Africa Travel Tip 1 Which countries speak English French or Portuguese

all right so you want to travel to Africa but you don't know which countries to travel to first a big part of decision is going to be the languages so I'm going to go over which countries in Africa speak English French Portuguese and Spanish let's get it alright my name is Daenerys welcome to another video if this is your first time and you want to follow the journey throughout Africa and the Diaspora as I cover the history the culture things to do and travel tips of the motherland then make sure you hit that subscribe button and the Bell notifications so you don't miss a thing now in Africa there are over 1500 languages spoken but most people are bilingual they speak their traditional languages and they also speak a foreign language now I'm going to go over the countries in Africa to speak English first then when it comes to english-speaking countries you've got Botswana the Gambia Ghana Kenya Lesotho Liberia Malawi Namibia Nigeria Sierra Leone South Africa South Sudan Sudan Tanzania Uganda Zambia Zimbabwe and Swaziland and then you also have countries like Cameroon wanna Mara taenia Mauritius and the Seychelles that speak both English and French okay now next are the countries that speak French now fish is something that I personally I need to learn and I do suggest if there's anyone out there that you want to learn a different language and at the same time you want to travel to Africa and really enjoy your experience I do suggest that you learn French as it will enhance your experience in the following countries and they are Benin Burkina Faso Burundi Central African Republic Democratic Republic of the Congo Gabon Guinea Cote d'Ivoire Madagascar Mali Nigeria Republic of the Congo Senegal Togo with countries like Cameroon Rwanda Moretti nia malicious and Seychelles speaking both French and English and then you have countries like Chad Djibouti Comoros they speak both French and Arabic now as far as Portuguese speaking countries there are only five of them and they are Angola Cape Verde guinea-bissau Mozambique and South tomé and príncipe and when it comes to spanish-speaking countries there are only one and that's Equatorial Guinea meanwhile Ethiopia speaks of our marek as they were never colonized so they do not officially speak a foreign language now as far as Arabic you have countries like Algeria Egypt Eritrea Libya and Morocco and Somalia they speak Arabic now as far as the local languages go in general many countries in Africa have dozens and dozens of different languages I always suggest getting cool with one of the locals who can talk to people in their local language by doing this not only with enhance your experience as people will invite you to places and events but you can also get everything for a low low price I'm talking taxis food clothes gifts you name it all you have to do is not say anything and let the locals do all the talking the more you go to the rural areas the less you'll find people that speak those foreign languages that I mentioned earlier it does help if you do learn just a few sentences in some of the local languages you know in many of these countries there are one or two specific languages that are spoken by a large percentage of the population so you can maybe learn a few sentences in those languages okay now I hope this video helps someone out there plan their next trip home if you like this video then please remember to give it a thumbs up and share it with all your friends and you can't both and be sure to subscribe to the channel and tell your friends and family subscribe as well and let me know which countries in Africa you guys plan on traveling to next in the comments section and also if you're in the same boat as myself where you want to learn more languages in order to enjoy your experience in Africa then please comment below as well alright I'll holla at you guys later