Albedo loves master Ainz

My Lord! I miss you so much! Let me .. Let me touch you! I haven't seen you for so long! You are welcome! Don't torture me! I'm so glad. I am so happy that you finally came to me! Sorry master! I will be very careful with you! It's just that I have completely lost the habit of you. My master's hands are so warm! I like it so much when the master hugs me! Yes. That's it, my lord! Thank You so much time has passed since our first and, one might say, last kiss .. Perhaps you will do me a great honor and ... give me 1 more kiss? Pleass Pleass Pleass Pleass Pleass Pleass I can not wait anymore! This is a reward for waiting for you for so long Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you my lord! Ainz's lips are so lovely. My lord, I've always wanted to try something else. Maybe you like it too. I promise I won't do anything wrong, it's true! Well? ... More? ΠΎΠΊ! Mr. Ainz. You are so delicious! This is what it means to truly love your master. No, I've never done that before. But with you I really wanted to. I do not know why.. So what if I'm a succubus? I hadn’t met men before. And if I did, I didn't have time to do anything .. So my master doesn't have to worry about it. My master is the first. My lord, what are you doing? Even in the sweetest dreams, I never dreamed that you would hug me so tightly. I am embarrassed Shalltear will envy me. No! I won't tell her! This is our little secret. You Like that? I just do it with my tongue. Fair! I have never studied this. Nobody taught me! I'm just experimenting. I'm pleased too, yes! Master .. My lord .. What do you like best? Yes I know. It's time for us to go. I do not want either. But it is necessary. We will see you again today! I will visit you. Why hug so tight? It's much better than that goodbye kiss. This is not all. I think I will have time to come to you again today. Shh, don't tell anyone. I love you so much, my lord, I love you so much .. I can't believe I'm so happy ..