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hey friends you guys actually responded pretty phenomenally too when we checked out this Corsair essential gaming bundle that we found for $70 at Best Buy they increased the price to $100 out they never said it was on sale so I'm confused as to what the price is going on with that anyways we now have let's just put that over there we heard you guys asking what about this bundle the red dragon gaming essentials s10 one be a 1 keyboard mouse mouse pad headset 4 in one set that's a mouthful you're a mouthful thank you so we decided to check this thing out from what I can gather this is gonna suck especially in compared to the Corsair yeah ok so now that I got everything out so we ended up picking this up from loot where for about 700 Rand here in South Africa let's go ahead and pop this puppy open what we're gonna be doing in this video is we're going to be obviously live unboxing it and then checking it out getting the response from both me and our audiophile friend Hiro Rhys who's usually behind the camera but today he get probably shouldn't shove the system out of the way like that so up first we got this keyboard right here this is the harpy keyboard it is RGB its membrane it doesn't have a lot going for it it feels super cheap and flexes flexes like rice come to be honest so you you take that that goes for about 27 dollars by itself then we have the Garuda headset right here this goes for 17 dollars and feels like it should probably sell for 3 wow that's not good cool then we have the center forest mouse which honestly is probably the best thing out of this the sexually doesn't feel too bad this feels exactly like I would expect a Red Dragon Mouse to feel like which let me grab that for a second I'll be right back alright yeah this is probably the best out of the bunch what the so for those of you who don't know my daily driver mouths for the past five years now has been the red dragon mammoth and eight zero one I believe I like how gigantic it is because I have hands that are the size of fifteen bananas see and so yeah I actually really appreciate their Mouse the the central forest which is this one which sells for it what was it twelve dollars not gonna fit my hand style but it's actually pretty solid I'm okay with this feels more solid than everything else except for okay when you press down it gets a little extra you feel like there's a little extra click at the end here you can even hear it okay you hear the normal click which is that but then there's a weight and okay and then lastly there is a mouse pad in here so this is cheap packaging especially compared to the Corsair one and then the mousepad it's actually kind of decently sized and it's like it's actually finished on the end as much of it yeah it's not just a normal mouse pad this actually this looks pretty decent especially with the yeah stitching sewing area they're not thought it would be with the mousepad yeah I thought this would be the throw away out of the lot yeah no this is good and it's this actually normally retails for $9.32 set the $27 keyboard and the 9.30 City nine cent Mouse but I think I said that already all comes out to about sixty-five dollars and thirty nine cents which isn't a terrible price I mean most mechanical keyboards are more expensive than that but the bundle for the whole quart third red dragon thing comes out to forty six dollars so you've saved nineteen dollars for about thirty percent off of the whole thing by binding them together in South Africa the mouse goes for two hundred forty eight R and the headset goes for 249 the keyboard goes for 386 and the mousepad goes for 190 the total cost of everything together two 1073 Rand and then the bundle goes for seven hundred Rand at least it does at woot where so you save a total of 374 Rand or 34% which actually means that this bundle is a better deal here in South Africa than it is in the states so let's all that can can you get those ready for me so we can actually test this stuff out Rhys no I messed with the mouse so much it's trying to do something over kazoo kid jeez okay so this has a braided cable which isn't too bad it looks like it's about two meters or so I was busy oh you were messing with it okay so it's supposed to have weights but it has no weights which is strange maybe that you know there are weights in here okay there we go so why were you messing with the series I wanted to see the weights if it was actually weights it is weighted okay you can hear it it's definitely weighted I'll take that so it has a microphone and my headset splitter which isn't great not a fan of that let's plug that in so that we can start gaming and listening to music on this this is plugged in why is the lights why are the lights not on there we go oh that's bad oh no so instead of fluid motion what we're getting is just the RGB jumping around Rhys can you turn off the light quickly so that we can have this more that that is way worse than what I was expecting so okay let's see it has brightness buttons I think like I don't know what that's doing yeah something much if anything it's not doing anything this button right here not doing a single thing there's a power button there's a what does that do that opens up file explorer' what the heck so instead of media buttons which I guess you have on the function key which isn't too bad they give us really dumb stupid dedicated buttons that make no sense like forward backwards that is that refresh refresh and then search and then power fantastic great what and I assume that sleep I don't like this at all and this this feels like a stupidly cheap fraught piece not a fan of the keyboard right now let's feel let's actually test it out I have never felt a keyboard with more flex before like that thing just feels like it's gonna break and this headset is just there everything just flexes this is bad I'm sure the microphones also probably properly trash oh did you hear that that's right I don't know no no it didn't break did it the heck I'm so confused there's nothing but issues with this and then that doesn't come to my mouth set mouth at all so that's gonna sound terrible that's gonna pick up so much room noise okay let's go ahead and let's pull up some music I'm not expecting to be wowed oh geez okay so that that's just a matter of cables the mouse the mouse is probably the best the mouse and mouse pad so far you know what I'm the happiest about obviously there's no RGB but this thing feels fine there's a lot of wobble in in everything the the actual buttons have so much flex to go up and down the scroll wheels find dpi adjustment okay as well that noise though is just wretched I'm not a fan of that let's put on some chlorine because that's what we did for the H s 50s the head is just playing did you hear that yeah where'd that come from I think that's the background oh I think that's the wallpaper in jebecca I think it has audio yep all right let's that is horrifying all right the keys are all right it's like any machine in break Heat the kickstand doesn't really elevate it whatsoever which is fine I suppose not really Wow what oh that's max volume oh okay well that's not are there any inline controls or know knowing inline controls the volume actually is pretty low but it is there that might be a mic mute thing what are you doing oh there's inline controls what the heck it's it's at max okay so that's that's an improvement over the HS 50s inline controls okay the volume is not super impressive but the sound is actually remarkably clear I was not expecting that okay better than I was expecting right especially for what's supposed to be seventeen dollar headset it feels like a cheap headset on your head yeah like the construction quality's trash yeah but the sound is definitely better than I was expecting it's good enough yeah honestly I mean if you're on a budget you need to pick up something I I could easily recommend these for people who only have $20 for a headset yeah those sound really decent perfect this is everything I wanted now let's go ahead and test out the microphone here it's kind of trippy recording ah let's set the levels 100 okay and then I'll just ah so this is Bret talking into the microphone going ah ah let's bring the boost up to 10 then 20 then a full 30 I expect this to be distorting like everything so Danny and zero boost and we'll here see here how good goes good words how good goes good yes I speak the good good English Wow what okay obviously there's like no room noise but dude listen to that how good is that it sounds good right yeah it's clear it's clear even at 30 decibels on the the boost okay let's let's do some real-world testing let's turn on the aircon in here and I want you to try to record your voice well we have an aircon running and I play the role of your mother alright recording I was more shocked by what you're doing there yeah so Brett yeah make some room noise you're a room noise I don't think that's what rumors do but I believe that I'm not gonna finish that you can yes I want to see how this like actually picks up room noise now okay that's nuts what does it sound like Reese are you passing on the replay you're not picking up the the aircon is it you're clear enough am i clear yeah in the back really Dan clear in the background okay so the keyboard is mushy as mushy keyboards get I'm gonna try to see is there a way we can reprogram these things because that's what I would want to do so what is HAARP manual I don't want the manual on software is there software possibly not I don't it doesn't look like it there's no software so there's soft there's drivers for the mites yeah and a manual for the combo which is the what we picked up so there's no there's probably reprogramming your buttons on the mice but there's no reprogramming of buttons on the keyboard which kind of ticks me off about these buttons right here but let me let me listen to that that second one with the the audio issues I just want to or a background noise and such see what I mean yeah so if you if you have family in the background this is gonna pick them up yes this is a little omnidirectional but an aircon would be fine so room noise should be alright but peep typical room very distinct but I mean overall Rhys give give your opinion for 700 ran what do you think okay also no software means that these lights are always like this yeah like I'm not sold on the keyboard like what does this do what does that button do it looks like a brightness button but it does nothing I feel like this is the weakest part of the entire bundle yeah there the keyboard Oh hold on lm1 what does that do haha okay so those are the here are the different functionalities of an RGB so you can set it to a static one you got blue you got brighter blue you got different colors that you can change it to there's that stupid mode and there's some breathing and there's off okay so you can turn off that's not too bad let's turn it back to stupid mode so this is obviously a cheap piece of RGB keyboard if you need something cheap look at that Wow there is there is hardly any construction quality you can see the RGB coming through these holes right here okay so that's that's cheap this is cheap but sounds way more than its price but yeah it definitely sounds decent I was actually really impressed with that the issue is construction quality this thing is probably gonna break on you at some point but until if it does give it a month give it a month everything's gonna wear down this is gonna eventually be flopping off the connector and not really something you want to use but in that month this is going to be an enjoyable experience the mouse is fine I actually prefer this Center Forest over the harpoon because it's actually it's bigger that that's simply like my my equivalency for mice are how big is it rating this for me it's trash acceptable the saving grace of the bundle yeah the mouse mouse and mouse pad highly easily good okay yes and then the headset trash quality good sound keyboard it's a keyboard like that's that's a it's a twenty seven dollar keyboard with RGB that looks kind of meh but overall for forty five dollars would you pick this up possibly if you had 700 ran you needed to get everything if there was my budget I'm starting out I need to get everything as cheap as possible I've already blown so much on a computer starting out I would probably pick this up yeah well I think this goes well with the people who have systems that are like running an i3 plus like a GT 710 like people who spends no money on their computer for whatever reason this kind of fits into that scheme of like it works and it works the way it needs to for the price that it comes in at is it good by no stretch of the imagination is any of this good but it's super acceptable for how much money you're actually spending on it $45 and you get keyboard mouse headset and a mousepad this is your entire peripheral setup and then it just is sorted for then I don't work for gaming you can I see gaming needs you could slowly replace the pot by but if you need to get up and running yeah at the cheapest possible price this would get you by yeah so I think we can definitely recommend this if this is your budget if all you can spend is about forty five dollars or seventy seven hundred grand on a peripheral set for everything that you need then the red dragon bundle is pretty recommendable if you have a higher budget seventy dollars corsair essential gaming bundle makes so much more sense twenty-five dollars extra you are getting so much better quality Coursera's quality is pretty impeccable the headset on this thing is phenomenal and then you actually get a system like that that's like you're not going to be ashamed to show off that you have Corsair stuff fun fact yeah I actually think the mousepad in the red dragon bundle is better than yeah especially with the weaving on the edges the fact that they've actually completed it on the edge as opposed to the one that comes in the Corsair gaming bundle which is just open fray yes I guess and there's this kind of flopping around there's no real yeah but if you find this for $70 and you can afford $70 get this if you can only afford forty to forty five dollars then the Reg Craig in essence 1:01 be a one is perfectly acceptable and nothing about this is super great there is another red dragon bundle that's out on the market that does have a mechanical keyboard okay so you're going from membrane to mechanical yes and it is a little bit more expensive which we can check that out in another video if you guys are interested let us know down the comments you want us to check out the more expensive red dragon bundle but for now this one gets a recommendation for the price that it comes in at $45 you get everything you need and I think that's where we're gonna end this video so thank you guys so much for watching hit the like button if you enjoyed it get subscribe to stay up to date on all of our tech related content let us know if you like content like this we get it with the corsair one the response is pretty good bye you guys so we'll see if this is a series that we can maybe continue on I'm Brett with ufd tech channel this is Reese supposed to catch the box this is Rhys I caught it first time thank you thanks so much for watching we'll see your smiley faces again next video love you too bye yes [Music] [Music]