Apple Vs Samsung Camera Battle

the iPhone 7 versus the Samsung Galaxy s7 let's see who has the best camera we're gonna figure that out today through a series of tests Sheila I think the Samsung is gonna do better today nope it's all about the iPhone 7 Kevin well we'll see you about that we'll see you back let's go event number one is to shoot a quick video what we should do is shoot a nice panoramic shot of this beautiful background oh wow this is smooth just nice super user-friendly this is some cinematic stuff right here yeah I think bolt for the cameras were good let's go ahead and go to event number two all right let's do it so for event number two we're gonna test this in low-light look at that yeah I'm very natural I'm not mad about this I mean who needs a actual camera nowadays we have one last test let's test it out all right Sheila we've gone through two tests together it's time to go through our last test which means it is time to take a good ol selfie in order to get this test right let's see if we can put both of us in the selfie okay well this lighting is amazing look at that smile I'm impressed yeah honestly the quality is so good on this it gets the job done so I think it's pretty good I feel like if you really love group selfies this camera is so good because it has such a great wide angle lens well the really cool thing about the iPhone 7 is that it took really good video and I feel like doing the pano shot it was very smooth and cinematic hate to say it but I'm still a huge fan of my iPhone 7 you know why Sheila I think after going through all these tests we're always gonna be prepping our phones team iPhone 7 for life okay hashtag team Samsung Apple has it down we can go Jake up and Edward on this but I already know Samsung is okay no no no