Anthony Smiths next opponent is obvious but


Chael Sonnen


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Big Talk for Anthony Smith right anytime a fights up what's next we can never just give a guy his moment pat him on the back tell him and enjoy the way we have to know what's next all right I'm no different I will tell you it's it's not totally simple though for Anthony like here's an example what should be next for Anthony Smith world's most easy solution easiest answer ever right guy Luke Rockhold these guys can't get it right I don't actually even know where this came from or how these two started button heads but they did and they don't seem to be any other way they can work it out than to go out there shut the door and get it on however as much as I I do think it is very clear and that you guys would agree with me that the answer for what's next for Anthony is really simple Luke Rockhold for sure I don't know that that answer is true for Luke Rockhold Anthony Smith for sure a top-three option for Luke best option for sure but the division right now is very light on names it's not light on talent it's it's it's it's steep and talent Reyes comes to mind this rochet kids comes to mind together that's always dancing and smiling as it marks comes to mind but they are light on names it's just a reality John Jones went through most of the top guys who people were familiar with that's a reality which paints you I mean first off Luke's got a fight coming up so give Luke just a second we can't book him against Anthony just yet and secondly based on that performance and that outcome Luke Rockhold is a very likely very very possible contender to go on a fight with John Jones he just wrecks a lot of the boxes is he skilled yep a couple of times title change title challenger down a weight class he moves up a weight class he gets a new fresh coat of paint just essentially means he's completely undefeated and he's that's just a fight that people are gonna want to see that's a mark to marquis names that's a great fight if he doesn't have that kind of result or that kind of a performance or somebody else steps in it's an unforseen that we've yet you identify where's Luke go I think Luke vs Anthony works any which way you want to do it Luke goes out and when lose or draw I think the fight with Anthony still works but on the right performance and with some of the other circumstances that need to be considered when they all come to play it may not draw him and Anthony and Luke does his hand does have his hand full in his defense he needs to think about that but I think that Luke is the first option for Anthony I think Anthony being on the top three list for Luke that's pretty good that's pretty good and I think sooner or later it is very likely we're gonna get those guys together