Anthony Joshua and the problem with Boxing


Chael Sonnen


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there really wasn't a lot to see here if you were to listen to the pundits and the insiders in boxing even if you were to just square these guys off and just do the eye test Ruiz looked more of like the everyman Joshua looked like the heavyweight champion of the world it was just very clear but Ruiz had a very deceptive record he was twenty five wins only one loss he was put into this fight eventually the fight went off with Ruiz being a nine to one favorite at one point though he was almost thirty to one favored one of the most lopsided matches ever which turns people off to boxing they wonder why people don't love boxing the way that they used to look because they do crap like that all the time hey gonna take the heavyweight champion of the world and throw him in a fight with a guy that nobody's ever seen because the guy has never been on television before oh and by the way the insiders within your own sport think this is a massacre so I largely and I will tell you I I did not call this I did not see this I don't really know who released was i don't follow Anthony Joshua wall that close I just know who he is and I know he's the heavyweight champion I know there's every championship fight I'm gonna watch it and boy it was anything but anything but what was it what was advertised they were Ruiz this was not a Buster Douglas moment where he took some shots and just landed one big shot of his own with a surprised opponent and I'll tell you this from competing any of you who competed in any sport will know that I'm right but anytime a match turns out to be harder than you thought the match was going to be things can unravel very very fast you could go out there you're playing baseball and all of a sudden you're only up by two runs a team that you thought you were gonna run away with when things like that happen and it starts to be more difficult than you thought it was going to be whatever level that is things can unravel really really quick and it looked like that's what happened with Joshua he got in a couple of exchanges he saw Ruiz his power and he respected it he started using a jab even a really long jab he was trying to keep his distance Ruiz was a great counter-puncher and he looked a little bit wild things were coming in you know with big gaps left and right made it real easy for Joshua to cover up but then sometimes Ruiz would surprise him Oh bomb him right down the middle sometimes he'd sent an uppercut right between those hands were forming a guard for Joshua just made it hard made him unpredictable I could only match I was watching on my TV on this case a little bit unpredictable he can take a shot he's here to compete and he doesn't just go wild sometimes he'll surprise you up the middle so where'd he put your guard well that's the problem Joshua didn't know just why those shots kept getting through him when we released would throw one he throw three more right behind it everything was punches in bunches he had a good little feint to him had a good little good little movement made Joshua guess a little bit and then the fight started to get drawn on and it started to get drugged out and that's where all the intangible start to come in is the guy in shape does the guy want it Koenig I dig deep for either athlete but that becomes the question and Joshua in many ways was out boxing him he was he was keeping his distance he a pretty good footwork he'd go to the body come back upstairs and then Ruiz would just throw a flurry pop up a bomb and then he get out catch his breath now Joshua was turning in it's a it's back and forth every fight goes that same way a guy comes in and unloads but if the opponent still standing the guy has to stop he has the stuff to catch his breath that's when it's the other guy's turn now he gets however many shots he's getting then he's got to catch his breath the other guy comes at me this this is the game it's not overly complex but as this fight starts to unfold you can just see this as a harder night than what Joshua thought he was getting into he also had a knockdown of Ruiz there was five knock downs in total one went to Joshua all the other four went to Ruiz but one thing that happens when you knock the other guy down if you don't think he's going to get up we saw this between wilder and for a fury if you don't think he's going to get up and you have that moment of celebration or of ease or of relief of exhale and the guy gets up now you got problems and I think that a little bit of that happened with Josh ultimately he just took too many big shots ultimately he looked like he did not want to fight it looked like because he was exhausted now when I tell you it looked like he did not want to fight Sheila how can you say since you think well he was kicking his mouthpiece out on his own repeatedly which is an old boxers trick you're supposed to get you all right ten seconds to a knockout standing 8-count that's an eight count that is a misconception that that is going to be eight seconds an eight count can take 13 seconds knockouts can go 14 seconds they can go seven seconds where it's a fast kick you only the way she's to count so when he does this and he gets the count he doesn't have his mouthpiece in for the fourth time and the referee asked for it all four times told him to put his hands up and I'm talking about the stoppage because there was a number of people that thought hey that fight should have been stopped I saw what you saw I saw what you saw were where Anthony Joshua met the Bell he also followed the referees instructions physically which was to put the hands up but also verbally of hey step towards me do you want to continue he did them all oh by the way where's your mouthpiece okay you know what we're done here and the referee waves it off and someone here how'd you stop that I saw what you saw I don't disagree with you I will just remind you I hope that you also saw that the only person in that building who wasn't questioning the referee stop as was Anthony Joshua sure he threw up the hands and the body language and tipped his head to the side to express for the audience and try to tell the story of oh my gosh why did you stop it wasn't real he wasn't that good of an actor and he could have been any happier when that fight was stopped and I think that there's a lesson here somewhere perhaps that lesson is real simple it is okay to read what they say about you it is never okay to believe it I do not know the backstory of Anthony Josh was training camp it just struck me as a guy who believed he was close to a thirty to one favorite who had to go in and do some light work against Ruiz jr. to then draw in to potentially Wilder or fury down the road that's what it looked like to me and I also think you know one thing that's really true about boxing whoever has the biggest name is the best boxer it's been that way from day one if you're known if you're on TV if they put the belt around you if you get on more posters you are then the best boxer they never have really had a way outside of the Olympic Games of ever having a competitive architecture in place where the guys who believe they're the best can raise their hands step into a bracketed tournament and one guys left standing and then we all know for sure he's the best it seems that it has always been a mark ability standpoint from the beginning of time I grew up through the Mike Tyson era greatest boxer of all time scariest guy in the world Evander Holyfield told anybody who would listen I can beat him right now he's not the best he wasn't the best last week last year or the next five years promoters are keeping us apart you give me one opportunity I will prove to you he's not the best in the world and he never was by the way Evander Holyfield is it you're older than Mike Tyson so this was not a matter of okay let Mike get out of his prime according to Evander give me him now he's not the world's champion he never should have been and this is fake boxing bs pulling the wool over the world's eyes that's what Evander said not me talking they went out of body manner was telling the truth they wasn't Fahd turned out Evander was telling the truth what was happening I guess he Vander's the best of the world well what was happened in that whole time there was a guy named Linux Lewis exact same age so don't tell me one gun out of its four exact same age Olympics loose neither one of these guys is the best I'm the best but boxing BS and their lack of architecture and their ability to sell and draw on the imaginations as opposed to the reality of the consumer you the fans is keeping us apart so they finally got him together and it wasn't even competitive was not even competitive before anybody goes to correct me I'm well aware it ended in a draw I'm well aware it was not competitive that was one of the bigger screw jobs in boxing history they rematch some put in three new judges wasn't competitive again and that time went to Linux Lewis but the point is we never really known as fight fans who the best boxer is we don't really know in the boxers themselves who survive within that industry tend to mark out for their own gimmicks I feel as though the athletes that are boxers and within that space are more than happy to go along with the imagination of the media of which annoys and crowns who the best fighter in the world is it seems if you were in the space and you could turn your head left and turn your head right and see what was going on and see the guys that are getting propelled and pushed to spots that we're never meant to be there if you turned your head left and right as the oh boy all the talk boxers in the world all have the same record thirty and oh what a coincidence how could they all be undefeated if you're actually competing with some of the best guys in the world and you must because you're the world champ it would just seem that you would be able to realize I am in ABS industry in a BS sport and therefore I'm gonna take everybody really serious cuz the media doesn't actually know who's the best the media doesn't know because they're not exposed to it and they're not exposed of it because we don't have an architecture in place to expose them so I need to I need to prepare for everybody and if I was the anointed one that got the Bell put around my waist and they say I'm number one and by the way I beat another guy who they said was number what are you not smart enough to realize yet he was said to be number one and now you're said to be number one it's all a bunch of garbage but there's a place of support for garbage I'm a huge boxing fan i watch all these matches I don't really mind it in the least I'm just aware that it happens so when a guy like Mike Tyson gets upset by a Buster Douglas or when a guy like Anthony Joshua gets upset by Ruiz jr. or in many ways when Wilder finds out he's in a harder fight than he thought he was gonna be in stand there with Tyson Fury he should have come as a surprise she'd just come as a lesson that these matches are all really hard the confines and the rules and the restraints of 12 rounds is ridiculously long I had better go and prepare