Animals That Took REVENGE On Humans


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revenge has always been thought of to be only a human trait and oh how wrong we are there have been many documented cases of animals exacting revenge on humans and here are but just some of them make sure you stick around to the end to hear the most gruesome revenge door you'll probably ever encounter here are animals that took revenge on humans number 10 truman spitz octopuses are intelligent animals with good vision and the ability to remember things in fact they're notoriously hard to keep in an enclosure somehow someway they're always able to find the tiniest of gaps and squeeze their body into it anyway aside from being the houdini of the animal kingdom they're also capable of holding grudges and taking revenge whenever they get the chance this was the case of truman an octopus they used to live at the new england aquarium in boston massachusetts truman took a particular dislike for a woman who was volunteering at the aquarium and would shoot a stream of water at her at every opportunity that he got the lady later left for college but returned for a visit a few months later truman who hadn't been shooting water at anyone in the meantime quickly shot a stream of water at her the moment he saw her why truman hates only this lady in particular is still unknown number nine pack mentality in 2015 a man in chunking china drove to his home one evening to find a stray dog relaxing in his parking space instead of you know being nice and chewing the dog which is what any normal guy would do who isn't a monster he decided to kick it out of the way before parking his car probably a bad day in the office probably just a jerk you know of course the dog didn't take the kicking into that lying down it rounded up a posse and they all proceeded to vandalize the man's car they used their jaws to make dents in the car and bit the windshield wipers the man was shocked when he awoke the next morning to find his car full of dents he only realized what happened when a neighbor who saw the dogs attacking the car told him number eight rainy birds without a doubt crows are among the smartest animals in the world in fact they've been observed using simple tools solving complex problems and demonstrating more common sense than some of your friends as it turns out crows also use their smarts to hold grudges and even exact revenge on people a few researchers found this out the hard way researchers in seattle were trapping crows for a study it was soon discovered that the crows didn't take too well to being trapped and being studied even after an entire year without seeing the researchers upon finally seeing them again in the wild the crows would call in anger and dive bomb them in mobs of 30 or more birds the number of attacking crows was greater than the number previously trapped and studied though obviously word had spread in the crow community about certain scientists trapping crows and the birds have since been on a lookout number 7 a vengeful tiger back in 2016 in kerala india a male tiger went on a revenge rampage after a poacher hunted and killed its mating cub not really satisfied with illegal poaching baby which is the most unlikely name for a poacher ever was part of a group of moonshiners who were illegally brewing alcohol in the forest in one of these illegal brewing expeditions the group came upon the tigress and her cub baby the upstanding person that he was shot and killed the mother in the cub he then skinned them and the group shared the mate three days later the group returned to their base of operations in the forest this time the male tiger was waiting for them he singled out baby pouncing on him and mauling him pretty badly before dragging him into the forest miraculously baby survived the attack but his injuries were so severe that he succumbed to them a few days later number six elephant raid if there's ever an animal that you never want to antagonize it's the elephant especially the wild ones they are highly intelligent creatures with an incredible memory they're also very emotional they are known to grieve the death of their own kind and sometimes this grief can turn into anger and then result in vengeance back in july of 2016 a group of 16 elephants belonging to two different herds wreaked havoc on several villages around the champions forest range and kianjar india the invasion lasted for two whole weeks and resulted in the destruction of 54 houses people initially thought that this was just a random series of attacks by rogue elephants but further investigation into the matter unearthed a shocking reason a few nights before the attacks started poachers poisoned and killed a male elephant and made off with its tusks the attack on the villages was an act of vengeance by the elephants in retaliation for the death of their comrade honestly play dumb games win dumb prizes number five never taunt a tiger on christmas day 2007 a tigress was able to escape from her enclosure and proceeded to attack three men fatally injuring one of them two of the three men were brothers paul and cool bill dalewell with the third one being their friend a man named carlos souza titania the escaped tigris initially attacked colbert trying to help out souza distracted the tigress only to horribly have it backfire on him the tigers left culver and turned her sights towards souza fatally injuring him she wasn't done though she pursued the fleeing culver using his blood drill to track him down she then chants upon ball who fled along with culber and attacked him the attack would have been fatal if it weren't for the police who arrived just in time to stop the attack unfortunately in order to do so the police had to shoot the tigris down it was later found out that before her escape the three men were yelling and taunting the tigress from outside her enclosure number four poke me and i pipe back in some parts of the world wild animals can become a nuisance especially when they encroach into areas with a lot of people so when a leopard started attacking livestock in an area near lake nakuru national park in kenya it was only natural for people to want him out so they asked for the help of park rangers to capture and relocate the animal the capture went smoothly it was the release that got a bit dicey ranger alexander rono used a long stick to poke at the leopard to encourage it to leave the cage the leper did not like this though and it growled at the ranger and bit the stick when she finally did leave the cage he didn't run into the force as the rangers expected no no she apparently had her own idea instead of running away she decided to run towards the front of the vehicle and tried to jump into the cabin where rano was sitting she failed at the first try but was successful at getting half her body in the second try she then proceeded to claw at rano's face with her sharp claws while attempting to deliver a fatal knife to his neck fortunately rona managed to kick the angry leopard out the cabin window who then made a run forward into the forest rano did survive the attack but required a total of 21 stitches to close up his wounds number three the hunt and yet another tiger has made it to our list i'm starting to think that tigers are naturally vengeful animals at this point and here's another example a siberian tiger had just finished hunting and was enjoying the fruits of its labor when russian poacher vladimir markov came upon him seizing the opportunity markov shot at the tiger wounding it but failing to go for the kill the tiger fled and to add insult to injury marcom decided to help himself to the spoils of the tiger's hunt this didn't sit well with the tiger at all 48 hours later the wounded tiger was able to track markov down to his cabin finding that markov wasn't there the tiger trashed the place then waited for the poacher to arrive when he finally did end up arriving the tiger pounced on him and then proceeded to eat him to this day this is the only known incident of a tiger waiting for attacking and eating a human all in the name of vengeance now it's time for today's best pick [Music] now we're gonna talk about another vengeful animal the gorilla find out more next with number two a different kind of vengeance gorillas are extremely intelligent creatures that's why when they discovered a threat not only to them but to all animals that call the volcanoes national park in rwanda home they simply had to do something about it poachers often set snares in rwanda's volcanoes national park for bushmeat these drafts are designed to capture animals like antelope but gorillas also often get caught up in them usually older gorillas are strong enough to free themselves but younger gorillas can't and often die in the traps then one day a female gorilla got caught in the trap the snares rope cut into her leg and causing a fatal case of gangrene right after this researchers started seeing young gorillas scouring the area for snare traps and whenever they found a snare the gorillas would sabotage it they did this so that no other young family members would ever get hurt two of the gorillas show great expertise at finding and destroying these stairs so much to know that when a silverback found a snare he called for the two to quickly deal with it this should teach poachers for laying deadly traps in the gorilla's domain but i doubt it actually will before we move on do me a favor my analytics show that only about 15 of you watching are actually subscribed come on guys what's up with that can you guys please hit the subscribe button you guys watch my videos every day anyway so you might as well subscribe and keep up to date with every video we put out number one decapitation by camel an indian man named urjaram had a pet camel back in 2016. he was too engrossed in hosting some guests in his home in mongtar village rajasthan india that he forgot about the camelly tied out in the scorching suns for the entire day when the man tried untying the camel at night the already very angry camel caught him by the neck and lifted him up before throwing him back to the ground thereafter chewed on the neck until the head was separated from the body it took 25 villagers about 6 hours to calm the angry camel down what's the most gruesome animal revenge story that you've heard let us know down below in the comments also make sure to check out the channel's other amazing videos as always thank you all for watching and i'll see you all next time later everybody