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Breakfast Club morning everybody is te j MV Angela Yee Charlemagne the guy we are the Breakfast Club got special guest in the building Columbia South Carolina Angie 803 Rimes how are you I'm good I can't complain you've not been last for a long time 40-plus years and you already know yeah people I don't think people realize that Angie is one of the pioneers of rap mm-hmm the sequence you first we mail you know about to go go yeah the first female group period to do an original rap record to do a rap record that garnered the world we had our neighborhood rappers we had our New York City rappers but sequence was the world's rappers and I think people get it twisted funk funk it up with the song funk you up what did it do an interpolation of town fuck its funk you right on up we gonna fuck you an old same thing yeah we didn't pay no attention right now but guess what yeah well my attorneys went in and we tried to do some stuff and of course because it's three group members and I've been doing my thing for a minute it kind of pulled the seams at who's who's with who and who's down with a little I just say you know what let it rest because we're getting a lot of negative slack because a lot of people that don't know about the sequence or that song we're getting a lot of negative flack because I'm like they don't sound unlike I'm like they don't understand the interpolation process and how you know the reason we were upset because Bruno admitted that he it was influenced by the sea Wow and he did that on Instagram and somebody snatched it down right and people do interpolation so they they don't sample so then they what dr. Dre they keep hearing there was a direct riff from fuck you up they did I mean we wrote the song we wrote the melody wrote the chant we added singing to hip-hop and now everybody's doing it it's okay and I think it's wrong for them to try to overlook us we're from South Carolina I mean would that go with right nothing so y'all didn't get paid from dr. drainage yes well we had he admitted it yeah I kept that poster boy you got paid but you know it's still there everything that's been on it the beauty of it is they admitted it but a minute the elephant is brought out of the closet everybody runs because nobody wants to be labeled a thief and we didn't say that I'm very honored and I got my girl blinded from the sequence here yeah well you know snoop I've worked with snoop he did I want to thank you along with me and I Jazze PHA back in the day but he wants me to work with his daughter he wants to work with my son so wewe have a kindred spirit and la hip-hop was reminiscent to sequence mm-hmm funk the whole funk era so I just think overall people need to respect the fact that it is what it is support your children are doing music pardon me both of your children are doing yes mm-hmm I guess it's in the blood like there was no getting around it well both my kids father's I'm I was with a question I was with James Bond dad before that I was with Rodney see from the funky 4+1 more but my daughter things and my son raps it kind of went this way you think I think that you should be getting credit as a pioneer in female rap I don't think y'all go gold we went go with the first group to go go sell 12-inch records that is 12-inch records along with the Sugar Hill Gang toured the world pretty much we never get the recognition and of course you know that's probably platinum ten times over by now yeah but uh we don't get the recognition because I think the New Yorkers got a little salty because you know we made it at starting gates I mean it's like a race a marathon race you don't a 440 relay you pass really end up at the finish line hey it's fair game well you know what nobody knows the story cuz well I'm a New York and is deep in Miami as in hip hop maybe I hope good numbers are close you know well fuck you up no I knew fuck you know but I didn't know that sequence the sequence was the first group that pretty go go but who did you think we go first salt or pepper oh and we were 10 what 10 15 years before them they used to be a thing you probably wouldn't notice even in cashbox call cashbox and billboard if you do your research it's there we were the first female group hip-hop group period to make cashbox and rolling stone just still big article on us because a lot of people that were back then they knew why are they getting any attention and you know I just think it's sad because a lot of the females hip hoppers and I trust me I love them all big respect props but Lauren here loves Andy stone because it's reminiscent to what she did with rap sing and that's what we did and you guys are all still cool with each other yeah that's good so it was never like a falling out with the group broke up with sequins oh no you know you have you have your epic moments where we are sisters right and at the end of the day we love each other we look out for each other we got it we don't always agree I mean nobody always agrees but I decided to leave the group early on because I moved to New York I learned a lot of stuff about songwriting I was a songwriter and a brother named Craig Gary who we used to be with the sugar you click so you need to get out and go to New York adventurous LA and I move to New York and I myself yeah so you signed to Sugar Hill Gang how did you get signed how did you how did you first of all how did you get into hip-hop how did you get signed and how did you get your deal because wasn't like before where it now is internet it's TV that's playing hip-hop radio wasn't playing hip hop back then right how did you get into it well I love you yeah coming from Columbia South Carolina was 16 17 18 years we had a group that was doing rap back then kington third was out and we wrote a song called punk you up I think Sylvia Robinson came to South Carolina it was the first leg of the first Sugar Hill Gang - okay the first show the first city we happen to be in the concert the role manager from sugar you gang saw me and thought I was just pretty chocolate chick I swear if you let me you gotta let my friends in that's right so we all came in got backstage Sylvia was backstage literally on the stage and we said hey we rap and she's the one to me what you got right there on the side of stage on the sad side of stage and we went funk you right on up we're gonna funk you veteran and she flipped she said oh my god oh my god the next thing I know we were sitting in the dressing room giving out phone numbers she says I'm gonna make you girl stars yes now we had already been a group I mean and you know being a cheerleader see Johnson riding shears and creating stuff like that was what we did and she called us the very next week Wow blew us to new jersey off our you know we was talent show bound doing everything everybody did but just in south carolina and we cut the record funk you up and a couple of weeks later I think in three weeks the record went gold in WoW was it a fair deal I was they did take advantage you know one thing I've learned in life is you have to have experience yes Sylvie Robinson I give a man props because quite contrary to what a lot of people think you know when you're the first day anything you're gonna make mistakes so I leaned heavily to that because she did something phenomenal that turned out to be great for a lot of people but you had the house with crash right what did the stand power been like like transition from a hip-hop artists to R&B trio to legendary soul singer like writer yeah writer well I tell you the blessing for me a massage and I think out the box one of the things I always hated was when I saw groups that were from the fifties and sixties in the 70s eight is still in the same uniform doing oh hey I said so what I did was I learned to be a chameleon and I wanted to change with the times so what I did was I kept myself around fresh hotness and I learned everything in life it's a learning process the moment we think we know everything we absolutely know not that's right so I learned to be a chameleon and change with the times so the staying powers been number one my faith is unshakable in Christ I love the Lord and that's my rock my salvation so I decided when when the music change you changed you but you can't stray too far away from who you are you're such a great singer that it's like I can't see you ever doing anything I can't believe you even used to rap what a beauty of that was well we got discovered as rappers one the first question I asked so V Robinson is Miss Robinson is it okay if I sing too because I wanted to put a hook you know what to sing so when you said hey you didn't know that I was begging to be there because I knew one day in life I wanted to sing from the church so me I love rap mm-hmm but I can sing too so can we can we combine the two and she is so excited by the referee so honey what you want to do Wow and that that that is what kind of set the segue up for me to make the transition from after being 30 years old you want to transition from hip-hop to hooray so I just went ahead and started singing and you know kind of juggling now when I did my deal with Arista the one reason you don't know a lot about the hip hop is one of the things that Clive Davis and Peter edge wanted to do was say okay look we don't want to date you what we don't want to talk about all that stuff it should be years though they kind of gag what at me not to talk about right got you and because I'm a singer now and they want to focus on that and I'm like I don't have a telescope into the future not knowing what it was gonna be how it's gonna be all I know is I'm in this game for somebody that you so what happens when people recognize you you pull up this she just wasn't talking about it in interviews like I couldn't talk about in I didn't want to I've never heard of anything like that did they put a gag no well I'm using that when your boss tells you it was a gag order baby what you gotta make the music like how to do a 16 and do a hook and all that could you say wow when I was hungry I was thirsty I was ambitious and I went I started it's like now I'm developing film and you know reality shows them it's having that bug to say I'm a rubber band you can stretch me but I won't I'm always do me so you know that you know being a rapper is a life lesson for me but it hurts when you put over 40 years in the game and the people that are now eating off of the foundation that you created don't look back and say yo good looking that's why snoop shows us love that's my daughter draining them show us love the people in LA embrace us because yo you can say hey MC like it say yo hey it's because of y'all that we're doing this she thanked me yo you'll thank me we got a show our first show coming up with MC Lyte and some people can't just don't go like that Robin in Philly so that's coming up and I'm excited about that new artist I'm sorry he has any new yard artists thank you city girls ain't never thank y'all know they don't know but I promise you they will know because I'm actually getting ready to do working on biopic that's it I was gonna I thought you said Jay is Jamie Foxx Beca no net two or was that you know Jay me and I work Jamie wants to do another film with me but Ralph farquaad's when working with a who did Hollywood husband's on the biopic and we're gonna have to cross all these lanes so I'm very excited about my journey in my career my life coming from your file there Neil so all the way up through my vertical hole days and just having a bird's-eye view like I'm gonna I'm gonna blow your mind you ready for this mhm one of the things that I can't wait for the world to see is hip hop was in the Bronx before it ever came downtown it was something in the Bronx it was myself and lil roni see they introduced hip hop to downtown we did the first party of the show in the club that was called the Roxy it used to be skating ring we made it into the club it was unreal myself with the sequins the funky 4+1 more Africa but this was a show that my money paid for made the flyers for put together and his fourth hip hop moved from uptown to downtown single-handedly and it never changed Madonna used to serve us drinks that's interior that's how really good I can't dance interior okay that was a club she was a waitress at how do you remember her because she served me drinks Wow Wow did she say you know I'm an aspiring singer also no she didn't have to say that she was working she was just you know that times people will do that there'll be like but I'm just giving you shed a little light on my stuff because a lot of people when they disrespect the sequence they disrespect the culture of hip-hop because they don't even know how to get from uptown to downtown and when you overlook the fact that hey LeBron is CNN GP booked this show paid everybody mm-hmm for the show and here's fourth the wild style movie fab 5 Freddy he'll tell you all these people know so when you overlook that you overlooked a movement it's not just about the one song one cup you have to look at the legacy what hip-hop really stood for back then and the sacrifices that were made and I can't wait for the story yeah when I think I like Sugar Hill Gang I'm like there's no reason for anybody ever mention Sugar Hill Records and not mention sequins thank you yeah I don't understand what should be a girl they called it that but we wrote all their hits yeah the guys do did you what'd I just say yes ma'am yeah Apache eighth wonder we were the West feed mob that let's dance I know you got the feet that's the sequence we all getting paid yeah it's a movie gonna be do you know where it's going to be is it gonna be on like a like a BT series or is gonna be in the theater it will be it will be it won't be just one episode it'll be a series of mini series mm-hmm that's when we're gonna cut it it spans too far chuckle about 1979 up until today and and just releasing the album that's already my single dropped and it went straight to number two mmm so my it's a reason for everything I think God preserved this time for us to get the story right so you know what advice would you give to this musical generation because when I hear you talk I'm saying to myself man it's almost like you always got to constantly tell people what it is you do because if not they will forget what they will forget I mean because the the unfortunately the masterminds are the powers-that-be in my opinion have taken the love and the genuineness out of the livelihood of being you know an artist back when you had to work and enjoy touring and you know a lot of that stuff has been kind of cut out cuz it's like a fast track now to success and I a lot of people cuz so much money back then we were having fun you know when you did a block party have fun right you know I mean when you win this game really yeah fine now it's so my it to anybody doing this man take your time it's like going through school you want to be a senior so bad but the minute you graduate so it's got to take a series no because a lot of times we didn't look at business and we had fun you have somebody and we didn't guess what that's me all day but I'm still here tell you that's me but I'm here to tell you that I wouldn't change a thing because I had a great time I had a great time and sometimes you can't compromise the monetary value of it for you know my daughter gave me a pendant ahead of hold it said don't be so busy making a living that you forget to make a life that's right you know let's talk about your children their respective father's so what was your your daughter's father right did you guys ever think you were gonna end up together get married that D'Angelo no my daughter's fathers little Ronnie see from the fucking 4+1 more um did I everything I fell in love with him he was a good person still is a good person he was a Leo we were compatible very interested you like I'm sad yeah because I you know energy when we looked up he when he came to sugar he was I think after we had been on a couple of tours Sylvia signed the funky four plus one more the young man that I was dating prior to becoming a celebrity died tragic accident in high school so I was in mourning when we tried funky I was really grieving and touring he came along with the group we had so much fun just clicked and I got pregnant with my daughter and of course from the Bible Belt I at that point realized oh my god I can't be pregnant I can't befriend I have a husband so my mindset the way I was taught back then was you can't have a baby out of wedlock gotta get married gotta get man so I got married but that reason hmm not because I didn't love my cuz I did but he wasn't ready I'm an only child so my mom and dad was gonna wring my neck if I 23 why I mean that shows how much respect we have for our parents and oh yeah absolutely so at that point we did get married a gay marriage didn't last long because it wasn't right but at the end of the day we did good business together because I have to shout him out as the person that taught me the ropes yeah he you know he was a part of shit you didn't like him they didn't agree with him because he didn't take no mess and it was like you ain't gonna take me to learn and pay me the same thing I mean so you know I started to learn the ropes to the game I moved to New York because of that and that's why I credit him for that because after learning what I learned about the industry I could shape my life up a little different oh then why the highly publicized relationship with D'Angelo and I told you I used to work for D'Angelo's yeah I was around like when all of that was happening and you guys used to work together well you know what without giving a lot of way I was with James little for five years prior to him becoming the brown sugar man so a lot of people don't know that they just think it just was the overnight thing that happened it wasn't that way we were together for quite a while and by the time we fell in love with each other it wasn't anybody's business because nobody was checking for him there wasn't no blogs and all that snow it wasn't all that stuff going on we by that time we were here oh really love you like what you're gonna do so you know you can't just start picking and plucking people apart because Oh somebody gets a hit record because I think 10-15 years prior to that funk you up had dropped I was already there I was with vertical ho was already in the game as a celebrity so by the time he was discovered I was there already right and so I was more of an asset then you know the way they trying to make it look because and this one like if you take somebody who you're trying to get in the game and say hey I need you look it's like right now anybody connected to be honest I don't win yeah yeah you know so if you're winning you want to put people that you want to win with winning people and and I think that's where they kind of I'm gonna use the word tink you know context the blood out of a situation and I think the industry the the conglomerate of people kind of use that situation but she was already like a couple it's a couple solo albums in one one I just done my first I was with vertical when I got with him oak I wasn't even in my solo career when did you guys fall in love because like you said you had known him before brown sugar and everything you knew him before abs no I when I before you guys knew him I knew him but it was just it was chemistry we worked in a studio and as we working it just you know the same magic you heard that was being created was something that was being created that they created creating that I didn't do that oh oh my god I want you I remember working for his management team and they didn't like the fact that he was having a baby because they felt like it would take away from him as this sexy you can't control God that I didn't make the baby by myself he didn't make the vaporizer you know when people get when that happens it happens you don't plan it you know you know you can't say oh tonight that's a part of God's plan but you know I'm sure love people like you're just got man but you can't stop this without oh man what I'm just making a point people you know you can't dictate what happened they might not have like him having a baby how didn't know you didn't wanna and my thing is I think that people read into again dollars and cents right there all he was a check for them absolutely but you're labeled you live how did the relationship in what why did he go left what if I tell you I'll let you watch and I said no just for the sake of being being cool is really about me it's like anything you put too much pressure on a situation you take somebody who is again thirsty hungry to be successful and I don't know what they said behind closed was I don't know what they did I don't know how they push buttons I can only tell you a lot of stuff was done but it wasn't a normal it hurt us both to break up and and I can honestly tell you that it affected us and it still affects my life his life my son's life it still those kind of moves hurt people and at the end of the day you're not happy because at at the core it's not way you go to industry broke y'all up I can't say that yeah I can't say that without really going into know what I mean youyou you could maybe tell me you should be me do you think we broke up on out do you think I know you did it okay how'd the label feel when you got pregnant your label they can't dictate my life because I'm a woman it's like lying I'm a woman mm-hmm so it should I have chosen because I have a record or should you know you have to look at life and say should I put everything the guy has intended from your hole to accommodate the people that are leeches well no if you want what I got you got a could take all of me and that's just it so yes I had two children and if I could have had ten children I would I was an only child so I love big family oh I did put myself on hold so that wouldn't have all these babies because you know I wanted to work on whatever life was it hard co-parenting with the Angela it's hard co-parenting with anybody if you're not married mmm especially y'all both on tour all the time schedule crazy all of us like I said both my children fathers or anything attend business then it's harder for anybody who is not living together everyday to co-parent if you both traveling so at the end of the day my husband is God the reason I say that is because that's who helped me sustain the life of my children was there every time that you were disenchanted with this music business having been in it such a young age and said I don't want to do this anymore absolutely apps I've quit four or five times and people go so yes disenchanted is the right word I think because I see the good bad and ugly and because a lot of people that are in the you know the the fans don't see the perimeter and we see the perimeter it makes you say you have to pick and choose how you gonna use your gift so I choose to use my gift in in lyrics and in positive messages and real messages so that the people that are listening from a heart space get it so I can't really be consumed with oh they not they're not recognizing me oh they're not doing this because they didn't give me a gift hmm what's your daughter you got an incident with your daughter I know that was publicized yeah that's my daughter which I'll did that the beautiful thing is when we were raised and he containers from South mm-hmm our parents them play with us okay I used to give straight Nicole throw straight cross room you know shoe or boot when they could grab so the reality is we were raised in a certain way and disrespect it's not tolerated that's the fabric of Who I am now my daughter Kim every son they can wear me out I'm gonna throw some at you if you made me mad because that's not how we do chef kids are prone now and I have to get between the hey wait but it's called family and the only reason it gets magnified to the tenth power it's because inquiring minds want to know if I didn't have a name that wouldn't care mmm-hmm so my daughter's my that's my heart you know when you get beat as a kid when you get older and you know the objects don't work no more than you think you can raise up on your dad you wanna do exactly the dollar raise up on our mama put them hands up didn't you see where you at oh yeah cuz you can you can't come at me want to fight me like a street person and I I just get the bell or anymore now that's my baby she you know what y'all good now always do you think about making timeless music right because you have songs as you've done so long ago that today still irrelevant and still people could listen to it like it's brand-new you know and that's what I meant when I said creating music that meets the mind of people that it touches because you know when we're gifted with certain things we're gifted for a purpose and when we make ourselves more important in the purpose we lose the gift so I had to make sure that I didn't get consumed with everything everybody else worries about in terms of oh you ain't working like a lot I've never been invited to black girls rock no never Wow come on now but I love like girls right come on now that is ridiculous but I'm just saying if I let little stuff like that stop me from rocking this black girl then I've lost the purpose about the haqqani right Beverly Beaufort no ma'am I'm only saying it because a lot of people come to me oh really so that's great I would never serve myself but we goes back to the way the industry shapes the situation because of another situation well let's talk about some other things she's developing reality shows but you've also been on reality television right R&B divas yes and so what was your experience I could they it wasn't what I thought it was gonna be or what you thought it was gonna be right we're thinking Angie stones gonna come in she's the voice of reason and she's the person that's going to well that's what they hired me for mm-hmm when I went just the backstory to R&B divas when before the show was created I created a show similar so the same guy feel who put the second show together was a person that I was working with you develop show so same idea hey there had and Nikki and when they call me said yeah we can all do it together mm-hmm okay I thought I was gonna be a producer on that and then when we addressed it I said well we've already done it I so I let go I walked back because I realized it's crazy right so the second season I got a call from TV one and they said hey look these girls are fighting too much they joined us they're doing that Angie you you know we all love you with respect you we need you beginning here try to smooth things out so I said okay that's easy enough for me so my purpose for being a part of the show was to make them focus on who they were as singer even though they had he can't fight stuff going on all right my job was just to try to smooth it over that's one of course his reality TV and I learned this the hard way they turned that thing all the way around like who you think you will and blah blah and I'd like to see him I'm old enough to know the difference still young enough to make a difference you need to chill okay so it really ticked me off because even though they didn't know the ins and outs of my being there to smooth things they used to get upset when I say well let's sing something look I'm trying to help y'all stay relevant let's say some people need to hear your voices in this capacity but they I think underneath it all they try to figure out why she's still doing this and I sing better than her and I'm not here and I'm not there and I think that was the problem they became a little bit envious of the fact that well who she thinks just I was their biggest threat and as a result I say you know I yeah so you walked off during the reunion I walked up because once they started to manipulate and you know I was not comfortable with the lies of touring and I'm like look I can't let you guys destroy my brand I've been doing this almost 40 years at this point so I'm not willing it though my entire life away because you need five minutes of fame so y'all got this I'm good over here they were even trying to say that your husband slept with my husband I mean your boyfriend at the time our manager slept with somebody from the staff you know what I really don't want to dress that because he's fighting for his life right now so I kind of don't want to go there that's a very good friend of mine that I had some wonderful times with and yes there's been a lot of rumors about a lot of things and if you saw the show then you saw it was very uncomfortable for us but again manipulative and you know he just had a very very bad motorcycle okay Ben Ben down we'll pray for him thank you I don't want to why did you name the new album full circle well that's a great question I dictate the success of my album based on the title when I did mahogany solo I went to Seoul mahogany violin barouche my lipstick all that's because I think that a song or a title of a song dictates the strength of it full circle I'm at a place where I've seen this industry do this going round around it's the same old thing and I wanted to get back to Angie stone the one that when I started out when I did my hogging so when I did Black Diamond I want to say okay I've tried all these other things let me go back to me and full circle is a complete circle of in my opinion Wow come full circle and I Know Who I am I know who's I am I know what I I've survived right if I walked away today I can say I am a survivor and full circle dictates that the fact that we've got five stars out of five stars on everything across the board on this album proves that you know stamp out whether 79 or 2019 it's who you are you know what your purpose is so I'm good you know what I noticed too about music sometimes when we go through the most tragic things that's when the best songs yes come out of it do you feel like that's true for you I do you know just about two months ago I was fighting for my life and when a lot of people don't notice but when the album dropped I was just getting back to myself and I realized at that point you know I'm saying now it's time to just make a life enjoy this thing again get back to the to the place where music matters because I think at some point it's so much mess going on that music doesn't matter anymore and I wanted to make some music that matter and this is the time in my life where I met my my greatest I think I've walked a powerful journey that she sure that she has on it's about me and the men in my life these are all the people that I ever did to do it we're never worked with almost every one of the artists of our generation yeah I can't my I thought that's a specialty that I'm working on because not many people can say that and I say everybody's so worried about who they know these guys but I've worked with them alright you know so I'm in a good space what was wrong with you two months ago was it oh you don't wanna say no no what I'm a diabetic you know you know dealing with that I have a that bill that was produced in to spy friendzone and I had a chemical spill at Presbyterian Hospital when I was 26 years old that exposed me to a German cause to diabetes because the medicine they give me so when you guys saw me JB it was the medicine but Lobby was like oh my story so now that I'm completely healed and I think I'm a little swag back you know but let the world tell it she was just big fat girl but again got a Rasta movie selling this movie right now I mean are you scared to have a Popeye's chicken sandwich Oh no honey okay I'm not scared but I don't eat fried stuff like they never have I don't eat like a bunch of junk food never have so but you know you can eat but you have to eat right us how are coming from where you come from no but I cook see no notic season my food without using heard that you know spice edgy like a lot of people use a lot of heavy salt you can use lemon and it tastes just like so you have got to just know now we love to cook don't get me wrong oxtails cooked all that but you don't have to eat unhealthy you know I think God has preserved me all this time because he knows my heart and he knows I'm gonna do right so that don't mean I don't see somebody to play you yet for the Bayeux feet I got some ideas mm-hmm that's my ideas a couple of people that uh I really really am interests you know I know one segment of Andy stone your daughter got to be in it of course you know but uh the young lady that used to be Bernie Mac's daughter oh yeah we appreciate you for joining Dorie yes thank you thank you you learn anything a lot okay I like to hold indefinitely I've always wanted to meet you so I'm glad I had it mainly because you know the backstory to a lot of this stuff that uh I've been hating on for four years that they you know being involved with a sex symbol it can be a blessing yeah my wife feel well Angie's don't thank you for joining us thank you Angie stone it's The Breakfast Club good morning [Music]