Alicia Keys Asks People Not To Give Their Opinion Unless She Asks


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first of all the Aria hotel in Vegas uh-huh I just want to drop on a close bond for them because they're told a heated toilet seat that when you do with a number two it cools you but for you it dries you've got rare cleaning front cleaning the dryer in the heated toilet it made me want that in my I'm not gonna front getting it in my house I push the front clean it just to see what without I can't believe I've been sitting on these peasant a toilet so I need this I felt I went I did my usual 8:30 poo just now and I felt like this I was disgusted in myself like then it cleans you oh my god you got to look at the tissue after you wipe when you got one it all the doubt that rare cleaning I still got oh it's still a habit yeah you got a white way no soap there you still got a white bit buddy but dropping a clue ball for the Aria hotel in business even if you like it it's called the total wash lid I took a picture because I'm getting one in my house god damn it that's how you bought all right rumors right let's get to the rumors let's talk Kardashians The Breakfast Club but this ended up being a talking point for some people now Keeping Up with the Kardashians Kourtney Kardashian is talking about her daughter Penelope and how her daughter scratched the nanny he was really upset she was putting her in the car and Penelope scratched her face but like if you're a nanny you also never had scratches can you pop the kids cool you could also say something to her in the moment I don't know I think to reach out to her I am so sorry North tried to bite my nanny and said I don't want a nanny anymore you can go home and I was like you can't find her her nanny all right well Scott Disick and Cory gamble and Cory gamble is kris Jenner's boyfriend they ended up getting into it on discipline because Scott should have slapped my six-year-old scratches you and you got discipline without talking to me now anyone spank my daughter you're not even part of this family knock it off it takes a village but now you're not putting your hands on my uncle I guess what would you be a step uncle if big gamer ISTEP granddaddy you have no right to my child he'll be a granddaddy daddy dad never heard of it yet all right now let's move on and talk about the I heart festival over the weekend Alicia Keys performed and killed it she also did an interview with Ryan Seacrest afterward which you might not have had a chance to see yet but here she is talking about people weighing in on things that I ain't asked you about I do ask people not to give their opinion less I have and unless they're asked for it though no one in here no opinions not minions don't you think like wouldn't don't you think like if I said hey how do you like my outfit then it's cool if you're like oh you know what I love it or I don't like it so much but when people are just like I'm like like oh I didn't ask you that only works in real life around your immediate circle because people in social media give their opinions all the time but doesn't it work the other way cuz what if you got an outfit on that's fire you still don't want my opinion you can say oh I like it because if you if you can accept the good opinions and you should be able to accept it anyway what you post something on social media either you turn off your comments or just be prepared for people to be like oh she needs a style that she just is waxed she's this she's that or people being like I love your outfit where did you get it and you always get both right all right well I'm Angela Yee and that is your rumour report [Music]