Annoying Orange TV Spoofs Supercut

[Music] and we're on in three two one did you forget what comes after tell no one says the one that's how we do it in showbiz that's dumb let's take it again we're on the air topics you'll bench I've Tim the Toolman orange and say hello to my handy assistant pear bar lad emphasis on the board thanks for the sweet intro dude all right today on tool bench we're gonna show you how to repair an outboard motor and you know what an outboard motor goes on don't you folks [Music] so much audience now first thing we're gonna do is let me stop you right there any smoke and repairing outboard motor but it takes a real fruit to give it that does not look safe to [Laughter] I don't have hands all right so I can't tell left from right what do you do into our backyard hey Jill Vic I'm taking a bug so we can try out our new outboard motor [Laughter] not doing that so you figured you just take a massive hole in the counter instead of just using the sink that is right now good point my kinda just use the sink you'll need to tell me you dug up our entire yard for no good reason oh it's like you screwed up tool man I told ya no seriously I did [Music] [Applause] [Music] tell me little Wilson you ever have trouble with your wife love is like breaking wind it is a weird quotation but it makes sense both feel great this has been really helpful let's get back to work rebuilding this motor now first we drove it there Borland I can't do this I screwed up at home I went a little overboard with this outboard but it upset someone I love very much you see a wise person once said love is like breaking wind you can't see it but you can't smell it no one wise ever said that so I owe an apology to someone out there my wife Joe Pikul I'm sorry and I'd like to show you just how sorry I am with this please could you guys help me out here dude you might want to chill out with the whole farting thing Berlin I can't believe it is actually and I'm your hostess cupcake if you ever come home from long hard day sat down to enjoy your dinner and then written into a soggy salad fortunately now there is introducing crispy crisp salad spinner or just press on top and spin all the water out of your salary I do have a hard time barfing sometimes it can be a real help around here seriously you guys no way we don't need a salad spinner and if you call and order now we'll throw in a special gift do you ever show up right eating your job as an air traffic controller Drago you sit down to oversee air traffic and accidentally spill your coffee everywhere well now there is the untypical we don't need it seriously when was the last time anyone here spilled coffee and cost a dozen airplanes to crash is right that hasn't happened in weeks I wait there's more there is and if you call and order now we'll throw in a special gift oh brother have you ever picked an oven mitt off the counter but it was still super hot for moments before when the oven mitt was touching hot that happens to me all the time how you don't have hands well now there is thanks to the oven mitt oven mitt that's right it's an oven mitt for picking up oven no I'm putting a stop to this nonsense right now don't need any of this stuff so we're not going to yes you do never the neck did you order that so fast we have your credit card set up for one-click shopping my credit card you're telling me I just paid for a duffle overpriced salad spinner that nobody needs special guests are going back in the box [Music] relax don't eat all that junk from the TV after all oh yeah that's right the fire extinguisher took care of everything the fire aDNA supercomputer I'm sorry the what [Music] don't forget the face sign highs homecoming dance is this weekend if you have an accent one better do it right now good idea are you going to the dance you're going to the dance aren't you Zach Horace what only if a certain someone says yes oh usually I like to watch my post-workout protein shake down with another protein shake it gives me the strength I need to down a third protein chips so I really really really want to ask Kelly compassion of the dance but I have no clue how to do it the new guy AC Draper is all over hi man how about you Kelly has anyone asked you to the homecoming dance yet not yet but I'm hoping don't worry I'm sure someone will ask you very soon we're all behaving I assume you know it mr. bell pepper Oh mr. Graber uh could I have a word with you nice maybe he got detention and can't go to the dance what mr. bell peppers letting me into Kelly Compassion's locker I'm gonna decorate it and ask you to homecoming later suckas why didn't I think of that timeout yeah time to fart sometimes so what time man Zach you have to figure out a way to ask Kelly compassion to the homecoming before she opens her locker yeah why why she might go with AC Graper seriously dude yeah that's all I heard okay okay okay let me think well I'll see you guys I'm gonna go grab my algebra book for my locker no huh well why not because algebra class is canceled it is cool well I guess we'll go stash my algebra homework in my locker they reset all the Locker combinations well - what - zero zero zero oh cool so I can just use that combinations because I put a live squirrel in there no I should go out no it's a murderous squirrel that's it it's a fanatical crazy murderous squirrel did you hear there are murderous squirrels in the school there are this is a nightmare isn't principal far the doors keep your distance from any and all a coin I repeat any and all acorns and you'll be the first to feel this world's wrath what did screech just screech at me now there's no squirrel mr. bell pepper it's a lie I told that spun out of control a lie but why because well I wanted to ask Kelly compassion to homecoming before a sea grape or did I see yeah that makes no sense whatsoever is that true is that you want to go to homecoming with me oh of course it's true I'd love to go with you me be strong AC be strong her is the strength of a dozen protein shakes are you now because it's going to be tough to attend the homecoming dance while you're in detention this is what you get for lying Zach because of you we just pulled like 10 fire alarms and call the police hmm I guess I see your point and you do well to remember it if you take someone to a dance just ask them you don't need to make up a lie about something ridiculous like crazy fanatical murderous squirrel exactly [Music] [Music] all right who's ready to go camping I've got the sleeping bags I've got the matches oh no - where I got this heavy oh why it seems to be exploding don't like my yoke sorry if I don't give heed to your whimsical earth I'm very busy I'll cheer you up with a joke I am the one I am the one who knocks okay fine you start not who's there say my name say my name who if you don't know who I am and perhaps your best course is to tread lightly was that the punch line I think what orange is trying to say is that we just want to know who you are that is a long story I used to be a high school home economics teacher by the name of Walter egg white my cookie was renowned across New Mexico then I found out that I was going run I couldn't pay for the expensive hard-boiling treatment that would save my shelf life so I fell into a world of crime now they call me eggs and burg now please get out of my way I need to cook Hey bad cakes no not pancakes this is chili pepper hot sauce with the tweak of chemistry and acidic heat so pure a single drop could scramble your brain when the recipe is done exactly right the sauce turns a perfect orange everyone knows I'm the only perfect orange around you're wrong this is our turf now our turf oh yes this is my associate messy Pinkman hey yo don't even think of telling anyone off snitch yeah we're not really interested in the hot sauce business or the inevitable violence that comes with it I'm not in the hot sauce business I'm in the Empire business what the shell hey yo this is bad mr. egg white it's the carton cartel see inevitable yeesh this is getting El Pollo Loco or should I say exit burg oh no he's my brother-in-law Hank on eats me and I ate me everyone just calm down there's a completely rational explanation - your weapons all of you are you and rebel bedycasa how could this possibly get worse I don't know nobody could spit a scene in your eye well guess I suppose that could ruin my recipe become completely unstable - niche science Oh Bessie whoa sorry guys guess I needed a power nap hey where's old I get yeah well the explosion kind of out look for yourself I told you I get you Walter you're in danger now I'm not in danger I am the danger you'll mr. egg-white somebody ratted us out everyone here is a snitch you're all snitches Wow poor guys i'ma let them work out their problems [Laughter] I mean have we not solved it already is it tomatoes or is it tomatoes can't the tomatoes just get together hold a meeting call the whole thing off and what's the deal with airplane food does anybody actually like this stuff hey I'm airline food my mother's headline food whoa looks like there's a problem in the peanut gallery on the new secretary at work at the annual company party I see a couple holes in your plan first do you even know her name secondly and perhaps most importantly women hates you a plan to get bigger somehow I honestly can't say I'm not a woman hey guys we don't like you because you're an idiot so how was your date last night it was okay I mean this guy watched a little adventure time and then we went back to his place yada yada yada yada yada yada over the best part no I told you about a venture time anyway you guys heard about this new soup place across town it's supposed to be amazing anyone want to go before the party she cannot come to my company's party till after 9:00 why not because there'll be dancing until 9:00 your remember the last time passion dance of course it's seared into my memory forever I almost vomited all right hey we talked about wigs over here like you awake oh yeah I know a guy sells wheat germ wigs in Central Park 20 bucks a pop that's super cheap what a decoy good they're great trust me you've never won a wig until you born a wheat germ with if you say so oh I almost forgot what time is your company party exactly right oh yeah how does he say told MA - I beg your pardon MA - it's French or something that's it we got tomato and tomato now we've got a whole other one to worry about I say no I refuse I'm calling the whole thing off next I cannot wait to try this ooh um I don't have anything smaller than a 20 H this guy's being a real Nazi about this stuff isn't he yeah but apparently the soups so great so you just have to put up with him oh no grapefruits here hello pear hello grapefruit trying the soup yeah that's right I've been enjoying the finer aspects about city all day in fact I just picked up some premium wheat germ at Central back do you have minestrone it's pronounced mr. on really cuz I've always heard minestrone that's it no soup for you sue yes get out whatever let's just go to the party pair party you don't wanna know I'll add the toasted wheat germ soup please excellent choice oh no we appear to be out of wheat journey oh well then today's your lucky day [Music] great it's just what do you smell something from accounts that's me fancy seeing you here potato Oh actually it's pataw to tattoo it's French is that so my name is French as well little apple carrot introduced me to this stunning young woman pleasure to meet you mr. Toma - the pleasure is all mine miss foot doctor come let me show you my numerous sports cars check out that lady on the dance floor [Applause] why are you guys here so early still playing we couldn't get soup hash it made me come right here yeah is it me or does this place reeked of rancid wheat germ what are you saying my wig is past due I'm saying your wig is turn to Apple the dreamers turn oh no the wigs ruining the party it's already ruined wait isn't that your girl with mr. tomato hey hey it's to macchu to you now get out of here what for mispronouncing your name yes get out no party for you this is my jam Chinese oh we should get soap no this germ has turned I used these Olympics are amazing thousands of years ago there was a battle called the Millennial Games and they used all the same monsters that we do with our boat monsters card to play it what does that mean it means we should buy more cards that must be the Millennium Puzzle legend says it was shattered into a dozen pieces and only the chosen one can put it back to God orange what you two he might not robbing me from this serum after 5,000 years the millennial games shall return I'll finally conquer Egypt and then [Music] you're casting a lot of shade bro Kira and that's not cool get your deck ready cuz it's time to do all I should have known even stay close to your puzzles Barrow prepare for your ultimate demise or the loser will spend eternity in this year y'all start off by somebody what's the top hashtag today then I'll put two cards facedown your move your swordsman is strong but his inability to pay attention will be his downfall as I bring my best friend to the field they are warrior haha you fool my Fulton attack power bar surpasses that of your warrior don't underestimate my favorite cure because right now I can't even by placing one card facedown and playing this one I've activated its special effect what I have an odd number of cards in my hand I can double my base attack points now they take it out salt I breezes today sucked number three will shock you but you've activated my trap card drop all battles let me do something that doesn't make any sense we keep the Bob moving forward so I negate your base power of eating off by play sell more like this Nigel I sum up a hashtag best elf in attack mode together both my monsters will [Applause] all these centuries you still haven't lost your touch points directly not so fast I play my trap card I swap one turn we switch places meaning your attack comes right back at you you lose before your next turn but don't worry Pharaoh you'll have plenty of time to get turned in the shady realm but on the other hand can you say I play knives the revealing light it forbids you from attacking on your next two turns my field is wide open for attack so I'll boost my defenses with danged Daniel in the defense slow rock those white pads but none of my cards are strong enough to break through it my first turn is wasted I place a card facedown in defense mode your move or I sacrifice my gang Jenna needed to bring a more powerful monster to the th Gaia the bleak night my bleak night is forbidden from attacking for now but on my next turn you'd be guineas assault and not a single Monster on the fairer side Stanton my victory is assured none of my monster cards are strong enough that handsome Knight Yolo destroy his monster but it destroys by side of the field too perhaps I could use my reversal a card to bring a monster back to defend me but procuress cards are on point to trust in the heart of my deck and draw the right card this Jam will begin your undoing I sacrifice my two monsters to summon my ultimate creature destroying all monsters on the field I don't understand you summon your most lip beasts only to destroy it everyone only lives once even you but you'll find my magician can break that when I play reverse lay I'm doing is untimely device and bringing it back to the middle monster to protect you magician [Music] ah your souls are back safe and sound my job here is done [Music] never seen him before in my life what just happened no idea dude no idea so he's still taking that puzzle with you [Music] save it for the Oscars Merrill we're not buying your story we're special agents McEntee you're here to investigate the mysterious disappearances that have plagued this kitchen my money's on UFOs yeah but the smart money's on a gypsy curse alien gypsies now you're talking there's something screwy in this kitchen I can almost feel it I think I hear what you mean [Music] hey hey hey over here that's Special Agent cheese I'm sorry could you say that again laugh track funny fruit this is serious business My partner and I are on the trail of an extremely dangerous cryptozoological I knew it these two are obviously in Coos we'll be pulling around-the-clock surveillance until we bag this creature more like slaughter party before it'll be fun we can play pin the tail on the Yeti vampire freak is that like Jenga maybe you're not listening back Evan we're talking about monsters here motormouth aliens with an axe to grind ghouls with power tools he walks tossing tiny little rocks can you dig it really I don't know any of those games I tell you Mac this one is 100 percent certifiable and I don't mean organic you guys Trey about the disappearances she's always sleeping don't play dumb with us smart guy easy Mac I don't think he's playing real head case this one so it's just a loan crazy knife that's all huh or a pry bar or toasters or explosions and there was one time the Halloweeny ate the frankenfruit good times now we're getting somewhere seems like mr. memory here knows more than he's letting on oh shanty microphone are we gonna do carrots okay tell us everything you know or my partner will wipe your memory with his neuralyzer too bad you don't have more than one then it would be a plural Iser oops nice one butterfingers there goes our star witness hey hey Cheez Whiz I think there's something wrong with your microphone figures these things never work on citrus fruit yeah there he goes Tooting his own horn again what was it spill already why don't you well I do it one idea what's that Kenny vampire freak my god it's got fangs a boombox and gety powers I swear partner one day I'll track that thing down and make it pay for what it did to you yeah now he's all probe alone new partner I know somebody that's pretty sure oh yeah and who's that that can't feel good uh well cheddar luck next time [Music]