All Time Low Past Present and Future Hearts Straight To DVD II Documentary

a situation on four load unless less obsessed with the future [Music] and all my worries they don't bother you collect and you render me useless but I carry like now I think that she fainted I'm searching for Ashley [Music] I know salsa's that you say shut up to shame [Applause] there's really just no way of knowing where you're gonna go next in the world of all-time load I remember looking back at making the first DVD and being one of the biggest shows we've ever played at the time the nerves we felt for that were the same nerves that we felt gearing up for the Wembley show everybody put in so much work over the 11 years that we had been a band and it's been a steady slow build always and there's just all these stepping stones that when you look back and try to put it in context it's like fuck is this really happening to us just knowing that are the fans that we have are out there believing in us and backing us makes me so excited for the future because we have no intention of stopping I look forward to watching this DVD and then gearing up to make the next one and seeing seeing all the things that have changed in that time maybe we've gotten bad what if we got bad what if I'm sitting down to do straight-to-dvd 3 and it's like man shouldn't have done this should have worked at Best Buy starting to rethink everything this is bad Karen [Music] [Music] there came a time in our career when we decided to proceed with a new adventure and sign with a major label we signed to interscope records at the time it seemed like that was the best thing for the band you just come off our biggest album yet nothing personal there is a lot of buzz about the band everyone was really excited about us we saw the goals we wanted to achieve but we didn't at the time quite know exactly how to get there seemingly when we went to meet the label it was great they were very excited with the fact that we already had an established fanbase we're like this is it this isn't gonna push to the top we're just gonna blow up up until that moment we had the next couple years of our lives kind of planned out the dirty work the recording process was I guess then a word it was kind of bumpy it definitely started off a little weird and a little different was our first attempt at a major label record and it was our first time having any sort of major label money backing the record a 20 cents fucking throw a little wakes up give a shit about money we jumped into a record label situation with Interscope at a time when major labels were struggling hard and so we kind of got ourselves in over our heads a little bit in the sense that we put all our cards on the table and made dirty work but when it was time to come and release that record we sort of ended up in a situation where suddenly Interscope was cleaning house and throughout the next couple weeks and then months we realized that we didn't know anyone to label anymore people are disappearing out of the office and as a band you're like oh this is not really going how he planned duck in there and so we had this release date for dirty work coming up and we had the biggest tour we'd ever done at the time with yellow card a Monday and a summer set and we had no record we could be done they could show off us and not drop her a record and we'll be stuck here and the record didn't come out for something like six months after that when we were in the middle of Germany you had people at the label making decisions who don't understand a band like that don't understand a band who lives and dies by their fans not lives and dies by a single on the radio I think that they felt lost in the system and they were questioning what they were all about where their career was going to go it's a very difficult time for them it wasn't a United Front it was very disjointed and erratic the first song release wasn't quite what we wanted nobody really understood the video of I feel like dancing having been very close to that process there are some things that the band was being pushed into doing that from the very GetGo we knew did not feel right I think that comes through it's impossible to hide that it was a really scary moment for all time low it was the first time in our career we were surrounded by uncertainty and we didn't really know what the next step was gonna be so it looks like it should be at like a gallery cuz I'm not good by the end of the cycle we went into Interscope and said look this isn't working no one we signed with is still here our ANR is gone no one knows who we are and and we're not happy here and you don't think that you want us to be here critically and in the magazines and online and stuff there was sort of these reviews going like whoa this is the moment the band changed and this was the one where they missed I remember doing interviews at the time and if people were basically predicting the end of us I think because a couple of missteps it created this perception that that record was a failure for us despite the fact that it did great and touring kept growing it wasn't as bad as it seemed like on the outside [Music] we were on cloud nine I think a lot of the issue with how that album was perceived is the way in which it was rolled out because if you listen to that album dirty work it's really the band firing on all cylinders for the large majority of it that was pretty much when we realized that it was maybe not the place to be at Interscope Records maybe it was best to go back to the label and ask if it would be cool to part ways amicably they obliged which was cool it was kind of like a mutual split you hear tons of major label horror stories and we got a little bit of taste of that but we didn't get is the lawyers and all the contractual stuff happening it was a pretty much an easy break it's cool when when that story happens because I've seen a lot of bands that come up and then they sign with a major and it doesn't work for them and it causes the band just to fall apart and you're like man those guys were so talented what happened all-time low got stronger they got closer they got better at what they do they were better for it at the end of the day we were still young and we didn't know anything a lot of our decisions were never that calculated we went into things sort of brash and was all in an effort to build but at the same time it was always like taking that leap of faith and I think that was the one time where we jumped and landed in quicksand and we were like oh shit how do we dig ourselves out of this one because the perception of the band had changed a little bit so I think that was a big lesson for all-time low during the dirty work album cycle really having the courage of their convictions and just knowing what's true to them and what's not [Applause] [Music] it felt weird to be unsigned but I'd say the peak of our career at that time it definitely felt a little uncomfortable to really not know what the next step was it was a scary time for sure I'd say it was scariest we've ever had but in the end things always work out we didn't love what happened with the label and how that was handled and we felt that and we missed a big opportunity but our eyes were always four we knew that it wasn't done wasn't near finished and we knew what the next step had to be which ended up being don't panic I feel like that experience is what catapulted us into this new mindset we were refocused to redefine all-time low pretty heavily it was almost like closing one book and starting another of where the bang came from we came out really invigorated and passionate and ready to make an all-time low album writing songs that harken back to our Warped Tour days into the days of stage-diving and dusty circle pits it was just a great fit to get back into that realm with music again that was a big guideline for us telling the tale of how he grown up together and become the people that we are and we shut all the blinds and blocked everybody out and started working on what would eventually be our next record don't panic and it sort of saved the day for us [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] to all of you it's count somewhere in Neverland [Music] [Music] don't panic was a new chapter for us I felt like we sort of hit the reset button on all-time low we had a meeting as soon as the whole Interscope thing went down about what do we do next how do we put all this past us really quickly and that was the answer right there was really quickly we knew we had to reconnect with the fans and we knew we had to do something that was honest and heartfelt we sat down and made a plan decided let's go back to what we do best back to where we came from beliefs and album one the label that got us to where we are today went back to hopeless records and that completed this story almost it might have been one of the best things in the world to go through that trauma and to come out the other side with the people who've been supporting them from day one going back to hopeless it's kind of nice that you can go back to that it's like home as you need everybody hopeless loves the band the people that hopeless really do care it was cool because we were so impatient and so invigorated and we had written this record about what we had just been through and where we came from we kind of felt that we had something to prove in a way it's not to say that because we really did love the record prior but it seemed like fans felt that we might have lost our way a little bit and it was clouded by this major label thing and I still think if dirty-work were to come out on an indie label nobody would have questions like that's my thought on it feel like our first three albums and the EP are sort of like phase one of the Ben and then when we resided with hopeless records and put out don't panic I felt like we were this new band so it was a big crazy full circle moment for us no one was telling us what to do we just want to do a pop punk record through and through you really hear on don't panic how honest that album is those first four songs Tuesday reckless in the brave backseat serenade fifty sheets four states and somewhere Neverland I feel like ten years down the line will still be classic all-time low songs it was really exciting time for us because look we love writing fast pop punk songs we always have it's our bread and butter and that was really don't panic for us you guys you can come back now like it's okay and we're back [Music] let me see those hands [Music] great labels great companies are built off of great artists and there's a real partnership that has to happen when everyone's working together and that's the dream situation luckily all-time low I think through that experience found out really what made them stronger [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] - fucking thank you for supporting us over all these years so thank you guys so much for wherever you guys are for supporting us believing in our band [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] so we were in the thick of touring we had done all these festivals across Europe and in the States and then something amazing happened to us when Green Day got in touch and was like hey we want to do a bunch of shows with you being able to go play shows with Green Day overseas was absolutely nuts for us we got to play all over Europe and we got to play Emirates Stadium for what 63,000 people Green Day sold it out by themselves and then you got added on the show we were like that's insane we got onstage you know just a sea of people guys you'll really get a minute to think about it and there's no way to simulate that or practice for it so we just kind of jumped in and embraced it no new way Steve Austin it sort of introduced us to this new scale of what shows can be for all time low you know we're playing with the big boys now to be honest touring the green Dayne opening up for them in Europe for two months changed a whole landscape of our band I think it opened the door for us and took us to a next level over there there was a noticeable and tangible difference after we did those shows as far as how much our following increased the second we left people were immediately like what are you coming back when are you coming back what are you coming back I think that was the time in our career when we circled the world three times over two years of constant touring it was a lot of festivals it was a lot of drunken debauchery it was the best because we felt like we were back on track we're back to what is that it is a lot the traveling is a lot and sometimes you go off the deep end a little bit it was kind of amazing because that sort of kicked off the idea of his follow up team a look let's start showing people how much this band has grown not only in the States but around the world because of our constant constant touring work together to make a better world my back if the motors my payza looking this all-time low touring being the crew we hope you have a great time we hired a videographer Travis a curry to come out with us and help us out on the road document everything [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] drop I see back then we're on tour with Travis it was cool wild than it is now being what 23 on the road we've got the crew back together and it was just sort of shenanigans we just kept saying attempt traps always have your camera on always keep your camera on don't miss anything we filmed everything everything on pshh I can't do this it's always good to have someone around just capturing things no matter what is whoa forget that people do want to look into that part of your life we didn't have organized filming sessions or anything we just had a dude always have a camera I'm really happy we have insight to what we're thinking and what we're feeling at that point our lives 13 rating this time breath my mind has 1000 mashed potatoes Travis fill this we're not [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] we're the same traveling what else is new I think the best part about the all-time wheel camp whether its crew or band members is at any given moment something ridiculous could happen but there's no [Applause] [Music] we were at the end of the don't panic cycle we finished touring on the record it was time to write and do the next record and I don't know with someone at the label or what it was but someone said let's do a release of don't panic and put a few more songs on that's when we came up with the idea to do don't panic it's longer now Alex went to the studio to start writing with Mike Green so we did two songs over the course of two days a song called a calamity and we did another song called the love like war Alex was like man this Oklahoma tee song is awesome but I don't know about this other one a love like war it's alright Alex wrote this song called love like war the first time I heard it I felt it was missing something and I think we all did I remember thinking this would be a really cool back and forth with another vocalist cuz at the time you know is all Alex on vocals the idea came up to get Vic for a pierce the veil on the song Alex asked if I wanted to be on this song that they had and they sent me the demo of it we knew Vic pretty well but we didn't know him order that band as well as we do now and I'm sure you'll see in the footage we know them quite well they do man this is mr. cent I remember it like the first time ice melted no when you do a ruby lease and you put on b-sides or demos anything like that you do it because look we love this song if we want the fans to hear him you rarely do it with the expectation of this might be one of our biggest songs and that's exactly what happened so Vic tracked his entire part at their home studio and we didn't know what to expect they had most of the song planned out pretty well already and I just had to add my own vibe to it I was very happy to be a part of it there's just something about having victim that chorus of a love like war and the second verse that just really made that song astounding as soon as I heard Vic and Alex together I mean I like I lost my shit I thought it was the perfect collaboration it sounded amazing and it was what the song was missing we dropped a rerelease with this single and it honestly it extended the life of the album for another year [Music] [Music] it was one of the biggest songs definitely on that record and definitely of our career so thank you Vic I think musics all about collaboration and it was very cool of having this big collaborative effort going forward and I think at the time we felt like our bands were very different but we quickly realized that because of that song there was this massive crossover between all-time low fans and pierce the veil fans and so we almost immediately decided that we had to tour together one that's when we came up with the idea of the spring fever tour and doing this co-headliner and pushing us both into rooms that were bigger than we had ever played before the spring fever tour that we did with all-time low was one of my favorite tours I think we've ever done we were blown away by the reception in that tour and how well it did gillich sold out in a week it just like blew up is a prime example two independent bands that have been on the grind for years finding a creative way to engage the rock community and take things to a new level going out and just putting on a show that people would never forget bring beaver tour well it's a party tour I went from day one we were just like oh this is gonna be fun there was no ego there was no fighting there was nothing like that it was just a party every night like literally a party every time I walked on pierce the veils bus they would make me do a shot of Jameson with him and it was just non-stop partying I've never drinking so much Jameson in my life we were backstage playing beer pong we're hanging out we're getting to know them I think on that tour it must have gained like 10 pounds of alcohol weight it was one of those tours where you just sort of didn't feel bad about walking on stage while with other bands were playing pierce the veil I brought out a beer pong table it was just like a frat party happening behind me and the worst part about it was I couldn't participate and it shows incredible like I don't wanna play beer pong that was one of those tours where at the end of it you're like oh shit that's the end it was so fun to have a tour where was that light-hearted the whole time I think it might be my favorite tour we've ever done and it was kind of the beginning of a friendship that lasts forever [Music] after spring fever tour we got to be a part of the first eight PMA awards we had been nominated for a song of the year and it was actually song of the year for a love like war the AP Awards was a really big deal for us because one of our first times actually getting to go to the war show and see some kind of recognition for what we've done I think it was amazing because it kind of slipped into the underground for a minute rock music did so it was refreshing to see ap magazine pick up that torch that certain other publications have done elsewhere and run with it it was a cool way to close out the record cycle and to be on stage performing a love like war would Vic or was a really cool moment for us but also for fans we ended up winning the song of the year for that song and it was just kind of a surreal moment I carried the Vic out on stage actually to the microphone I wasn't ready for that and we got to hoist not only 200 feet but we also got to hoist Vic over our heads which is always I like holding that man obviously we have to give a big shout out to Victor Fuentes right here for making this song incredible thank you to hopeless records thank you to Mike Greene our producer and a massive massive thank you to AP and to Mike Shea and everyone at APU for putting this on first one this is pretty damn good pretty damn good thank you guys so much just kind of a fun little after-party of the dough mechanic cycle it was really fun to do something like that with your friends and share that moment I think that's what's playing music is all about it's about sharing these great times with your friends and that's my always remember that coming from spring fever to AP or it's to winning the award was just surreal you can't really believe it and you feel so lucky and so blessed to just even be a part of it between hopeless records between releasing don't panic with a song with Vic doing a tour it gave us hope that we can keep doing this for a lot longer it hits you all of a sudden that these things you never expect to happen sometimes early creep out of nowhere and are the things that define a moment but I think that's the best part about life sometimes you don't know the unexpected is you know the adventure seriously guys thank you so so so much for this honestly every every band that was nominated deserves this thanks so much every song on that list is incredible again this is all you guys this is all votes this is you guys making a difference for us thank you so much for what you do thank you it's truly after that was when we started buckling down and thinking about the next move [Music] on this record we just felt like we had a little more room to play around and we didn't want it the last record we tried sending some different stuff it had some really cool results so the time came to make a new record we shut things down for a minute and went back to the drawing board and started writing songs co-writing records is easy just that simple we had like 10 or 15 songs at this point but we needed someone to come together and make an album out of it we had a hard time picking a producer for future hearts because we wanted to get out of our comfort zone and work with someone that we had never worked with before and that can be like terrifying when you're not sure who you're gonna work with on an album I'm scared I need paint if no code and one day one of us was like well let's hit up John Feldmann we sort of just shot in the dark sent John an email and he just responded with all caps fuck yes that's it exclamation exclamation exclamation just fuck yes fuck yes hey my friend Johnny fucking awesome we had always dreamed of working with failed minutes so we're like that's our game I was definitely top 40 on their list for sure number 39 all right cross them all off John Feldmann and I was super pumped of course recording what a Feldman was pretty much as crazy if not crazier than when I expected he's like a mad scientist when you get in the studio with him anytime you make a record with feldy you were gonna get an experience he's got a vision and he's intense making future hearts was such a great experience for me because the guys were so open mind in terms of boring told you to program the fucking drama not to be here he really was just drums whatever whatever it is that I can help come up with to inspire him to write the record he wanted out that's really my job which i think is really important in a producer because you have to get the band your with you can't shape them into something that they're not we buy them guys what are we fighting for the only really good you know the writing process especially for Alex is a hard time because he's throwing out so much creativity and so many emotions but in a day's drained so it was good to be around him and have a positive support system what's going on midway through the process of writing the record it was kind of an opportunity for us with future harvests who enlist the help of some of our buddies and bring them in to work on songs together we were so fortunate to have the Madden brothers so on the record those guys have always taken us under their wing and treated us like their little bros and showed us the ropes many many times we grew up idolizing Good Charlotte they're the hometown heroes alex is a great writer and I think all-time low it's very similar to Good Charlotte we all have at the working class an attitude we sat down and started writing with just acoustics around a table writing with good song writers it's very much like a great tennis match and for me real songwriting starts with an instrument in a vocal that's the cool thing with music is every now and then there's that one intangible and you just can't quite put your finger on what's wrong with the song and in this case it needed Joel for me to just be a part of the idea sit there with him and come up with a concept it was cool to be asked and it was cool to go in and sing it and then singing alive it was special I think it was a bonding experience for me and Alex it was cool because that one had like one of the best fan reactions that we've ever had to a new song when you hear live when you'd hear the fans sing it was like holy shit 10,000 people are singing this song we wrote it around the table together it's always cool to write with your idol which happens to be our peers now which is fucking crazy to think about we love hanging out with all-time low Oh seven eight thank you we've like over 30 songs now for the album of 16 from just being here almost any that I came in with and it was an interesting task to blend it and make the two worlds meet a very detached from all my children at the moment how can we either beat these songs or what do we do here that's unique in different I remember we have this big board that we were writing all the songs down on put it on the board we'd erase a song and be like alright I guess that's cut and then a week later if you like we cut the wrong song haha is this record what we need do we have what it takes I just don't know anymore dicks mean song is definitely going on the record and if it doesn't have a dick it doesn't mean it's not going on the record we just having decide if we want to put a dick in it yet and so it is hard when we've got 18 songs on the list which one's get cut but in the end those things usually just kind of stand out when you have the record complete you go okay that's the one songs like kids in the dark had been cut from the first iteration of future hearts wait a second why aren't we using that song in this song and this song you take you know it's pretty ridiculous something's gotta give Dancing with Wolfe the songs that were written and probably by that point years ago we went back and we took some songs out we put some songs back in suddenly the record gelled and it was that thing that we've been searching for the whole time of how to marry these two different schools of thought and it suddenly flowed perfectly in his heart he knew what was right for him and for his band and he was assertive and he said this is right and this isn't right and that's what makes good records to me I mean you keep pushing pushing pushing till you get the best song the best sound the best mix you can get and that's what made future hearts so special I think is that it's the greatest hits of two records is what it end up being now we feel good send it to mastering this is the album it's fucking perfect alright so it was it was a big deal when we we fucking party you party all right there we go man breathing on your neck [Music] hey we're in London once we knew that we had the record and we were ready to get back out on the road for setup for future hearts the first thing that came up for us was this massive UK tour co-headlining with you me at six it's our first arena tour and we also had it toured in eight months we hadn't been warmed up this was the first couple shows of the year good man like holy shit what is happening are we really gonna do this we're not gonna go and play like a 500 capacity Club real quick and just like shake the rust off No why not jump in and play it for 20,000 people what's gonna go wrong but go out there have fun and we need to remember guys a little ha we were out of our element and we were nervous as shit being backstage before the shows your little rusty it was a kick in the nuts like right back into it and there was this amazing anticipation building around the record and this is something where we have to go out and make a statement BAM you're about to start the most insane touring cycle of your career and this is how we're gonna do it oh boy here we go [Music] I'm serious 6 o'clock this morning I skipped work to be able time there and I can't wait I'm so excited my breath was like taken away by the fans losing their shit and you kind of forget how much an audience can move you and affect you and when you haven't played a show in a really long time that's like really overwhelming we have pyro for the first time we have this huge video all these lights so you're kind of like we're really doing this right now like this is actually happening [Applause] [Music] it was just a lot going on at once but it went over so well I mean it's so much fun and it was kind of a bad thing because now we're just like well we want to do is play arenas I mean look at all this fire we have around but it's what we strive for now well here from Barcelona the CEO Tim low in Birmingham and I'm so excited we were standing in the freezing cold for five hours old okay because today gets even live the first time and I am so excited that fun means the world to me we don't I don't understand why we just don't play rooms like this every day I told her manager okay we should just play reading his every night and he said no one's gonna come all right and then on the flip side of it after that you go play somewhere else for like 600 kids and you're like or back to earth here back to reality it's a very humbling experience because you know in some places you are bigger than others I am so so so so excited to be back on tour with everybody for me personally I really have fuckin missed all of this so much tonight amazing night [Applause] this is my dressing room we're backstage at the o2 in London this is where they put me because it resembles my bedroom at home it's nice it's quaint it's very comfortable I think my grandma's house but I'm about to take you guys to Narnia let's go [Music] [Music] [Music] thanks for coming by [Music] work seriously some people take sports seriously we take flip Cup seriously that is some real shit so on that view me at six co-headliner he started a flip Cup room all the dressing rooms are labeled in these big shows and there was one that was just a Solo Cup being flipped over if you walked in it was probably very confusing for anyone that didn't know what was happening [Music] there was just a room with some tables a bunch of red cups and a cooler full of beer it's probably not good that we did this before the show but don't tell mom yeah all our crew members have radios on them saying communicate and you'd hear this air-raid siren it sounded like a bomb siren they're going off backstage it could be 10 a.m. it could be 10 p.m. you never know we slide down as soon as the flip cup alarm sounds on the radios you got to fucking drop what you're doing you got to go to the flip cover room which is the real thing and you got to be ready to play play hard right you would get shamed very harshly you were in that room when that air raid went up drop whatever if you're fucking doing it doesn't matter it's not more important than flip Cup game on it was just purely about the largest came the flip Cup that anyone has ever seen tables will get flipped supposed to be the cups but sometimes you get angry Gill heated that shit's for real instead of a siesta it was getting amped up and drink beer for 10 minutes and then we'll go back to work like it never happened again [Music] [Applause] so we've been thrown into touring again pretty damn fast and that UK co-headline and we're sort of just the tip of the iceberg the best thing about our travels up to this point is that we've circled the world so many times now going literally everywhere anywhere that there was desire for all-time low in our show we were like we gotta go ritually sometimes we go outside and there's hundreds of kids waiting which is great those are the markets that still treat music like it's the fucking Beatles it's amazing you get there and there's like 6,000 people waiting for you at the airport and it's madness you have to be run into these cars and like people are ripping your clothes off and literally try and like rip your shirt off your back it's almost happened a couple of times actually it almost feels unsafe at times it's so fun to play shows over there because everyone is like having the best time of their life we booked everything we booked a UK multiple times the world feels like a really big place but it's not and when you finally get to those places it's so genuine it's so pure it's so much excitement we just played Budapest for the first time fucking insane waters together worth it I never thought in my wildest dreams that we get the chance to go and play all these places you know the language barriers some time creates communication problems but for the most part all time little fans everywhere celebrate our shows the same way with brawls being thrown on stage inflatable dicks being thrown people try to climb on stage very Montreux it really shows how fans have created this family I don't think many fans have what we have and for that we're really lucky I'm gonna live forever hey we're in Melbourne look at these pool no we were just going really hard this is gonna be the most intense touring cycle we've ever had it's so beautiful we hadn't been to Australia for a while and that was another eye-opening experience just to see how much the band had grown there Austria is one of my favourite places because instead of driving a very fly everywhere and depending on what time you play you either fly at night or early in the morning shit gets pretty unpredictable on the road I remember while we were in Sydney doing Soundwave Festival we were on the main stage and I think we played like three songs into our set and suddenly like the biggest rainstorm that you've ever seen just blows over the entire festival and just starts dumping on everyone the stage managers and stuff they're all waving at us they're like you're gonna get blown up if you keep playing he'd shut down the show we had to stop I was such a fun show to play we stopped playing and the crowd was kind of bummed and people were booing and I was like look can I have five minutes and a microphone just to do something at least go say sorry so they're like sure take the microphone so what are you gonna do I'm just gonna save our songs acapella that's all right I got it cool so I go out and then I realized there's a you know what fuck it it's acapella this shit so means you started singing away this [Applause] and the crowd completely ran away with it and it was I think maybe one of my favorite moments on tour of all time because it goes to show how special those raw moments in music can be and just that that back and forth with the crowd that was something that hit me pretty hard I was it this is a special [Applause] Jack is the baby in the band and whenever his birthday comes around it's like everyone has to stop and drop what they're doing because it's Jack's birthday month season hits June 1st that's his birthday we happen to be in Europe for my birthday's past year everyone likes to spend their birthday doing certain things I like to spend my birthday for a month doing everything so I kind of want to go all out just a celebration of life and birthday month in general at this time Jack becomes princess Jack so he puts his tiara on like it's a sweet 16 I want a pony on cake so on PI's 1 a clown I want monkeys he really is he's like a 16 year old spoiled girl we're done when I they worked out Thursday it's the W in Barcelona we could rent a Cabana we're at a sweep the party got super European like drinking rose a London ed it was a pretty special moment next day when the Mediterranean we could rent a boat we got the boat and it was so fun was probably 14 of us on this boat in the Mediterranean and it was such a good time so we spent like a week on the Mediterranean sailing around in the South of France there's a cool fucking bar [Music] [Music] in no way am i complaining about this but it's just like one thing after the other I wanted to crowd the Cigna the birthday in a certain specific way I want to do it all worth it or not so here we are in the middle of a tour just partying and partying and partying it's not value man we're here to play shows it was really drunk oh really it's such a riot around his birthday I don't remember much of it so that's why I'm excited for his DVD to come out we did everything I wanted to do I'll give our tour manager a lot of credit Brian Southall made it all happen just like I wanted and my sweet 16 was fabulous we were livin it up that week all because of Jack there was pretty damn fun oh he's got big it was like the best week of my life kind of came the realization I was like Jack's birthday month goes over it's done but there's always next year [Music] but Alona we've literally started in the UK went around the world and literally turned around all of this was happening while we knew not only was the record coming out we were setting out to shoot this Wembley show and that was going to be our biggest headlining show of our career to date [Music] seeing all time low play when I southern play in London was definitely a moment for me I'm all about the live show I was blown away by the energy and the chemistry between Alex and Jack that's what makes Legends man when you have that kind of chemistry all four of them each of them had their own thing that [Music] was a moment I said this is the real thing [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] they are rehearsing and we are practicing a lot goes into planning a show like Wembley when you have 15 cameras rolling everyone covered through you and they get them there's so many moving parts that so much can go wrong on a normal tour you know if something goes wrong it gets figured out within a day or two we didn't have that luxury this is one show one night everything had to be perfect and everything had to work we're gonna be pyro first song we don't wanna bust all or nothing we had this massive screen setup we had pyro we had all these moving parts that we had never really had before in a live setting and no time to really think about it or comprehend what was about to happen then on top of that it's a lot of money a lot of money strictly for the DVD usually if you have this sort of production you have it for a tour so you have many shows to make up the cost of all of this production in the first case you didn't have that you had one shot I killed it today I don't know about the other guys but I did a really good job so we decided this isn't a money thing it's not whatever it takes to make this DVD amazing and I hear you know my managers over here scoring cuz he's just still think about the cost of probably you know shit happens you know Ryan got little fire in his eye literally on the pre pro day and you know we kind of had a little freakout and one of the pyroblast came up I think for love like war and a half second later I got a pretty big burn in my eye of course the first thing that goes through your mind is I'm on fire they came over they fixed in the Gavin you eyeball and you know shit was fine it was scary but that was it and then of course that added to the next day when the actual show is happening I'm thinking okay well close your eyes in that pyro happens because you don't have to run on stage at this long line but everything was fine for the show that's a wrap on Wembley rehearsal for first day off Thursday before Friday careful to listen Tim Burton all the while I'm just like it's anyone even gonna come it's like is anyone gonna show up to this thing and the show sold out so quick to sell on Wembley that far in advance with no real push and no support announced like it was amazing and fans were just so excited and everyone just wanted to have fun so it's getting really close to the women show the kids were camping out for like nights before you know I went out to say what's up to them the night before at Wembley show of the film on TV and a couple kids are camping out what's up thank him for sticking it out there cold I must have met people from about 15 different countries it's like a worldwide network countless people have flown in just for that night we're in London and I am from Baltimore we watched them grow up from playing showed it like 700 kids now they're played to 12,000 and every time it there next he is so I really wanted to be a part of it there's so much love and supports like a giant family coming hungry together whether you're from the states or from London France Germany Australia we're all here together for the same reason it was very comforting to tour the world and see fans from other countries traveling with you it's crazy man that's what dreams are made of you never think you're gonna see that happen it really went to show like how far everyone in this band has come this performers because if you had to throw ourselves into it and pretend like we knew what we were doing from Sun one - dear Moritz home we close with it the energy is 100 the entire time in a work that was fun [Music] [Applause] and I think that's kind of what this bands always done it's been like a perfect accident every every step of the way we're sort of just like stumbling into the next awesome thing that happens to our pad I'm really yeah totally meant to do that stuck the landing but no we have no idea what we're doing and we continue to not have any idea one day [Music] [Applause] [Music] that's pretty good so we finally get Wembley behind us then the next realization that hits is that we have to put out future hearts it was like fuck are you serious like we just did the biggest shows of our lives and this record still not out filming this DVD has been probably the coolest and best experience of my life people have been following us with cameras for years now we brought on Tom Falcone he's been with us now for a couple years in that poor man has seen everything leading up to release day is always been under lying tension because you always want to beat your last record so we immediately jumped into promo to set up the record that we were so proud of it blurs together for me because it was just flight after flight after flight after long car ride after long car ride to this radio station in this location and this in-store signing we did acoustic shows we got to perform at the top of the Empire State Building they invited us to go and actually go to the top and play a show I've never been to the Empire State Building let alone performed at the top of it it was probably the hardest we've ever worked to set up an album it felt good it feels good to put the work in and not have it feel like work see I've got the guy I want $100 and Taco Bell we all carried away with the camera sometimes everybody's tried their hand at being the producer at this DVDs bitch bitch time for your punishment so fucking sick of thanks thanks bye Alex gotta be nicer to my body I know my body's blood I know this looks like the band's break another so take a breath now there's so much nonsense that has been captured of us just losing our minds on tour because it is a lot the traveling is a lot and sometimes you go off the deep end a little bit I'm not proud of it yeah I apologize in advance for what you may see on this DVD copy we know we know hey stop doing that so at this point the stress was gone the records out the reaction was amazing we had nothing left to do but get out on the road and do what we do after all the international travel we finally got to come back to the US use my box just you know they smell like so we did two pretty heavy full US tours on the future hard cycle one was called future horizon's' back to the future hearts and of course there's a lot of partying on that tour let's get a lot of partying it's kind of a throwback to like how we used to hang you know work tour in like the tent world outside of the venue just have like big raging parties at bus calls late Jack of course loves a pop champagne and spray at everybody makes a mess of everything in a really good way it's kind of like a childhood dream wine coming true there's a lot of those on the CVD pulling all that tour I can't wait to do that again I start winning again soon I remember about two days before Eric Tobin from hopeless records gave me a call he's like the records gonna be number one and I was like what and he said yeah records gonna be number one and it's gonna be number one in the UK as well that's when like all that weight on my shoulders was just lifted fucking Everman all the anticipation all the build-up all the legwork and all the stress of making an album just went away in that moment and now suddenly we were gonna have the number one selling album in two countries you're just leading up to that moment and then it happens and you breathe and you're like yeah we did it we beat ourselves which is always the goal they confirmed everything that we've been striving towards after reciting with hopeless without them I don't think all that would have been possible [Music] we're going to work real hard and sticking it out graduation day my kids three songs left there were so many amazing moments on the future hearts tour because it was all these first for us and I remember the show at the Palladium in LA was pretty special for us leading up to it we thought okay look we have all these guys in the record we have friends that live in LA let's just invite them out see what happens so we had Mark Hoppus sing tidal waves with us it was a song about legacy and about the mark that you leave on the world and sort of earning your place here's a guy that we looked up to forever and suddenly to have him on the track sort of reaffirmed the idea that we were talking about on the song was almost kind of like him passing the torch in a way it was such a cool thing for Hoppus to say yes to because I mean bleep entity to the reason we started this band Jack probably crapped his pants when he 70s you know when you have blink 182 tattoo and they're your favorite band in the world like if you're a big fan obviously Mark's voice is so cool to hear and then to hear it live while he's singing on your song I mean it was it was such a cool experience I was honored that they asked me to be part of it we did a soundcheck and one more rehearsal that was backstage before getting thrown up in front a couple thousand people to perform it live I'm trying to keep it cool meanwhile I'm sitting there in a room with John Feldmann and Mark Hoppus and sort of having an out-of-body experience Bannock this is really happening - we little Alex right now sure enough the show rolled around and Mark comes out absolutely nails it crowd those nuts the problem is that they've had been on tour for for weeks and weeks at that point so they had their chops up and I hope that I sang a key that's all I care about everyone came out and it was a great time we didn't want random people on stage we wanted people on stage who had a connection to the band Vic came out and did I love like war with us also our good friend Lindsey Stirling who is the sickest violin player I have ever met we had a connection with Lindsey with our friend Gavi one of my best friends Jason Gaby audio Lindsey's Keys player she came out and did kids in the dark with us we didn't get to practice for that that was just Lindsey in our dressing room saying you know what about this I love that it had that lead guitar line that was very easily turned into the violin mine and she was just such sweetheart such a fun soul and amazingly talented and performing with them live was super fun because there were so many musicians to interact with on this stage I got to like rock out with Jack you know as he's playing the guitar and they had a super fun stage with like ramped up so I got to like jump off a she's super talented amazing little firecracker of a girl Jack is a you know creature to behold on stage himself he's so energetic and crazy so that could be said that confident it was like a star was on the stage it was awesome all-time most fan base was a sea of girls bras were flying on stage and I had to laugh I remember after the show Jack being like see did you even see what she was doing she is like jumping off the drum riser and things like that just all over the place in the most amazing way if you go back and look at it I think she out does jack on stage I really think she does [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] that was a really cool experience and I hope it's not the last time we can work together [Music] Ravens long snapper nearly took my head off respect so I guess a years past at this point and the APM a's are rolling back around and they had asked us this time if jack and i would host of course we were way down to do it why not embrace all these moments welcome to the alternative press Music Awards what we like to call the Hot Topic Oscars it was an honor to be asked to host the AP Awards I was definitely terrified when they asked us they had never done anything like that before that was a daunting thing and I was nervous for them it was pretty amazing cuz we got to see the awards from the other side of it the first time we attended we were sort of sitting in the crowd biting our nails wondering if we're gonna win something and then this time it was really about making sure everybody there was having an amazing time whole show is for you guys defense they riff off of each other very well anyone that's ever seen us live can tell you that it's so I mean I sit back there i watch it every night and i crack up every night just the way they go off of each other I think that was the best part of it is we got a roast some people tonight is one of the only nights that you will see us wearing more makeup than motionless in white and it's a fine line entertaining the audience but also entertaining the other bands and our peers that are also there we're getting a second chance guys if we only had the same opportunity for our album dirty work so it's kind of taking what we do on stage every night and sort of expanding that and getting to talk some shit on our friends and they all deserve it keep in mind me and Alex do this every night we're professionals were the height machine of all time low no it was a good time my friends and family were there and me and Ryan are up for awards we win I'm gonna take my pants off and what if we lose I'm gonna take my pants off what made that night really special is both of them got to walk away with best drummer and best bass player respectively me and Ryan are very keen on how we play live and how we played together so it's kind of like a really cool experience for me and him to win together I will never forget that for sure you know Alex and Jack did such a good job it was a fun night yeah it has to do it again so we'll see what happens this year happy 30th birthday two alternative press thank you to everyone at alternative press we're putting this amazing thing I'm seriously you guys have always been so amazing to work with we do with so many people as you miss you another special do this before and you guys always become a solid down-to-earth sincere warm people we've ever worked with it was nice we knew music industry and we're just so glad [Music] take it easy thank you thank you they go [Music] [Applause] it's felt amazing it to look back and reflect on everything we've done we live fast lives and it's a roller coaster I mean we have an opportunity from here to continue to grow and keep this legacy going for as long as we possibly can after all was said and done we had reached the end of the tour last fucking show having all of our family and our friends close up the toilet with us in Baltimore just felt right our hometown it's where he come from coming back home for the last show was absolutely incredible it was all these familiar faces all these people that have been coming to shows for years and it culminated in this one moment where we were playing a venue called pier 6 which is one of the bigger venues in Baltimore and we had never done it before and there's the perfect way to end the tour and end the year this is it you know it's gonna be wild you know it's gonna be fun we all go home in the morning then we drive our cars there and then all our families come out our friends come out so it's a big party backstage I remember seeing all the fans and doing the meet and greets that day and seeing people in the parking lot afterwards and everybody had the same thing to say you know it was sort of all about thank you for the experiences that we've all shared this year you know I remember running into people that have been coming to shows from before future hearts even came out but it felt like we had sort of been on that journey with everybody it was special it was really special and to be at the end of this incredibly long journey making the record putting the record out achieving all these goals that we never dreamed of achieving and then getting to finally close that out in a venue we've never played before in our home it was pretty iconic for everybody just a unique show I think at this point you know we do so many shows it's cool to have things that set them apart from each other every night it's always special you could feel it in the air you can feel the energy there that night these experiences not only effects where you are in the van but it affects your life it's always been an upward movement for this band they've only grown bigger every show that I've seen them play has been bigger and bigger and bigger all-time low is all about the fans and has been always will be and it's something I've rarely encountered and it truly is something special they really have built a really solid worldwide fan base it's a huge accomplishment it's this wonderful genre of punk rock music that will never die I think it will last forever it will always resonate in the hearts of the ecstatic nature of their fan it's cool that this far into a career we can continue to check things off the list as firsts and meet all these new fans the world if you ask me right now where we want to be in 10 years from now and the answer hasn't changed we still want to be doing what we do touring making music playing shows it just makes me more excited for the future our possibilities are endless to be wrapping up future parts it's such an incredible journey and we're so damn lucky to do it together to have each other through every part of it and have the fans if this is the peak of all-time low then I'm very happy with this you know we started this band here 14 it's a brotherhood it's always gonna be that way no matter what because these guys molded me to Who I am and helped me through everything so I couldn't be more proud to be with these guys and to be a part of their lives so let's go on tour [Applause] [Applause] and here we are back home after all this it was really cool to see it all come together in that final moment and calming a back in Baltimore where everything's started and I had the send-off from our family and friends it was the perfect way to sign off and say goodbye we couldn't have asked for a better point of closure this was a hell of a year this was a hell of a cycle I guess you can't really get lost in the past and you can't think too much about the future but hey it's been one hell of a ride so far so can't wait for the rest of it [Music] I heard that you've been self-medicating in the quiet of your room you sweet suburban tune and if you need a friend I'll help you stitch up your wounds I heard that you've been having some trouble finding your place in the world I know how much that hurts but if you need a friend then please just say the you've come this far you all cleaned up you made a mess again there's no more trying time to sort yourself out [Music] this right why make no come when you can't cover now don't lose your sight it only takes a little bit with so much missing out we'll be missing you [Music]