Animating in Photoshop to Voice Acting Tips and Tricks

[Music] hey everyone welcome back to another video I'm making pretty good progress on my short film and in this episode I want to record some voices for my characters using this setup that we have here I think my voice will probably only be a placeholder that we then replace in the end with someone else's voices for the final product but I need some voices right now just to animate too so mine will you know have to be okay for now at least um but yeah first let's jump over to photoshop and check out what we actually have already and what type of dialog we need to record so we're gonna pick up where we left things in the last video but first of all I've decided to change the way I work a bit as I quickly noticed that using video layers which is what I normally do will not work very well when doing this type of animation here we're looking at timing characters movement and expressions to audio and I've not done a lot of lip syncing in character animation in this way before so this is something I'm exploring as I go now I know that Photoshop is sometimes a bit limited when it comes to animation but since I love drawing in the software I wanted to see if I could make it work so I spent a few hours just building a workflow that will fit my needs Photoshop allows a few different ways to animate you can either animate on a video layer like I have shown you in my previous videos but you can also use what is called video groups which allows you to stretch your frames in a different way and this is what I will go for for this animated scene now let's first look at what we have here this is the sequence I created in my last video where I set a few driving keyframes for my character I've also added a few other images here that represents the shots before and after so that we have a bit of context when animating and so that we can see how this sequence flows in an edit we have this shot before where the other character in my film is pulling on this small hold on the rock for anyone who doesn't know what I'm doing here this is for my animated short film which is about climbing so this is a sequence that will be part of that film you can check out my other videos to get a bit of context but yeah this geezer here he will say you could maybe lock off on this hole to get to the next crimp so that's his line then we cut to his mate going out with the moves of the climb while standing on the ground and you know what me making these moves he says yeah but then you might have to go dynamically to the one after it stretches out stretches is our mount then we cut to a close-up of his face and he says this could be the crux which basically means that this might be the hardest move on the boulder problem which is what they're looking at if you don't know anything about climbing that's okay this will make sense when it's all in and edit we then jump to a wider shot looking down from the top of the boulder and the same guy says that sloping edge at the top it looks bad so that's where we are and this is what I need to record voices for so let's do that first and then look at how I will animate this scene to this audio you could maybe lock off on this one to get to that next crimp yeah but then you might have to really go dynamically to the one after this doesn't look easy I guess this is the crux not sloping edge at the top there it looks like nothing that's sloping edge at the top there it's like nothing all right so that's me trying to get into character now the first thing I'll do is to edit and treat this audio a bit so it sounds a bit more like it's outside and you know we can put on some background nature noise do it maybe lock off on this one to get to that next crimp in Adobe Audition I just dropped the base out of this as it was recorded close to the microphone in an indoor environment I think to get this to sound as I would actually record this outdoors in nature somewhere but yeah like we can do for the final stuff I exported that and took that into after-effects where I dropped on a recording I had previously of some nature sounds I also did an edit of it so I only used the takes that I like and in the right order this is not my audio file I can work with you could maybe log off on this one to get to that next in Photoshop I dropped in this audio by adding a new audio track to the timeline obviously I've prepped this a bit so it's all lines up now but I made sure that when editing the audio you know it should fit the Edit but I can make each of these clips here longer or shorter if I want now let's have a quick look at how these video groups work they are basically normal Photoshop layers that you put in sequence let's hide all these for now if I create two new layers here they will stack on top of each other but if I now take one of them and drag it on top of the other in the timeline they become a video group now they are sequenced and I can trim them as I please if I select the first one and add a new layer it adds that in after that later when you work with frames you often don't want them to be as long as these default they are so what I did and to create a useful workflow around this was to create an action that adds a new layer and then trims it down to one or two frames long that makes adding key frames a lot more simple I just mapped this to my function keys look up how actions work in Photoshop if you don't know it's super useful and you know let you customize your workflow I also set a key binding for splitting the frame at the time indicator this you could need to do with an action or up in the keyboard shortcut menu the difference between the video groups and using video layers is that I can hold on specific frames for a long time where a video layer would not allow me to do that so when I now use video groups and time my key frames to the audio that's really simple something that I miss in Photoshop that I know you can make in software's like TV paint and similar is that you can scrub the audio and actually hear it while moving the time indicator that will be awesome if Photoshop had that but since we can only hear it when it is playing back I will have to work around this in some way being able to scrub the audio would allow me to see exactly at what frame a certain mouth shape would be needed so to compensate this in a way I decided to be a little bit creative I took the final edited audio file and open it in audition you can do this in any other software that allows you to see a timeline with a relatively large waveform in I then screen recorded the audio playing back fully I took that recording and brought it into After Effects where I created a composition that matches the frame rate I have in my Photoshop animation file which for me is 12 frames per second you can do this in 24 frames per second too if you are working on one since one I'm working in 12 fps for this film so that's what this composition will have I made sure it lined up with my audio file suits timed correctly and then I wrote out the different characters that represents what I would think are key mouth shapes for those specific frames so playing that back it looks like this you could maybe lock off on this one to get to that next group yeah but then you might have to really go dynamically to the one after I guess this is the crux that's sloping edge at the top there it's like nothing I rendered that and dropped it into my Photoshop timeline I made sure it aligned to the beginning now we have direct feedback with a waveform for each frame that also tells us what mouth shapes will be needed I would love to have the option to scrub the audio but I'm quite happy to work with this method now we can watch it back and see what we got you could maybe lock off on this one to get to that next drink yeah but then you might have to really go dynamically to the one after I guess this is the crux that's sloping edge at the top there it's like nothing the next step is to get going on animating all the frames so that's probably what the next episode will be about let me know if you have some fun workflow tips when animating in Photoshop drop that in the comments below so I think this is it for this video subscribe to the channel if you haven't already hope you're doing well and thanks to my awesome patrons for their support I'll see you in the next one bye [Music] you