AlArabiyyah Bayna Yadayk Book 1 by Ustadh AbdulKarim Lesson 3

Rahim hamdu lillahi rabbil alameen o salli wa sallim ala sheriff al anbiya even more saline nabina muhammad in valhalla early he or Safa he ajma'in from Nevada assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wa barakato Helen was a Helen marhaban Fedor see a look at Hill Arabiya all welcome to our class rabbit class before we shall ah start I want you all to close your books I want you all to close your books in sha allah play mama ana what means ma'am ana what is the meaning of mahayana al-kitab the book al-kitab the book meymaneh Keith Urban a book Keith Urban a book when L comes then it's de his mahidol kita what's the name of this book when he arrived who knows mashallah Al Arabiya - Vania deca al arabiya - Vania deca Allah what's the meaning of this title mashallah the Arabic between your hands what is the student book mashallah Kate Abu Talib what's the student book Kate abu talib je it Montez otro Calcutta move to makalapa keep the books closed what means the chapter what means the chapter a la una yeah you say the first I say what's the meaning of al-wada el wada is and what is the chapter the chapters and wada al-wada - what means the chapter I know have the - what is the first chapter I'll go ahead Atul Allah what is the lesson a dersu what is the first lesson masha'Allah so we have the aloha haddad we have the chapters and in every chapter you have a few lessons so we have a lotta - it's like an umbrella and under it you have lessons gurus adults will all adore so tiny and so forth and so on the one that will all at the first chapter is talking about what at father Mumtaz at the here - what our off at the here - means the greeting at the higher - means the greeting what a here to whom Yoma it in Salam like Alice font I said no Quran and Delta hey and their greeting on that day will be Salam so at the here - the greeting and the best greeting is a Salam Salam o aleikum welcome to la Hebrew Barakat but they are talking about general greetings like we have done like a Helen wah say Helen we have done marhaban or we said marhaban what is goodbye is also greeting math Salama these are all greetings okay these are all greetings marhaban is not haram to say marhaban as a greeting in sahih bukhari or muslim the Prophet SAW Salem he said to um honey radiyaallahu anhu marhaban beyond me honey welcome with um honey sahabi era delawanna but like I said it's better to start with Salaam and then to say the anamur happened to a person Allahu Alem tabe we said that the una one-on-one is title of al-wada to Allah the first chapter is at the higher to a tower of nama-hatta Arif introduction at the Arif to know each other okay how to know each other at tariff and if I say an ally fuuka I know you okay Ari who comes from the word at the RO Jade how do you say my name is harlot how do you say what is your name now we learned when we were young man is mocha but the best way to say it the correct way to say it mass mocha the olive disappears because this is a week Alif anyway MASS MoCA say and to a woman less mokey and how do you say how are you okay hey loca is that also to a woman none you can say k4 how look you can say k4 how look but when you write it people may want to know are you talking to a man or a woman so the Fatiha for the man and the cursor for the woman so k4 hey Luka and caifa hey looky now yes no but this book is also for a woman and because they haven't put any shekel w'allahu item it can also be been a hideki I think they put it like Newton neutral you know so both yes come be both could be both nun and like you say like you see they did the first here are two men speaking with each other and the second here are two women speaking with each other oh yeah what is how are the conversation or the dialogue very good and who are now what's the dangerous word way we spoke about last week and Hawara Boehner Boehner at the end and it dialogue between religions people some people start to do these things now and not to show that where they are upon its battle and falsehood but just to compromise and to you know anyway aleyküm selam a flower cut what is the best answer you can give after k4 Honoka or k4 hey Lukie the brother be hiring now say be hiring well hamdulillah be hiring is like what's be hiring fine okay well hamdulillah and after the coma you say well hamdulillah Salaam and that means that the higher you are in and a lot of people we only they have difficult times but you are be higher and you remember the name of Alice Panther alibi saying well hamdulillah okay the Prophet SAW salem used to say always hamdulillah in good and bad times always used to sell hamdulillah Jonnie the prophet's awesome if we go back to the books of dua and dhikr you find that he used to say in glad tidings al hamdulillah led be near Mataji the tea masala had high concern of locket and in in difficult times also he started hamdulillah I like only hired eloquently Hal al hamdulillah ala pulley Hal so he starts also alhamdulillah aleyküm selam locket check it how do you say to a man where are you from LA mean aina enter and to a woman and a nante pipe how do you say I'm from Pakistan the brother I am from and I'm in Pakistan and I'm in Pakistan in the Arabic language you don't have the P so it's a B and I mean Pakistan and how is how do you say the brother in the back I am from Egypt and I'm in missile none how do you spell me sir meme meme Saad raah very good meme Sadr ah ok we want you to we want to ask you now I want to ask you now are you Egyptian who knows are you Egyptian masha'allah hell and Tammy three very good and a woman only the enter you have to change hell aunty Masseria hell auntie aleyküm selam market hell and team is Rhea so he'll enter Miss ruyan Oh misery or and hell aunty miss Rhea are you Egyptian type what is your nationality laughs to a man how do you say that what is what what's what's your name everybody close his books percolo vehicle available kutub Allah what is what's your nationality mashallah merge in Syria - ca' your nationality yes yes emergency at mass what emergency Atoka is this also for a woman none so what's say the sentence emergency yeah - key same brothers mashallah I'm Egyptian a man I am Pakistani I'm Syrian and a soory I'm I'm I'm Turkey I'm not an authority on a turkey the what did you say yes it's with no no it's so on this is all with this is all with this year and for a woman it's this year okay miss ruyan you have to emphasize the miss ruyan misery yet on this shudder is to emphasize you stay a bit longer on the letter miss ruyan misery yet on but because you are at the end of the sentence because you are stopping your sentence you say misery Yani soory sorry misery sorry almost it's no kisara it's to Dhamma but when you stop you make it to sukoon when you stop misery none none now you make it to sukoon not a circle pray what is welcomed or available qu to close the books Baraka logic we have ft burna we have a test trouble Helen wa sahlan one marhaban if you want to make extra Helen was a Helen one marhaban but just Alan was a Helenus enough to say welcome only marhaban is also welcome J it what is Egypt Pakistan Syria Syria and Turkey turkey ah yes this all with longer any Surya turkey uh how do you say the brother this is my brother what is this masculine laugh there if you say hey da ah yes my brother because there is a difference between a brother and my brother and the difference is been made by the yah aji a whole is a brother any brother a whole ok so just like this book you say Keith Urban but when it's my book it's Iturbi so these very important vertical of it he is a teacher mashaallah muda reason very good who are mother listen say brothers now there are three words in Arabic language are being used for teacher what are they was third on the one he said mother reason and more al limón very good tell you how do you say a friend the brother at the back so D upon that's a friend but I want to know from the other brother my friend so DP very good so DP is my friend so we have Cydia phone a friend what's a female friend cydia pattern so Cydia con male friend so dear cartoon female friend my friend male my friend female Saudi Patti what's that Cydia Patti so what's my friend male so DEP the yah makes the difference that's my Siddiqui and what's female friend my female friend cydia Tati he is engineer who a Mohandas on Nam who are Mohandas on what is he who are what is our architect or engineer Mohandas on na Mohandas on what is goodbye what this is my sister I'm sorry locket Adi he this this there are two days you have the masculine this if the feminine this so my sister do you use the masculine this header or do you use the feminine this had he had the he what is a sister often what's my sister none so paste it to each other had he he of T this is my sister Hadi he or T see she is a doctor mashallah he oughta be Bethune she is a student for the brother only he Attali button but if you stop here at all Eber like the brother said so what is student male student Polly born female student Polly button what is goodbye math Salama what is I for a meal what's I for female and I was a trick so you have I for a meal that this Anna but also the woman--she says Anna is the same Anna Anna they welcomed the difference with enter enter you meal and feminine aunty and who were and here and her da na Mumtaz very good muhammad siddiq own no so the akan so di cottan the siddiqa t is my Yanni I just say a friend male and female fiber have we we they have done the numbers also a one to five hey if the Hulk YouTube open the books Barca la vie comme a novotná a now a half now what is aina we're anus we're walk off now did we stop in and where did we stop so you say walk off now we stopped this is not something you have to memorize now walk off now we stopped what is at this page at a cinder at Yanni Hoffner in de Soph Hattie pages-- of Hattie they say the number seven we stopped seven in the soft Hattie Serbia at the seventh page so we have done the move for that oh yeah what's the move Fredette the up what's Alma Fredette the vocabulary what's on door is Tamia right mashallah the Entertainer mean associati Sadie's I think entertainers we finished entertainer - ah fatty seducer sixth page we finished a tinker pipe a soft hat to Serbia walaikum Salaam locket get up the brothers in the back the the younger brothers I want them to sit in the front because I forget them if I don't see them that is not the a Nam mashallah marhaban you have no book try to get a book okay inshallah they they came last week both mashallah you understand we'll handle er okay look brothers I want to say something very important there are words in this study but in this chapters you've got going to get in this first chapter especially there are words I can say now forgot this words it's not important for you to memorize them I'll come salaf look at this words it's not important for you to memorize them but they are being used why are they being used well it's not important for you to memorize them you understand the question the answer is that the exercises themselves are easy but they need a way the people who wrote this book the doctors that wrote this book yeah I need doctor means like high level nun this book like I said has been written by three three ducati run three doctors in Riyadh University Malcolm disease so when they were writing these exercises they needed to tell you what to do and then they use difficult words you understand me so if they say to you put the feminine word next to the masculine word had had he okay enter ante but to say that to you how to put that they need Arabic they used they have to use Arabic words and that is the case now like on door Wes Tamia what I'd this is not the part of the exercise itself you understand me Yanni they say here at the D will overlook with me at the dribble or next page page seven page seven we are now at page 7 at the dribble a wall Petra Allah Etra read none at the dribble over yes you understand me what I was meaning with difficult words they need these words because there is no other way to explain what to do now so you can do two things you can just focus on the exercise itself okay they had I had heat because it's not your level now to understand ya need are a lot matter and more about Alma hasip but it's good for a student to pick up these benefits and to try to memorize them because you will got yani every time and again you will see these words coming back in the exercises so my advice even the words and the sentences that are written in the green line try to memorize the mashaallah okay not only the vocabulary can but somebody sit next to the brother to show him also where we are because he's our guest mashallah everybody has to have a book or sit next to a person with a book I don't want to see a person without book okay brothers type hysteria means listen suma then what - MA then for some may be a new word so what we do now hamdulillah since we have the books okay since we brothers have the book look just like me I have a book my English is not perfect so when I when the brothers tell me English word I write it here quickly and now you also when I say to you what bar means and murabba means and moon acid means and Fuma means you write quickly quickly with the pencil so mad then you can write with your pencil you can write with with a pen that's upon you you can write in your notebook so suma means then Puma then then th en then okay any Muhammad came inside the class and then Abdul Karim came and then harlot came then okay so it's Tamia you're going to listen first then bar that means put that is put a lammeter what's a la mota sign alarm at ulema - sir when you sit down and in some Islamic books our ulema to say at the sign of the our ulema to say put the sign or the symbol okay you can put sign or symbol Allah Mehta is sign or symbol and this alarm are you seeing here they call it a tick in English isn't it in Arabic they call it a la matanza here the sign of something that is correct you have to Allah Allah Matassa hey you know Sahir and I LaMotta hata that is something's hot wrong so which one do we have we have the cross order but with no Alamitos are here what is highly Matassa here none so in the casa el you have a question a victim now this is the sign of correct the correct sign do I need the tick it has to do with it is to do it how do you say I've got the name and naho with grammar it has to do with grammar why you don't see the L here okay but anyway Allah meters are here is the sign of correct filmora barrel muna see what is fee en el murabba el murabba is square or box but here it means box wa llahu alum you see al murabba is you see at in every picture you have a small a small white box where you have to put the tick you see the small white box yeah uncle ah somebody sneezed the hammock Allah none it's compulsory because the Prophet SAW Salim said and a hot pan Allah fully Muslim in semi ahoo and soon a naboda would then it's upon every Muslims that hears him to say yea hammock Allah so this is not like Salam if a group gives alarm if one of us gives Salam is enough no sneezing with all to say your hammock Allah you see if to say have the lives each handler yeah he said hamdullah none tight what's a yerba the box order square okay al murabba elm ownership Yanni it's like correct the correct box or the suitable box it's just like Sahay and wound acid okay correct box none in the correct box so who can translate this sentence in one time because if we translated words worth you might not understand what we said and trouble the correct sign the ticket Alamut Asahi Nam the correct sign in the correct square type I'm going now to say some things and you have to take quickly because I don't like to repeat things so you see here number 1 2 3 4 5 & 6 tired so I'm going to say why head ok I'm going to ahead then I'm going to talk about two men that are pointing to a person so in which which one of the two you do you do it where do you put the tick in the first one I might talk about two women that are speaking with each other then you put it second one okay you put the tick and then you don't go to the left but you go down to number two don't go to the left because if you go to the left you are at number four tie up Jade warhead had just I say header and then you look and then you put the tick tell you you understand Oh Holly type-ahead Haida eighth nun often you we cannot talk now about but we will Marchetti shala now lebas Salathe moderation moderation moderation are ba miss Iran Oh miss Rooke miss roe Hamza Toby baton Hamza Toby baton sitter are here and it last one sit up aunty aunty type brothers to all of you number one which is it a or b you know a is the one that is close to the number B is the one that is far from the number why hit a if nan be the letter B are ba a next time we use a leaf and ba is bad because we are not in English class Hamza Aleph amber le for ba ba Sita ba somebody did something wrong and everybody has correct everything wrong oh no no you have one number one you have to choose between that - yes right utter Allah Masha Allah you want me to repeat it for you okay type anyway number explain to him explain to him one of the two like I say it another time I won't say no time ahead where I had had a well I had had a okay and hada is this masculine you don't say to almond had I say had he it nan often often mean sister Salathe moderation moderation teacher I need the the child is Talabani don't say that to a child our bar is miss ER it's very clear the name of the country is like you see miss ER Egypt Alice Piniella is the the things the affairs of the Muslims in Egypt these days Finola hamsa Bobby baton Toby Burton is a female doctor to be born as a male doctor we are here with a female doctor which one is it the BA because in L if you see the books in the hands does a student okay or a teacher so it's bar and the last one is empty and that is you feminine auntie I see you feminine so that is BA now I want a one an and an sahibu-l at the dream attorney we go to at the dream attorney at the dribble sunny a para ahh Alan Cara at a dream attorney in authority you can put you can put a dhama on the side just to clarify a share in authority a share Ellis or a t.l Authority you need a shelter for that ill authority none total I'll let it as Mel is maja type a shear what is a shear point Barca lovak a is point illa to concentrate brothers barkal off we can concentrate a shear is point what's a shear point illa authority the picture Barca logic so we have the picture is a surah to any because of situation a situation it's here with authority because of the prepossession illa but that is grammar don't look at it now so we want to focus on the word surah tune what is so rotten a picture none what is the picture Essaouira - you don't pronounce the lamb here Allah is to essaouira to the picture I want this surah tune with the scene who knows this is the Quran this is why I wanted to write it you have surah tune with the scene that is a surah of the Quran if the surah with the sod that is the picture so don't make you only make yourself confusable don't confuse yourself between them so surah tune is what Quran surah to let Assad and leti the smell is maja le t is dead elder T is dead feminine that if also Elodie that's a masculine death but anyway it's dead elder t-tests marrow test marrow is you here the smell is you here is maja its name brands don't worry shala like at all is maja I told the brothers the the late comers they didn't hear this I told them the words that are in this green line they are not very important to know because we are concentrating on the actual exercise and the green words they have been put because they there is no other way to tell you to do this except for using this words you understand me that that feminine is maja this moon is named MASS MoCA is moon is name is maja is her name or its name so point to the picture that you hear its name okay so I'm going to say a name and then you put the tick there okay you point to it you put the tick kilometres ahead yes Elodie for a man and leti for a woman yes and ality for a woman yes but because a surah to ends on a top it's feminine so that's why we use a lot E and not already that's the reason Jonnie Jonnie it means Yanni yeah you know sometimes they are words that the people use yes yes same same yeah I mean yeah yeah same same barik alaa fig may Allah bless you now we have to make a lot of Drive for each other always make dua for each other is good num so in this the drip you cannot choose between two but you choose between four pictures you see number one and there are four pictures so you choose one of the four okay and then you go to number two and choose one of the four so why hate by rawhide often why hate often it's a bit a bit confusing this one but my advice is go back to the vocabulary and then you know which one is the often you understand go back to the MU Fredette yes Yani you put the tick no no you take one of them okay if none number two auntie auntie it's clear or not if you say auntie you normally point to a person you isn't it so that I give you the answer now if you if you say enter you point to a person normally okay and the last one I el agua Rock'em Salathe mood arisen he'll who knock sol is there a question everything is clear hamdulillah type at the dribble a sofa - Talia next page Asafa means the page Italia next next page none away that will Ola that means the first chapter at the top you see here the whole book you see here Aloha and adores the chapter and the lesson ok so they say chapter 1 lesson 2 we are now at lesson 2 which we finished with lesson or we are for a while at lesson 2 pi anyway move Fredette on a davia what's more a dot on a davia is a new word extra extra vocabulary what's a davia extra yani you remember when they gave you the vocabulary the 20 words almost this is a davia they give you extra words ok mu Fredette tone means vocabulary a davia means extra so we're going to learn some extra vocabulary and when you hear the word vocabulary or more Fredette that means you have to memorize them at home they are not being put here just without reason mu Fredette are are always for to memorize yes we are not there yet a lardo means displayed what's a lardo displayed any shown to you okay we have done that word al art displayed this plate this plate you no no no this is what line show him next to the eye a lot artist is the earth and our dues with this this is al art you see difference this is alert alert alarmed they say like al our duel Oscar II you know the army when once in the Year Day going to show what they have what any material what weapons they call it a heart a lard alas curry display what they have none and also you see in shops you know at the window and art things that are being put there for people come and they see them when they shop so they show you now the extra vocabulary no no no the plate is when we're going to eat in shallow after door it's plate pipe we have here a few numbers and Apple will enter tide and you're going to repeat after me okay Wahid on earth nanny fella acetone are by a tone hums a tune we have here two kind of people some who knows this and other who knows this the numbers but they cannot write them properly we have a third kind of people who don't know this numbers so this is a very important thing because this numbers may be mentioned in the Quran may be mentioned in hadith okay so to practice the hadith you have to know what what this number means okay anyway her head is NaN Salathe arroba hamsa I sit in other way because you are at the end of the sentence you can say where hey Tony say where head talati for the latitude second issue some candy a person may come next week or tomorrow say you said if nanny but I heard it namely then I say to you we are learning the root the origin of this number two this is the route if nanny with the Aleph and sometimes it can be if nanny but not without reason and if a preposition comes before it it becomes if nanny or a situation but when you teach your son when you teach your children when you teach the people something teach them the route to origin of the word ok so sometimes it's if nanny but that has to have a reason okay word if none Salathe arroba hamsa Jessica la jolla era read read the numbers to me Etra why ahead if nanny you can put the cursor up beneath the noon earth nanny it has a castrato noon if nanny Salathe are ba hamsa none Hansa the brother at the end era none the numbers father none Etra mashallah mashallah you are brothers Masha you help you help him at home shall okay faith at the dribble a wall garage missin the dribble a wall Salathe Salathe yes death are you cannot speak it properly Arabic Lee only if you take out the tongue out of the mouth a little bit fella if it stays inside its wrong fella okay it's not selasa no sir is because the tongue is not out of the mouth out it is to be out of the teeth fella nam ara bara a5s Hamza Hamza hum yes Hamza none type d'etre Etra llamas on at the dribble Owen no at the dribble over sorry the first the drip beneath the numbers none sorry none sale use at the dribble over sale Boehner D none listen to me brothers Barca logical sale means match what the sale match the only match Yanni you have something here and something here if to put a line ok match easier match silsila yeah maybe none join non Barca lovak match or join what's Boehner none if you don't know baina I don't also know the title of the book Lara beer - Benedict we have done that I'll added the numbers sorry the number that is the numbers and added is the number match between the number was so dirty what's Authority and the picture and Mona Seba the correct picture ok you start now Sharla by doing that and before you going to write burka la vie comme the second to drip is rat t-bill add that I want you to do that also directly eruptive what's our tip put inter tip put in order what's rock type put in order they added the numbers Rock tip rod tip and added rock t-bill added what's rod tip put in 30 intertubes order and that is the numbers like I said that added is the number and add adds the number so they're they're totally mixed three one two five four now you're going to write the numbers correctly okay they give you one as a present they said one they're going to complete it and the one before you're going to match or join them Charla you finished brothers where I'll hide that and either the number a lie that look in the book in Tahiti you finished in Tahiti hamdullah yes per octave none and add the numbers none I like that the number I'll add that's the number and a dad and a dirt is the number and a dad the numbers you know the you see them both written in the book nobody use a ruler to put them nice in order and he used to be professional brothers this is you know you understand all the numbers have the law you memorize the numbers you memorize how to write them in Arabic and how to write them in number form who said yes they you come to the board oh he said unit you come to the board type right number five and write also how to write it in Yani s number okay number five and then the number itself yani yes that is five very good five in Arabic is a circle is just like the zero in English and now how to write it fully how do you say five in Arabic hums okay right hamsa tune ha ha hamsa tone who who said he also no not as much as before okay who writes for him five for them bismillah you just keep that for yourself I forgot your name sad you write number you come first then I say which number because some when I say five they look a little bit and then they come so total to the mashallah yes almost good hums a tune what's your name ah he woke us must have a very nice name hamsa to mess with to dama I'm certain you write three that's the most difficult one three I'm missing some yeah no no just give this away the letter thun thun yes mashallah you write with calligraphy mashallah yes so fella that one okay this is to Dhamma fella a tune or and the number you to write the number yeah yes yes you see three it's very easy I told you before if you want to memorize the numbers the Arabic numbers too has to toots I said correctly - toots three three tools teeth teeth - and three very easy just count them but the problem comes with six when we get six six is the opposite of two that makes it confusing but I say well I say to myself you start with two you start always with right you know with the right before the left so to it to the right this and six comes later so to the left you understand anyway you know everybody has something - you know none like in Arabic when we going to get that seven and eight it is seven this is eight eight what's the last letter T this is like a tent 8/10 you see its tent how does a tent look like this is ten so this is like ways to - - to memorize them uhh