Airman Surprises Sister at College Graduation

when little brothers surprised their Big Sisters it's not always pleasant but this time was different it was mind-blowing to see her plate the first time in almost three years goodness gracious I feel like I don't even know who you are anymore that's right Mikayla and Dale on twig haven't seen each other in years thanks to Dale on being stationed overseas with the US Air Force they missed holidays birthdays and other special occasions but Dale on says he was not going to miss his big sister's college graduation while I was overseas I was never able to come back home so I spent two years overseas and so I had a lot of days saved up we'd be able to take off and so when I got here at first I was like okay I'm just gonna let you guys know in advance I'm gonna be going to this and I can't miss it for the world since he's now stationed in Idaho he was planning to see Mikaela get her diploma but that's not what he told Mikaela I have been telling him for once like it's May 11 today 11 it's real and she you better be there because I was telling you a MN mates and who's just like I'll be there I'll be there and then a few weeks before graduation he was like I keep tongue because I have to work and I was really upset and so I just like avoided his phone call stuff who I am and that explains Mikayla's incredible reaction she's grieved a lot lighter than I thought she would I thought it was gonna be straight tears I wish she screamed it made me jump to the time and distance between these siblings hasn't broken their bond she's honestly like the best person that I could ever ask for advice like my best friend my rock basically as a kid we fought a lot we but into life but as we grown up we realize you just I kill very small stuff stuff that we should have never really argued about and we just become a lot closer and now that day lon is a lot closer to home they'll get to see each other a lot more and make up for lost time I'm still really proud of noon so I'm glad he's doing his own beat people being good but have you missed him a lot for Inside Edition dot-com I'm Meryl montalbano [Music]