All the Girls Turned Away From Him but After He Went to the Barber Everything Changed


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Hello everyone sometimes life is really unfair and bad things can happen to good people But even when there seems to be no hope and you want to give up You must not quit in today's video We've compiled several stories of amazing transformations that have happened to the most ordinary people They prove once again that you can always change to improve your life Let's get it on Jose Antonio Since we were kids people have been telling us that we should not judge people by their appearance But it's still difficult to avoid falling into stereotypes Especially when you see a homeless person Jose Antonio 55 spent the last 25 years of his life on the streets He used to work as an electrician But lost his job and his home after suffering from depression the people of Palma de Majorca know Jose is a friendly homeless person who tries to earn money every day working as an Unlicensed car parking attendants Jose helped people park their cars and he looked like an average homeless person with long gray hair and an unkempt beard But then on one occasion he ended up in the salon la Salva hariya Invited by the owner of the place the man offered Jose a free haircut and a complete makeover And of course the poor man accepted, but he didn't even know what would happen afterwards it wasn't an easy task because Jose's long dirty hair and his beard had to be combed and trimmed the Hairdresser also dyed his hair dark brown to make how they look younger and help him find a better job these Stylists even worked on the man's eyebrows during those hours in the salon He received more attention than he'd seen in many years The locals also gave Jose a white shirt red pants elegant shoes and fashion designer glasses but the most interesting thing was that the man could not see himself in the mirror until his transformation was complete and Only then did they open the mirror? How they couldn't restrain his feelings and burst into tears He looks so different that he barely Recognized his own reflection how they went from being a homeless person to an elegant man with a can-do attitude He changed so much that even the locals who saw Jose every day and knew him. Well couldn't believe what they were witnessing So Jose, not only got a new look but also the chance to start a new life will impute But Jose's transformation is not the only amazing story we have today at the age of 21 William Pugh from England started his own business and found success guellen ran his Insurance company from home and although this may seem like a dream too many working at home actually has its drawbacks the sedentary lifestyle and a knee injury Forced the guy to stop playing basketball and he puts on a lot of weight guellen worked 12 hours a day And had nothing else to do in his spare time He had no problem with his business So he decided to improve his lifestyle, but this required him to regain his health at about the same time He and a friend of his does at a country folk rock band called the magic rooster brothers the barber Suggested that he grow a beard to look more like a country folk rock musician and Pew agreed after all a musician must look good However, it will own decided not only to grow a thick beard but also to change his diet and stop eating takeaway food He also ceased working from his bed and became more active trying to take at least 15,000 steps a day this played a crucial role in his transformation And he decided to take on Kripke Which is one of the most exposed zones of the UK When he started losing weight Quillin decided to create an Instagram account and all of a sudden he became famous soon He was chosen as the image of a Nathan Palmer clothing collection Which finally made him believe in himself and then everything changed contracts photo shoots admirers? you know the crazy life of any modern model today Gwilym is considered a successful model working for magazines such as GQ and hunger as well as with David Beckham the man has an army of fans on Instagram where he has more than three 38,000 followers Daphney self Daphney self story is truly amazing born in London in 1928 She survived World War two and one local modeling contest at the age of 21. This is how Daphne began working in the fashion industry Over the years of her professional career she posed as a model for artists who worked in a fashion house appeared in commercials for various products from clothes to Cereals she was a real star of her time later Daphne got married and devoted herself entirely to her family giving birth to three children did nothing to the figure of the model So she didn't refuse to participate in fashion shows Occasionally still she always put her husband and her children first and has been doing so for a long time But when Daphne was in her seventies, her husband died after a long illness, it was a tragedy for the whole family Of course each person experiences the loss of a close person in different ways some hide from society Others try to keep themselves busy to drive away sound thoughts and Daphne decided to go back to a favorite job Yes at the age of 17 She became a model again who would dare do such a thing But Daphne appeared on the cover of Vogue magazine and immediately rose to fame Despised our age the woman stepped on the catwalk and featured in photoshoots for Dolce & Gabbana Ralph, Lauren and Harper's Bazaar But how is she doing today? Well on July the 1st 2018 Daphne turned 90 She has been officially recognized as the oldest professional model in the world even entering the Guinness Book of Records But this achievement is no limit for Daphne She relishes her work and cannot imagine a life without fashion Modeling and fashion shows her agenda is booked for six months in advance and many younger models envy her We'd like to admit that Daphne looks gorgeous especially for our age maybe because she doesn't try to look any younger She doesn't resort a plastic surgery either Daphne's secret is cosmetics. Yoga a good diet love of life inner harmony and genetics Angela and Bradley McManus Does it take a lot to change? Sometimes all you have to do is alter your diets and practice sports and you'll become a completely different person the story of Angela and her son Bradley is great proof of us Angela from Newcastle a mother of two was a longtime fan of ready-made Dishes such as frozen chicken and wasn't really concerned that her children lived off french fries and chicken nuggets It is very sad, but quite common in many parts of the world They kept on living like this because it was the cheapest and easiest Option Angela admitted that she hadn't even thought about doing anything to change the situation But one day the whole family went snowboarding and Angela suddenly realized she didn't feel the same joy instead She was short of breath had trouble moving and fun turned into torture All this really frightened the woman because she was almost 50 years old. She had to do something So Angela decided to refuse the precooked meals and instead started cooking healthy foods surprisingly It came even cheaper not only did the woman start going to the gym She hired a personal trainer, so there was no way for her to make excuses Suddenly these two simple things a good diet and sports gave Angela a great deal of energy she couldn't even dream of seeing his mum's progress Bradley decided to join her and he suddenly Changed to the boy had been pretty chubby all of his life avoided exercise except football and liked to eat pastry Angela advised her son to start working with a professional trainer and change his diet - and he followed her advice now if you compare the before and after pictures You won't even believe it's the same person the mother and the son carry on practicing sports Continue with their diet and help each other. So as to not lose progress nevertheless It is unlikely They will ever be able to give up a health lifestyle at that point because not only did it change Angela and Bradley's appearance But it also made them feel much better than before Sure a pion When a relationship ends one of the ex partners probably thinks okay right now I'm gonna start exercising improve my shape and then he or she will understand that it was a huge mistake however Most of the time these promises are just words but not in the case of sharp young a man From Japan when his wife left him he was devastated. We should admit that at the time. He didn't look very attractive he was going bald wore glasses and was overweight like many men his age and although Appearance is not the most important thing in a relationship Sure, a peon was definitely not a handsome man for some time after the divorce He was completely self-absorbed but suddenly decided to remember his youth when he was a college student He used to go to the gym all the time but eventually like many people he gave up this habit the break-up made him think of his old hobbies when he didn't start hitting the Gym shrap, um decided he wanted to participate in bodybuilding Compositions it was a difficult dream to achieve Considering he didn't look very sporty but a motivating slogan on the poster of a bodybuilding competition opened his eyes sure a peon realized that by changing he could put the past behind him and He got to work with the help of a diet and proper workouts the man managed to lose 12 kilograms of weight Although he was unable to qualify his first competition sure a peon improved his physical condition And became really famous in Japan in addition to the compositions The man was invited as a model to various entertainment events presentations and cosplay festivals and no wonder with such a body the new hobby also gave him a new love the man married a girl just as Enthusiastic about sports as he is in his spare time sure a peon works for a company that deals with medical equipment by the way He shares his story not as a way to show off but to motivate others to change if you want to be reborn Do it while you're still alive says the bodybuilder Dude, are you looking for new technologies in great guy? 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