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Breakfast Club morning everybody is dej envy Angela Yee Charlemagne the guy we are the breakfast club we got a special guest in the building I swear his waves at at it on man like he's jealous no I actually didn't I got exactly wait my hair grows just no don't don't grow that way you wear hats for years don't ya it makes make you kind of lose your hairline yeah mm-hmm see Abbi so I still come on it's like I never have like oh I'm losing mind always working I'm based in Africa now really well part in synagogue really yeah that's home she left for Lana I'm even no no I still got my house in Atlanta so when I am in a Stace I'm in Atlanta between Atlanta Italy so why'd you move back to Africa why'd you go to Africa had to it was yeah is why cuz a trump or oh no no Trump Trump I think just kind of gave me the extra motivation moving back he definitely helped me make that decision then what are we doing in Senegal I got my utility company you know we have energy company ala Econoline in Africa which is doing amazing you have a coin a coin the crypto currencies you know which we're trying to be able to be the you know the currency for Africa itself and up the whole continent and then of course outside of the music platforms and we creating out there let me see this a lot about a coin a little bit cuz people always talk about cryptocurrency yeah and I feel like it was I was really late getting into it and some people say it's not that stable it's a little volatile so explain your a coin cryptocurrency and why people should invest in crypto cards well believe it or not the cryptocurrency is more stable than actual you know a fiat currency $2 mm-hmm ultimately because it's more controlled by the people you know I'm saying whereas I mean government is a business currency is the biggest business in the world you know I'm saying like people don't you got to understand money and how it works to understand crypto in so many ways but more than anything you don't really have to be educated to it to understand the security process of because it gets really confusing when you start talking about blockchain and all this stuff no one knows what the hell that is you know somebody to explain yeah so it is really about is it boils down to trust what you trust that value to be to you so prime example that that neck that chain on your neck could be tokenized and you can have your own Angela coin you farms in but if you have enough people that believes that you are a value and that chain around your neck is worth something then it becomes it becomes you know something that you can trade but what currency like what cryptocurrency this why never invested in because I don't know yeah but who says what the worth of it is he says my point is to people that say that but that's clay but you like this pin all right well this pin is worth $1,000 yes to say that is really worked in that well but that's what that's what I'm saying it depends on what it's worth to you like the dollar who's to say what that's worth it sounds like a scam to me no but no but no but you just think about it the actual dollar who says that's worth anything the government says okay the government right right in a sink okay the dollars word for dollar all through us 100% correct nothing backs the dollar the US ain't got no natural resource that backs that dollar my brother now what they do have the back it is the military okay that's who backs the dollar but us ain't got nothing that backs a dollar no even the military Baxter dollar now if you look at other countries they have plenty of gold diamonds those have gold who I thought we were supposed to have gold oh you ain't got nothing so we just say we Shane is worth something so that papers no work is worth some because we say it's worth something you give it the value you give it the value bitcoin prime example right perfect it's not a dollar nope it's a digital coin correct right yep now I can buy Ferrari with Bitcoin yes you can I could buy a house with Bitcoin correct I can buy whatever I wanna buy with Bitcoin because it's just as equally value as the actual dollar because the people say it is what about hacking problems but you can't that's the rest with the blockchain prevents that's the security part of it compels a Bitcoin Bitcoin I'm selling this a coin in his eighth point is worth whatever is how do you get a value of that and then if I buy it how do I know I can use it to buy oh no now you're asking the right questions because the key is what can i buy with it okay can I get my money back from it yeah you can you can always you know change it over trade your coin for actual dollar you can but you you put yourself back at risk again you can use it to like buy albums and everything videos about whatever you want to buy like watch em viu some bitcoins right when we launch you better go to the 1880 m and actually exchange a coins for actual dollars or transforming into a digital coin it's up to you whatever you want to do no it's not confusing but it's confusing cuz you I think most people overthink it but it's no different than the actual dollar don't like don't you like to see a dollar like with Bitcoin can you see it but no you can't you can't see it because it's in your wallet it's like your credit card you don't see your dollar you just know you swipe right or what Apple pay now you don't even swipe you just put a ninja store machine right it's the same actually it's the same thing you don't think is this digital currency no seems like you're doing well with it over there well you are you also have four labels right now yeah we got we Swiss created our mechanic label group which is for labels we got a latin label called can okay when we putting out all Latin artists hmm you know then we got a condo which is the African label straight Afrobeat and then we have jama khan which is straight caribbean you know reggae calypso and then we got a conic which is more of like this crossover hip-hop R&B pop stuff got you you have a Spanish like a crossover a Spanish album that's here where most yes it's a fool love no a full Latin albums called a grito babe poquito okay that was raised around Puerto Ricans in Jersey so so you're good enough at it great enough at it the whole album and we say something to him see so now this whole time when you went back to when you went to Africa you doing these businesses and everything you just left music alone or no no I never left music alone because when I was in Africa I was building a pro beat scene mm-hmm you know when I first went out there in my own 2008 doing heavy things I signed wizkid and you know we're doing a live consult for a lot of artists and of signing David or you know P Square he's on David oh yeah David oh that's my like my little brother you know David also originated from Atlanta and he started his music career at in Atlanta and then decided you know what man it's too much of a struggle here let me just go back home he went home went back home and just popped off like this P Square was actually the biggest at that time when I was there was two twin brothers you know there was a group we got to call a song called chop my money which was just a huge smash but at the time I feel B wasn't that big as big here you know I'm saying and what I loved about David O is that he's an independent artist like he already he came with the us hustle brought it to Africa you know it was a first we completely get it I was the first DJ to play his record and the reason I was playing his record it was me ye my wife where we in Bermuda Bahamas Bermuda Bermuda and they were playing it was so big out there yeah I started playing it back here I remember pro-style quad was like your record his dad and I sent it to him then we added it and then it took off from him on us station mm-hm yeah I didn't know is he still no no no no no no these can be it could be doing his own thing now no it's not even a matter let go cause in Africa's contracts but you don't exist what do you mean you should shake hands it's all word yeah especially in Nigeria ain't no contracts being honored yeah and me and David I never had a contract you know I was more like a big brother just kind of walking through certain things you learn more things and then advise and things like that why do you think the bees got so huge here all of it like all of a sudden when it's been around for so long why do you think now people are gravitating toward it well because I don't think because what you're hearing today is afropop it ain't quite afrobeat like Afrobeat was more what fell I did fell I created afrobeat which is more traditional drums rhythm culture you know I'm saying we're now the younger generation just kind of took it and moved it over to the more crossover rhythmic sound you know I'm seeing changes add more sense more melody so it just it kind of almost like how hip-hop how you went from boom back to like West Coast and and it changes over to like hip-hop is changing to music right they went from straight drumbeat you know bass lines and break beats to now is actual music and that's not that's all that's the same transition that's happening with afropop and I do I I think afro beat is the best words to use to describe the music and sound because in Africa's kind of evaluate like kind of moved up to a whole nother level because you're the only generation just kind of did it the way they you know embellished it you know I mean you don't get a lot of credit for a lot of the artists that you helped out you know you mentioned wizkid in Bob you know in I mean Red Cafe and French Montana Kardinal Offishall t pay Lady Gaga Jeezy - you don't get a lot of credit for a lot of the stuff that you helped stop before it was a cool trend no but I don't do anything expect anything back in return you know if I do it it's it just come from the heart yeah that's how you get but a lot of people don't realize - everyone has their destiny and there's gonna be people that comes in your life that help you help you to fulfill that destiny I just feel like I just been a part of a lot of people's destiny so this is to come to them no matter what they was gonna get that success or get that Fame or reach a certain Heights with or without me in it I just think that when certain people are added it just creates a different value for you and how you decide to take your future on and involve the people that's been a party of life determines how long you stay on how big your legacy because I've been disappointed by an artist that you knew has so much potential but they just weren't living all the time all the time that'd be the hardest part you black man isn't he got it well she got him but they just don't get it does that make sense like the most challenging ones that just never understand like why don't they just work a little harder to do this good justice I people are in their own way too because they in their own way and most of most people to actually believe that they don't have to do a lot of things because they're talented happen or once you reach a certain height like you get a crazy record and you like oh like I mean I'm good that's why you works actually starts to begin especially in hip hop because hip hop - y'all know you really literally as good as your last record right then you're irrelevant then you're irrelevant with everybody I'm still cool whatever you every single art is like and what's nothing I never really ever had no beef with nobody oh you don't hear that I mean could me if I do it for you this is if somebody said I'd said or did anything I can't even fathom that because I've never done anything that didn't help or help to propel somebody else's career because I mean I built my career I've helped another other people build their careers you know I'm Sam what do you think about labor owners holding people to a contract when they want to get out of it to me that's the dumbest well nothing me rephrase that I won't say it's the dumbest thing but I don't think it's beneficial for them or the business cuz me personally I wouldn't want to hold anyone that don't want to be here like if you don't want to be with me it's cool bro do you think cuz sometimes people don't understand the value have until they're no longer with you anyway okay you know I mean but I think from an executive standpoint instead of just holding the artists and seeing you I'm not letting you go that is not cool you got money invested in that and that's what they be holding one but I think there's ways to negotiate it to where you can get your cake and eat it too no problem that I'm gonna do its thing but whatever you owe just pay that back later or if you go into another contract with somebody else just make sure that you written into where you be recouping your whatever your investment is as that person's career moves forward but don't try to block them in and can't say they can't do this or do this with anybody else because if the artists if it's if it's heart is not there he's not gonna produce anyway so nobody wins the hardest can't function properly creatively cuz he's in a you know disgruntled situation you never gonna get your investment back because the artist isn't moving or active so it's like where do you win nobody wins did you ever those are other conversations besides music like you know we had our did you hear what t-pain was up here no I was up here about about a week ago right two weeks ago and was talking about that he had 40 million dollars in his account and then he became absolutely piyo that room oh yeah [Applause] are you invested around the time I invested sure he would have been good definitely you ever have those conversations about money and what artists should do with their money you know what I never really had real money conversations with none amorites honestly um but I kind of try to just show an example of what I do with my money and how I invested how I'm moving around looks a little different any kind one time you had about 15 cars all white yeah but I only did it because I could afford it and that wasn't music you see the thing is a lot of artists just assume that the money I was spending came from records none of that money that I saw came from records because it fools four records I wouldn't be at afford half that stuff so what I did always I got this 10% rule like if whatever I'm purchasing isn't fifty ten percent of a hundred percent value of what I have in a bank I don't touch it so in other words let's say hypothetically if you have a car that you want to buy for a hundred thousand dollars right if you ain't got a million dollars in the bank you should buy that car don't buy it right and that goes with your house whatever if you want to buy a house that costs a million dollars if you ain't got 10 million in the bank bro don't touch that house cuz you're not gonna be an afforded it's just impossible because most times people don't look at the interest the long in the long run in those houses you know those are twenty five thirty thirty year loan investment with that interest backed up that million dollars turned into quick almost two million dollars this is almost 50% and happy you know none of us got good credit or had good credit coming up we get that big advance if you go get that chain first get that whip first get that house like in that order music isn't what's financing a lot of this right you must still love it to do it to go ahead and do this whole global oh yeah this is our passion now everything I'm doing musically is just I'm just fulfilling the passion that's not definitely not about the money so why did you in Kedah what was that conversation when you guys decided to team up I know he he still manages you yeah could also work he still works with you guys in his history in industry yes okay dodge my partner in in a kind of labor group and Kedah was actually there since the beginning when I was signed to Universal Motown Kedah was a chairman and CEO of Universal Motown at that time and you know you happiest li big acts like Erykah Badu D'Angelo Joe like that whole neo solely patented like he brought it at me also so he under he always understood culture you know so fast forward years down the line outside of the artist CEO relationship we never really had a business opportunity because I'm focused on music he's focus on corporate so come fast-forward years down the line you know I met up with him I was like man you know I got this concept I always wanted to do but I need somebody capable that understands fortune 500 company business and knows how to understand how these know how to puzzles move that can actually run it and he was like man listen once I gave him the concept he's like bro man wanted person this is something I always wanted to do obviously because of situations he had we've no universal these things we couldn't do anyway because it would have been conflict of interest and so on but now that he's free and clear from what he's doing I'm friend clear from all my contracts it was just like the perfect fit what's to come are you gonna send any of your kids to one of the labels I know you have listened my boys a date they are on a whole nother level so we created this uh they they got their own legendre going that I'm gonna keep completely independent cuz I want them not understand ownership and I want them not I'm obviously imma give them no shame to to do you know to do what they want to do but they have the only thing called foreign billionaires and when I tell you these boys and my girls are like out of here like each one of them have their own personality own sound they sound like minimis with their own touch to it like I'm shocked when I hear the music like really I mean like literally from the production to the songwriting like I'm super super like just like inspired because I don't realize how much of a influence I had on them but because I'll just teach them the basics and then from there they just take it wherever they go with it so the music you know like it like it's it's out of here and I know before like first quarter next year you'll start hearing some releases coming from them so you also purchased a utility company yeah in Africa that explained how you got into the utility game it just seemed something that I can't fathom like I won't make you this is electricity and and things like that like we talked about that know if you have no idea like even today I'm trying to I sit down think of myself like an energy like coz seven years ago I knew nothing about energy like absolutely nothing all I knew is that it made good money but I didn't know no specific details no anything so when I went back to Africa I was doing a concert in Sierra Leone and right in the middle of the second song we was doing ghetto the crowd was so it's like about 40 50 thousand people in that Stadium and literally electricity just cut out I went out I went out because I had a big ride went out cuz the power never came back home so I like something got to be done about this like this is not the same could say normal so then I started doing research rent with the president say listening that we want to figure out how can I be of help to get the you know energy problems resolved in Africa because everywhere I go we would have the same problem so then I went to you know the Middle East found some friends and say listen if I can come through and you know put together some some partnerships between you and certain countries in Africa would you provide the energy there at this point Margo I know nothing about it right then I meet my country president I said listen you know I want to be able to you know liaison some energy companies how can we make this work out you know raise some money build a power plant this was my thing so he was like you know you can find it let's do it so now I'm high I talked to my president he's gonna give us you know the full rights to do whatever you wanna do we could build a power plant in the country and everything so he said cool no problem we could do this you get official letter from the president I sign off saying we're good with it if you could make happen let's go I take the official letter go back to my presidents I got some great news I think I raised the money he said how much and now mind you at that time he was willing to put up a billion dollars to do the power plan right so the president at that time he had to be extremely honest with me said listen son the the the business that you're entering into now is the type of business that create Wars mm-hmm he said when I told you to go get it I didn't think he was gonna put it off spinning you cuz I didn't I had no idea that you would ever it be here to come back with he said but now that you came back with it I gotta tell you this something that we can't do right now which is impossible but if you can find a different solution to provide energy I'll back you 100% so now at this point I'm like the solutions is there I don't even know now you think it's I'm all depressed ride back to the airport and as I'm riding I see these vendors on the street with these little solar lamps and then blow me hit me so then I start doing my research on solar realize that the Chinese had literally invested billions and billions of dollars into solar products and factories for the United States then the u.s. put a 200 percent tax on it so they couldn't utilize none of that stuff he just sitting in China all the factories all the equipment I said damn this could be something I can use to my advantage so I'll fly to China meet the soul or the low-low yeah I get to China and I was like listen this is you notice the way we can both help each other you guys invested all this money that you can't utilize Africa is in need of it and we don't have the product you guys got the products that I got to be a partnership here they said you know what you're right I said so look let me be the guy that you can use to deliver this product to product you know projects in Africa so I created my company and I said listen mr. president I think I got the right situation I just blame to him at the time so it was like but it was non-threatening cuz no energy company around that time even cared so he's like okay cool do these villages and then from there we'll see what happens so the Chinese gave me a billion dollar credit line all solar products factories initiatives whatever I need to do solar I had the money to do it so because I had that credit line I was able to front the country the project whatever the process work sometimes the energy budget might be 150 million dollars but that you paid it out within three years but the rural electrification budget was only like 50 million so they couldn't afford a project that big but because I had the credit line I was able to front them to private and then within three to five years they can pay me out gotcha you found so it was easier for me to be able to make that move so once we did one country it just kind of just kind of prepare everybody wanted it and we had the credit line and supply and now they just paid me out in years so know what a kid from New Jersey soul energy the fight was just an opportunity it just wild opening in the process I hire people that knew exactly how this works they've been in it for 20 30 beers hired them to run my company that's been it's been amazing ever since Wow that's something we have to learn more about here even absolutely because I know I keep getting like people want to sell the panel's Mia now they do they do but you save a lot of money because actually just last year I started a car light in America anything yeah we're based in North Carolina my partner with a company called reach who's been in the game forever and we're like literally the only African American it's like solar energy company in all of the United explain how that works you put the solar panels there the Sun comes in it just automatically okay everything else in aus yeah like just the moment once we create like the transition between original power to our solar system you don't feel nothing you is if the lights don't when the bills like don't know anything that the the first initial payment be the one is big because it's the setup equipment all that you Polly's pay about 2000 2500 dollars to get it set up but then that even then you can find out that three years right so you really don't really feel it but that's always the big initial payment but after that man in years ten fifty you don't sell you save yourself a hundred and it's way better it's the same exact power so everything nothing and even you can't go out works first about it if it's a cloudy day that's about to say whoa I mean cuz Norwich is story it stores in a store man it depends on how long you have sunny days like you'll have at least 20 sunny days out of a month you follow I'm saying so those five days or 10 days that you ain't got no Sun won't even matter cuz you got four you up for you fully stored backup right yeah you got fully backup and that's the beautiful part about it cuz if you get a huge storm whatever happens why everybody likes us out yours Stallone cuz yours not even connected to the grid they're looking into myself because I know there's all kinds of incentives but I would guess that the power companies probably hate that unless they co don't power companies clearly hate that they don't like that at all but now they even transitioning into it because they know they get around right mr. future they just gotta figure out a way that's not on your roof because on the roof it just looked a little crazy sometimes like if you could put it in the backyard yeah you can yeah you could actually like my house my arse all that set up you don't even see it on my roof like it I got a whole little section in the back that you don't even see from the street that's just it's like a small mini grid that powers my whole property Wow you still have time to start labels oh that's the passion part that's the fun part let was the easy part actually all those personalities isn't that easy though oh you mean well artists mm-hmm well are you oh no 100% like this is just in one part that I'm completely hands on the business side I let kadar deal with all that but the creative and the artist part that's me all day but I think me being an artist Ashley helped it a lot because I run into so many different people every day whether the fans or business partners or just people that's inquiring I just wanted to get to know who I am but reading people as you go as you meet so many people you just know how to deal with different personalities I think that's the advantages of being an artist owning a label because as an artist you I know where the artist wants the needs right so when you meet people as artists as a creative person you kind of get to know who they are and then you just cater to the natural you know habitat how many people are sign right now like do you have some artists sign so all the different yeah right now I'm focused on two major major artists one is June freedom he's based out of Los Angeles but he's from Cape Verde he's from Africa and the other one is allow me to he's out he's actually out of Nigeria okay so we just picked him up and moving him forward as you walk around Senegal like normal or do people you know you're a huge celebrity how is that when you're walking around in Senegal well in Senegal like it's tough I'm curious I see what you look like in Atlanta what's your Senegal house look like you got to come sending out to see it mmm negative hours and later one pick one one photo hang on be you can't just stand and take a picture of it goodness gracious a cup you can you gotta go to it like you see you gotta go there there's a wrestling right near my house Joel is called jollof the owner is like Meg with they do these trips to Senegal where they take people he's like we need you to come and organize groups together and come to Senegal so I was thinking about it they were saying that it really helps tourism I know it does mmm-hmm get my diamond mine I used to I sold it diamond mine man none of the diamond mines everyday no but the diamond mine that business is worse than a drug in that busy no joke really what nose is no he said no have you taken any major losses with these investments cuz I would ask what do you mean it's so crazy what I would like how is it worth in a drug game it's way worse because see I just imagine a drink in a movie down whatever movie we loved I'm right right okay that movie one too far off really it wasn't too far off from the actual real business because you got countries that's hiring rebels to protect the mines and distill from it at the same time so it's like it's yes ain't no joke like and nobody's honest everybody's still in large amounts of money involved there's too much money involved that sometime when a when a big rock is stolen you don't notice because there's so many rocks like but the problem with that is when it goes to the partner Kimberly process I have to get certified and all this other stuff it's it's it's just too much explained but just know that if you think the drug game is dangerous you ain't met danger till you went into diamond what's the biggest rock you pulled out the biggest size rocky pulled out I never pulled any out it's part of the size of that um that bottle top right there yeah in a rough that would probably be worth about a good two hundred fifty thousand but then once it's you know polished and everything else would be worth close to my family now goodness gracious I was saying have you ever taken any losses with your investments because I would assume that when you have so many different things happening and obviously sometimes things don't work out the way you plan well what was interesting as my biggest losses came from part of the music business investing an artist and you want to jump back in yeah because now it's not it's not about the money and I already know what that loss is so I kind of already projected what the loss is going to be and you know and definitely know the business is the best write-up you can you keep losing because it honestly it only takes one artist to pop and as you could take losses on 10x but when that one artists pop it recruits for everybody right and man you just got to hope that that always got a good head on his shoulders because then that longevity becomes you know so that's why I label signs so many acts you know this label sign about a thousand acts but only five will pop off but that five keep the lights on and keep that profit going universal at this point they probably got the biggest catalog the artists they got I mean and then look at Empire Empire got about I don't know at least five thousand acts about a thousand label deals they just sign in any and everything because they know all it takes is one of the possible they good but what about artist development you think that we're lacking with that now it leaves oh yeah are the development don't exist anymore so you gotta find artists is naturally talented that's the best way like yes artists would great music alone if that's if that's what your revenue model is and that's cool but if you looking for artists that's 360 that's going to it's gonna sell products that's going great generate mass streaming and you know at the end the day you can do partnerships with big brands with a specific artists cuz I look forward as I can use 360 because if the music don't really sell iku the film industry myself um they got they got personality where they can do that you know like prime example jeffree star right when I first signs every star it was about him being an artist yeah he was a transvestite but I knew that was coming in the future where you know the LGBT community was gonna be popping and nobody gonna be afraid everybody won't come out cuz that's where I was going so I like cool I take the chance then they Godot I'm scuse me but you know so but the music ain't quite work out but now if you look at his cosmetic line right you know I never knew he did music I always yeah we start off doing videos like straight videos music video the artists just wasn't biting but when you start doing those YouTube tutorials with his makeup and all that now is a 50 million dollar year business and you still work with him so damn thang are getting too much money man got money darling money he's all the panel money you think I just can find sign until nowadays without doing a 360 situation you can but it don't benefit you like this is most people say don't 360-day listen don't listen to those people cuz you can't control when it's in too many hands like the only way you can make real money is when you can control it and if you don't sign a 360 do it this thing it's a lot of things that you may not even see coming it's a lot of talents or a lot of areas where you can make money that you may not see coming but when you're dealing with a 360 situation it allows you to see everything that's in front of you and see what can be maximized but if you got one person dealing one thing this person dealing with nothing this company dealing with over here this investor gentleman over here and they not communicating you losing money everywhere around the board like there's you you could never organize all of it because the communication can never be intact enough to where you can maximize on every opportunity but when you're dealing with a 360 situation you got all the pieces in front of you and you can figure out how this works with this how we can collaborate this with this how we could take this piece in you know to upsell you know upscale this part like it's a lot easy to manage right and I would think a label wouldn't be as invested in other things that you do if they're not getting any money from it and that's another thing like why invest and all that when I'm not even profiting in it it doesn't you don't give them an incentive to want to go hard for you you know I'm saying you're the first person I've ever hear come up here and speak positively 60 there right I mean cuz it makes sense all the way around the board you're gonna make more yeah you might lose a little bit but you're gonna make a lot more on the other side you know I'm saying so don't cuz most people when they threw things three six and eight thinking about how much money they're gonna lose they're not thinking about how much more they could but they're not thinking about how much they can continue no potentially make I think people are always saying ways it's a matter of ownership if you're like with 360 they lose a lot of their ownership yeah you can own what I don't own 100% of nothing just own it you can own it you own it now nobody could never take anything from you when you are the asset like prime example if they come and say wait con they own you I'm like all right cool y'all can own me but I know it in the day I own me mm-hmm okay way to say on that paper cuz I can create another me tomorrow they can't so that's the difference so don't ever look at it like that ownership is a token of value if you can't get no value out of it as ownership with nothing I rather own two percent of me of a billion dollars worth of me mm-hmm didn't own a hundred percent of me and it shit any worth nothing that's it all right music I looked up and they had to work on the record but I thought that was just that is the 49 yeah huh kinda a condo record no akanda is the label what Condor is - is the actual song that's my answer - Johanna oh we got man you got new music coming all week you got oh you know we can't say no yeah el Negrito a single coming out with uh Becky G call como no and then I got of course the one that's really stopped right now what I know well it's called um get money and then you have um can't say no that's actually being released off the a conic and then the remix with that with Tory Lanez and then um we have also uh Benjamin which is the more you know street but at the same time eclectic concept record you know reality record that's coming out Benjamin and then on the what else we got Heidi what else we got on those four albums oh you got Loki Loki is actually the that the Afro bead record that's actually currently out now video release the next week and that's it right now okay no it seems like it but the beautiful part about streaming is that everybody has their own playlist and every genre was create a playlist for that particular song so it's not like back in day where it was just all radio and radio had a specific format where you couldn't play more than one record because each record yeah now it's all over the place because everybody knows this is all John robustus now you know I mean so that's one of the reason why I wanted to do the iconic label group was so I can be here to make music in every genre without it having to be competing with each other we appreciate you for joining its The Breakfast Club good morning [Music]