Al Iaquinta vs Cowboy Cerrone vs Tony Ferguson


Chael Sonnen


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al Iaquinta versus cowboy Cerrone I mean for the most part that is unexpected cowboy was in line to fight Conor McGregor cowboy had made the announcement himself that he was going to fight Conor McGregor Connor was responding he was gonna fight Kevin all of a sudden who knows what happened with Connor he's just out booked with nobody Donald put into a main event with Al and as you break that fight down I mean that that can really change some of the storylines for that division if Donald goes out there and he beats out maybe he jumps right back in line for Conor would make a lot of sense Connor needs to fight somebody the titles are all tied up in that division so it's got to be some big fight okay great that makes a level of sense but you just gonna slide out one of these guys is qualifying for a really big fight at the same time it's almost safe to say they will not be qualifying for a world title fight because the world title is being contested between khabib and Poirier later this year roughly September in Abu Dhabi so so what do you do you got to reward these guys somewhere and I think they're getting rewarded anyway I mean look the fact that they're fighting in the main event and the cards named after I'm not acting as though these guys are being slighted but something very special is going to happen for one of them and the question does become who and what's it going to be where do you go it seems as though the Connor sweepstakes is a very real thing but it also seems as though Tony Tony Ferguson is gonna have to be getting a big big match to I mean something is gonna have to end by the way Tony Ferguson just announces that he left paradigm management and this made a little bigger news than I thought maybe was worthy of making I mean so what a guy left management company but the reason this was interesting is you know Ferguson has had his problems with Conor McGregor right he's been calling him out and wanting that opportunity and their man they're both managed by paradigm so it is believed whether accurately or not it is believed that one of the larger reasons why Tony Ferguson left paradeen is because he's trying to get a fight with Connor I'm not certain what the two have to do with one another I know Ally Adele I know alia dela Zee's manages multiple guys and he'll put them in the ring with one another and I think that Adi would too but there was something somewhere where Ferguson felt that his opportunities were being taken away from him and handed to Connor whether that's accurate or not he came on this very podcast about a year ago and told us that say man I got a real problem here it's a real conflict of interest I do think that that's largely being misreported I don't think just because Tony left paradigm means that Tony and Connor is coming up I think that that's wishful thinking however however that fight makes some sense and that's a big fight that people want to see and you got to do something with these guys it's really tough when you have a world title caliber guy like Connor when you have a world title caliber guy like Tony throw al throat cowboy into that mix - but the world title is it is already booked it's already booked ting to be contested later in the year it does come down to who's gonna fight and what's the reward and what's the goal what's the payoff and it would seem to me that between those four guys I think that the winner of al versus Donald is likely to draw right in to either Conor or Tony Ferguson which i think is very exciting when you start looking at it and start looking where that division is going to go for the balance of 2019