Anthony Smith is going to get his ass kicked but


Chael Sonnen


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anytime I bring you guys an analysis okay I don't know who's gonna win the fight I don't have a crystal ball what I'm really good at is I'm really good at the history of the sport I'm a huge fan my career will end the same way my career started which is in a seat and watching and enjoying what I was watching I just know this stuff off the top of my head so when you look at that fight and you look historically at how they've both performed and you start to form a projection on how is this contest going to go John Jones being a thousand to one favorites tend to want whatever he is a favorite it's right I understand it I understand it a little bit further I would say to this point Anthony Smith is gonna get his ass kicked okay I just said to you a minute ago I never know what's gonna happen if I let me tell you one thing that is gonna Anthony Smith is gonna get his ass kicked but stop right there hold that thought any time you're going to put John Jones the true Michael Jordan of our sport a guy who has separated himself from a competition the guy that has separated himself so much that the reigning heavyweight champion of the world Daniel Cormier has looked at John Jones his nemesis and said nobody in that division can compete with him well he's right in so many ways in John I guarantee you he's gonna win a lot of this fight he is gonna whip Anthony again hold that thought how do you sell the John Jones fight how do you make people interested in a John Jones fight at this point when he's created a separation in a gap between himself in the competition there's only one thing that you can do you must bring him an opponent who regardless of what you believe the outcome is going to be you must bring him an opponent who the people and the masses can buy into brings an element or a skill that he John Jones has not yet faced before that's what you have to do and that's what they did when I talked about the skill okay I told you to hold a couple of thoughts now this time together this skill that Anthony had asked Smith has is toughness and grit people wilt underneath John Jones they will to the strengths to the link to the pressure he's mean he's nasty tricking it with submissions right go see the Glover Teixeira fight it's pulling his arm off the all 30 seconds in tears his bicep but all of John's fights are like this he's mean and he's nasty he's the only guy in the company that can only guy in the sport that can start a fistfight with a head kick everybody in the sport knows you feel your way in with your hands you finish with a kick his legs are so long he'll come out and kick you right in the mouth before you've even had time to touch gloves Anthony Smith isn't gonna wilter that when I tell you that Anthony's gonna get his ass kick it is because I'm a historian on the sport and I've seen his previous fights and all of them involved him getting his ass kicked have you guys ever seen him fight Hector Lombard quick story but he Anthony Smith was fighting Hector Lombard on television at the same time as Canelo and triple G were fighting the same time on pay-per-view so I'm in front of my TV I bought the pay-per-view I'm watching the free show Anthony Smith is going into the third round down to two Hector I'm out I stayed on the boxing match I stayed on Canelo in triple G okay three days later I'm in Portland mind my own business driving to the podcast Judah could come and talk to you all by the way and I get a text message from Anthony Smith's manager says would you like to have Anthony on the show he's now got three knockouts in a row look it takes it I wrote him back so what are you talking about he just lost this just it he just lost and the management writes me back goes oh jail let me guess you flipped over to boxing it didn't watch the third round which is exactly what happened but it brings me to my point yeah Anthony Smith is gonna get his ass kicked I understand that John Jones is going to win the majority of this fight for sure I understand that but Anthony Smith only has to win roughly eight seconds if you go back and look at the guys who he's not only beaten but he stopped world champions three of them now and a former number one contender all in his last four outings he only had to win about 8 to 10 seconds of those fights and I realized in some of whom he won more of that but on what I'm telling you when those stoppages came when that storm came when that racecar notice Anthony Smith saw that opening he saw that hole and he put his foot down on the pedal only doing about eight seconds and that is the big difference in this fight and that's the big difference as far as what does Anthony bring to this match that nobody else has the answer simple and it's not glorious and it's not wonderful and it's not beautiful and it's not articulate it is simply that he will compete the entire time and he will not wilt