Annoying Orange Bad Apple Ft Mikey Bolts

-I pick... Orange. -All right! Basketball's my jam, yo! [laughs] -Aw, man. I'm gonna get picked last again. I just know it! -If I were picking teams, I'd pick you first, Midget Apple! YAHAHAHAHAY! -Yeah, and your team would lose. -Whoa, whoa, whoa. Who's the new guy? I pick him. -Move, pipsqueak. -[chuckles] I have a feeling I'm gonna like this new guy. -Great. Now shut up and pass the rock! -Rock? Stupid apple. You don't play basketball with a rock. -[glumly]: Boy, don't I know it. -Oh yeah? Then riddle me this: how are you gonna play basketball without a basketball? [kicks basketball, laughs] -♪ On the road again ♪ ♪ I can't wait to get on the road agai-- ♪ [screams, tires screech] It's the sauerkrauts! [ka-boom!] -Well, I heard he got kicked out of his last school for giving a bunch of bananas a bruising. -I heard his parents kicked him out of the tree. -Shh! Here he comes. -All right, losers. Everybody hand over your lunch money. -How? We don't have hands. [laughs] -A wise guy, eh? You won't be laughing after I tie your shoelaces together. -How? He doesn't have feet. [laughs] [Pear and Orange laugh] -[growls] It's really tough being a bully when nobody has any limbs. I got it. I'll give you a swirly. -A swirly? I love ice cream! Num-num-num-num-num-num. Ha-ha! -What? No. It's when I put your head in the toilet and flush. Come on, everybody knows that. -True. I know from experience. -[grumbles in disgust] For reals? -Yeah, apparently, I was sitting on Bad Apple's swing. -Which swing is Bad Apple's swing? -Whichever swing Bad Apple wants it to be, pipsqueak. [chuckles] -Okay guys, we need to do something about the new kid. -I say we try being nice to him. -Worth a shot. Do your worst, Marshmallow. -YAY! [boing! boing!] Excuse me, Bad Apple. It looks like you need a friend to play on the teeter-totter. -Yeah, actually, that would be nice. -Hooray! See, Not-so-bad Apple? Isn't it nice to be niiiiiii... -[chuckles] Happy landing, shrimpy. -What the? Marshmallow can fly? Why am I always the last to know things? -Hey, Pear, you're standing on my grass. -What? -That's my grass. Move! -This isn't YOUR grass. This is the school's grass. Anyone can stand here. -Get off my grass! -It's not your grass! -That's it! Eat grass! Eat it; you love it. -What?! -Eat the grass, Pear. -Orange! Little help here, please. -Hey! Hey, Fat Apple! Hey! -Looks like loudmouth wants to lick some grass too. -Nah. I prefer my eyeballs. -That's it. Lick the grass, geek. Lick it; you love it. -This tastes delicious! -No, it doesn't. It tastes like grass. -Nuh-uh! It tastes like candy! -No, it doesn't. Does it? [licks] -(Strawberry) Hey, look! Orange is making Bad Apple lick the grass! -[laughs] -What? No. I-- -Whee! I love candy grass! -[growls] -[laughs] You're lookin' a little red there, Apple. [laughs] -You guys are mean. I'm gonna tell on you. -Who are you gonna tell? -Teacher? -Yeah, I am gonna tell the teacher. -No. Teacher! -Huh? [screams] Don't eat me! [squish!] -Ohh! This new kid's really getting "chewed" out. [laughs] I'm sorry. Too soon? Captioned by [laughs] Knife!