Antonio Brown Releases Statement Following Rape Allegations

the last hour in room report we talked to you guys about Maria Lopez ebony she did a Facebook surviving maliki oh but she said that she had sex with him when she was just a teen and she wants to let people know who applauded in salute Malik Yoba for revealing he is so-called trans attracted to understand that he has deeper issues and other things going on with him well he did respond to these allegations and he posted this freestyle how quickly people love to spread news with no proof for child abuse you confuse I see you you choose to try to make me lose but I can't if you try to stand in my shoes you would lose you can't win when you live in sin when you got to begin where it begins again in the beginning I told you that was the word and the word said we will love it we would love each other no matter what you my sister my brother will you be a trans man or trans one man I do not know if you do not understand yes this is a freestyle I write that freestyle has since been deleted from his Instagram page but just wanted you to hear his response that he did in the artistic way okay that he did it alright now let's talk about the rock we told you that he was gonna be on Kelly Clarkson's show he was on Monday's episode of the Kelly Clarkson show the debut premiere episode of her show and he talked about a lot of things including his wedding so we had the best wedding we got married in Hawaii it's hard to keep something like that under wraps but it was so private and there was maybe 10 people with our babies and it was just the best wedding that's nice a cool private wedding he also talked about Kevin Hart because of course you know that's his good friend and also his son everything is good I spoke with Kevin I actually heard him as my son I've connected with him today and you know what these things happen in life and thankfully he was strapped in nicely to his car seat so I think that [Applause] [Music] I'm only kidding up to the pediatrician and he's alright so that's good I assume because he's joking around about it Kevin Hart must be in good spirits right now as well okay all right now Antonio Brown has been accused of rape in a lawsuit now he's from the New England Patriots now and he's the most prominent wide receiver in an NFL and now he's being accused of raping a woman who worked as his trainer according to this federal lawsuit that was filed on Tuesday a woman named Brittany Taylor who was working with him as his trainer he hired her as his trainer is now saying that she she was sexually assaulted twice during training sessions in June of 2017 she says he exposed himself and kissed her without permission and also masturbated behind her and then he Jackie elated on her back she did and her working relationship with him but then ended up coming back to work with him after he apologized and said that there would be no more sexual advances now Antonio Browns statement he is vehemently denying these charges they said that he denies each and every allegation in the lawsuit he will pursue all legal remedies to not only clear his name but to also protect other professional athletes against false accusations so we will keep you updated on what's happening by the New England Patriots said they are aware of the civil lawsuit and they take the allegations very seriously and will have no further comment until the investigation takes place yeah that's just what it is it's an accusation and an allegation you know I think that he should still be able to play on Sunday mm-hmm you know and he is still playing right yeah yes I believe they should be playing I mean it's a civil suit all right and I just to end things off I have good news for you we are giving you a chance to win one of ten trips to New York City for powerhouse NYC that's right we're giving you round-trip airfare for two people two nights hotel accommodations three tickets and you get to meet their Breakfast Club it's going down at the Prudential Center that goes down October 26 that features amigos Meek Mill obey be a buggy the baby David oh make the stallion sweetie polo polo G little TJ and a lot more to be announced it's all presented by our friends at AT&T I'm Angela Yee and that's your rumour report all right Thank You Missy Revolt we'll see you guys later everybody else to People's Choice mixes up next let's go it's a breakfast local morning [Music]