Apply for Social Security Survivor Benefits for a Child


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Finance and Business,How to Apply for Social Security Survivor Benefits for a Child,Preparing to Apply,Understand eligibility.,Get certified birth certificates.,Obtain a death certificate.,Get a copy of your marriage certificate.,Find the deceased’s tax forms.,Get Social Security Numbers.,Contact the Social Security Administration.,Don’t wait.

how to apply for Social Security survivor benefits for a child most people think of Social Security solely as a retirement program according to the US Social Security Administration however close to two million children who have had a parent die receive 1.5 billion in survivor benefits each month when benefits are available for unmarried children under the age of 18 children who are 19 and are still attending secondary school full-time and children of any age who were disabled before the age of 22 to Social Security survivor benefits for children are intended to replace lost household income following a parent's death they can be used to pay for expenses associated with housing feeding clothing educating and providing other necessities of life 3 preparing to apply understand eligibility in order to be eligible for benefits the deceased must have earned a certain number of credits based on age at the time of death a worker can earn up to four credits a year in 2015 a worker earned one credit for every 1000 $220 of wages or self-employed income the amount of credits needed will depend on the workers age when he or she died the younger the deceased was the fewer credits required for survivors benefits no age group requires more than 40 credits to trigger benefits 5 furthermore benefits will not be denied if the deceased earned 6 credits within the last three years of his or her life 6 get certified birth certificates to apply for survivors benefits for children you will need your birth certificate in the child's if you do not have a birth certificate you will need to order one you can get copies of birth certificates through vital check visit obtain a death certificate you need a death certificate for the deceased get a copy of your marriage certificate if you were divorced from the deceased then you would need a divorce certificate in place of the marriage certificate both marriage and divorce certificates can be purchased through vital check as well 10 find the deceased tax forms you will also need a photocopy of the deceased most recent w-2 form or self-employment form if you were divorced from the deceased and do not have access to his or her tax records you should contact the executor of the deceased estate in order to get tax information from the IRS you need the authorization of the executor who has the power to get that information 12 if your children are earning money then you will also need tax forms showing how much income they have made get Social Security numbers you will also need Social Security numbers for you for the deceased and for any children if your child does not yet have a social security number you need to apply for one you can do this at the Social Security office 14 you will have to complete a form ss5 at the office 15 you will need your child's birth certificate which you will need anyway to apply for survivors benefits you will also need something to establish your child's identity for example a state issued identification card school identification card or daycare record 16 contact the Social Security Administration as soon as possible after the date of death contact the office to apply for Social Security survivor benefits for a child you cannot apply online call the Social Security Administration toll-free at don't wait it is imperative that you start the application process as soon as possible benefits will be due retroactive to the date of death in most cases but in some instances benefits will only be retroactive to the date of application also note that there is a 255 dollars one-time payment available to a spouse or children of the deceased if the deceased worked long enough for his or her age group however the beneficiary must apply for this benefit within two years of the death 19