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I for today's children when more altitude alert Col Pinnell from civil aircraft it seems this one as stomp of Sabina company no dead version Elena feet altitude as Louise with your over slab the gun tube set some finger well value trolley on your home's running light River but in test it seems so this one is again us made one by the coachman company so you never 105 someone did right the pinout for backlight it seems odd it is also I will top of the conveyor here we have a first for Aguilar striated it's closer to undo quite easy to agree so when we have this one is actually quite very rich combat with size so it must be a very full of stuff partly yes very Swiss is waiting sorry not which is a fact a winner we attach it wave a cat on tape most probably oh here he is what we have not affair atronics in this one again not interesting feature here it must be some kind of interconnect yes apparently totally interconnected okay so we have in the front vehicle two waves wave you [Music] back light here probably very small contacts and you couldn't access my back life if I'm doing the first course or phone probably the same I set up the read the previous one to be honest cop look at this it is what determines how far you can come and when all the little things are start to give up you cannot come any more women be stuck God forgive era in we have our necklace very interesting stainless yes yeah interesting we have here what seems to be to pour over the stones not sure if they are for some kind of Tapatio controller or if it just suggests that them at this place because you said no home so on the side here we have a little PCB with very old school capacitors and resistors big holding good point yeah on the one the PCB at least with texas instrument ships that god of 1969 and 1970 so it is really older what it looks like I see slots here so it looks like this finger can come about so very so see ya back am i moving because it is a little bit annoying oh we on the side we have power transistors but it to framing for it dissipation young some kind of a feature in Arceus must be probably the remains of setup Rivermen yet and a broken Reed contact air in a glass bulb a bit it is working but probably it was a test fit your with many tickets via some so here's a call hospital by Clifton very regular stuff so I will try to and do the two paths it looks like it is just a matter of a few scores in this one so on the island ISM at the same time and this this one actually a bigger Maine school yes it is coming apart No I am annoyed with your loops but this one I know is already coming off so it is a nice thing how it is in two parts on the data paint silver here to show that the two silver pass go together out on the side are so here are some kind of color code but she did not put enough for my needs so I am going to go ahead with let's say because his was golden egg I will put some yellow here some red okay sadly I do not have a goal done because this one is a little bit Paris but oops very tiny contacts yeah Rhonda this one is a big one okay so this is coming like this son sting can unplug know ATT Canon obviously we have a Canon logo in it so this is now completely off we are can have a better look at the unit here otherwise of some kind clifton Precision Products some code hospital with Too Faced totally fails start out very expensive things are insane you this might be the motor - yes this is very tan flag okay I want nothing else to see individual bands as mechanics am one of those girls a lot of generally so okay for this we go to the electronic sir I can see a black box you have a bottom on the stack of what seems to be two circuit boards so there's something interesting it is all they did loop the wires go on the terminal pins here they are soldered onto the pins but they did not say my own power to secure them more or less quite well as you can see so if I pull this I need to wonder at the same time this so said it's degree connectors in the correct order so they will come apart in the order of parts so you have no need to squeeze when you are somebody it one between two already in place but when numbers seem not to be I have a PTO beefcake p5 Tahlia p5 Beach yeah b5 k p5 b p 4:6 son before before I before bid okay so this is coming off some kind of insulating layer on the be specific we will just be I see we did see previously nothing on the other side nothing particular yeah except for this suspiciously different capacitor look same models and which ones but this one a big black ring this one a little bitter so but this one it is okay interesting little 2 n 2 9 0 7 resistance okay so we are left with one more PCB with this weird things so I will try to remove it okay it is coming off so quite easily I need to undo the connect our I have no idea of how difficult it will be to reinstall it was tough I'll be able to close my back box again because really you have a feeling it is so fun in here it isn't what's going to explode a little pressure of a stuff inside quite amazing with finger if I must but will sniffs when what was interesting as over this one very possible for the construction I might use some Cabernet think before I close it if I think back together because this wires are little bit loose from it you would enough to see them a little bit not together so I can know he move a bound on this one well my sister's heaven maybe the pumps yes probably a pumps in metal cans you too little females on these devices a duty see that teeth do t36 tell Kate and Kate very spin out of the wire so it is a little black cylinder with four or five wires going cut of it little UTC with what seems to be a kind logo so maybe is a kind of little signal transformers nothing particular on the other side except that they did had to cut for the bottom squeeze we miss parts inside on secure same with some kind of putting coupons interesting so we are left with this unit apparently large transformer with a nice peanut return on it at least yes you have already different power input outputs quite a lot of symmetry now look at with maximum altitude cap my pens yeah maximum altitude of 70 cannot fit and we have output input at twenty six volts 400 Earth's so I might do it with my year 400 L so general totally outputs at 32 8 7 6 volts interesting and do not know the values or not on wherever terms are to live is hot pads because I do not see any wires going in this thing maybe one of you if invokana but where are we other connections interesting it looks like it is secured even the bank by to score so you know what I ended up printing expose anymore so we can do this on try to have a better look it is not coming because of this thing yeah well yes it is it goes of black box yes your contacts must all be invokana interesting dude I see we have brass inserts actually you need to accommodate vasco friends also really nice quality obviously and when something is written with max altitude of 70 kilo feet so why will have a maximum at each other will be a gas coming out from the metal jaws when the pressure and is not enough quite interesting install this real quick can the case here if I'm seems to be made some kind of a diecast metal but not maybe not a rhenium some kind of a shank zamak is a collision french do not know of their names okay et al balls of course little unwritten before here and it is all of this finger so I opted it enjoy with students of this altitude alert panels very nice of you to be a nicer from Nell for my year video I believe and stay tuned for more stuff of course folks our change by Vania