me just group these layers I'll make that step one I'm messing around here okay oh and let me add a white background layer here alright and I'll duplicate this and you don't have to do this but that's just so you can see the process because now I want to make that background make it dark because we have a pretty much black background and now of course we can't see our sketch anymore so let's fix that let me just merge these sketch sketch layers I'll make a new layer on top and set that to clipping mask and now I can just fill it with white for example to turn our sketch into a white sketch but we can also go for a pink a nice contrasting color for example so that'll be easier visible on our cat colors so I'll just merge that with the sketch layer now we have a pink sketch I'll turn down the opacity a little bit and let's get started painting I'll make a new layer on top of that background layer now let's get started now I'm going to use the hair blocking brush I think yeah let me do that and I'm just going to go for a base color for our cat perhaps some Brown like this and I'm just going to fill in the entire cat you now we have something like a Chewbacca let me go to the to the basic flow brush at around 40% and I'm gonna block in the ears a bit you just need a base to get started with and if it's a bit too transparent think and just duplicate that layer to make it more opaque and then just merge these two layers and for our next step we are going to add more definition to our Chewbacca cap I'll still be working on this base color layer using the basic flow brush and I want to add some light and darker areas so I'm going to grab a very dark brown my arm keeps sticking on the table because it's so warm and it's not even even summer yet well it's almost 4:00 what's the date no it's not summer yet almost maybe when you're watching it is somewhere but it's already so hot and of course I'm working in an attic it's crazy I wish I could turn on the ventilator while working but of course that will make too much noise so I just have have to take a couple of breaks some fans later breaks to to cool myself off I'm just using the basic flow brush to block in some of those dark areas this is my first video by the way with my new tattoo it's of course it's not finished yet you just have two lines right now of my bird but in about a week the artist will continue shading and I guess we'll need another session for the colors we'll see but I'm very happy with it already I can't wait till it's finished so following the pattern off the fur a little bit really roughly adding some dark patches well it isn't looking like Chewbacca that much anymore luckily now I want to grab a lighter color bit sandy maybe this yeah I like that I'll put it in the color palette I'll work on the ears a bit I love our new disk or channel by the way I love how everyone is sharing well not everyone but everyone who is on discord a lot of people are sharing their work there and how you're all encouraging each other doing the whole drawing time challenge together right now I know that you are doing the turtle drawing time challenge maybe this cat will be part of the drawing time challenge someday too but I really like how you're all chatting with each other supporting each other I know that sometimes some people feel a bit insecure about their work especially when seeing the work of others but just know that well I guess well yeah I think I'm pretty sure that we all have these insecurities if you're feeling insecure and just know that other patrons might feel insecure as well but you all share your work anyway and I feel insecure all the time as well you know I think it's always very scary for me to get started on a video like this for instance I never know how it's going to turn out and when you look at my you can draw this videos there's actually a lot of trial and error before I end up shooting a video like that there are a lot of paintings a lot of IDs that never made it into a video sometimes I have those days where I try to come up with an idea for a new you can draw this and it just it seems like nothing's working out that I can't create a simple tutorial so I guess when you know that everyone is feeling insecure every once in a while then perhaps it helps with your own insecurities [Music] and at whatever level you are at we're all growing together all patrons are growing every every week I'm growing as well I'm still learning I try to learn new things with every painting I may try out new stuff I try to improve my videos all of them not just a patreon but also Mike you can draw this videos I always try to improve little things and I feel like I'm growing as well and I remember that I really used to dread the moment that I had to hit record and start making a video start talking really I really felt insecure about that especially about speaking English about you're trying to just talk tell things explain things and it's getting better I'm starting to feel more relaxed especially with the with the Patriots for you guys I just try to see it as a well an enjoyable relaxing painting time with you guys and explaining all the while what I'm doing so let me explain I'm at this moment I'm just focusing on some light areas also trying to give a rough base texture for that fur and yeah it's really not looking like a realistic cat portrait yet like I said that will come we're just slowly building up and let me lower the opacity of the sketch layer a bit more let me pick up a local color I feel like I need to broaden this area a bit [Music] and I want to grab an even darker color here I'll drop it in I want to darken this area a bit more and with fur I always like to start with a dark base with a lot of paintings actually I like to start with a dark base and then light up as I go [Music] you you let's also add some color to that eye perhaps something like this it's a bit greenish maybe also be yellowish maybe something like this and let me also grab a near black color make the brush a bit smaller I want to darken this up and that pupil no I actually yeah I'll just turn it down a whole lot I was doubting if maybe I should turn it off entirely let me just duplicate the layers anyway to get to the third step so we can start refining the cap more and for this I actually I do want to turn off the sketch just turn off I'll keep it in case I need it as a reference but I just want to sculpt by painting more ok so right now we have a very dark version of the cat that's also well it's not looking too good yet right it's looking very messy but we are going to work on that now we will slowly work towards lighter colors and let me just keep using the basic flow brush for now or you know what no I'm going to use the blending brush the basic blender and I'm going to blend the fur a little bit first let's make a bit more of a blurry version of our cat now right now it is set to 20% the opacity is at 40% but you can play around with the size and with the opacity we also found out why my arm it's sticking on my table it's not just sweat because it's so warm but because my arm is so well greasy I have to well put on lotion quite often to take care of the wound of the tattoo wound so it's pretty greasy hmm let me turn off those other layers otherwise it will keep seeing them just blurring that edge a little bit gonna make a brush a bit bigger around 30% and I'm making motions that follow that flow of the fur so I'm trying to follow the shape of that face that direction of the fur but yeah I need to take good care of my wound well it's not it doesn't really feel like a wound anymore my tattoo it doesn't hurt or anything but still it feels a bit dry so I need to greet oh sorry pushing the button I need to grease it up everyday multiple times now it's okay if some parts become a bit too blurry I like to work from a blurry base it's easier for me to visualize the details that I want to add and once the blurry version looks pretty good you notice you're working in the in the right yeah that you're going in the right direction that you're doing a good job with your colors and values you know what let me grab that all-around hair brush that you all have and I'll use it with a smudge tool let me just smudge outside here that already creates a furry texture there [Music] we will Surrey outline also on this side and this is also why shouldn't when you block in the colors at first you shouldn't make it too big you need to leave some room to add these well to add this very texture [Music] you can actually use this brush-on are parts of the fur as well already giving it some fur texture you there's our blurry cap let's see how badly we have blurred him look at that it does look very soft now okay shall I duplicate this yeah let me just do that I'll duplicate it again so the step is safe you don't have to do this you can just continue working unless you want to save your progress and be sure that you can return to your previous step okay what I'd like to do now because that's such an important part of the face I want to work on those eyes just to make sure that we have some nice looking eyes and then well once those are there I'll have more more courage to continue working on this I feel though like the angle is a little bit off I feel like this I should be a little bit higher than the one on the right so I'm going to use the liquify tool for that I shouldn't set it to trill I should just have it up push make it pretty big and just track this down a little bit and track this a little bit up and we're still in a very messy stage so it doesn't really matter that we're pushing and pulling things around we can still pretty easily do that I feel like this is a bit better let me check yeah I think the angle is better now so not what we can do is let's go to this eye first and I'm going to grab the darken line brush there we have it and now it's just like with human portraits in case you have seen a video about that but I like to start out with those very dark parts so I'll start out with that dark area underneath that upper eyelid well you can't really see an eyelid for this cat but well start with those dark areas and the pupil you think about that shape and the lower eyelid there we can also see a dark little edge [Music] I'm just playing around with this sighs well let's give a little hint of those hairs here and I'll let me grab the basic flow brush I'll pick this dark color here and add some darker hints in that iris just wanted to add some color variation we also picked up very dark color so we have that shadow here and we can do the same thing with a very light color let's make this a bit lighter put that there we have the eye color we'll just add some white hints you can also switch to the lights and line brush with that same color if you want some smaller light details so my battery's low it's always a great moment to take a break that forces you to take a break I want to add that that highlight let me do that on a new layer just to be sure [Music] let me use the lime brush for now grab a very light car let me drop it in and let's make that shape off that's softbox oh wow that's way too big don't want that go even smaller I'll use the same brush as a eraser and of course we can just move it around with the move tool there and we can add a mask to this layer so that we can make it a bit more transparent I'll use the basic flow brush so I've added a mask which is set to white right now but I'll use black to paint on it to remove some parts of this reflection let me use the smudge tool oh that's way too big oh and I'm still using good hairbrush I don't want that I want the standard blender too soft and dad mask a little bit cuz you can't just use the blender on a regular layer you can also use it on a mask handy all right something like that now I'm going back to the dark and lime brush and do be sure to go back to the cat lair and I want to work on that I shape a little bit more feel like it's a bit smaller you so I'm grounding it off a little bit there that's already looking better now what really will bring it to life a little bit as if we use the light and brush let's add a little bit of wire here and of course we'll work on the fur later on as well let's just add a little bit of light here around that I just do feel better to have that nice eye look and to feel like okay yeah well we'll be alright the rest of the painting will work out as well just want some nice looking eyes yeah some hair is here be sure to take a close look at the direction of these hairs just make long strokes to draw in these hairs by hand you yeah seeing and I like that that already makes me feel better about the painting let's do the same thing with the other eye let's move to that eye and again let's go to the dark aligned brush I'll just pick that dark color now let me first well I can barely see it you start here first let me focus on those dark edges [Music] and we have quite some darkness let me work on that what's called iris first let me grab the basic flow brush grab a local color let me refine that iris a bit you and we can also use that light color to add some light specs on this side as well you we also let's switch to the lights and line brush again for some tiny little light effects you have some little light here in the corner of the eye and give a hint of that you know let's add a reflection here as well let's make a new layer again we can then merge the well both of the reflections later so I'll grab the line brush again in the light color and now let's add a reflection here it's more like a rectangle with an it roll with an angle curves and rectangle [Music] and you can use the eraser again to tidy it up a bit [Music] let's see let me use them the moon's gonna move to change it a little bit there and now yeah I'm gonna move it down a little bit sorry I'll use the mask again so I'll click the layer select mask and with the basic flow brush I'll paint on it with black see these areas are a bit more transparent and again you can use a smudge tool sets at a basic blender to soft a little bit and they can go back to the basic flow to get rid of some more and if you've removed too much you can always switch back to wide and paint some of that reflection back in you can also see some kind of like eyelashes at the top [Music] they're a bit too rounded let me grab the lime brush for dad yeah that's better you so you have a little hint of all that reflection of that sphere above its eye that will block the light a little bit [Music] yeah that looks better and again let's grab that light and line brush again pick some of that hair and let's work on the right layer let me merge these oh well no I'll merge them later so you can check these out um you have to go to the right layer you have to go to the cat-lair I'm down with the lights on line brush you can start first let me grab the right color as well doing great flow so now on this layer you can start adding these little hairs again there really defines that shape of the eye so be sure to look at the curve now look at the direction in which the hairs are growing and if it feels more natural to make your strokes to the right for example you can always switch your canvas flip it and then well then this I will be the right eye so you can more easily make those strokes of course in traditional media it wouldn't be able to do that so for some people it might feel like cheating or something but we're doing digital so just use the tools you have that's my vision anyway I'm going to be too low here so just use the tools that you have I think it's just about being creative and using the tools that you have in a creative way well this is just so satisfying to do I always loved working from dark to light and then I think I said the same thing when I did the tiger it feels a bit like those scratch papers that those black papers and that if you scratch on it you'll see a silver underground you can draw like that kind of feels like that just just feel satisfying and you can paint the entire fur by hand this way by just making every single stroke but of course we will be using some fair brushes later on just to use them as a base but I always like they're doing a lot of stuff by hand and it's almost like meditation yeah I feel a lot better now that we have the eyes it has a soul now and it's not looking grumpy anymore so I think we can continue bringing this cat to life now that we did the eyes I would like to move on to the nose if that's a more definition as well and what shall I do shall i duplicate it I think we can continue with the nose in this group I'll duplicate it later alright so let me zoom in let's get started on the nose and just as with the eyes I would like to use the darkened line brush for that we just pick a local color and I can actually turn on the sketch bring out that so that I have a guide and I'll work on those nostrils this toes are pretty dark and I just want to lay down at shape of that nose first and then I'll just turn off that's sketch layer again when you turn it off now at least I have somewhat of a guide for the nose you know some dark hairs here let me just draw some of these in so that I can sculpt the nose a little bit and let me just switch to the basic flow brush just want to darken that underside of the nose a little bit the brush is pretty small let me make it bigger [Music] you now it's all pretty dark still but that's okay now it's already a major difference let me grab a somewhat lighter pinkish color for the nose maybe something like this to analyze and up that top of the nose a little bit [Music] [Music] and let me just use the blender to smooth it out yeah that looks better and let me define the miles a little bit more as well with that darkened line brush I'll just pick a dark color and let's just work on that well it kind of the line that you see at the mouth and it's a bit furry so I just tried to make fulsome yeah free three lines I will make a a smooth looking line for that mouths because that fur is covering it but I do want to see that all that shape of the miles and of that snout let's just go for something like this for now and now I'll duplicate that layer so that you can check that step of the process and you just call that five and now I'll also merge those those reflections on the eyes I'll merge that with the CAD layer and yeah I think I can remove the sketch now so let's continue and how do we pretty much have these facial features I want to get started on adding some fur to this cat and maybe we can use a fur brush let me see oh there they are let me think yeah I think I'll just use the soft fur brush assume that out and I want to get started on the body I'm gonna use a separate layer just in case I don't like the way the fur brush will look then I can always change it a bit let's check to the car [Music] I think I can use something that's a bit lighter make the brush a bit bigger and this brush is looking at the angle of my pen so if I want to have the third go in that direction then a pen would have to be like that so a way to get around that is by switching your flipping your canvas for example let me put this color and call our palette and now I just want to grab some local colors to build a little base for that fur now a brush like this it's not a miracle tool it can just be used to create a base for your fur and you know like an under fur but I really prefer painting some fur by hand after this especially around the eyes just want some detail there and you can't get that with a ball with a fur brush just creating some subtle fur you can also add some dark patches [Music] and I don't want to go over that knows too much I want to add fur by hand there now let me just switch will flip the canvas to cab working on that other side [Music] just adding a base oh that's way too big so we have a nice fluffy underfur right now I'm gonna flip it back and I think this is a nice way to get started painting in more fur by hand so to build up this fur a little bit more let me go to the all-round hair brush which you all have and with this brush I'll work on that fur a little bit more I'll just pick local colors let me make it a bit bigger just go for some longer furry hairs just make sure that you go in the direction of that fur you can nicely add some hair stare some wispy hairs we also want some some grays and some whites for that white fur let me start out with a gray I'm just going in that direction of the fur it's trying to makin all kind of undertone for that white fur it's a pretty dark way you can see let me also switch to the two multiply brush just to darken that area a little bit you know it's easier to go back to that all round hole round hairbrush and to go over with a lighter color white gray here and now we can make these little fluffs of light fur this area is also pretty light and you're slowly building that up I'm gradually making it lighter areas where I see that the fur is very light just add some more layers and also let me ask some lighter brown first I'm sorry if it's getting a bit messy in the color palette go even lighter there so I'm just working on that neck area right now now we can slowly build and work towards that face because all the fur is overlapping so you'll want to start with the well like the bottom third and you can use the smudge tool set to the all out hair brush again to kind of like brush the hair places where you find it a little bit too rough you can use this with a smudge tool to soften it and to still keep that hairy texture and later on this is just a base later on you can work by hand and add even more detail to that fur going back to that all around hair brush let go even lighter for some little fluffs and at a later stage you can also add some individual hairs for example you can take it as far as you like when it comes to the details you and this is pretty much what we'll be doing for the entire third so you start out with a blurry base and gradually you'll define the firm or so that eventually you can draw on top of it well draw the individual hairs and yeah it's it's just like with any painting well the way I like to work is from Lurie messy and in this case grumpy derpy looking to a more refined and detailed slowly going towards to more well the smaller brush sizes and in also it gives you a lot of control because you can always just go over with that smudge tool and blur areas a bit and then go over with more detail again if you don't like the details that you create it if you don't like them that much you can still use those in a blurry way not sure if I'm I'm explaining it correctly but you can still use that as a base blur it a bit smudge it a bit and then continue refining just make sure that you go in the right direction with your brush strokes follow that shape all that flow of the hair so keep an eye on that and you don't have to create the same amount of detail and the entire fur we can add the most detail it's just like with the tiger perhaps you remember perhaps you did that video as well if you want the most detail around that face area around those eyes and the nose that's where the more the focal area is where the focus of your viewer will be so that's where you'll want to focus your detail and creating this this base fur which isn't super detailed yet that is a great base for our well the individual hairs that we'll be drawing because then you won't have to draw millions of hairs by hand still it's a lot of work but I know that just like me a lot of you find it relaxing to draw all those hairs I saw some really amazing Tigers I thought that was really great and I'm sure I'll be seeing lots of wonderful cats as well let me grab a darker color perhaps this one and at a later stage we can always darken some areas a bit more we can use the multiply brush for instance adding more on some of those details but we just want eight a fairy base you don't have to get those all those little details right now you you we have a pretty dark underfur there for the nose you can see that dark first shining through so let me create something of a dark base here sort of later we can add those light hairs let's add some darker hairs here as well you you [Music] you [Music] and like I said you can always use that smudge tool with the all-around hair brush or another hair brush and go over some areas that you want to blend a little bit you don't want to do too much but perhaps you do and then this is a great solution let me also add some of that light fur to that to that snout sitting near dead nose just following that direction of the fur [Music] and what I really liked with the Tigers and I saw all the tiger results and every Tiger seemed to have its own character its own personality so I'm really looking forward to seeing the cats or maybe you'll be planning to paint your own pat-pat-pat sorry Rome pets your own cat Pat okay I should be making it too hard for myself but yeah that would be great to see some of your pets I have already seen some pictures and paintings of your pets I think that's just also so cute right now I would like to work on the ears a little bit they are quite dark and we can work on those a bit let me grab the light and line brush that's for that light edge there let me just grab a local color and see that little fold so let's add a little light there and around that edge of the ear [Music] some animals have such lovely soft ears I used to have a German Shepherd when I was younger and he had such soft ears so cute and I remember that [Music] well dogs usually like to play fetch with a stick sometimes I see those really small dogs walking around with a huge stick well I had this chairman Shepard and she made a sport of it to find the tiniest twiglet the really tiny wood chip and then she would pair like spit it out in front of my feet and look at me with those eyes if you have a dog you know those eyes and well she's just bagging up come on come on slow throw it throw my twig throw my stick well I could barely find it and it was all covered in saliva well and then she expected me to throw it and often she just wasn't able to find it because it was so small and then she just end up grabbing and are really small wood chip it's really weird but lots of animals have these weird things I believe later on we had another German Shepherd and he used to he used to go after flies trying to eat them actually you would hear his jaws snap trying to catch these flies is pretty disgusting okay I'm gonna grab the basic flow brush two lights and up that inside of the ears it's a bit greyish bluish almost so let me just grab color like that let me try it out first I I like that let me just drop it I'm just glazing some of that color over just a little bit let me do the same on this side just a little and I'll use the blender the standard blender to blend it a bit oh I see I'm still on a separate layer with that fur I was thinking why isn't it blending that well let me yeah let me just merge these that's better I totally forgot I was working on a new layer you let me crap eraser clean this up let me use the lights and line brush on this side as well you just grab a light color let's refine that outside that out line up the ear a bit more [Music] also adding a little bit of hair texture just slightly let's add some more hair texture on this one as well you you okay now I want to work on those long ear hairs and let me use that all-round hairbrush for that again you know I want to grab a very light color let me just use this one [Music] I want a more yellowish color so I'll use this I thought it was a little bit too white you can make the brush a bit smaller too well to draw in some individual hairs and we can switch to the smudge tool and use the all-round hair brush again to blend this hair pick with that hair on the face like that and we'll add some hair on the other side some nice ear hair using the brush at 30% right now and we can make it smaller again for some more individual hairs let's also go a bit lighter and we can use that smudge tool again to blend it a bit with that face here and now we have a great base to get started with all the detailing so I'm going to duplicate this layer so you can see the step later on and well this is actually the final step but it can take quite some time because now we will be adding really small fur by hand well let me zoom in gonna start around the eyes again and I'll just be using the light and line brush I really like that really like using that for white fur so I'm just picking I'm just picking this very light color now let me just start with this eye perhaps a brush set to 6 percent now let me just start drawing and those light hairs by hand as you make multiple strokes on top of each other it'll lighten it up even more I'll make very short strokes here I can't zoom in very much on the picture but you can see shorter light burr well it's not really sure I can see that those should be short strokes mama knows as well you let me move to this I [Music] you you can especially see the fur very good and places where the light fur is overlapping the darker fur look here we see that pattern that's where you can clearly see those hairs now we can see a lot of light fur around that nose and that's well pretty much a focal point as well those eyes with that nose so we want to get extra attention there extra detail I want to work on the colors of the cat a little bit and I want to lighten up some areas without painting everything in my hand it's just a way to also have very things up a little bit for me let me just add some more hairs here okay I saw that my camera actually turn off so I hope we didn't miss a major part of the painting but anyway I'm using the light of brush to light in some areas without ruining the texture and I'm really sorry if any part was missed priming this light color to lighten up some of that fur here at the bottom and we can also work on the colors a little bit by using the overlay brush let's use alpha lock and I want to grab a warm color glaze it over a bit maybe also a cool color maybe some blue and let's use a greenish bluish color for those eyes let's make them pop bit more oh that's way too big like that let me just see the difference now let me just make another group again making way more groups and I thought I would be making and like I said before you don't have to do this it's just so that you can check the process and I'm gonna draw in some more individual hairs this time I'll be using the dark and line brush to add some darker hairs you can just switch that up you can switch from darken line to light a line or you can use an individual hair brush whatever you like to draw in those individual hairs working on that pattern in the fur a bit you you you then you have those places where these whiskers come out you can draw in these add a little bit darker patches and you can just continue adding that detail to the fur for it well for as long as you like you can add a lot more detail that I'm adding probably because I'm trying to keep it limited to not make the video too long but it can be really relaxing to grab your cat every once in a while and continue working on that fur just make sure that you keep painting in the right direction you you now let me switch back to the lights online rush again for those final light patches you let me turn off alpha walk see ya alpha walk turned on so I can make these hair stick up you you you you [Music] so with lots of layers we're building up this fur so the most important two things are all those facial features make sure that you make those look good and then you can just build up that fur around it layer by layer going from big brushes to small brushes try to get the most detail in the focal point that's around the eyes [Music] you [Music] you you you he grabs the local color to add a little bit of light touches here you [Music] [Music] you [Music] [Music] and what you can of course still do is use that smudge tool with the all-round hairbrush just don't do it too much don't go overboard but you can't still blur smudge some areas of that fur just make sure that you don't blur too much because then you will lose all that detail that you've just created you want to keep it subtle but you can definitely do too much you can definitely blend some areas a bit more if that's needed for your painting [Music] I want to add a little bit of Pink's to the notes but first let me add a little bit more hair to that side of the face right here feel like it needs a bit more that light fur and a bit more dark here as well just some final tweaks a little line here remove that all right so I want to add a little bit of pink set of nose so let me turn on alpha lock again and I'll use the overlay brush and let me just grab a pinkish color oh yeah that looks a bit healthier and maybe some oranges over at Fir of the nose and what I also see let me turn off alpha lock I'll drop in this color what I see is no I don't want Gaussian blur I want to go to the liquify tool because I feel like this is a little bit off right here like that maybe we can add a little bit more fur there I'll use the old round hair brush and yeah we have alpha lock turn off I just want some more Fluffy's at the top of its head because it'll look a little bit flat maybe some dark patches of fur yeah I think that looks better but of course our cat needs one more thing it needs those whiskers and let me put those on a separate layer that way we can always change things let me go to the hair brushes and use the loose hairs and we'll need a very light color and for these loose hairs I really try to make one flowing line so if you don't like your line just use a two-finger undo and if you feel like it's harder to go from right to left or the other way around you can always just flip your canvas and do it in the direction that you like a little bit bigger it's at five percent right now we also have some here at the top and also some black ones really dark ones like here near those ears let me go smaller again feel like I want a thicker one as well very light why look here and you can actually now let me use the blender brush you can actually use the smudge tool I'm hoping I'm talking into the mic it's it's I'm still getting used to talking in this particular mic I used to have one on my shirt but now I have a big Mike but I'm hoping I'm talking into the mic properly sometimes I forget that I should keep an eye on that but anyway I'm using a smudge tool to just blend these starts off these whiskers a bit so make them merge with the fur a bit I think that looks nice let's see our progress over time so we started with that sketch it looks kind of derpy droopy then we had a base of color then we blurred it smudged it worked on the eyes and on the nose and then we started building up that first slowly working from that fluffy soft blended cap towards a more refined fur then what we did we do we went for lighter values we lightened up that fur and then we worked on it some more and gave it those whiskers one more thing we could do is work on the values a bit the way we did with the tiger so that means that we could duplicate the layer with the cat set this layer to multiply and then add a mask to it and you can do the same thing with portraits for instance let me grab black and we'll put that black on that layer mask so that way everything is masked but we can use the soft brush for instance under airbrushing set to white on a layer mask to paint back in those dark areas so you can darken the shadow areas a bit more I'm at 7% and my opacity is at 40% you can just darken those shadows a bit more adding more contrast to the portrait you can also darken the pattern a bit more for instance you can darken the entire areas that way you can really play around with your painting and you can do the same thing for light areas you just have to duplicate that initial layer again let me drag it on top Oh what am i doing don't want a group put it there and I'll set this one to screen and again I'll add a layer mask and this time well again I'll at black and I'll paint with white again and this time to add in those lighter areas this way you can play around with the light and dark areas without touching any of the textures any of the details that you created those are still there so you're in full control you and if we checked difference let me group these layers that we just created that multiply and that screen layer and if we compare and see that we worked on that light it's like it's more in a spotlight our cat right now it's less flat so that's a great way to adjust the contrast oh those are our cherries that's a great way to adjust the contrast in your painting at a very late stage actually at the latest stage in the final tweaks of your painting now you can go ahead and tweak your cat even more and add even more details than I did I sure enjoyed painting this cat I hope you did too and I'm looking forward to seeing your work in a community section or at discord or wherever you want to share it wishing you a great day see you next time