Angry Giants Fan Arrested For Making Gillette Stadium Threat On Facebook

sure I'll turn my mic on Jesus don't care today for Wednesday September 11 goes to a fan of one of the most trash ass teams in the entire NFL the New York this season they will not really be good at football Giants all right the man's name is Tobias great and he was arrested in charge was simple and domestic assault and threatening police officers at the time of his arrest this is an amazing story because he warms my cold heart to see a Giants fan in handcuffs wearing a giant's Jersey and Giants jacket now all you if you don't know you should know that on Sunday the Cowboys destroyed the New York Giants Giants suffered a crushing defeat an embarrassing beatdown they were conquered they were overcome overpowered vanquished by America's team my team the Dallas Cowboys dropping a clues bomb for my Dallas Cowboys okay Tobias great was traumatized because of the 3517 asked whitney received at the hands of my cowboys on sunday cuz he knows that it's gonna be more of those ass whippings handed out throughout the season from various teams and you know I tell you all the time hurt people hurt people trauma Israel and if you don't deal with your trauma you won't end up redistributed that pain to others okay if you don't heal what hurts you you will bleed on people who didn't cut you and that's exactly what the bias great did and I'll let the record show what to buy is cray got arrested for has nothing to do with my Dallas Cowboys alright this has to do what a team that the Giants have beaten twice in the Superbowl you know who that is in me you're a Giants fan you know that is patriot yeah the defending six times Super Bowl champions the New England Patriots okay the Giants fans know that regardless of what happens for the rest of NFL history they can always say they beat the Patriots twice in the Superbowl twice correct so why are you mad okay trust me of the Dallas Cowboys fan for years we sucked and when we sucked I would just lean into the fact that we are five-time Super Bowl champions who cares if we one knows in the 90s okay those are small details so giant y'all have to do the same thing alright the Patriots are still winning they're probably going to the Super Bowl getting this year if you're a Giants fan just lean into that fact that y'all beat them twice in the Super Bowl and keep it moving but to buy is great isn't able to do that because the bias is too busy focusing on what the Patriots are doing now all right would you like to know why does lose a Giants fan got arrested let's go to WBZ CBS 4 for the report police Giants fan is accused of threatening to shoot people at Gillette Stadium prosecutors say that he was actually upset over the Pats newest signing Tobias gray appeared in court today wearing a giant's Jersey and police say that he posted a threat on Facebook that he wanted to shoot random people at Gillette the man's attorney tells us that he didn't mean the Facebook post as a threat adding that he's a Giants fan who's upset that the Patriots will be that much better with Antonio Brown Tobias gray sported a giant's Jersey before Providence judge this morning the 44 year old faces charges there for simple and domestic assault and threatening police officers at the time of his arrest in the now-deleted post from Gray's Facebook it read in part you might as well hand them the ring now if I ever get my hands on a gun which I don't have one yet but I'm looking I will go shoot random people at Foxboro his attorney tells us he was just venting that's how you're feeling no no taser you threaten to shoot up Gillette Stadium because they signed a Antonio Brown really okay Giants fans it's too early in the season to be losing it all right it's just the reaction after week one what is gonna be the mindset about week eight when y'all are one in seven all right it was computer mine Saturday when y'all two and 14 all right no you have to add Giants fans to the list of domestic terrorists in America huh listen Giants fans I want to tell you something man losers focus on winners while winners focus on winning it's still early in the season relax okay you don't know what could happen this too shall pass Eli Manning might cam pass anymore but this season will hmm all right please give Tobias great a sweet sounds at Hamilton's [Applause] [Music] he's not a die-hard Giants fan dad dad he's not I was looking at his picture don't put his picture back up we play a game but guess what race it is even with his picture what is what is he he's black he's black what Dominican there you go what'd you say I wasn't sure I just making sure I can know your cousin's when I see cousin alright thank you for that donkey of the day I guess donkey today is brought to you by the law office of Michael s lamonsoff don't be a donkey down pound 250 on yourself and say to bull if you've been hurt in a construction accident that's pound 2 5 volt from your cell and say to bowl [Music]