Aladdin Ep 329 Full Episode 19th November 2019


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At least, tell us what the condition is. Shab-E-Baraat will start in 24 hours from now. And the condition is that Shab-E-Baraat only affects.. I mean, it forgives and cleanses the souls of only those who observe a fast for 24 hours in seeking forgiveness. After 24 hours, the moon will become so strong that its impact on Ginu will be at its peak and he will recover. But until then, Ginu will have to stay hungry. Oh, my God! We are doomed. A liar can be kept away from excuses and a fish can be kept away from water but keeping Ginu away from food is impossible. Along with that, the one closest to him will have to sing prayers for him. By singing songs? Then you let it be. Can I pray for him? No. Genie Meanie, only that person can pray for Ginu who was with him during his good time. Closest to him. And the person closest to Ginu is his friend, Aladdin. But.. In that way, Aladdin may get caught. Then who will pray for him? The one who spent the most time with Ginu. The one who loves him a lot. The one whose voice brought my old friend back to his senses even though for only a few moments. The one who considers him as her son. Your mother.. Yes. Mother. My mother and Ginu were inseparable. Ginu would eat only when mother fed him. And when mother sang a lullaby Ginu would feel so peaceful. So peaceful that he would quietly go inside his lamp. He just feared only one thing that mother would start hating him the day she finds out that he is actually a genie. He left the house because of these insecurities. It is time to clear this misunderstanding. Mother will bring Ginu back. Have you been having pills? Why are you jerking you head and giving silly expressions. This is strange, Master. Master, we have to open the door to Raaz-E-Kainat not the door of your living room. I will need my dark powers for that. And the moment a few drops of the water of Ab-E-Zamzam were splashed on me, something has gone wrong. I do not feel I can be of help to you at the moment. Then think and tell me what time will be convenient for you. Look, you are talking so nicely and looking so nice. Always talk like this. Why do you yell like idiots? - Genie of the Lamp! I mean.. T-Tomorrow. Tomorrow night, Master. I will save you from that snowstorm and will take you to the third door of Raaz-E-Kainat. What if that is not done? You know that I am rapidly running out of both patience and time. We have only 24 hours left. Y-Yes, I know, Master. B-Because it was me who read the book Raaz-E-Kainat and told you that the moment we open the first door then we have to open the other doors quickly. See? I remember. Anyway.. The special night is upon us. Then I will open the most important and the biggest door of Raaz-E-Kainat. The most important doorway into the dark world. But before that you must find a way to tackle the snowstorm tomorrow night and open the second door of Raaz-E-Kainat. My roly-poly Genie. How wonderful, Master! You addressed me with such affection. Master, I promise you, I shall do as you wish. Love is poisonous and genies are wicked. Good. But Aladdin how do we prevent Genie from consuming food and water for 24 hours? - We shall talk annoy him and make him run errands. We have to try every possible way to keep Genie away from food and water for 24 hours. When my mother prays for Genie the Almighty has to accept her prayers. What about Zafar? Jhumru, this is a relationship between a mother and her child. Let alone Zafar, even the Creator cannot separate them. Tomorrow, mother will call out to Ginu in her prayers and he will have to answer to her beckoning. But there is something we need to do at that time. What is it? We must remind him about the past. We need to bring out the goodness in him. That is for us to do. Tomorrow night, the moon stamp will take effect and so will the Shab-E-Baraat moon. Ginu will hear my mother's voice and then.. Shiekh Ginu will return. Yes, Yasmine. Fatso.. I mean, my old friend will finally return, Chand! Let go! Oh, God! You are very heavy for an old man. You should eat less, old man. Oh! What are you doing? You might just get us killed. You can do whatever you want when we reach the palace. But Aladdin, how will we convince your mother to pray for Shiekh Ginu? You are well aware that she dislikes Ali the merchant and she would never listen to you. What are we going to do? You have got a point. What now? My dear. - Yes. What do you feel? - I feel a lot of things. I feel cold. I feel hot. I cannot stand spice but I like 'Halwa' made from the chilies. I am trying to ask you why do you think the princess has summoned all of us here at this hour? Could you not ask me directly? I think the princess is up to something. Greetings! Greetings, Ali. Greetings! Imbecile! Long live Princess Yasmine.. Long live Princess Yasmine.. Long live Princess Yasmine.. Long live Princess Yasmine.. Long live Princess Yasmine.. Long live Princess Yasmine.. - Long live Princess Yasmine.. Long live the Princess.. Long live Princess Yasmine.. Greetings, Princess. On behalf everyone present here I would like to know why everyone was summoned over here at this hour. Is there a special reason? Is everything all right? I would like to thank everyone for coming. As you all must be aware tomorrow is the night of Shab-E-Baraat. In order to make this occasion more special in the memory of my late father I would like to host a grand celebration for the people of Baghdad, at the mosque. The night of Shab-E Baraat comes only once in a year. On this holy night, if a person fasts for 24 hours as a gesture of atonement and seeks forgiveness genuinely the Almighty forgives him for his sins. Praise the Lord! Such a noble thought! Will everyone get pardoned? Then there must many people who are anxiously waiting for this night. Am I right, Minister? - Indeed. 'Tomorrow, everyone will be busy seeking forgiveness from God.' 'In the meantime, I shall dodge the snowstorm' 'along with Genie of the Lamp' 'and enter the second door' 'of 'Raaz-E-Kainat'.' 'Wonderful!' What happened, Minister? What are you thinking? I would like to know about your views on this matter. What is my opinion? I swear, it is a wonderful idea, Princess! I mean, I am very impressed by your proposition. No one can suggest a better proposition than this. What do you think.. Ali? All right. It stands decided you shall be in charge of tomorrow's arrangements. What? But.. - What happened? Are you not happy with this? All right, undertake one more work. From now till tomorrow, you will stay with me. No, but.. - Do not go out of my sight even for a moment. You must personally supervise all the arrangements. Are you happy now? Great. Are you happy? - No, I will do something. Wait. All right, the decision has been made. What's the decision? Baghdad has been ridden with troubles in the past few years I want happiness to reign every street and every corner of Baghdad tomorrow night. I want the people of Baghdad to be happy, nothing else. And our minister will personally supervise the arrangements. Long live the Princess! - Long live Princess Yasmine! Long live the Princess! - Long live Princess Yasmine! Long live the Minister! - Long live the Minister! Great it seems. Now, what do you have to say? How will we open the second door of Raaz-E-Kainat? Will you come to open it? What happened, Minister? Why do you look tense? Well.. No.. He is worried because you took such a big decision and you did not give him the opportunity to speak. Do you want to say something? He wants to say that he will contribute for tomorrow's joyous day. And it is a matter of pride and honour to be able to do so. Am I right? What are you doing? Princess Yasmine is giving you such a wonderful opportunity to spend time with her and you are in dilemma? Leave all this, and say yes. I will convey it. Princess, your fiance will be with you all day tomorrow. He will not go anywhere else and will irritate you the entire day. I mean, he will do whatever you say. Am I right, Minister? Long live the Minister! - Long live the Minister! Long live the Minister! - Long live the Minister! Long live the Minister! - Long live the Minister! Long live the Minister! - Long live the Minister! First stage.. The first phase of 'we shall not return Genie' is complete. The crocodile has been trapped. Zafar has been tied up in various tasks for tomorrow. And now, the second stage. We have to steal Sheikh Ginu from Zafar and bring him to us, heal him completely and that too.. - Within 24 hours. Within 24 hours, if we don't open the second door then it will become an old pickle jar. What do you mean? I mean, all our struggles will go in vain. But don't worry, master. Tomorrow, when you are busy with the princess preparing for the grand celebration I will dodge the snow storm and open the second door of Raaz-E-Kainat. My beloved roly-poly Genie. You are my everything. You turned out to be exceptional. 'He seems well now.' 'He will be able to handle it.' Thank you, master. And yes, before everyone wakes up tomorrow morning, I will finish your work. What are we talking about, my friend? My friend? Mr. Ali.. What are you doing here? Come, let us go for a walk outside in fresh air. Am I a wet 'Dupatta' that you are taking me outside to dry? 'Genie got affected when I called him brother.' 'This is what I wanted.' 'My friend, I will take out' 'the real Genie from inside you.' Ali, you may not be a wet 'Dupatta' but you are not the hair of a pretty lady either that going out in the air would mess you up. Let us go.. - Come. Let us go. How about we take Junaid along as well? Why? Ali, tell me one thing. Why are Junaid and you so inseparable that he must tag along with you all the time? Listen, he shall not go anywhere. He will stay here. 'Good Lord! This is such a big mess!' Why are you shouting so loudly? My ears are hurting. And I have not eaten anything since the last 30 minutes. Where can I get 'Samosas' here? Sir.. There is a shop around the corner We will buy 'Samosas' from there. We will order for some extra green chutney. 'Thank God! The moon stamp is showing its effect.' 'Ginu's old memories are coming back, albeit in pieces.' Ali.. Junaid is unwell. I shall give him a sedative and get back to you. Aladdin has said, that at any cost we will have to remind Ginu of his past. Let me get started. Minister.. Look here. I have brought some important documents. You please.. - Make paper boats of them and drown them. I mean, make them float. The one who interrupts at the wrong time can only be cousin Gulbadan. Did you see? We are having such an important discussion and he has come along with his useless papers. The way you spoke, reminds me of someone. Reminds you of someone? Who is it? Who was the one who spoke exactly like you? Go back home.. Sit with your healthy mother and your weak father and then think about this. Who did he look like and who was it? Minister, that is what I am saying. Who was it? Who? I remember! Aladdin's friend, Ginu. Aladdin, my brother.. What is all this? Minister, forget all that and read this. Read it.. Read it. Lord Junaid, your face is very similar to Sheikh Ginu. Do you know him? Sheikh Ginu?