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Chris Stuckmann


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Elita battle angel is directed by Robert Rodriguez and produced by James Cameron who has had the rights for this forever I remember back in the day reading about what he might want to do with this project getting very excited about it for years and then eventually I just lost all hoping and ever being made I've always loved yokutoku Sheroes manga I think it's brilliant really influential stuff check it out sometime if you haven't it's readily available in just about every major bookstore and this film tells the story of Aleta a cyborg found in a scrap heap by Christoph Waltz's character doctor II do he's known for repairing damage to cybernetic limbs but in this case he completely reconstructs her body and when she comes back to life she has no memory of her past self but she is able to do incredible things and we get to watch her journey as she discovers who she is for anime fans we live in a very exciting time not only is it readily available to us at our fingertips but anime adaptations are happening in the United States we've had the ghost in the shell' film this year we have the Pokemon detective film and now we have Aleta battle angel people are noticing just how much of a market there is for this and gratefully people are noticing who actually care this is by no means a flawless movie it certainly has a lot of narrative issues and it has some pacing problems some characterizations that didn't really work for me some relationships that didn't really work for me but it's clear watching the film as someone who loves the manga and who really loves this character that Rodriquez and Cameron really gave a shit they tried super fucking hard to make a damn good Elita movie the world is gorgeous the effects are spectacular they're some of the best I've seen the motor ball sequences which in this film as in the manga it's the sporting events where people have this metal ball and they're basically going around a racetrack and it's very violent and people can get hurt and killed and those sequences aren't seen they're so thrilling and so well done that just those scenes alone I feel like they're gonna please a lot of fans of the manga there's narrative things that have been changed nothing super drastic the core aspects of the manga and what it's about and the characters in it are translated here to this film beautifully this really feels like elitist world on the big screen and and the things within it some of the more subtle nuances of the manga about the way society views each other the higher society and then people who are on the lower part of the world where they want to go to zalem so badly where everything is kind of like Elysium you know we're like everything up there just seems like this otherworldly heaven that they can't even comprehend those themes are retained here pretty well although sometimes the film does fall back to action and wanting to be very action heavy with tons of fights it's not as cerebral as girls in the show or as ponderous but it's a lot more action heavy it doesn't have as much to say about the human condition as ghost in the shell' did but this movie is a lot more concerned with entertaining you I was able to see the film in IMAX 3d for the screening and during certain sequences the aspect ratio expands and you get a better view of the action sequences and similar to James Cameron's Avatar I would recommend seeing this film in 3d if you get a chance because I think it added quite a bit to it and I'm not really a purveyor of 3d I don't really care that much about it but in this case I think it added a lot there's a central romance in the film that came off a bit cheesy and a little melodramatic and it didn't really work for me all the time I didn't really believe it necessarily as far as the villains as well there's something that's used in the movie where the main bad guy is Nova who's up on zalem and he's controlling people and speaking through them in a way and so you never really get the sense that he's all that involved he's kind of like the emperor you know like you've heard about him but you don't really get to see that much of him until Return of the Jedi and then you're like okay I see how he's had his hands and all these things and so some of the confrontations in the film between good and evil felt a little one-dimensional because I didn't really feel the villain as a presence because this movie definitely wants to make other films in the franchise which for some I'm sure will be a problem when you see one and then it's setting up another one and you feel like you didn't get what you wanted some people are gonna be annoyed by that and I totally understand that at the same time I think your enjoyment of this film is going to heavily rely on how much you like anime or manga because this film is unapologetically in your fucking face about being anime which is one of the reasons I loved aspects of the film I've wanted to see films like this for a long time and I'm excited that we're living in a time where we're getting stuff like this and for people who aren't as well-versed though in anime or manga you're going to see a lot of things that don't really make sense that maybe don't narratively feel like the rest of the bunch this movie has no qualms with being exactly what it's trying to be and for some people that's gonna be a major problem it's also kind of helpful if you know something about the manga because then at least you feel like you have some attachment you understand the themes because a lot of my friends who saw it with me at the screening they went in and they had a certain expectation and the film didn't give them that I didn't have that expectation because I already had a really well versed knowledge of what the manga was about and I knew what the story was about and I've spoken out against this in the past I've said like look you can't judge a movie and say it's better just because you like the source material that's not fair I still feel that way I'm just saying that I might be a little more biased than some critics in this regard because I love the manga and I saw so many aspects of it faithfully translated to the big screen and so I'm gonna give certain things that pass maybe that some critics don't that could be a flaw on my part with this review and I'm just being totally real with you guys but you know that's part of talking about movies is you have to be honest I fucking love the manga and aspects of this movie really did a great job of that Rose Salazar is fantastic as Aleta and the special effects I really cannot talk enough about them Christoph Waltz was good as II do Jennifer Connelly was underutilized in her role it didn't feel like her character had that much to her they tried to add some things to make her have more depth and she was fine in the movie it just felt like her character wasn't as much of a presence as the film was hoping she was Mahalo Ali same his character is often the puppet of Nova and so in that way it's hard to really comprehend what side he's on he obviously has evil goals but then you also feel bad for him because he's kind of a victim of mistreatment from Nova but still I think this is a film that's much better than critics are saying it is I think that it's a movie that technically does so much for the filmmaking world and it's really hard if you are an artist to look at this film and not be impressed with the amount of work that went into it and just how insanely beautiful everything is and if someone who has wanted to see this film for a long time I didn't leave disappointed and I would like to see more I'm gonna give a Lita battle angel ABI guys thank you so much as always for watching look forward to more reviews very soon my wife and I are gonna see the new How to Train Your Dragon tomorrow so hopefully I'll have a review for that this weekend guys thank you very much as always and if you like this you can click right here and get stuck mine eyes 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