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they are the key issues of our time energy the environment and the balance between them we all need energy to live it is a fact there are 6.7 billion people in our world and growing people in emerging nations like India and China want to improve their quality of life this takes more energy nobody is unaffected decisions we make today will affect the quality of our lives and our children's lives for generations this is not just about oil natural gas and coal but about people people need energy growing communities and businesses need energy where will this energy come from we are already going further and deeper to fuel our energy needs into the Arctic Circle and under the ocean floor how do we maintain the balance energy and the environment a sustainable energy development solution now and in the future one answer to this challenge is plasma gasification which creates clean energy from renewable feedstocks like waste and biomass and from solid fuels like coal and petroleum coke the world is looking for a commercially proven solution to provide clean energy that is economically viable alter energy owns the Westinghouse plasma technology the industry leader providing clean energy solutions worldwide Westinghouse is a name synonymous with quality and innovation with over 100 million dollars of development 22 patents and over 30 years of operation the Westinghouse plasma gasification system is a proven technology ready to provide a solution for the key issues of our time to maintain the balance between energy and the environment how does plasma gasification create clean energy plasma gasification converts cheap and abundant domestic feedstocks like waste biomass or low-quality solid fuels into usable energy feedstocks are vaporized in a westinghouse plasma gasifier using intense heat breaking them down into their basic elements hydrogen and carbon monoxide which form an energy-rich synthesis gas or syngas sin gas can be used as a replacement fuel for natural gas converted into diesel fuel or ethanol or used to produce electricity creating sin gas from conventional gasification has been used worldwide for more than 100 years creating clean energy that can help solve many challenges faced by society plasma gasification is the next generation of gasification because it can turn almost any carbon containing feedstock into syngas using higher temperatures similar to the surface of the Sun the majority of waste generated every day is buried in landfills where it decomposes and emits methane gas a greenhouse gas over 20 times more potent than carbon dioxide many jurisdictions have banned landfills which use acres of valuable land and don't solve our waste problems but bury them for future generations there is a better solution by converting this energy rich waste into clean energy through plasma gasification problem coal-fired power plants supply more than 40 percent of the world's power and half of America's power needs but remain one of the leading contributors of greenhouse gas emissions and smog there is a better solution plasma gasification is a clean coal technology that significantly reduces harmful emissions problem society treats many energy rich feedstocks such as tires plastics industrial and hazardous waste as unusable plasma gasification offers a solution to convert waste into clean energy turning a problem into an energy generating solution who is helping drive the shift to clean energy solutions the US Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency have endorsed gasification as a clean energy solution gasification is technology that will allow us to unlock future energy opportunities the US Environmental Protection Agency has even stated that ways to energy helps turn waste management problem into an energy generating solution and also to consider new technologies like gasification on top of that you also have the US Department of Energy stating that gasification based projects are increasingly viewed as a technology option for future progress and energy generation we believe that plasma gasification is the future and will play a key role in a sustainable energy economy to control our own destiny America must develop new forms of energy and new ways of using it a basic law of physics states that matter cannot be created nor destroyed and that is the principle behind gasification gasification produces syngas which provides a flexible solution to create many types of valuable energy products with exceptionally low emissions all of our fossil fuel energy sources are created from combinations of hydrogen and carbon syngas is comprised of the most basic elements of energy hydrocarbons hydrogen and carbon monoxide what are the advantages of producing syngas energy self-sufficiency by converting domestic feedstocks waste biomass and coal into clean and sustainable energy a regional energy solution local waste is converted into power needed in the region requiring less infrastructure fixed cost non-volatile energy as low as two to four dollars per million BTUs fuel flexibility syngas can be converted into liquid fuels like gasoline diesel and ethanol gasification is not incineration we can unlock more than double the energy with significantly lower emissions plasma gasification unlike wind and solar power can operate 24 hours a day seven days a week so we can turn on our lights and keep the refrigerator running plasma gasification is a next-generation solution that will be part of the renewable energy economy and green jobs framework for North America Ultra Energy owns the Westinghouse plasma technology which was developed with NASA over 30 years ago our plasma torches have been operating commercially for more than twenty years and over $500,000 Westinghouse plasma corporation is the market leader since 2002 Hitachi metals in Japan has operated the world's only plasma gasification facilities processing approximately 400,000 tons of waste including household waste we are the technology of choice for industrial leaders including the world's largest hazardous waste plasma gasification facility being commissioned North America's first commercial facility using plasma gasification to receive regulatory approval a second generation ethanol solution being commercially demonstrated using the Westinghouse plasma technology solution to provide send gas and located at the westin hill site and the list of accomplishments and opportunities with industry leading companies continues to grow the West Nino's plasma technology has been used at our state-of-the-art commercial demonstration facility in Pennsylvania since 1990 the facility has completed over 100 successful demonstrations on a wide variety of feedstocks illustrating the fuel flexibility and many renewable energy solutions the Westinghouse plasma gasification technology is the market leader ready to provide a clean energy future we all need energy to live and maintain our quality of life we believe the world is ready for a commercially proven solution to provide clean energy that is economically viable alter an RG in its westinghouse plasma technology can have a significant impact as a sustainable clean energy solution it has the potential to create more renewable energy than the projected energy from solar wind landfill gas and geothermal energies combined the name Westinghouse has been synonymous with innovation and quality for decades and the Westinghouse plasma technology is no exception we believe finding the balance to meet the increasing demand for energy in an environmentally responsible manner is a major story of the 21st century and sustainable energy development we will be part of it we are the new energy we are alter energy you