AlArabiyyah Bayna Yadayk by Ustadh AbdulKarim Introduction

la hermana he handle Allah he rabbil alameen rosolio salamu ala sheriff al anbiya wa l-mursalin nabina muhammad in wanna early he or sahbihi ajma'in from ahmedabad oh this is a introduction to the arabic language and to the book that we're going to discuss asha allah and the book where we're going to learn from Al Arabiya to Benedict first of all we have to know the importance of the Arabic language every subject that you want to learn you have to know first of all what is the ruling about subject it is compulsory to learn it is SAT and he recommended and so forth and so on so first of all a on F wa we want to talk about the Arabic language Alice panel to Allah said in the Quran hmmm well Keith Urban Mubeen in a yahoo Quran and arab' and la allakum talk alone after saying humming and humming my brothers we find a lot in foreign Jaime and Alif LAAM Meem and so forth and so on like even Cathy r-rahim hala he said that these letters are only known to Alice panatela so we don't know the meanings of this letters that is the correct opinion Allahu Alem so after saying I mean Alice humming alice panted I said verily we have made it up or earn in Arabic we have made it a Quran in Arabic that you might be able to understand in clear arabic language so alice panted is praising here in this area the Arabic language sollozzo proof I am Number One until three also the scholars of Islam when they talk about Arabic like chef Elise Liam Tamiya they say that it's compulsory to learn learning the Arabic language is fart compulsory Cheryl its lemon Tamara hi Mahalo said in a low heat Al Arabiya termina Dean wormer if a to harden Rajab in FML kitabi was soon 84 voila of Hamo in lability arabiya voila etymology boo Allah beef Ahuja worship Cheryl Santa Mira Mahalo he says indeed the Arabic language is apart from the religion and knowing the Arabic language is foreign worship is compulsory for a person to learn the Arabic language he says because because the understanding of the Quran and Sunnah is compulsory is fart you have to understand the Quran and Sunnah you have to understand what Allah wants from you what he wants you to do and the messengers awesome also and it's not possible to learn this for an and the Sunnah only by Arabic and you will not get a total understanding of the Quran and Sunnah only with Arabic so that's why the Arabic is wedge it fart so Arabic is compulsory because learning the Quran as soon as compulsory and you cannot understand it in a good way only with Arabic language so it's there is no way to understand the Quran and Sunnah only with the Arabic language and Alice panda Allah has chosen this language to be the language of his last book and his last messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the Arabic language the scholar says has a lot of benefits from this benefits is that it protects you with Allah's will from falling in doubts in your religion and also from falling in innovations none one of the scholars great scholars of the parcel Imam Shafi rahim allah one of the four imams he said magical inertia wall of telephone in liturgy him listen al arab memory chef Arahama allah the great scholar says the people didn't fall in ignorance and the speech disputes and they didn't differ amongst themselves only because they left arabic language they left the Arabic tongue listen an Arab you see the people that are fallen in arguments with each other and disputes that's because their lack of understanding of the Arabic language so they that caused them to have any problems between each other in understanding the Dean also Hasan al Basri he Mahalo one of the great scholars of the past Hasan al Basri when the people innovation were been mentioned to him he said a hello Kurt Hummel hajima they're being destroyed by their hajima Elohim rajma is their non Arabic tongue the non Arabic tongue Yanni they've been destroyed because they wanted to understand the Quran they wanted to understand the Sunnah but not in the Arabic with the Arabic language so that's why they fail in innovations because they're non proper proper understanding of the Quran and the Sunnah so understanding the Quran and the Sunnah in Arabic way protects should be in dealer from falling in kind of things but understanding it in Arabic way is not enough you need also to understand it the way the Sahaba radiyallahu anhum understood it if done send for an O Sunna like the Sahaba radiallahu anhum understood it and they were the best people in understanding Arabic after the Prophet sallallaahu senem also understanding the Arabic language helps you increasing your understanding of the religion le ma chatte Ibrahim Mahalo he said fayeed afarid Namib Ted en famille Arabiya form of Teddy infamy Sharia Oh Buddha was it informative a certain fee famous area well muta wasa to Lamia blue Dodge attorney hyah for in India in adhiraj 18 hiya Phil arabiya Kanaka delicate fish area were high damage udon Fillmore folk art and modular Rabia soft had to Mira hamsa Tasha this is very important mm a shot to be one of the scholars of the past of Andaluz what what's now Spain in his book alum Wafaa heart the fourth volume page 115 he says that if we have a beginner in the Arabic language he is automatically also a beginner in understanding the Sharia the religion of Allah spent Allah he said and we if we have some a person that is at the mid level of understanding the Arabic he has to be also then automatically also in the mid level of understanding Sharia if we have a person that it has the top level of Arabic he has also to be like that in understanding Sharia it shows us that this is going head in head this goal a hand in hand any understanding the Sharia and understanding the Arabic you cannot be at the top level of Sharia if you are a beginner in Arabic language you cannot be a scholar while you cannot speak Arabic the scholars of Islam in the books of a solo faith when they mention the mistake it the most ahead is the highest level of scholar almoost ahead the one that does the HT hat it gives the Futaba is not a mockolate they bring the conditions is to be half it for an is to know so many high deeds one of the conditions to be a scholar and mooshed ahead is to know the Arabic language you can never be a monster hit without knowing the Arabic language but I want to say that some scholars of the past like Lehman I met and even Rajab he Mahalo and other ones they they are warning against some people that went too deep in Arabic language so deep that they didn't give time to the knowledge what is more important like to hate and fit so you have to be balanced and you don't go overboard we have to learn Arabic so we can understand the Quran we can understand the Sunnah but I think in any language you have like the deep kind of you know like deep English deep or do deep Arabic you know like the the poetry you know very deep so a mohammed rahim hala we find that even Raja Brahimi Allah he said vaca delica carry her I met at the was Sir our FEMA Arafat Aloha mihari be ha Ankara Allah I be obeyed in to our Syrah who Fidel acaba Paul who are usually knew a Mahua a Moomin who Yanni remember even roger bernat akin in his book father in father l myself and mother left page 24 he said that a Muhammad Rahim Ajala used to dislike that you go too deep in the Arabic language and in it strange in the strange words in any language you have like words that are not widely using my concern I look at and he disliked my Muhammad rahimullah disliked the way Oboro bade it was also a scholar used to do I were obeyed used to go so deep in the language that in Mohammed said he he used to dislike that the way of our bed used to go in his Arabic language and he said Mohammed said who are you sure hello and now I have mu min who it keeps you busy from that what is more important and we have a key that we have to heat with v so you have to learn Arabic you have to give it your time we are far from the level we have to be at in the Arabic language so don't think because I say this that Halasz we have enough know we if the imam reads the Quran do we understand what Allah is wanting from us so we are far from that level we have to do our best and shadow to achieve that level so far from that but the might come a level where you say I now have to focus on other subjects the subjects are compulsory for you to know like the head and other subjects so I wanted to mention that lastly I will if WA is why do we or why have we chosen this book Al Arabiya - Vania take this book as you can see Al Arabiya - been a headache Arabic the Arabic wattle arabiya - the Arabic vena between ya Dacre your hands this is the title of the book it's quite strange if you are studying this book for five six months you don't know the title first ask you what what kind of book do you study what's the name of the book you have to know what the book is Al Arabiya 2 is the Arabic baina between Eureka your two hands Arabic between your hands if you heard this name and arabiya to Bailey a dick it's something that encouraged you to learn it you know it's between your hands just grab it it's not far yeah and you have now the opportunity lara beer to bein a dick so grab it and start studying it this book is written by three doctors any doctor is not only the person of the hospital but doctor is the one that has the highest level of university grade does the doctor so the three doctors have written this book and that makes the book also stronger because if you are alone or you write a book you might make mistakes and even three people can make mistakes but it stronger than if one person would write this whole book this book is like I said been written by three doctors from the jama at Millikin disease university university medical disease in Riyadh in Saudi Arabia and this book will Allah will hand is now being taught in more than 70 universities across the world so this is a very very famous book and it's quite a new book and we have chosen this book also because it's not only written there is also audio with it so you have two ways of learning you hear you hear you have you know when we went to the primary school used to say you can learn in different ways with the senses you can see you can hear and so forth and so on so by only seeing is powerful but if you also hear you hear the Arabic voices because this book goes with the CD that makes you much stronger so this is you don't find a lot of books where you can also have the CD with it or the tapes because in this book you can choose between tapes or CDs so this is very this is a very strong point of choosing this book the CD and you know that you are able to go home and put the CD and listen to the dialogues and how it's been spelled and how is being pronounced we chose this book also because of the many many pictures in this book it's full of pictures and you know that it's very easy to to learn the vocabulary if there is a picture with it then you assure that and this is a tree and this is a house and so forth and so on also my brother's this book it learns it teach you Arabic in Islamic way so bring it gives you a light from the Quran it gives you hadith it gives you Islamic history so because I told you in the introduction there is a there's a connection between Arabic and the Deen Allah chose Arabic for his religion so you find that back in the head in this book so I think this book is one of the best books I have seen for a beginner beginner student especially that this book doesn't start too quickly with the grammar some of the Arabic books for the beginners you open the book you start with a few letters few words and then they start directly in the grammar and grammar in any language is quite difficult even English any language if you say to a student in the school what subject you don't really like you know like he might say grammar but some people they like grammar but starting too fast in grammar my mind make you desperate might make you give you a desperate feeling of not understanding you might drop out at the end so there are a lot of benefits in studying this book so inshallah we will sharp mashaallah go through this book in sha Allah with Allah's will and if there are any questions you can ask no questions have the I hope it's clear - a locket a bottle it means the student book okay Kate abu talib you said the front key table a pileup student book be always aware if you if you want to buy this book that you of kitab italic yes because you have also kita burn more alum the teachers book so if you order a book be sure that the kita Batali with student book and be sure that it's yellow because if also the green and the blue one that's book two and three of also book two and three so be sure that's book one because there are three books and there are they are working now to put it in four books okay because there is a problem a small problem now and that is that the gap between book one and two this kind of gap between book one and two brothers the finished book one and they went in book two they find they found some difficulties some not all some so what are their going to do now they want to close this gap okay so there will be insha'Allah it will be in four volumes for books and she'll in the future but after one or one half year like the employee of this company I called them last month and they said it might take 101 to one half year to complete this project insha'Allah no it's all in Arabic the CD like you might know if you open the book and every every trip or every exercise where you see the small tape there is where you can put the CD player so if you see a small tape is only there there you use there the tape recorder so all the all the vocabulary all the dialogues are in the CD or in the tapes if you have the tapes but they are totally Arabic they are for the sound yet the pronunciation there for the pronunciation that you pronounce it well some teachers they don't use the tape a lot or the city a lot because they think it's quite faster to to go especially if the teacher can pronounce it properly the vocabulary and the dialogues so he might do it himself but none also very important this book if you put the CD on one of the first things after the bismillah her mother him is that this book is the local arabiya lira not athena beha is very important they later not Athena B ha this book is being written for the non Arabic speakers it's one of the most important things I wanted to mention because but I forgot it this book is written for who for the non Arabic speakers you might find a book in learning Arabic but for the Arabic speakers it was more difficult to understand so this book is specially written for the non Arabic speakers so that's why you see that this book is very spread in countries like Africa and in Asia and Indonesia and Malaysia and that sort of kind of countries none does a common law Harun václav chicken masala la sallim ala nabina muhammad in one early he was a BH main well hamdulillah he probably me all over Oh God